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Watching anime all day long is your favorite hobby right! If that’s a yes then you’re at the right place because we’ve covered more than 25+ best anime streaming service to watch anime online. All the sites are free to use and there’s a lot more you should check out.

Anime art is very old but nowadays because of computers, artists and story writers are able to create a fine piece of art for us. Hundreds of such movies and series are launched every single year. If you’re a true anime fan then you must be looking for best free anime streaming services. There are plenty of them but most are paid and might not be suitable for most people.

watch anime online free

But you don’t need to worry about anything. Thanks to all the anime lovers who’ve provided us a list of websites which they prefer to watch and download anime movies and series for free. Some websites even run a community where visitors can ask for the new series and movies. Such communities can be a great place to watch anime online as per my opinion.

The Japanese anime industry is booming and is worth more than 20 billion dollars. That’s a whopping amount and that means a lot of good creators are putting their efforts in creating the best possible show. Now let’s discuss some websites that provide free anime streaming.

Best Anime Streaming Services To Watch Anime Online

Here are the best websites to watch anime online for free:

Best Anime Streaming SitesSite URL (Copy Paste)
Asian Crush
Yahoo View

Recommended Anime Streaming Service/Sites

1. Anime Planet

Anime planet is the home to more than 45000 shows that are legally available on the website. In fact, they also provide manga on their website which can be a great thing for those who’re willing to read manga fiction stories. Along with the anime and other content, Anime-Planet offers great UI and fast streaming experience to its users. This website is running for the last 20 years and was founded way back in 2001.

anime planet site

The reason behind putting it in the #1 position is that a lot of new anime fans need to watch some free shows available. This way, they can know more about the anime industry. Hence, we’re more focused on listing websites that offer free anime streaming to users. On anime-planet, you probably need to sign up for a free account. After that, all the content can be streamed without any issue.

2. Anime Lab

Anime lab streams thousands of episodes for free. They’re promoting their platform by legally providing some content for free to its visitors. All the episodes and movies are streamed directly from the Japanese anime industry and hence users get new episodes quickly. In fact, the free account offers less feature than their premium account but it’s still worth. Users are offered with 480p video quality and can only watch content using a web browser.

anime lab free website

However, in the paid account, there’s no delay in releasing the new episodes and users are offered smartphone apps as well. In fact, the free account has a limited catalog but paid accounts to unlock all the features. Now, it’s up to your choice whether you want to sign up for a free or paid account. But what we can see so far is that Anime Lab is trying its best to provide featured content to the users. Hence, it’s one of the best anime streaming services.

3. is an online community where fans from all around the globe are offered with free shows and movies. Their forum can be used to discuss the latest shows, mangas, and more. If you’re looking for a community from where one3 can get suggestions about anime, then might be a great place to hang around. The content that is provided on the website is embedded from some other websites. Hence, there’s nothing more interesting about the content on this website.

However, they’re doing their great job in finding the anime shows and movies and then adding them to their collection. This might be very helpful to new anime fans in many ways. Join their forum and give suggestions and get recommendations regarding anime streaming from other fans.

4. Asian Crush

Asian Crush is more likely to provide everything related to Asian countries. It includes movies, drama, TV Shows, Anime and more. They’re distributing the videos, movies, and much other stuff legally to countries from all around the world. It’s free and fast service to watch anime online. What we liked the most is that it works in all countries and there’s no limitation on anything.

asian crush free anime

However, the collection of anime shows is very limited. That’s because they’re highlighting only the anime which received great hit worldwide. However, you must check their other section such as the latest movies, sci-fi shows and many more like that. It’s all free to watch when you sign up for a free account.

5. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll makes everything free and great as it provides a huge library of anime movies and shows on its website. The best thing about this website is that it offers great features and all the content can be watched for free. However, they’re also providing a premium section that costs a little but the overall website is full of free content. It highlights more than 1000+ popular series and shows. In some countries, this website might not work because of restrictions. In such a case, you should use proxy sites to access Crunchyroll.

This website is running from the last few years and if we talk about the user interface, it hasn’t changed much. It still looks like an old fashioned website but there’s no issue so far with the navigation, responsiveness, and other key things that matter. Also, most free series is old and might not be suitable for most people. But the overall functionality and usability of Crunchyroll are great. If you’re a new anime fan, this is a website you should use.

6. Funimation

Funimation is a favorite place for millions of anime lovers. It allows users to download and stream free anime. However, it’s only limited to the American visitors and if you’re outside America, you probably need to use a VPN or Proxy service in order to access the website content. The company was founded way back in 1994 and from that time, it’s been receiving millions of customers each year.

funimation free anime streaming website

Funimation is not a free website and hence you probably need to purchase a subscription to watch the anime. The reason behind listing this website here is that it’s totally suitable for big anime fans who’re ready to pay a little fee to watch anime online. We highly recommend you to check the Funimation website to know more about its features.

7. Dark Anime

Dark Anime is a website where one can watch free anime shows in English dubbed language. According to their official website, they’re providing a lot of free anime shows and movies to the visitors. In fact, their genre collection is very amazing as it offers major genres such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, and more. It’s the topmost requested genre when it comes to anime.

Those who’re looking for a website where they wan to watch English anime online should visit the Dark Anime website. It’s a free, fast, and most reliable website that we’ve found over the internet. Another noticeable thing about this website is that it’s offering well-managed directories of anime seasons. Not all the websites are offering them in such a way that this website if offering.

8. YouTube

YouTube is home to millions of videos. Wide range content such as Vlogs, Movies, Shows, and much more can be streamed for free on this platform. Because of the fact that this website allows content creators to monetize their content, a huge amount of creators started uploading their creations on the platform. You just need to search for the Anime and thousands of videos will show up on your screen.

The platform is free itself and is available in every country. That’s the reason that we’ve listed it in this article. You can start watching anime online by just searching for your favorite character. The website user interface, player, features are very unique and useful.

9. Netflix

Netflix is a service that allows viewers to watch a wide range of movies and web series. It’s a paid platform and also releases some Netflix Originals which are created by the company itself. This platform is so popular that it’s known in almost every country. For Anime Lovers, it might be a great place as it provides Anime web series and movies as well. Its subscription starts from $5 in some country which unlocks almost all the content available on its website.

Hence, along with the Anime, one can enjoy other web series, movies, and documentaries. Content produced by Netflix Originals is often awarded by many awards shows globally. When you sign up using an account, you can enjoy ad-free streaming service. Streaming quality depends on the type of subscription you bought.

10. Hulu

Hulu currently streams around 400 Anime titles. That’s not a great collection for such a paid streaming service. But if you already have a Hulu account, you can watch them. It’s an on-demand service and hence you can cancel our purchase the subscription anytime. Not only the anime shows but it also hosts some of the movies and TV shows which received major hits worldwide.

hulu anime streaming

Hulu even offers live TV channel streaming. It’s all in one pack for entertainment if you’re feeling bored at home. Certainly, it’s not focused on the Anime but instead focused on providing a wide range of content to stay in competition with its major competitors such as Netflix.


I do watch anime in free time and love the way their story is written. It’s full of fiction, fun, and adventures. Millions of anime lovers from all around the world suffer to find the best anime streaming services because there are a lot of them. By writing this article, I’ve tried to list some amazing streaming services and platforms using which one can watch anime online. If you find this article useful, share it on social media websites as it’ll help them too.

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