501+ Unblocked Music Sites | Listen To Unblocked Music In 2023

Want to listen music at school and chill with friends? Use unblocked music sites at school without any limitation. Latest free music, trance, pop songs, raps etc. are available 24/7 on those sites.

It doesn’t matter if your school has blocked some websites. You can still enjoy music at school for free. Due to some reasons, some sites are blocked by the school administration. That’s because of certain reasons such as the availability of violent content. But, some music sites are still accessible known as unblocked music sites.

unblocked music sites in 2023

I’ve collected such great sites so that you can visit them and listen to free songs. There’s no need to pay anything, everything is free to listen and even some sites are providing free downloads as well. There’s no doubt that collection of songs and albums on all of the websites is really huge.

Although, not only music but some free movies and unblocked games sites are also unblocked at school. You should check them to get a bundle full of entertainment. Stop carrying your MP3 device to school, instead use their free internet and open the world of unblocked websites.

Here Are Best Unblocked Music Sites In 2023

Unblocked Music SitesVisit Site
Google MusicVisit GoogleMusic
GrooveSharkVisit GrooveShark
Hulk ShareVisit HulkShare
Slacker RadioVisit Slacker Radio
PureVolumeVisit PureVolume
PandoraVisit Pandora
TuneInVisit TuneIn
StreamsSquidVisit StreamsSquid
Musix HubVisit MusixHub
MusicChoiceVisit MusicChoice
BlueBeatVisit BlueBeat
PlaylistSoundVisit PlaylistSound
SpotifyVisit Spotify
SongAreaVisit SongArea
SoundzaboundVisit SoundzaBound
JangoVisit Jango
AccuRadioVisit AccuRadio
JamendoVisit Jamendo
VimeoVisit Vimeo
YouTubeVisit YouTube
GaanaVisit Gaana
SaavnVisit Saavn
HungamaVisit Hungama
WynkVisit Wynk
Radio Gardenhttp://radio.garden/
Free Music Archivehttp://freemusicarchive.org/
Jazz Funk Greatshttp://www.20jazzfunkgreats.co.uk/
Fact Maghttp://www.factmag.com/
Dash Radiohttps://dashradio.com/
8 Trackshttps://8tracks.com/
Yahoo Musichttps://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/music/
Digital Revolution Radiohttps://www.digitalrevolutionradio.com/
Soma FMhttp://somafm.com/
Top Rockhttp://www.toprocknews.com/
Kean Radiohttp://keanradio.com/listen-live/
Instrumental Hitshttp://instrumentalhitsradio.com/

Top-Rated Free Unblocked Music Sites At School

1. Google Music

Google Music is my favorite website to listen to unblocked music. This is one of Google’s product and hence isn’t blocked in the school or workplace. Free, fast, responsive and user-friendly website. They do also offer a free app to the user, but it’s okay to use the web version. Almost all the songs and albums are available on Google Music.google music unblocked

A paid subscription is also offered, which starts from $99.99/month. Being a paid user means getting rid of ads and unlocking some more additional features as well. But, for most users, just like me, a free subscription is enough to enjoy free music. Make sure you’ve Google account, it’s mandatory to access Google Music website. Seasonal music is another best feature. e.g., during the Halloween, all tracks which relate or represents this season, will be available. Recommended new releases, latest albums are directly accessible from the homepage.

2. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a popular portal to listen to free music without sign up. I’ve been using it for a while without having a problem. There are different features provided by the site to the user. Such features include searching for the song/artist and listening to all the songs available on the website. The user can also download the song if needed.

grooveshark music site

The process is straightforward, visit their site, enter the song/artist name and start listening to it. Those who are interested in downloading the music, click on the song name and you’ll see the download button. I’m not sure if the site is legal and hence I’m just using it to listen to free music.

3. Slacker

Slacker is free internet radio website, streaming dozens of interesting and addictive songs. They do offer a paid subscription, but the free account is also provided which includes some limited number of internet radio to free users. It’s effortless to use this website, visit their homepage and you’ll see a list of free stations to stream radio from. Make sure to select the genre, and another list will appear.

slacker radio music site

Music details are visible to the user with the artist pic. Finally just hit the Play button to start the streaming. If we talk about the user feedback and ratings, Slacker Radio is considered as one of the best platforms to stream music from. According to their official statement, a huge team is working on to manage the live stream and provide a free and paid subscription to the user. Millions of songs are available on Slacker.

4. TuneIn

TuneIn provides a wide range of songs to users. It’s freemium service with both free and paid version of the website to all users. A paid subscription is optional to unlock more features, but you can enjoy their free service as well. No sign-up is required for free users, and that’s an amazing thing to consider. The do provide radio and songs on their platform.

Just choose the region you’re in and you’ll get a lot of useful suggestions from them. Their internet radio is the highlighted feature which you should definitely try. Dozens of regions and languages are covered. If we talk about the music, their collection is very large.unblocked music sites

But, I love their radio because it’s really useful and absolutely for free. Trending pages helps users to find what’s trending and this way you can stay updated about the new releases and what’s loved by other people. Not only music but Sports and News broadcast is also available in TuneIn site. A free smartphone app is also available for iOS and Android devices.

Even if you don’t want to download their app, feel free to visit them and use them using your browser. The website layout is responsive and works on all the devices. Fully features media controller is provided to listeners.

5. Soundzabound

Soundzabound offers a wide variety of free music in its vast library. According to the website managers, the site is intentionally built for the educational purpose, and there’s nothing illegal available there. Hence, you can feel safe to visit Soundzabound and listen to anything you want.

soundzabound website songs

We can indirectly say that this site is for educational purpose and especially for students. Loyalty free music allows anyone to use those songs for work-related purpose and also for entertainment purpose.

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6. Gaana

Gaana is an Indian website which hosts millions of songs on their platform. But, this doesn’t mean that they are only providing Indian music. Their collection is international and covers all the popular artists worldwide. I’m using their free Android app and also visits their Gaana website where everyone can listen to unblocked music. Their user interface is awesome; I can browse throughout all the pages without stopping the song which is currently playing.

They are also offering Android and iOS apps to the users but that’s optional. If you’re using the desktop browser, just visit them and start playing the song you want. Gaana is totally legal service and provides a paid subscription to the users but it’s optional. Radio, Popular Songs, Popular artists etc are its some of the main features.free unblocked music

Gaana servers free music to the users according to their interest. So, when you visit them for the first time, make sure you’ve selected right interests so that they can serve you better updates and songs.

Their browser player is just awesome. Just click on the song you want, and it’ll start playing. All the import controllers like Play, Pause, Next etc. are available

7. Wynk Music

Wynk Music is one of the best websites you use. Just visit them and search for the song you want to listen. Millions of songs are albums available on Wynk Music. Ads are shown on their site which isn’t a big deal as a free user.

They are providing Hindi, English, Old, New and trending songs. The collection is limitless, and there are rare chances that this site is blocked by your school’s firewall. Hence, it’s another perfect choice when it comes to listening to music using free WiFi networks.free websites to play unblocked music

If someone wants to save their playlists etc., I recommend to Sign Up for their free account. Then it becomes easy to keep all the Songs, Playlists, Albums which you’ve liked on Wynk.

Shuffling, Repeat, Next, Previous, Play/Pause, options are available in the media player. Visit Wynk for more information and details about them.

8. AccuRadio

AccuRadio offers free internet Radio with a lot of stations. Just choose any Radio channel from the available list of hundreds of stations and start listening to music. Most people prefer listening to radio stations because that’s more classic way to hear songs and gather information.

Almost all the songs played on AccuRadio channels are very popular and pleasant. Choose from different genres and start playing your favorite channels. There’s no need to create an account to listen to songs and albums at AccuRadio. Just visit and click on any radio channel to enjoy it.unblocked free music websites

The browser player is also an amazing one. It shows all the details about the channel and even the song details are shown which is currently playing. The homepage is full of recommendations and top channels etc.

They provide us with many other options like Classical, Blues, Chill, Chill and much more. Different website skins are available. So, whenever you’re bored with their usual layout, change the skin and enjoy different UI.

9. Saavn

Saavn is owned by Reliance Industries and is available worldwide. If you’re looking for entire unblocked music sites, Saavn is one of them. The reason behind this is simple, it’s not blocked by the firewalls and is providing songs and online radio as well.

It’s Indian website but does provide songs from all over the world. They are one of the widely used Bollywood music distributors. The best thing about Saavn is that they’re also providing the Radio for the artists as well. Let’s say you’re looking for Coldplay, not only their songs but official Radio channel can be freely accessed on Saavn website.cool sites to listen unblocked music

The quality of the songs you’ll get is very high which delivers the audio quality. But, for streaming, I recommend using mid-level quality. Otherwise buffering will happen which lowers the joy of listening to the music. Android and iOS apps are also provided but are optional. There’s a lot more to explore on Saavn. Visit them to know more.

10. Hungama

Hungama was launched back in 1999, and till now they’re offering millions of free music to people. If we talk about the types of songs available, it’s just huge and wide. English, Hindi and many other multilingual songs are available on Hungama.

The more exciting thing about them is that they do provide movies as well. So, you’ll have two things in one portal. I liked their collection of music as well as movies. Weekly top songs are displayed on the music section along with top albums and artists.unblocked music websites to listen unblocked music

What I’ve seen on Hungama is that they add the latest songs very quickly to their portal. Week’s top songs are listed there according to the number of ratings etc. Just like all other popular music websites, they do offer free smartphone apps to the users, but that’s optional.

Not only music but TV shows are also available on this portal. You should check them out to know more.

11. HulkShare

HulkShare is the Hulk of music. They have over 9 Million songs and thousands of artists. Users can listen to internet radio and over 9M songs for free. There’s free registration to unlock more features. But, just to your free time in school or workplace, you don’t need to create an account there. Simply visit their website and start playing songs you wan.free best unblocked music

Anyone can upload and share songs on this platform. This means that you’ll get a large variety of songs here which are sung by individuals and aren’t popular ones. It unlocks the type of music, and I’m sure that you’ll find some fantastic songs which you haven’t listened yet. Traditional artists are added there, and musicians from all around the world keep uploading their songs on Hulkshare. Just search for the artist or song name and hundreds of results will be shown in front of you. This way, you can find millions of songs according to toy our needs.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. The media player is a little bit different and attractive one.

12. StreamsQuid

StreamQuid is an online music player and features all the popular artists and albums. Its menu attracts me a lot because it has options like Favorite, Home, Popular, History, and My Playlist options. So, you’ve total control over the songs you want to play or had played before.

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Obviously, it’s just not its user interface or design. This site is really awesome and it provides almost all the hits like all other premium music services. Even you don’t need to create an account to use StreamQuid. Users can import playlist and their algorithm will add all the songs which are available on their server.premium free unblocked music

But, in order to personalize your favorites, history, playlists etc, you should have a free account on their website. On their homepage, you’ll clearly see Top songs from different countries. There are 50 top songs which are listed on their site. e.g top United States songs, Top UK songs etc.

There’s much more to explore on StreamsQuid. Just visit them and learn how powerful is their service.

13. YouTube

YouTube is known to everyone who’ve used the internet. How I can forget this large video hosting website where millions of songs are available for free. YouTube is a kind of place where all the popular artists are uploading their creative work and songs etc. You’ll be able to find popular songs on YouTube with ease. Just one simple search and song will be displayed on your screen.free unblocked music sites college

In fact, many people are using YouTube as their music streaming website. It’s just because YouTube provides a fantastic platform for musicians to share their art with people from all around the world. Hence, all the popular songs are freely accessible on YouTube.

Another way to access YouTube songs is by searching for the song on Google, then copying the video URL, and finally downloading it using YouTube downloader service. It’s the smartest way to listen to music at school with ease.

14. PlaylistSound

PlaylistSound needs no sign and users can listen to unblocked music anywhere, anytime for free. From the user interface to the collection of songs, everything is unique and interesting. What I loved most about them is their collection contains all the popular and famous artists. This means that your favorite artist will be surely listed there. All the popular hits from the artists and albums, playlists, etc. can be seen on playlist sound.big unblocked music websites

There’s search functionality available as well. Simply enter your query, e.g., the song you’re looking for, and you’ll get the desired results. Their collection of songs is very big and useful. I recommend you to visit PlaylistSound and know more about them.

15. Radio Garden

Radio Garden is a garden for music lovers and radio streamers. When you visit them for the first time, you’ll see a big globe asking you to put a drop on it. It’ll show all the live radio stations from all around the globe and are marked as green dots. Once you click on any of the green dots, its algorithm will find all the popular and live radio stations from that location and will serve you the media which is playing on that station.free radio online worldwide

It’s able to detect your region location, e.g., country or state, etc. using your IP address and will tune radio automatically as we know that FM Radio is one of the best ways to listen to music. I’ve shown the best FM transmitter apps which are very helpful to most of the users when they want to listen to songs using their FM.

FM garden comes with thousands of radio stations. There are sporadic chances that your school will block such a website. So, you can enjoy unblocked music sites at school for free using internet radio.

16. Vimeo

Vimeo is also a video sharing platform. Many popular artists from all around the globe upload their work on Vimeo. Vimeo is a trendy video streaming website, and we all know that very well. The collection available on their website is unique. You can’t directly find all the latest and popular songs, but indeed most awesome music videos are available there for free.free unblocked music websites at school

From trances to singles, many amazing songs and artists there. Viemos doesn’t require user sign up to let users watch videos. Just visit and start finding the music you’re looking for. It’s all for free.

17. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade, featured on a lot of websites because they feature artists who would love to meet their listeners. I’ve used this site for few weeks and find that artists featured on NoiseTrade are really creative and loves to interact with people.noise trade unblocked

We can call them the rising stars. The only cons about this site are that user needs to enter their E-Mail address to get the full track into their inbox. Now, it might be cons for normal users but is heaven for you. It’s because all the songs will be delivered to your mailbox and school or network admin won’t even know about it.

18. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive stores thousands of songs on their servers. All of them are available for free download and even to listen online. The collection is mostly related to tunes, trances and classical music. Hence, you won’t find popular artists there. Instead, cool trances and tunes are waiting for you on Free Music Archive.free music archive

Blues, Classical, Countries and many other types of tunes and songs are freely provided. They are also running Twitter and Facebook page. Hence, it becomes easy for us to stay in touch with them.


Cctrax provides Dub, Electronic, Techno, and many other amazing genres. Songs from different tags, genres, license are features on Cctrax. That’s why this site is added to this list. Latest albums are featured on the homepage with their album art. All the songs inside the album can be freely downloaded, and this makes this site an amazing choice for the users.cctrax music website

Almost all the albums do have video embedded with them and information like Release Date, Label, Country, etc. There’s much more to explore about this best website to listen to music online.

20. SoundCloud

SoundCloud creators are uploading hundreds of songs every single day. Don’t forget that not all of the songs are paid. When you landed on their homepage, weekly or daily top trending free songs are listed. Top 50 are displayed on the front page. Hence, it gives you the ability to listen to music at the school for free. SoundCloud is receiving millions of page views and visitors every single month. It shows the popularity and usefulness of this site.listen to unblocked music at school

In school or workplace, enjoy the songs which are popular in the community. Majority of people are listening to these because the community raised them by upvoting. I’ve listened to all of them in a single day, one by one, and believe me, and those songs are gold. Full of beats and goosebumps lyrics. Feel free to create a free account to enjoy more features of SoundCloud.

21. AudioMack

AudioMack free music streaming service, where artists uploads their favorite hits and users listen to them for free of cost. Android and iOS applications are also available for free on PlayStore. It operates just like other websites, e.g., latest and trending music collection are displayed on the homepage and just clicking on the play button starts the song. An audio player is provided to the users who offer simple but effective controls, e.g., shuffle, play, pause, mute, embed, favorite, etc. I love trending page the most because it gives us the opportunity to hear some famous and latest artists which usually we don’t.

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audiomack free music sites

Even if you can create musical songs, then create an account on AudioMack and start uploading songs for free. Once it’s been approved by the administrator, other people will be able to listen to it. I found AudioMack very useful and user-friendly.

22. Live365

Live365 broadcast hundreds of live radio station which stream music and news from all over the world. According to their website, Live35 is managed by real people, not by the algorithm. All channels are streaming amazing songs and news. It’s straightforward to use, visit their site and click on any Radio channel you want to listen. Now, it’ll start streaming media which is currently playing on that channel. Mainly popular ones are listed on the homepage. Ads are also streamed during the stream process. But, that’s fine because hundreds of radio channels are freely accessible from one single portal.

live 365 music

The website is user-friendly and straightforward. Radio controller is given which is used to play and pause the stream. In the meantime, when listening to a station, the user can browse through other pages and features of Live365. Radio from all around the world in one place.

23. SomaFM

SomaFM site lists the name of songs which will be played next. It’s way more different and useful feature which most online radio websites aren’t providing. SomaFM is also featured as one of the best unblocked music sites. It’s because most school admins unblock this site. So, next time you’re at school, visit SomaFM and stream your favorite live radio station.

soma fm radio online

They don’t show ads rapidly on the site. This gives us user-friendly interface and better usability. Interested ones can also donate to support their work. I’ve enjoyed their service for weeks and now feeling blessed because it’s accessible on any network.

24. Instrumental Hits Radio

Instrumental Hits Radio for instrumental genre lovers. That’s because of only New Age, TV Themes, Soundtracks, Nova, Jazz,  Lounge, Classical Music, Big Bands, etc. are played on this site. Hundreds of songs are listed on the front page of the Hits Radio site. If you’re in a good mood and want to enjoy the sunny and romantic day, then head towards this unblocked music site and play the musical songs.

instrumental hits radio

Those who’re music students can also use this site for the educational purpose. I’m enjoying this website once a week while traveling or taking a sunbath. You should do the same and enjoy your short life in a better way.

25. Datmusic

If you’re a fan of Spanish songs, then this website is a must for you. Datmusic website is posting some of the best Spanish songs and you should give it a try. One of the most important features of the website is that they are now allowing users to download the song in MP3 format. Isn’t that awesome that you can listen as well as download the song directly to your mobile/computer device?

Tricks To Access Unblocked Music Sites

I know it hurts a lot when you’ll be given a warning message on the screen that this site is blocked by Admin. School’s WiFi network can be really very frustrating sometimes. But, no more limited access to the internet.

This tip clearly shows how I managed to bypass firewalls and its success rate is 99%. There are very rare chances that all of the methods down below won’t work in your case. I tried to find unblocked music google sites but there were none of them which works great. So, instead of visiting them try any of these methods and enjoy everything without restrictions.

Method 1. Using Proxy Browsers

It’s my favorite method because in this method there’s no need to download anything. There are a lot of amazing online proxy browsers who lets you access any music sites in few clicks. You can also check out the proxy sites which works on any network. Or simply search for other choices. There are a lot of online proxy browsers in the market which works free.

  • https://kproxy.com
  • https://hide.me/en/proxy
  • https://whoer.net/webproxy

Steps To Use:

  • It’s straightforward, follow the steps given below:
  • Visit any of these sites, let’s say https://kproxy.com
  • You’ll see URL box, enter the URL of music site and click SURF.
  • Enjoy free music at school.

Method 2. Using Free VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it allows users to browse safely and unblock most of the sites. This might be really very helpful in your case to unblock the websites you want. There’s no need to use any paid VPN. I recommend you to use Tunnel Bear because they provide all the speed and features you want in the free trial.

Method 3. Using Chrome Extension

There’s an amazing extension called Hola. This extension works similar to VPN. Just install it from Chrome Store directly to your browser and browse any website you want.hola extension

Many server locations are available and this way, users do have the capability to unblock any site they want. You can get this extension from here.


I’ve tried to give all the information and websites here so that anyone can access unblocked music at school. If you think this article is handy for you, then feel free to comment down below and give your suggestions to improve the list and information.

When it comes to access the blocked websites, It’s highly recommended to use the VPN because the VPN method is free, fast and more secure. However, feel free to use all the ways which are free and fast as well.

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