755+ Best Unblocked Movies Sites To Watch Free Movies In [April 2024]

Watching movies at school with your best friends gives you the next level of joy and entertainment. But sometimes, movie websites are blocked at school. So, here we have a list of best unblocked movies sites you can use to watch movies at school for free.

Spring season is already here and summer season is about to come. You must enjoy the daylight and have fun with your friends and family. Schools are more fun during this season and students do a hell of a lot of fun stuff. Watching movies at school is one such fun activity and you should do that too. We have compiled a list of the best unblocked movie websites that will help you watch movies at school.

Alongside watching movies and web series, playing unlocked games is another fun activity that most students prefer at school. It helps in avoiding the boredom that you might suffer in your free time at school. We are providing the list of unblocked movies and web series websites from the last 5+ years. We keep this article up to date so that you can access all the latest movies and web series with ease.

best unblocked movies sites 2024

Best Unblocked Movies Sites [April 2024]

Following are some of the most trending unblocked movie websites right now:

Unblocked Movies Site NameSite Link
Movies QuestVisit Movies Quest
MoviesZFreeVisit MoviesZFree
TV24MoviesVisit TV24 Movies
XYZ FilmsVisit XYZFilms
TubiTVVisit TubiTV
Unblocked Movies 66Visit Unblocked Movies 66
Movies 24Visit Movies 24
123 Movies FreeVisit 123 Movies Free
Movies 99Visit Movies 99
Cool MoviesVisit Cool Movies
12345 MoviesVisit 12345 Movies
Studio MoviesVisit Studio Movies
Top ORGVisit 12345Movies
Watch MoviesVisit Watch Movies
PopcornFlixVisit PopcornFlix
SolarmovieVisit Solarmovie
MovieZionVisit Solarmovie
HDM MoviesVisit HDM
Film FestivalVisit Film Festival
ToMoviesVisit ToMovies
NinjaVisit Ninja
SeeHDVisit See HD
MovieDOMVisit MovieDOM
ChillaxVisit 12345Movies
GlobalTVVisit GlobalTV
NiterVisit Niter
FmoviesVisit FMovies
MoviezionVisit MovieZion
FilmzieVisit MovieZion
YoutubeVisit YouTube
HuluVisit Hulu
CrackleVisit Crackle
Big Star MoviesVisit Bigstar Movies
ShowboxVisit Showbox
ArchiveVisit Archive
NetflixVisit Archive
CrunchyrollVisit Pluto TV

Note: We are not affiliated with these websites by any nature. We found them on the Internet and you should use them at your own risk. We are not responsible for any harm caused by those websites.

Using the websites listed above, you can now watch any number of movies at school or the workplace for free. If you are a music lover, try our unblocked music sites to stream music for free.

In this era of technology, it is possible to livestream anything around the globe. Thanks to the network infrastructure that made it possible for everyone. All you need is a streaming platform that can deliver the content you want to watch. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. are some of the top streaming platforms.

But these platforms are paid and might be blocked at your school. Hence, you need to use some unblocked movie sites to watch movies and web series. On top of that, if you can still not access the websites listed here, follow the following steps.

Tip: How To Watch Unblocked Movies at School

We would like to share an amazing guide with you regarding the steps you can take to access unblocked movie sites at school. There are a lot of different ways you can use to do so but this one is free and easy to follow.

The reason that you are not able to access any particular website at your school/college wifi is that it is being blocked by the firewall or the ISP itself. This means your computer/mobile phone is not able to find the IP address of the website that you are trying to access.

To fix this problem, we will be using the protected DNS provided by Cloudflare that helps in accessing the blocked websites on the same internet network. Here are the steps to do so:

For Mobile Devices:

  1. Open your Network and Internet settings on a mobile device.
  2. Click on the Private DNS option.
  3. Enter the following hostname: one.one.one.one
  4. Save changes.
  5. Restart your internet connection.

For Desktop Devices:

Here are the steps to access unblocked movie websites on your laptop/desktop device:

  1. Open your internet settings on your laptop.
  2. Click on WiFi adapter settings.
  3. Edit the properties of your WiFi adapter.
  4. Click on IPV4 address and change the DNS provider to: one.one.one.one
  5. Restart your device.
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Now you should be able to access the unblocked movies website without any problem. Share this with your friends if you found it useful.

Steps To Watch Unblocked Movies at School:

  1. Download a free VPN extension.
  2. Connect to any country such as the US, UK, India, etc.
  3. Open unblocked movie sites.
  4. Search for the title you want to watch.
  5. Click on the Stream Now or Play button.

After following the steps given above, you should be able to watch unblocked movies at school. However, it is a must to choose the right VPN as most VPNs might not be able to work at your school. One of the alternatives to fix the problem is by upgrading the paid VPN service or using proxy websites. Both of these are considered as one step up toward unblocking websites.

Free Unblocked Movies Sites at School

Now let us discuss some of the free sites that are popular right now. The list that we have shared above contains lots and lots of websites. But let us discuss some of the good free ones and provide the best streaming experience. By streaming experience, we mean the streaming speed, video, and audio quality. All these things matter when watching movies.

1. Movies Quest

MoviesQuest makes it easy for users to watch multiple movies under a single roof. There are several movies and TV shows that you can choose from and can save a lot of money and time. This website is compatible with all devices and modern browsers and hence is more accessible. Watch an unlimited number of unblocked movies for free at school.

unblocked movies websites 2024

To get full out of Movies Quest, use a browser like Brave which removes all the unnecessary ads from the website and improves the overall experience. This helps you watch the unblocked movie without any interruption. Tools such as sorting movies by genre, name, and year are also available on the website.

2. Unblocked Movies 66

This one is the best choice among school and college students. It is because of the fact that this site stays unblocked at school and works 24×7. The way this website delivers content to the users is also unique. They keep adding new titles on their website every single month. Hence, there is no shortage of content to watch on the website so far.

unblocked movies 666 corn

Another great advantage of using this website is its streaming speed. They provide streaming via some Google servers. That means there are close to zero issues with the streaming available across the globe. Now you can enjoy popular Netflix and Hulu titles on Movies 66 at school for free.

3. Movies 24

Movies 24 is another great alternative to unblocked movie sites. The website user interface is friendly and you will be able to stream any movie you want for free. Another cool thing about the website is its media player. Works well on mobile and tablet devices. If you do not have a laptop/computer around, you can still use your mobile or tablet device to stream movies or TV shows.

movies24 123 movies

There are a few selected TV channels that are available for streaming on the website. It includes Mr. Ban TV. BBC, Cartoon Network, and many other popular TV channels. Some music channels are also available for free streaming. Check out the website to know more about it. It is indeed one of the best movie sites we have discovered so far.

Whether you’re a fan of thrilling action movies or fun anime movies, you can watch them on these sites. The audience is often moved by the actors, lines, and characters in the movie, and will choose to have a series of themed products.

With a good texture, excellent design, and diverse styles, carrying them will not only make your outfits look special but also allow you to make friends.

4. 123 Movies

12345 Movies is one of the most used websites to watch free TV shows and movies online. There are dozens of such websites out there running with the same name. This is the best one as it has a collection of thousands of different movies and TV shows. Different streaming servers are provided for the convenience of the users.

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movies at school unblocked

On the homepage, users can put their favorite show/movie name. It’s as simple as that to find the movie you’re looking for online. However, keep in mind that there are many different servers on which the file is hosted. If any of the servers is not working with your internet, switch to a different one.

5. Movies 99

Movies 99 is another website that you should use at school if movie websites are blocked. The website keeps cloaking new domain names that make it invincible to most firewalls at school. So, you should always bookmark this unblocked movie site.

movies99 unblocked movie site

If we talk about the features of the website, there is nothing much interesting. All you need to know is that it streams all the popular titles and multiple streaming servers are provided. It makes streaming much easier and faster as compared to other sites. You will get the Netflix alike streaming experience on this website.

6. Yify Movies

Yify is one of the growing movies and web streaming services. Browse through their full range of unblocked movies. Download any movie they want for free. After reviewing their site, we found exciting and popular movies on the platform. Millions of users worldwide are using this website and it seems like everyone loves to use Yify movies.

unblocked movies yify movies

It’s easy to browse through their website and download the film we want. Detailed information about the film is listed there. Even trailers, screenshots, etc. are available to check if the movie seems to be interesting or not. 720p and 1080p quality is available.

7. Netflix

Netflix is the #1 platform in the market when it comes to movies or tv show streaming services. They have launched their platform worldwide successfully. You will find shows/movies in almost every genre on Netflix. Streaming can be done using their website or mobile app. Netflix is also available on smart/android televisions.

netflix unblocked at school

There’s no description needed about Netflix because it’s very popular. There are many different shows and movies that people love to watch on Netflix. The platform can be accessed via a web browser, mobile app, or desktop application.

8. YouTube

YouTube has a wide variety of movies in its collection. Most of the movies are classic ones and can be watched for free. Youtube also provides a feature where users can pay a little amount to watch some premium movies. But we’re sure enough that if you’re just bored and want to watch random movies, Youtube is the best place to do that.
best sites to watch unblocked movies

YouTube is unblocked at school because students use it for educational purposes. Take advantage of it and search for your favorite movie on the platform. Many creators from all around the world are uploading their reviews and rating about a movie. You can know more about the plot of a movie or can watch a creator reviewing a movie.

9. Putlocker

Putlocker is the leading platform to stream unblocked movies online without downloading them. They do have a collection of thousands of TV-Series and movies for free. We can call it the warehouse of free Films and TV-Series. Navigation and user experience are simple and user-friendly on their site.

putlocker movies online free

Finding a movie on Putlocker is very easy. It’s one simple search away as they’re providing a search box. The collection of TV series looks interesting because they also list the number of episodes available on their server. Both downloading and streaming options are available, and HD quality is their first concern.

10. Archive.org

Archive.org can be defined as the warehouse of digital media. There are billions of files on their servers, and they are archiving the internet in one place. The archived data also includes free videos and movies on the internet. So, there is a high chance that the movie you want to watch is available on their database.
archive org free movies

Their way back machine is quite powerful, and there are thousands of unblocked movies on their servers. Browse through the videos section, and you’ll get old movies and some new movies as well. Archive.org is unblocked in schools because it’s called an archive of the internet and is used for research purposes.

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11. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-sharing website for creators to show their creativity online. Many uploaders keep uploading movies on their platform. You can take advantage of such uploaders and watch the content which they’re uploading to Vimeo.

vimeo free movies online

You need to use the search function to search for the movies you’re looking for. We’ve checked Vimeo and found out that many favorite Marvel, and DC comics movies are available there. There’s no sign-up required to watch content. There’s very little chance that Vimeo is blocked at your school.

12. Disney+ Hotstar

Hotstar is an Indian-based movie and TV shows streaming website. There’s no registration fee to watch TV shows or movies using Hotstar. Most of the collections are available in the premium section, but many of them can be streamed for free.

disney hotstar online free unblocked

If you want to use Hotstar, you probably need to sign up for a free account. Then you can browse different entertaining videos on their platform. As Hotstar is an Indian website, most of the shows are from Bollywood or the Indian cinema industry. However, many international shows can also be seen on the platform.

13. Flenix

Flenix, is a popular website you can use to watch unblocked movies. Fresh content is added to the website on a daily basis. Hence, school firewalls aren’t able to block it. You should check it out, and you’ll be amazed after seeing the content this site is providing to the users.

flenix movies free online

Watch dozens of amazing movies and TV shows for free on the Flenix website today. 720p and even 1080p video quality are available for free streaming with multiple languages and subtitles. This site is mobile-optimized, and hence we can watch using a mobile device as well.

14. M4UFree

M4UFree is the perfect website to watch fully unblocked movies. This one works a little differently. Instead of listing some movies on the homepage, they give us a search box where all we need to do is enter the name of the movie/tv episode and search for it. Several different tools are given to enhance to search to get the perfect search results.

m4ufree movies free latest unblocked movies at school

The results shown are amazing and relevant. Click on the desired show and start watching it online. They do offer a recommendations page where some selected movies are added. Tey out the M4uFree website today and watch unlimited shows at school for free.

15. CartoonSons

Students love to watch cartoons at school. Now with CartoonSons, you can stream thousands of cartoon movies and shows for free. There’s a wide collection of cartoons on the platform. Dreamworks Dragon, Justice League, Ice Age, etc. are some of the amazing series available on this website.

watch free unblocked cartoons online

In fact, we can just browse through all the movies with characters like Micky Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, and so on. It’s a tremendously unblocked alternative to cartoon sites at school as well. Different streaming quality such as 720p and 1080p are provided to the viewers.

16. 3D-Online Films

Watch unblocked movies at school in VR using 3D movies and TV shows. Now experience a seamless VR experience for free. Using a VR headset makes the viewing experience much different. If you have a VR headset at home, then this site is a must. Many 3D movies from Hollywood and cartoon movies are available for free on the platform.

best free sites unblocked movies

One of the biggest advantages of using this platform is its fresh updated content. As soon as a 3D version of the movie is published, it’s available on the platform. Even if you have a simple VR cardboard, you can enjoy a seamless 3D experience. Visit the website yourself and see how amazing content is available there.


After reading through the entire article, you will now be able to watch free unblocked movies at school. All the best sites out there with least streaming downtime are listed in this article to avoid any streaming related issue. We will appreciate it if you share this article with your friends at school.

If there is any problem with the sites listed in this article, feel free to leave a comment. We will try to replace that website with a working one as soon as possible. Enjoy free movie streaming at school. But beware of your teachers as they might not like it 😉

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