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157+ Best Unblocked Movies Sites To Watch Free Movies [July 2020]

Stay Home, Stay Safe! While staying at home, you can watch some good unblocked movies for free. We’ve covered 157+ unblocked movies sites which provides latest movies for free.

Watch movie is a great thing to do when feeling bored at school or in the workplace. Nowadays, there’s even no need to worry about unblocked movies sites because there are plenty of them. You can use those websites to watch an unlimited number of movies and some websites even provide you with downloading features as well.

We would like to let you know that it’s possible using some of the unblocked movies sites. We’ve created an amazing list of sites using which anyone can enjoy TV Shows, Movies, Web Series for free.  There’s also a trick using which anyone can access blocked sites at school.

unblocked movie sites in 2020

Schools and Colleges are providing free internet for students. But some sites are blocked by the school for different reasons. So, this means that you can’t watch movies at school unless you visit any unblocked movie sites.  You can even listen to unblocked music at school by following some tricks. I’ve shown a way to unblock any website in this article. So, follow up to learn more.

I’ve built a list showing the best unblocked movies sites. You can access such a website using your school’s WiFi network. It might also happen that the websites I’ve shown will not work in certain conditions. So, I’ve shown a clever trick to access all the movie sites. Also, if you’re anime lover, check our best anime streaming sites.

I’m updating this list every single month to give you the most updated list of sites. So, keep visiting and know more about some cool websites which provide free multimedia entertainment.

Also, don’t forget to check the list of sites to watch movies online for free. All the sites and tips we’ve shown are free and easy to follow. However, frustrating ads on such websites can hurt your browsing and viewing experience.

List Of Best Unblocked Movies Sites At School In 2020

Note: If you want to enjoy games at school, feel free to check the unblocked games sites for more fun.

Unblocked Movies Sites ListWatch Unblocked Movies
12345MoviesVisit 12345Movies
Unblocked MoviesVisit Unblocked Movies
Film FestivalVisit Film Festival
Movies WorkVisit Movies WOrk
GoFreeVisit GoFree
MoviesMailVisit MoviesMail
ToMoviesVisit ToMovies
MoviesNearMeVisit MoviesNearMe
UnBloKitVisit UnBloKit
BackVisit BackSite
M4uFreeVisit M4uFree
MoviesBackVisit MoviesBack
ZmovieVisit Zmovie
WatchFreeMeVisit WatchFreeMe
123DesignVisit 123Design
FlixTorVisit FlixTor
WatchEpisodes4Visit WatchEpisodes4
WatchVideoSeriesVisit WatchVideoSeries
123 Movies PROVisit 123Movies Pro
IsFreeVisit IsFree
MoviesHubVisit MoviesHub
MoviesLAVisit MoviesLA
ShowBoxFunVisit ShowBoxFun
AZMoviesToVisit AZ MoviesTo
SeeHDVisit See HD
AfdahVisit Afdah
YoMoviesVisit YoMovies
ShareTVVisit ShareTV
Movies GDNVisit MoviesGDN
MovieDOMVisit MovieDOM
Stream WatchVisit StreamWatch
ChillaxVisit Chillax
SMoviesVisit SMovies
WatchMovieIoVisit WatchMovieIo
VmoveeVisit Vmovee
SeriesStreamVisit SeriesStream
SeriesTVVisit SeriesTV
MovieCribVisit MovieCrib
MovieNoLimitVisit MovieNoLimit
123NewMovieVisit 123New
GlobalTVVisit GlobalTV
GoFilmHDVisit GoFilmHD
CartoonHDVisit CartoonHD
PutlockerVisit Putlocker
Movies 123 BlueVisit Movies 123
MovieWorldTVVisit MovieWorldTV
Red Movies HubVisit Red Movies
GOmoviesVisit GoMoviesHD
MovieNetflix24Visit MovieNetflix24
OpenLoad MoviesVisit OpenLoad Movies
Cartoon CrazyVisit Cartoon Crazy
IceFilmsVisit IceFilms
DinoBitaVisit DinoBita
MovieStreamVisit MovieStream
Movies AnywhereVisit Movies AnyWhere
RetrovisionVisit Retrovision
CrackleVisit Crackle
Load TVVisit Load TV Movies
Movie ReviewVisit MovieReview
Open CultureVisit Open Culture
Google Unblocked SitesVisit Google Unblocked Movies
Google SitesVisit Google Sites
Weebly Unblocked SitesVisit Weebly Unblocked Movies
Google Sites UnblockedVisit Google Unblocked Movie
WatchMoviesFreeVisit Watch Free
YidioVisit Yidio
ShowBox Apphttp://showboxappdownload.com/
Online Movies Goldhttps://www.onlinemoviegolds.com/
300 MB Downloadhttps://www.300mbcounter.net/
Movie Watcherhttps://www.moviesgolds.pro/
Movies Cribhttp://www.moviecrib.com/movies/
LOS Movieshttp://losmovies.com/
iMovies Tubehttp://www.imovietube.com/
My Download Tubehttps://mydownloadtube.to/
Movie Tube Onlinehttps://movietube.online/
HD Popcornshttp://hdpopcorns.com/
123 movieshttps://123movies.sr/
Mega Sharehttp://www.megashare.info/
Crackle https://www.crackle.com/
House Moviehttp://housemovie.to/movies
Tubi TVhttps://tubitv.com/
Prime Wirehttps://www.primewire.life/?tv
Watch Cartoon Onlinehttps://watchcartoonsonline.la
HDMovies Plushttps://hdmoviesplus.xyz/
Movies 300MB Clubhttps://movies-300mb.club/
HD Hubhttps://hdhub4u.mobi/

Unblocked movies aren’t loading! Don’t worry and try the trick shown down below. There’s a 100% chance that after following the trick, all the sites will load quickly.

Unblock All Website Using Following Tricks

Access popular sites like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc. by using the following simple tricks. Movies are blocked for a few reasons as schools want to restrict our access to entertainment sites while studying.

Method 1. Use Free VPN

Step 1: Add Tunnel Bear extension to your browser.
Step 2: Sign Up for their free account.
Step 3: Click on Extension and connect to the server.
Step 4: Copy the unblocked movies website link from the table above.
Step 5: Paste it in the URL address bar and enjoy it.

Method 2. Using HTTPS Instead Of HTTP

HTTP is the HyperText Transfer Protocol, which can be easily blocked by the firewalls. But HTTPS is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, and it’s not blocked by most firewalls. So, try your luck with this method and see if it works in your case or not.

e.g: HTTP: http://youtube.com HTTPS: https://youtube.com

Method 3. Using Proxy Sites

Proxy sites are way more useful because there’s no need to download anything from the web. Just visit any of the sites, enter the web address you want to visit the browse it anonymously. The problem with this method is that some proxy sites are blocked. So you probably need to use some unblocked ones.

Example Sites:

  • https://onlineproxy.site/
  • https://onlineproxy.eu
  • https://www.proxysite.com
  • https://proxysite.top
  • https://www.filterbypass.me

Process To Use These Sites:

Step1. Visit any of the services using their URL we’ve listed above.
Step2. Copy the address of unblocked movies sites and paste that there.
Step 3. Select the server if they provide more proxy servers. (May vary service to service)unblocked movies sites

Step 4. Enjoy the site as it’s now unblocked.

Recommended Websites To Watch Unblocked Movies At School

Now, let’s talk about the websites you should use to watch movies anywhere at school or college using campus WiFi. As you can see the list of websites, it’s pretty much big, and a lot of sites are listed there. But, we found it necessary to recommend the best ones you should use.

Here are the best unblocked movies sites you should use in 2020 to watch movies at school or college. All these sites are unblocked and work correctly.

1. TubiTV

TubiTV, on-demand movies streaming website with an extensive collection of videos. As it’s an on-demand service, you can buy any movie from there. But, we know that spending money online for the film looks like an awkward thing.

So, they also have a large collection of free movies. However, those movies aren’t compelling ones, but indeed, you can enjoy those at school for free.best sites to watch unblocked movies at school

Some TV shows are also uploaded on their site. Hence, you can enjoy free movies or free TV shows using your school campus WiFi network on TubiTV. All you need is a free account; you can easily Sign Up for their free subscription.

2. Crackle

Crackle is legally owned by the Sony company and is a quite trendy website. They do have some signup process to let you stream all the movies they have. Only a few advertisements are shown on their site for making money. There’s no fee you have to pay. Just visit them, register your account and enjoy any movie you want.sony cracke unblocked movies

Some TV shows are also available to stream online. So, Crackle might be your next favorite place to watch unblocked movies 24 hours at school or home or any place for free.

3. Archive.org

Archive.org can be defined as the warehouse of digital media. There are billions of files on their servers, and they are just archiving the internet in one place. There are many movies which are uploaded to their servers.archive org free movies

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Their way back machine is quite powerful, and there are thousands of unblocked movies on their servers. Just browse through the videos section, and you’ll get old movies and some new movies as well.

The archive is mostly unblocked in schools because it’s called an archive of the internet and is used for research purposes.

4. YouTube

YouTube is the home for all the video creators to show their creativity and earn money using their videos. You’ll find many movies on YouTube which are free to watch. Many uploaders upload latest movies there. But, such uploads are taken down after some time, but it’s better to try your luck.best sites to watch unblocked movies

If we talk about old movies, there are many of them available there. If you’re thinking of watching a particular movie, you should search for that; maybe it’s available there for free. YouTube needs no sign up just for watching videos and is a very reputable site.

5. Vimeo

Vimeo video-sharing website is a professional platform for creators to show their creativity online. But, many uploaders kept uploading movies on their platform. Most of the movies are available on Vimeo which are quite popular ones.

You need to use the search function to search for the movies you’re looking for. We’ve checked Vimeo and found out that many favorite cartoons, Marvel, DC comics like movies are available there.

There’s no sign up required to watch movies or videos there. If your school has blocked this site, you might found out the Tips section useful where we’ve shown the best ways to bypass the school firewall and visit any site.

6. RetroVision

Retrovision, the best site you can use to watch movies at school. They do have a deep collection of classic movies, and all the movies are embedded on their site. It means that you don’t have to visit any third party site rather than Retrovision.

We’ve seen many classic movies on their website, and there are no frustrating popup ads or something like that. No signup required and everything is available for free.

7. Hulu

Hulu needs registration to serve you unblocked movies. Most users might have heard this name before. It’s because they also provide online streaming for free to users. You can start your free trial and can cancel that subscription later on. The subscription pack also includes sports streaming services.

Thousands of movies are available, and TV shows can also be seen there. But, sign up is required and that might not be a good thing for most users. But yes, Hulu is an amazing platform to enjoy movies without restrictions.

8. Open Culture

Open Culture website is meant to preserve some cultural things like images, videos, documents, movies, etc. So, they have a collection of more than 1000 movies that can be streamed for free.

Because of the fact that their site is all about preserving cultural things, you’ll find only movies that show something unique and something from good old times.

We’ve checked their site and the collection of movies is pretty much interesting and cool. There’s no signup required, jump into their movies section and choose the movie you want to play.

9. 123 Movies Online

123 Movies has over thousands of free movies and is a viral site to watch movies online without registration and any paid subscription. Most of you might be using this website for a long time. But, they have redesigned their website, and it’s more amazing now.movies at school unblocked

Users can search for almost any movie they want to watch. All the movies are embedded on their website, and there’s no need to visit some other service to watch those movies or TV shows.

However, there are some pop ads on that site which might make you feel embarrassed but using adblocker might help you in many ways.

10. Yify

Yify provides the best movies in the best quality and small size. Users can browse through their full range of collection and can download any movie they want to.

We’ve checked their site, and many exciting and quite popular movies were added there. It’s easy to browse through their website and download the film we want to.

Detailed information about the film is listed there. Even trailers, screenshots, etc. are available to check if the movie seems to be interesting or not. 720p and 1080p quality is available.

11. Hotstar

Hotstar, an Indian based movies and TV shows streaming website. There’s no registration fee to watch TV shows or movies using Hotstar. Most of the movies are available in the premium section, but many of them can be streamed for free.

If you want to use Hotstar, you probably need to sign up for a free account. Then all the free things available there will be available to you. As we’ve told you that it’s Indian based, most of the content available there will be Indian based and if you’re interested in Indian TV shows and movies, feel free to visit them and watch anything you want.

12. GoMovies

GoMovies is a giant website with a giant collection of unblocked movies. They have almost everything you want in movies. The latest collection, detailed information about the movies and much more like that.

If we talk about the browsing and viewing experience, it’s just amazing and simple. All the latest films are available with a quality perspective. e.g. if the movie is filmed with cameras, HDCAM quality is listed, similarly HD for all movies whose CD prints are available.

13. PutLocker

Putlocker, the leading platform to stream unblocked movies online without downloading them. They do have the collection of thousands of TV-Series and movies for free. We can call it the warehouse of free Films and TV-Series.

Navigation and user experience is effortless and unique on their site. Everything looks bright and easy to use. The collection of TV series looks interesting because they also list the number of episodes available on their server.

Both downloading and streaming options are available, and HD quality is their first concern.

14. Viewster

Viewster, built for anime movies lovers. This site is heaven for you. Not only TV shows and movies but they have a decent collection of Animes as well. Everything is available for free and can be streamed online.

All you need is to create a free account on their site, and that’s all you need. Then all the media available on their servers can be streamed for free.

Many channels are available just like on YouTube, and their creators kept uploading new series related to many different streams according to their interests and genre. But, one thing is guaranteed to you, which is entertainment for free at school or college campus.

15. Vumoo

Vumoo provides free films and is known as one of the unblocked movie websites. It’s pretty much possible that this site will be able to bypass your campus restrictions and you can enjoy all the movies with ease. If you visit them, you’ll find that the website design and user experience is built just like Netflix.

Their TV shows and movies are exciting because the whole site’s movies and TV shows collection is outstanding. All of them can be viewed by users for free.

16. MyDownloadTube

MyDownloadTube portal is useful to download and watch unblocked movies at school online for free without any paid string added. The user should be logged into their account for sure, and registration is completely open.

Ads might make you feel frustrated, but it’s sure that entertainment is guaranteed. There are hundreds of movies, games, and genres available for free without giving a single penny.

The user interface of the website is very friendly, and everything is easy to browse through. There can be endless hours of entertainment on MyDownloadTube. If you want to make an offline copy of the media available there, download them and watch them anytime, anywhere.

17. House Movies

HouseMovie collects the latest Movies, Series. You’ll find all the films from the current year and current month there. They do have to come soon section on their homepage which shows how updated their collection is.

Tons of other entertainable material is available for free. Browsing throughout the website is a straightforward task, and HD print of films are available.

There are multiple services e.g. online streaming sites where they have uploaded the films. You can choose any of the options from there and start using it.

Users can even rate the movie, and detailed information regarding media is listed for user information.

18. DivXCrawler

DivXCrawler is an entirely straightforward website we’ve ever seen. They are some crawler who collects direct download link of movies from different sources and server it on their website.

If you visit them, you can see there’s the separate page for Latest Movies where all the latest films from the current year are listed. Users need to click on Download button and download will start automatically.

You can either download the files or stream movies at school using the VLX media player and put the direct download link.

19. Watch Movies Free

WatchMoviesFree website is trendy, and millions of users visit them each month to entertain themselves. The unique thing about them is that there are decidedly fewer ads, streaming and downloading is possible.

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Streaming is available in different qualities and up to 4K quality is available which makes them handy and unique portal. Their servers are quite fast, and there’s no more loading time. Hence, if your internet connection is stable enough, jump into the movie and start watching it.

20. NewMovies

NewMovies serves latest and new movies,h you should bookmark this site right now. They always upload the latest movies in best quality. It is the unique thing about them, and it’s advantageous for most of the people.

They have almost every kind of movie listed on their website. Movies genre like Action, Documentary, Drama etc. All at NewMovies for free at school.

21. WoloWTube

WoloWTube hosts a collection of thousands of Movies and TV shows. The exciting part is that all the latest movies are available on their site.

WolowTube is a search engine for movies. When you click on any of the movie available on their site, you’ll be given a list of websites where users can watch that movie.
There are up to 10+ results shown, and this means that any of those websites will work with your campus WiFi and isn’t blocked.

We found WolowTube very useful regarding finding movies online and watching movies at school.

22. Netflix

NetFlix, an original series provider and is known to everyone, but most of them haven’t used it because it’s not free. Well, it’s not free, but they do provide a free subscription for about a month.

You have to give your bank card details there and get your free month of Netflix. But, don’t forgot to cancel your account before subscription runs out because they charge automatically from your bank account.

23. Gostream

GoStream will serve you any movie you want, and it’s indeed one of the unblocked movie websites which provides fantastic content and the latest movies for free. Its user interface is similar to 123 Movies, and their website also shows that they are identical to 123Movies. The collection of shows and movies is huge.

The navigation of this website is effortless and clear. They’ve also managed the collection of movies in a well-managed way e.g. top watched, latest, top IMDB etc. Everything is just self-explanatory.

24. Flenix

Flenix, quite a popular website you can use to watch unblocked movies 24 seven at any place. It’s a new and daily updated website. Hence, school firewalls aren’t able to block it. You should check it out, and you’ll be amazed after seeing the kind of content this site is providing to the users.

Watch dozens of amazing movies and TV shows for free on Flenix website today. 720p and even 1080p video quality are available for free streaming with multiple languages and subtitles. This site is mobile optimised, and hence we can watch using a mobile device as well.

25. M4UFree

M4UFree is a perfect website to watch full unblocked movies. This one works little differently. Instead of listing some movies on the homepage, they give us a search box where all we need to do is enter the name of movie/tv episode and search for it.

The results shown are pretty much amazing and relevant. Just click on the desired effect and start watching it online. They do offer an recommendations page where some selected movies are added. Check them right now and check if it’s unblocked at your school or not.

26. Vudu

Vudu, greatest choice. I’m saying this because they even provide early access to some movies. However, users need to sign up and get a subscription. There are a lot of movies available and up to 4K print is available.

27. JustWatch

JustWatch is another big giant website who have thousands of movies on their website. It’s not free, but they are showing the best movies renting offers from different stores. This means that if you want to watch full unblocked movies 24 seven, just visit their site and search for the movie you’re looking for.full unblocked movies 24

All the regions e.g. Asia, Europe, Africa etc. are supported by them. Once the user has discovered his desired movie, they’ll display the best offers from different stores. It gives you the best deals.

28. CartoonSons

CartoonSons is something special for all the people. It’s because they are hosting some amazing and classic cartoon movies. Most of the movies are from ’90s and, that’s an amazing thing. If you haven’t watched any cartoon from ’90s, then CartoonSOns is the best free unblocked movies sites where you can watch free cartoon movies online.

Dreamworks Dragon, Justice Leauge, Ice Age Movies etc. are some of the amazing series available on this website. In fact, we can just browse through all the movies by characters like Micky Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and so on. It’s a tremendous unblocked alternative to cartoon sites at school as well.

29. Pluto TV

Pluto TV entertains the world by providing amazing series and TV shows rapidly to its users. It’s just a free online TV, and you’re probably going to like it in many ways. I’ve used it for 3-4 months, and it’s a great alternative to watching TV, although it’s not entirely free and also offers a paid subscription to its users.

There are a limited number of TV channels which are broadcasted for free. To access rest TV channels, it’s required to purchase a paid subscription. Although to watch free TV casually at school or workplace, Pluto TV is indeed the perfect option.

30. 3DOnlineFilms

3DOnlineFilms is another unblocked movies site where we can watch HD movies at school. The beauty of this portal is it’s easy to use interface and amazing collection of series and films. We can even browse through different genres e.g. Horror, Documentary, Sci-Fi, etc. Almost all the films can be watched using their site, and you’re not redirected to an external website.best free sites unblocked movies

The website layout is black by default which gives a nice and less hurting UI at night. You should check this site and know more about them.

31. HDMovies Plus

HDMovies Plus works in a different approach. Instead of providing streaming on its website, they’re providing multiple streaming links so that it becomes easy for the visitor to watch movies without getting blocked. Mainly films are available on HDMovies Plus in various languages and formats. From 30mb to HD 1080p, every size is served.

Thousands of people are using this site to download and watch unblocked movies online. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy this free service as well. The website is very user-friendly and loads quickly. We can even request a movie from the admins of this website. HollyWood, Horror, Animation, etc. genres are available.

32. 8XFilms.me

8XFilms also serve the entertainment stuff for free. Mainly Bollywood and Hollywood collections are added on this unblocked site. The main reason behind listing this site here is that it’s not blocked by the network admins. Just use a free VPN service and access all the pictures and movies available here. Another amazing thing I loved is its framework. I’m just addicted to it because it looks great and attractive as well.

Ads can be seen throughout the website. But an Adblock extension can handle it very nicely. However, sometimes such extensions are creating massive problems, and even site moderators are blocking users who have Adblock enabled. So, it’s fine to tolerate ads and enjoy movies on 8XFilms.me site for free. Download and watch online links are given with each page.

33. MKV Bay

MKV Bay provides all quality and in a different size, format. Along with the movie title, other information like IMDB details, genre, actor name, etc. are listed. This helps us to understand better the picture we’re looking at. A little story of the film is also written on each page. It clears most of the general doubts which we generally have while looking for new collection and genre. I usually read the story to find if it matches my interest or not.mkv bay unblocked

The user is redirected to the external website to watch and download anything on MKV Bay. Hence, different file hosting services are used which serves amazing streaming speed as well. Visit MKV Bay right now and figure more about their services.

34. MovieNinja.io

MovieNinja highlights some of the amazing hits from the past few years. A lot of hit movies from iconic starts are generally listed on the main page of the site. This means you’ll be able to get all the best movies in one place. TV-Series, Latest Movies from the current year, top lists, etc. are offered to the people. Log In and Sign Up is also offered to all the users. The main advantage of this is that it becomes easy for us to see the list of movies and TV-Shows which we’ve shown in the past.

It’s a kind of free Netflix version where we can enjoy most of the blockbuster movies from the past few years. Another useful feature I would like to talk about is its Suggest Me option. It serves you a  random movie from the available list of top free movies. So, if you’re a selective kind of person, then just click that button, and you’ll get the best movie, chosen by the algorithm.

35. 123GoStream

123GoStream works just like most movie websites which are meant to provide almost all the movies in the best quality possible. When people are searching for unblocked movies, the only thing in their mind is the availability of movies. I’ve added dozens of websites similar to 123GoStream, but as usual, this one does have some more additional features as well as an extensive collection of movies.

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The massive list of countries can be seen in the menu, select the state related to which you want to look at the films and every legit and most interesting collection will be served to you. What I enjoyed the most is the UI and broad selection of entertainment available on GoStream. It’s one of the most recommended websites to all the people.

36. ASATV24

AsaTV24 collection is based on classic films and TV-Shows. I thought that this website just looks like all other ones, but it’s a different one because from UI to the movies, everything just seems different and unique from all other ones. Football lovers should try this website because they have the collection related to sports e.g. Football, boxers, soccer, etc.unblocked free movies

A-Z list of movies enhances search functionality. Not only the classic but some latest ones can also be seen on the ASATV24 on the homepage. Visit the website and enjoy the different types of movies, shows, and sports material.

37. WatchIO

WatchIO is the newest site I’ve discovered so far. Amazing entertainment stuff is available on this portable and they’re running this website on multiple domains. That means there’s always an URL address which is unblocked and working fine. Don’t worry about the relevance and freshness of the content. You’ll find fresh and HD quality movies on WatchIO website.

No Sign-Up or registration required. But, feel free to create a free account as it becomes easy to manage all the series and videos you’ve watched so far. Thanks to its powerful servers so that the website is never down and working 24X7.

38. MoviesDOM

MoviesDOM, a brand new website where all the latest episodes from different media production houses are available. This site is based on the 123movies theme but a better approach. That’s because there are very fewer ads and no more popups on the page. It helps us to watch unblocked movies seamlessly without any distraction.

moviesdom 123 movies

There’s no need to visit the 3rd party website to start the streaming. They’re serving the content on their own website with features such as Play, Pause, Subtitles, Multi Audio Support and so on. So, what you’re waiting for! Visit MoviesDOM today and start watching your favorite episodes.

39. StreamWatch

Looking for the perfect website where we can watch the latest Movies and TV shows! Well, you should visit StreamWatch right now. It’s one of my best recommendations to all of you because there’s no Sign-Up required and most of the media is streamed in HD 720p and even in 1080p quality.

stream watch online movie sites

The website is designed very nicely and a lot of useful information related to Box Office and Tweets from popular Hollywood Stars is displayed on the page. Hence, it’s a fully functional free website to watch unblocked movies. Give this site a try and you won’t be disappointed.

40. ShareTV

ShareTV is a community-based website for fans of network TV. There are thousands of members who are uploading and sharing the Television Shows, movies and much more with the community. Anyone can share the videos as a contributor and it’s very much reliable for almost all of us as we get hundreds of TV shows and series. The site was started back in 2007 and till now it’s one of the best websites to watch unblocked movies from.

sharetv free tv shows online

This website is very popular in the United States and many other major parts of the world. I highly recommend you to visit the website once and you’ll start loving it. Those who love to watch the images of famous Hollywood stars should also visit ShareTV as they’re sharing the tremendous collection of such showcase galleries.

41. SeeHD

SeeHD streams tremendous amount of HD web series, shows and much more for free. Want to watch HD unblocked movies? Visit SeeHD right now and you’ll get thousands of shows in high definition audio and video quality. Although those who are willing to watch the latest movies can also try SeeHD as some latest releases are available but in HDCAM quality.

seehd website hd series

Almost all the Genres are uploaded on the sites and everything is archived on yearly basis folders. Hence, it becomes very easy for the person to browse throughout the website.

42. 123Pro

123Pro is one of the latest and working unblocked movies websites. The collection of movies and series on this website is unimaginably latest and working. The best thing about 123Pro is its recommendation to the users. It shows the best Movies which are watched by millions of viewers.

unblocked movies 2019 free

Almost all the new Netflix Series are available on 123Pro for free. I highly recommend you to visit them. It’s a brand new domain and hence not blocked by school organizations. So, better try your luck with this website.

43. FlixTor

I’m very excited to let you know about a brand new website known as FlixTor. There are dozens of things about this website which excites me a lot. Some of them are HD streaming, fewer ads, and no account needed. All the movies and shows are streamed in HD video quality with subtitles included.

flixtor movie site free

Every web series is well organized according to its episodes and seasons. The user interface is very responsive and I was surprised by the quality of media. In fact, the video loads very quickly and they’re using their own servers to deliver the media. It results in fast and responsive streaming.

44. WatchEpisodes4

WatchEpisodes4 is designed for the people who love to watch TV and web series. They’re serving thousands of TV episodes on their website for free. No need to create an account or purchase any subscriptions. You might get surprised after seeing the amount of TV and Web episodes available on their site.

watchepisodes for free unblocked episodes

Ads might frustrate your overall experience. Also, they’re using 3rd party video streaming services and hence it somehow decreases the streaming experience. Visit WatchEpisodes4 now to know more.

45. MoviesBack

MoviesBack is a website where you can find all the hit old movies and TV shows. From old ones to the latest movies, everything is available for free and there’s no need to sign up to watch the films. The user interface is quite friendly and top genres such as Action, Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi are available on the website.

moviesback unblocked movies site

MoviesBack is the replica of 123Movies website. Hence, if you’ve ever used the 123movies website before, you’re really going to enjoy this website as well. Now enjoy unblocked movies at school for free.

46. ZMovies

ZMovies is providing Horror, Adventure, Mystery, and many other types of movies for free. In fact, almost all types of genres are available on the website including Sc-Fi and science fiction. Moreover, we can either download the movie or watch it online. But, in order to download, we need to have a free ZMovies account. Streaming quality and UI is just fine and I haven’t faced any type of issue.

47. M4uFree

A wide selection of movies and TV shows are available on M4uFree. What I liked the most if the wide availability of movies and there’s no need to create an account. Two or more streaming servers are available for every movie and hence you won’t face any streaming related issues.

m4ufree unblocked movies website

There are some cons as well, such as pop-up ads and frustrating ads in between the movie. You can use the ad-blocker to resolve this problem but that’s optional. The user interface is very nice and we can use M4uFree website both on mobile and desktop devices.

48. UnblocKit

Those who are fond of downloading movies with the help of torrent websites should definitely visit the UnbloKit website. This website offers a great range of movies for free and the most interesting part is that it works at school. Hence, you can consider this as one of the best unblocked movies websites available on the internet.

Its search functionality works very nicely and almost all the popular movies and TV shows are available on the UnbloKit website. Sci-Fi, Adventure, Horror are the highlighted genre of this website.

49. Movies12345

It’s one of the latest websites that I’ve found online so far. The key thing about this website is the availability of movies and web series. Along with that, this website is also featuring many latest web series and other major content which is recently being uploaded on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other content streaming platforms.

If you’re bored at home or school, then make sure to watch unblocked movies using movies12345 website. That’s because of the huge collection of content and quality of streaming. Multiple servers are available to choose from. Hence, there’s no doubt about the quality and speed of streaming.

Conclusion On Best Free Unblocked Movies Sites

We hope that you loved these sites and we’re sure that you’ll be able to access all these websites at school or college for free. If your school or college has blocked some of these sites, feel free to use our tip and access the websites anytime, anywhere.

Everything has a solution, and we tried to give you every single information so that you can stay entertained during your boring time by visiting these free unblocked movies sites. Feel free to drop down your comment or suggestions We’ll surely add those suggestions or recommendations to our article to help more people.

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  3. Thanks for this list. But is there any other way to access these sites? The methods you’ve shown works but the streaming speed is very slow 🙁

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