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25+ Best ROM Sites In 2018 [Download Free & Safe ROMs]

Smart people are using ROM to play some very popular old games. If you’re one of those smart people then you’re probably looking for best ROM sites. I’ve added 25+  best ROM sites here. All these sites are safe and provide working ROMs.

ROM (Read Only Memory) are usually used to store data in computer memory which can’t be changed or modified. Nowadays people are using ROM files in emulator software so that they can play some cool and old games. In fact, there are a lot of ways people are using to play the Xbox games using their PC with the help of emulators. Just grab an emulator, use any of best ROM sites to download the game and play whenever you want.best rom sites

But, the problem arises when it comes to safe and working ROMs. A lot of websites are providing fake and malware loaded files. It hurts the user and big issue to privacy as well. No one is responsible for the harm caused because most ROM sites work as a community and there’s no one to check if flies uploaded are working and safe or not. So, here I’ve added best safe ROM sites so that you’ll feel safe while downloading any file from all these sites.

Here Are Best ROM Sites

  1. Gamulator
  2. CoolRom
  3. TheOldComputer
  4. RomsMania
  5. RomUlation
  6. PortalRoms
  7. DopeRoms
  8. Emulator.Games
  9. RomHustler
  10. FreeRoms
  11. Romnation

1. Gamulator

Gamulator provides ROMS for almost all the emulators. Nintendo DS, GBA, Mame, PSX etc. are some of the most popular emulators which are covered on this website. The most interesting thing about Gamulator is that there are no strings attached while downloading the ROMS. Just visit the download page and download your favorite ROM using the direct link. Emulator gamers can browse through various pages to find a lot of interesting games. Thousands of ROMS are available for free and totally safe according to the website itself.gamulator website

I’ve tried a couple of Nintendo ROMS and everything looks legit. Detailed information is shown on the download page e.g supported Console/System, File Size, Region, Release year etc. Check out this amazing website and enjoy thousands of emulator games for free.

2. CoolRom

CoolRom is indeed the best website to download free and safe ROM. A lot of positive reviews are available on the internet and it clearly shows that it’s safe to use CoolROM. Not only ROM files but they’re also providing a list of supported emulators which you should use and also provides a safe place where that can be downloaded with ease. There are no irrelevant ads or some string added when downloading the files.coolroms best rom sites

Even CoolRom is also providing free service to play all those games online. Hence, if you’re lazy enough to download and run those games, then just hit the Play Online button which is given with almost all the games and enjoy it online for free.

The only drawback I would like to list is that their main Download Now buttons actually servers the CoolROM downloader software and not the actual file. I highly recommend using the Alternative link to save the file you’re looking there. However, to use the alternative link, the user has to wait for 15 seconds. Sony PlayStation, Sega, Neo, and all other major emulator ROM are available for free.


3. TheOldComputer

TheOldComputer has more than 500K ROMs in their database. This shows how giant is their collection and over 200k registered members are visiting their site to share and download old games. I would say that collection available on this site is unmatchable to any other website. I’m saying this because despite being a very big site and one of the best ROM sites, they’ve managed to archive all types of games into different sections on their site.theoldcomputer safe rom site

From Arcade, Atari games to PlayStation games, almost everything is available on their website which makes them the perfect spot to look around for ROM. As there are over 200K registered users, it seems like they all are trusting this site and hence TheOldComputer is a safe site to download free ROM. The only drawback to this site is that in order to download unlimited files, we need an account. But, that’s worth downloading free files right!

4. RomsMania

RomsMania is still a perfect choice when it comes to best safe ROM sites and a site which have an amazing user interface and easy to use. I love this website very much and the another best reason behind this is that proper ROM description and details are attached on the download page. It helps us in many ways and also clears that on which platform the game will run and the size of the file is also listed as well.romsmania best and safe rom sites

The only drawback is that RomaMania’s first priority is to serve their own software to download ROM files. There’s nothing wrong with it but still, most users won’t like this thing. But those who want to download a lot of games from this site should use their software. Alternatively, just click on more options and select Download Using Browser option.

5. RomUlation

RomUlation is my another best choice when it comes to downloading a lot of free games for emulators which generally run on Windows OS. Over 200K games or ROM files are available on RomUlation for free. There are some major problems which I’ve faced on this site. One is that some files aren’t available but still indexed and to download large ROMs we need to create a free account. But, as usual, it’s still worth downloading some free ROMs from RomUlation.romulation safe rom site

Nintendo, PlayStation and almost all other major emulator’s ROMs are freely available on their website and hence known as one of the best ROM sites. Most users have reported that all the files downloaded from their servers aren’t having any kind of problem. The navigational system and user interface is very nice. The homepage shows all the supported emulators and the latest new releases as well.

6. PortalRoms

PortalRoms provides the torrent file and we have to use a torrent agent to get the entire file. They are probably doing this to provide us with better facility and download service. The user is redirected to an external website to get the file. Xbox, GBA, PlayStation, and all other major emulator’s games are available for free. No need to create an account and proper image and description is attached with each and every game you’re going to download.portal roms safe rom site

This website is running from last few years and people are trusting all the files they’re downloading. Hence, you should definitely use PortalRoms because it’s one of the best safe ROM sites available in the market and also emuparadise alternative because emuparadise was shut down.

7. DopeRoms

DopeRoms is indeed the depot for ROM files and is a totally safe site to use. It’s also featured on many popular websites as one of the emuparadise alternatives. I’ve fetched some great files from here for my Nintendo emulator and never had any kind of virus or mismatch related problem. Around 170K free games are available on DopeRoms website. They’re only indexing free ones and you won’t get any pirated file there. Hence, it’s one of the legit websites to download game ROMs.dope roms legit rom site

The user interface isn’t that much attractive and is very simple. No strings are added to the site, just directly visit and download the game you want to. Every page which shows the links to grab the files also shows the supported emulators on which you can run the file. Hence, all the misguidance is eliminated from this as sometimes we just download a file which can’t run on a specific emulator.

8. Emulator.Games

Emulator.Games offer a wide range of free emulator games for free. I’ve just fallen in love with this website because it’s very easy to use and many useful features are offered to the users. On the homepage, we can clearly see some best games are listed there which are very popular at the time you’re visiting the site. All the popular console games are listed there on the left menu. Just select the console whose games you want to download and then enjoy.emulator games free roms download site

In fact, emulator.games is one of those websites who offer users a free service to play the game online which they want to download. However, it’s limited to small sized games but worth it. Just like all other websites, Xbox ROM, PlayStation, and all other major emulator’s games can be download for free. It’s indeed the best free ROM sites to use.

9. RomHustler

RomHustler provides almost every kind of game on their website. Even most popular games which include God of war, Pokemon, Final Fantasy and many other popular ones are available for free on RomHustler. They’re providing direct download links to the users as well. This simply means that just visit their site and start downloading the item you want to. What I found hilarious is that no creepy things are attached when the user is about to download the game. I mean, some sites offer free ROM downloader and other offers external sources but on this site, we can directly download from their own link.free rom download sites

On the homepage, all kinds of supported emulators are listed. Select the console which you’re using and start looking for the things you’re looking for. That’s how you’ll be able to grab all free games from one of the safe ROM sites.

10. FreeRoms

FreeRoms provides some of the best gaming ROMs and all of the games provided are totally free to download and use. There’s no limit of downloading files and no sign up needed as well. This is how a perfect best ROM site should work right! When a user is trying to download the game, it’s clearly suggested on the page that the game runs on this specific emulator and links to grab that emulator are also given. So, all the misunderstanding are gone e.g will this file run with the emulator you’re using or not.website to download free roms

Website design and other additional features are good enough. Even some flash games are also available to play for free. Those can be accessed in the flash games section and are popular ones. FreeRoms is featured as the best site to download free ROMs. You should definitely check it out.

11. RomNation

Romnation is really an online nation where a lot of free ROMs are available. They are running an amazing service. There are no ads for the registered users. But, as a free user, some people might receive some scary and irrelevant ads. Hence, just use temporary email service and create your free account to get rid of ads. I’m recommending you to register there because the collection of free ROMs is just huge and direct download links are offered to the users.romnation safe rom site

As being a safe ROM site, they are delivering all the important guide to all the website visitors. It’s highly recommended to read all those instructions and be safe from all the threats. Almost all the files downloaded from this website are reported safe with high working rates as well.

List Of Best and Safe ROM Sites In 2018

Best Rom SitesSite URL Address
My Abandonwarehttps://www.myabandonware.com
Get Your ROMhttp://www.get-your-rom.com
ISO Roms
Emulator Zonehttp://www.emulator-zone.com


I hope you really enjoyed these suggestions on the best ROM sites. To be honest, I’ve visited all these sites but have tried only those which are listed above with details. Rest sites which are added in tables aren’t reviewed by me but in future will be surely reviewed one by one.

Despite being safe ROM sites, I highly recommend you to scan all the downloaded items with antivirus to double-check if it’s safe to run the games you’ve downloaded or not. It keeps all the threats away from you.

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