55+ Best Unblocked Games Sites To Play Games At School

Online gaming has grown drastically and people love to play online games. You know what! you can easily enjoy games at school by using these unblocked games sites. All the websites I’ve mentioned down below works even if you’re using school/college WiFi network.

Getting bored at school or college? Well, now there’ll be no more boring hours because you’ve reached this article which shows some amazing websites to play unblocked games at school. We all know that school authorities have blocked some entertainment websites because they think students will waste their useful time by using such sites. best unblocked games sites

If you’re also facing such issue from your school’s free WiFi network, then you probably need to know about unblocked games sites. These sites are just able to bypass the network firewall and provide you access to amazing games. There’s also another fact that because of the unpopularity of such sites, those aren’t added to the blocked list and is freely open to all the students. If you’re entertainment lover, then you should look at unblocked movies sites to enjoy free movies at school.

In fact, I’ve shown some amazing tips to unblock any website which is blocked by network administrators. Enjoy the unlimited number of games at school or college or any other public WiFi network. I think this article is going to be very useful for you and all your friends.

Things You’ll Read Here:

#1. Unblocked Games Sites

#2. Trick To Open Any Gaming Site At School

#3. Recommended Unblocked Games Sites


List of 55+ Unblocked Games Sites To Play Games At School For Free

Note: We are not promoting these websites. These are listed here only for educational purpose. All these unblocked games sites are collected from various sources.

Unblocked Games SitesWebsite Address
Unblocked Games 66https://unblockedgames66s.com
Unblocked Games 77https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames77/
Google Games 66https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames66/
Happy Wheels Unblockedhttps://happywheelsunblocked.fun
Unblocked Games 88https://sites.google.com/site/playunblockedgames88/
Fun Blocked Gameshttps://sites.google.com/site/funblockedgames88/home
Google Unblocked 333https://sites.google.com/site/unblockedgames66333/
Run 3 Unblockedhttps://run3unblocked.us
Life The Gamehttps://lifethegame.net/
Unblocked Games Podhttps://www.unblockedgamespod.com/
Tank Trouble Unblockedhttps://tanktroubleunblocked.fun
Plazma Burst 2 Unblockedhttps://plazmaburst2unblocked.fun
Unblocked Games Google Siteshttps://sites.google.com/site/unblockedgameworld/obey-the-game
Weebly Siteshttps://unblockedgamesguru.weebly.com/

Unblocked Games 24hhttps://sites.google.com/site/unblockedgames24h/
Games 6969https://sites.google.com/site/unblockedgamessms6969/
Punblocked Gameshttps://sites.google.com/site/punblockedgamesbest/
Crazy Taxi Unblockedhttps://crazytaxiunblocked.com/
Flash Gameswww.flash-games.net/
Chrome Gameshttps://www.chrome-games.com/

I hope that all these sites are totally useful to you. I’ve tried providing you the best list here. All these sites are perfectly built and provide the amazing gaming experience to the users. I and my classmates have used these sites at college without having a problem.

But, there are still chances that some users might not be able to open any of these websites using their school WiFi network. It’s a common thing but there’s a solution to this problem.

Trick To Use Unblocked Games For School If Blocked By School

It’s really very easy process. All you need is a VPN or Proxy address. I highly recommend you to use a VPN over proxy and there’s a reason behind it. When you’re using a VPN, all the data will be served from a different server located at any location with encryption. So, your school’s firewall won’t be able to detect.

In fact, some online proxy websites are useful too. Such websites serve data directly to the user after downloading it on their own servers. Below are both the methods explained in a good way.

Trick 1. Using Free VPN

I love this method and highly recommend to all the users. Many free VPN is available in the market and I prefer TunnelBear because their free trial gives up to 500MB free data which is more than enough to access these unblocked games sites.

Some of you might think that 500MB is the very low amount of free data, but most unblocked games aren’t larger than 50MB. Hence, just to play online games, Tunnel Bear’s free subscription is good enough.

  1. Download Tunnel Bear from here.
  2. Install it and sign up for a free account.
  3. Select the server location e.g United States.
  4. Wait till it’s connected to the server.
  5. Once connected, use any of the websites I’ve listed above and enjoyed your game.

Trick 2. Using Online Proxies

There are hundreds of online free proxies to use. Such proxy sites are fast and reliable and hence can be used to play Unblocked Games. The only problem you’ll face is that some proxy sites might be blocked by your school. But, better trying your luck with the following steps.

  1. Fire up search engine e.g Google, Bing or Yahoo
  2. Search for online proxy browser and you’ll get hundreds of results.
  3. Open all the results one by one to check which site is working.
  4. If any of the sites are accessible, you’ll see something like the screenshot.
  5. Enter the website URL address and click on Go.unblocked games sites
  6. The website will load within a few moments and that’s how you’ll be able to enjoy unblocked games at school.

I’m pretty much sure that you’ll be able to access all the site I’ve listed above. Both these tricks are just useful when a user isn’t able to open any site.

However, there are very high chances that most people will be able to use all the sites given here. It’s because some are built with Google Sites and Weebly sites. Most schools don’t block Google Sites and hence students can access unblocked games google sites easily.

Recommended Unblocked Games Sites You Should Use

It’s pretty much sure that you’ll feel hard to choose a site from a list of 55+ sites. Hence, it becomes mandatory to trim down the list and give you the recommended list. e.g the sites which I’ve used or some of my friends prefer while at school or college.

Here are the best unblocked games sites in 2018. Play games at school for free online. I’ve added the website specifications and the games which are offered on these unblocked sites.

1. Unblocked Games 66

Most users might be friendly with this site. It’s because of the popularity of such websites. There are dozens of search results you’ll get but the website I’m showing you here is more meaningful. They have added cool categories and different types of games to their website.

unblocked games

From Action to Arcade games, everything is available. What I liked the most is website design and features. There is optional description added with every single game and a screenshot is attached as well. This gives a complete idea to the user about the game and the gamer can easily decide whether the game is worthy to play or not.

Site URL: UnblockedGames66

2. Happy Wheels Unblocked

Have you ever played happy wheels game? If not then you should try it right now, and if already tried then you better know how amazing is this game. Plenty of websites are providing it for free to the users and it’s highly recommended to try it.

happy wheels unblocked

Happy Wheels is full of different levels and the difficulty level is really high in some levels. Sometimes it becomes hard to complete the level but if all the concentration is given to the game, the player will definitely complete all the levels. Honestly talking, I was never able to complete the entire game.

Site URL: Happy Wheels Unblocked

3. Unblocked Games Google Sites

Another perfect website to access games 24h anywhere. Not only to a particular website but all the website in the list which starts with sites.google.com are accessible to the students. It’s because Google Sites is one of the most trusted sources to gain educational content and hence not blocked by school authorities.

I’ve added around 9 sites on the list from Google Sites. Collection of games is very huge and even some very unpopular and interesting games can be seen easily on these sites. The games aren’t grouped according to their gameplay but the collection is indeed very huge and useful. UI is simple and easy to navigate through.

Site URL: https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames77/

4. Unblocked Games Weebly

Weebly is another top provides of games to students. It’s actually not provided by the Weebly staff but by the person who has created a website using Weebly. Just like Google sites, Weebly sites are mostly unblocked in schools and everyone has access to these sites.

Give attention to the list of sites and every website ending with weebly.com is Weebly Site. What I like the most about such sites is their user interface. Most developers of such gaming sites have added nice UI and it’s really easy to navigate throughout the website. They even offer full-screen mode and it gives us more gaming space on the screen.

Site URL: https://freegames-ninja.weebly.com/

5. Life The Game

Another popular game played by thousands of gamers. It’s kind of draw my life game in which different tasks are given to the player. Some players might describe this as a funny game because some levels are really funny.

In the starting, a kid is born and then given different missions like talking, solving problems e.g study, getting puberty and many things like that. It sounds interesting right! Then why not play it right now. Complete the levels and help a child to grow up through his entire life.

Site URL: https://lifethegame.net/

6. Tank Trouble Unblocked

Here comes the turn of coolest tanker game. I’ve played it hundreds of times with my brother and enjoyed it. The concept is simple, both the players will be given a separate tank and they need to fire bullets. Now, the tanker which hits the bullet for the first time will loose and the opponent will gain points.

It’s endless and full of fun. With the increase in score, difficulty and shape/size of the map will change. The hardest task is to stay safe from the bullets because your own bullets will hurt your tank. Up to 3 players are supported. Have fun with your friends or family members by playing tank trouble.

Site URL: https://tanktroubleunblocked.fun

7. AGame

AGame has millions of active users in a single month. This clearly shows how popular they are when it comes to online gaming. There are different and unique games provided by them throughout the site.

unblocked games at school free

As the number of active users is very high, so the games available on AGame are really unique and the gaming experience is also very nice. Full-screen mode is available with nice control options. A gamer should have a high-speed internet connection in order to play unblocked games 24h using AGame.

The only cons about them are frustrating ads. The entire website is filled with a lot of ads and somewhat it decreases the user experience. Even some pages aren’t able to load quickly and ads were popping on the entire screen.

Site URL: http://www.agame.com/

8. Y8

Another giant website with millions of active gamers every single day. Their user interface is admirable because when we land on their homepage for the first time, all the popular games are listed there. Different pages are listing different website e.g Driving and Racing games, Games for girls etc.

The section where games for girls is available is really very interesting to see. Because sometimes it becomes hard to find unblocked games for girls. Even if you’re a boy, feel free to enjoy the games for girls. It’s really thriller experience to play such games.

Site URL: https://www.y8.com/

9. AddictingGames

This website’s name explains a lot of things on its own. A lot of addictive games are added to their website. New Games section displays all the latest releases. You won’t be able to find such games in other places.

Different gaming categories like Arcade, Shooting, Adventure etc. are freely accessible and that’s the best part of this site. Despite being a big online gaming website, the ads management is really neat and clean. No frustrating or endless loading ads on AddictingGames.

Just visit their site, enable Adobe Flash player and start playing games you want to. Author and little description related to the game is added. In fact, if the same game is available on Play Store or iOS store, a download link is given which is the useful feature.

Site URL: http://www.addictinggames.com/

10. Kongregate

The biggest benefit of using big gaming websites like Kongregate is that users can easily understand the gameplay of any game by looking at its reviews. Kongregate offers its users to rate anything they have played before.

unblocked games google sites

It gives other games a pretty much decent idea whether to play or not to play the game they’re looking at. Thousands of free unblocked games are available on this site. So don’t delay, just visit this amazing site and start playing unblocked games 24h for free.

Site URL: https://www.kongregate.com/

11. HTML5Games

Do you know that HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML which is pretty much amazing right! Developers can easily create games using HTML5 and they are doing it right now. Many amazing concepts and ideas are baked into working games. All we need is a browser which supports HTML5.unblocked games 77

Almost all the latest mobile devices support the latest version of HTML hence it doesn’t even matter if you’re using a mobile device or not. Just visit this site and start playing anything you want.

However, there might be some problems with the screen resolution but most games will work fine without any problem.  You won’t believe but I’ve played some amazing games only using the browser on a mobile device because of HTML5 support only. No need to download anything, not even the flash player. Try it on your own to know more.

Site URL: https://html5games.com/

12. Friv

Friv required Flash Player to run properly. The whole site is loaded with cool animation and a lot of free games. Mobile users can’t enjoy this site because there’s no support to flash player in almost all the mobile browsers.

But, Friv is indeed heaven for desktop users. A lot of different categorized games and addictive tasks are given to the users on the entire site. What I liked the most is their UI. Even mouse shape and size looks interesting and comes with a 3D effect on it.

That’s the beauty of Friv, join all other thousands of gamers who are using Friv to satisfy their gaming needs for free.

Site URL: http://www.friv.com/

13. YooB

Yoob is somewhat similar to Friv when it comes to the user interface. But, if we talk about the games they are providing, it’s totally insane and unique. When I used them for the first time, it was a jaw-dropping experience. It’s because just look at their homepage.

unblocked games 24h

It’s just flooded with hundreds of games and might be mouthwatering to some gamers. Dramatically, they provide a walkthrough of every single game. This helps you to save time and even get an idea to play the game nicely.

Site URL: https://yoob.com

14. Mahjong Games

This unblocked games site is useful for those who are interested in playing some traditional games. I’m saying this because such games are tradition based and belong to China. Basically, tiles are used to play this kind of games but in this modern technology, developers have digitally built them.

There’s hige collection of Mahjong available on this site. Just visit their site and start exploring something new. Keep this in mind that it’ll take some time to understand the gameplay and gaming concept of Mahjong.

Site URL: https://www.mahjong.com/

15. GirlsGames

A perfect website dedicated to girls only. This unblocked games site do have a cool collection of games which are built for girls. As we all know that girls are attracted to fashion, lifestyle and cute things Hence, all these things are kept in mind when adding girls games to this site.unblocked games for school

There are hundreds of choices to choose from and in fact, most of these games are available on PlayStore. Hence, if you’re no longer able to play these at school, just use your mobile device and download the games available there.

Site URL: http://www.girlsgogames.co.uk/

16. Run 3 Unblocked

Now, let’s talk about this another amazing game which is absolutely the perfect game from this big list of unblocked games. It’s because thousands of people are playing it every single day only because of a reason which is its gameplay and amazing graphics. If you’ve ever played temple run and loved its gameplay, then you’re probably going to love the gameplay of run 3.

The character in the game is running in the deep space, over a platform and there is a different kind of holes, with different shapes, and different obstacles which need to be passed in order to continue in the game. Play now and know more about Run 3.

Site URL: https://https://run3unblocked.us/


I’m pretty much sure that you’re satisfied with this list and all the details available in this article. There are up to 55 sites added and it’s really more than enough for most gamers.

Even if somehow your school is blocking from accessing any of these sites, just use the tricks shown above. There are 100% chances to bypass the school’s security and firewall and to make these sites accessible.

If you think that this list can be improved, feel free to drop down your comments. All your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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