151+ Unblocked Proxy Sites – Best Proxy Websites In 2024 (100% Working)

Proxy sites are very useful in terms of accessing some websites which are restricted by the ISP or Network Admin. This commonly happens during the internet censorship in Schools, Offices, or maybe in some countries. So, in order to bypass the censorship, use the suggested unblocked proxy sites. I’ve listed best proxy websites in 2024 and you’re surely going to enjoy them.

We all want to entertain ourselves with useful videos, movies, games, and TV shows. In the time of the internet revolution, this seems to be a straightforward task. But, not for all of us as sometimes network admins in schools or workplaces have blocked entertainment websites. This is frustrating as we can’t access our favorite sites with ease.

However, some people are using the best proxy websites available on the internet. Such sites act just like VPNs, where content is first downloaded on their server and then served to the user. But, unfortunately, those are also blocked because the censorship team knows that users are using those proxy sites to access restricted websites.

Hence, here comes the importance of unblocked proxy sites. I’ve been in a situation, where my institution has blocked the proxy sites and left me and all my friends hopeless. Luckily we were still able to access the blocked websites using some tricky things like VPN and web proxy.

Best Unblocked Proxy Sites To Use In 2024

Let’s quickly catch up on some websites that are unblocked in schools and workplace and provides the proxy service to its users. I’ve also covered a topic on unblocked movies in which most sites listed are working in a restricted network environment. Similarly, here I’ll be listing out proxy sites that are unblocked.

Unblocked Proxy SitesWebsite Address
A To Z Proxyhttps://www.atozproxy.com/
4ever Proxyhttps://www.4everproxy.com/
VideoProxy Sitehttps://videoproxy.site/
Unblock Youtubehttps://unblockyoutube.video/
Youtube Proxyhttps://youtubeproxy.win/
Pan Proxyhttps://www.panproxy.com/
Free Sitehttps://proxysite.site/
All Unblockedwww.allunblocked.com/
Unblock Sitehttps://unblocksite.org/
Unblock Webhttps://unblockweb.co/
VPN Bookhttps://www.vpnbook.com/webproxy
Unblock Videoshttps://unblockvideos.com/
Proxy Browserhttps://proxybrowser.xyz/
Unblock Youtubehttps://unblockyoutube.site/
Hide Mehttps://hide.me/en/proxy
Free Web Proxyhttps://www.proxysite.com/
Prx Imhttps://www.prx.im/
Site Tophttps://www.proxysite.top/
VPN Asiahttps://vpn.asia

This list is indeed very huge, and over 100+ sites are listed. So, it might become hard for you to choose specific sites from the list. Genuinely speaking, I haven’t checked all the sites deeply which are inside the table above. But, some of the recommended unblocked proxy sites are listed down below. Feel free to check out their features and advantages of using them.

Here Are the Best Unblocked Proxy Sites

1. MarsProxies

Get access to a premium proxy network with the help of MarsProxies. You can choose from sneaker proxies and shopping proxies. Both of which serve a different purpose. If you’re developing a bot or crawler for market research, website scraping, or social media tools, go with the sneaker proxy because it is designed with bot protection measures.

marsproxies unblocked proxy website

Meanwhile, if you’re shopping from international websites from your home location, consider purchasing the shopping proxies. Using those proxies will make sure that your purchase isn’t banned/canceled. The speed and reliability of MarsProxies is better in many ways and pricing is also pretty good. Check out the website to know more.

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2. SmartProxy

SmartProxy is one of the leading unblocked proxy providers in the market. Its premium infrastructure ensures 99.9% uptime and helps users change their IP address easily. SmartProxy is also useful in crawling, and downloading data from websites that are blocked in your region. They have a feature known as site unblocker that supports JavaScript rendering and can block 100% of the websites.

smartproxy best unblocked proxy website

X Browser, Chrome Web Extension, Address Generator, and Scraper are some useful add-ons that might be useful in your case. There are more than 65m+ IPs which means you can unblock any website that exists on this planet. Visit their website today and purchase the plan that meets your requirements.

3. SudoProxy

SudoProxy is one of my favorite because it allows us to access all the major websites, e.g., YouTube, Facebook, etc. This is amazing because some web proxy services don’t allow video streaming through their servers. They’re only limited to browsing purpose and not for streaming. But, SudoProxy can act as your YouTube proxy, and it unlocks your ability to navigate the websites which are restricted in your school/workplace.unblocked proxy sites 2019

However, there are no settings for the server location and other flexible settings which we usually saw on famous proxy sites. But still, this service is indeed worth it, and you’re going to enjoy every part of it. It’s a simple and straightforward free online proxy. I highly recommend to give it a try.

4. Unblock YouTube

Unblock YouTube should also be considered as a comprehensive portal where no one is going to censor your internet activity. Not only YouTube but you’ll also be able to access all other websites. However, developers of this site are specifically promoting it on the basis that it can live stream YouTube videos without any limit. Only a few online proxy sites are capable of doing this including Unblock YouTube.unblock youtube proxy

The user interface is easy to understand. It acts as an online browser, and all you need to do is enter the URL address to visit. Go ahead and try it on your own and see if it works according to your needs or not. We can even choose the server IP

5. SSL Pro

SSL Pro should be working fine for most of the users. I never had any problem while working with it and it does an excellent job for me to unblock all the websites. Most popular social media sites, e.g., YouTube, Facebook, etc. works fine on SSL Pro. The user is given many flexible options which enhances the user experience as well. Such options include enable/disable the cookies, remove objects, etc.

ssl pro proxy You can adjust the controls on your own for better flexibility and performance of the SSL pro unblocked proxy site. The overall performance of the website is fair enough, and there’s no problem so far with the browsing speed and streaming the videos through it.

6. Panda Sheild

Panda Sheild is another working website where anyone can access any site they want to. There’s no limit to the number of pages or videos one user can access using Panda Sheild. It’s all unlimited and every website work without any problem. There’s not much control provided to the users. We can only clear the cookies and can enter the URL address we want to visit. No more, no less.

We also can’t select the server location which we want to use. Everything is in the control of the website owners itself, and its algorithm is going to decide which route to use. If we talk about the additional features, those include the list of proxy sites which is also going to be very useful for you.

7. HideMeBro

HideMeBro holds many special things for you. Those things include the lightning fast streaming and some other proxy sites which are featured by them. Hence, the users who are not satisfied with HideMeBro can visit the alternative features site. Their server is located in Canada, and it gives the user a fantastic speed just like they get in the normal connection.

hidemebro proxy site

I don’t recommend it for streaming because few technical issues were going on with the streaming pages. Maybe that’s a technical bug, or the developers don’t want the user to watch the video content. But still, for those who want to enjoy some blocked sites and games can consider using HideMeBro for sure.

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8. ProxFree

ProxFree has a bunch of tools which are possibly useful in many ways. We can control a lot of things while visiting the websites. e.g., removing the page titles, scripts, objects, etc. What I love to most is their script removal feature. That’s because it eliminates a lot of ads which are typically seen on most of the sites these days. Removing script will increase the browsing speed, but it might also create some problems if jQuery is needed to navigate through the site. So, use it wisely otherwise you’ll lose the browsing experience.proxfree unblocked proxy

YouTube Proxy and Facebook Proxy are also available on ProxFree. We can choose the server location and the IP address to browse from. Real-time data of the server speed in Ms is also shown which helps us to choose the server wisely according to the speed and response time.

9. Stop Censoring Me

Stop Censoring Me is what you need to enjoy countless hours watching  YouTube videos. The beauty of this site is its straightforward user interface and minimalistic rendering of the actual webpage which we’re visiting. I’ve been using many unblocked proxy sites, and the common problem in them is the slow streaming speed. You might have faced this issue many times while using unblocked YouTube sites. But you’ll for sure forgot this issue while using Stop Censoring Me unblocked proxy site.

Servers are high-speed and videos load up as fas as they load in non-proxy connection. Hence, if you want a proxy site to stream only the video content, then I highly recommend you to use the Stop Censoring Me website. It’s fast, reliable and worth visiting.

10. NewIPNow

NewIPNow can help you a lot if you want to access some of the unblocked websites at school or workplace. There’s no limit on the number of data which a user can fetch using this site. But, this site is not suitable for YouTube and other media streaming services. We can only enjoy some blocked websites for browsing purpose at high speed.new ip now proxy website unblocked

There’s not much to talk about NewIPNow. I’ve suggested it just because of its ready to use UI and fast speed. Multiple server locations and IP address are available. We can choose from a convenient list of around 15 IPs. This is indeed a great thing because we can now access any site in censored internet connection.

11. Help Hide Me

Help Hide Me claims to be the fastest SSL proxy website available on the internet. When I visited them for the very first time to access YouTube, it no longer works. It was a frustrating thing for me. But then I tried some other streaming websites and social media portals and everything loads at lightning speed. This unblocked proxy site isn’t for the video streaming but only for the web browsing purpose.

This might disappoint some users but believe me; it’s worth it. That’s because you won’t get that much speed and control over the webpage on any other site which is free. Full SSL support is provided, and that means that your connection is encrypted.

12. Proxy Cloud

Proxy Cloud is indeed a site using which we can quickly tunnel our web requests through a different IP address. This way, all the websites will be unblocked, and we can access almost any website without any efforts. This isn’t a site using which you can directly access video streaming portals. Those are restricted, and I wasn’t able to access them. However, I still enjoyed this free service. That’s because unbelievably I was able to edit the type of browser to browse from and even the OS.proxy cloud

It’s the user agent who requests the webpage, but it’s still a cool thing to try. Not only the IP address but we can proxy the web browser and OS version. This gives us complete anonymity over the internet. If you think that these features are worth, feel free to use this free website.

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13. ProxyMesh

ProxyMesh anonymous IP address will help you out in bypassing the network censoring in your school or at the workplace. I found it useful in finding some games and playing them. There can be some ways which a user can use ProxyMesh. There’s no limit over the tariff, everything is unlimited, and they even tunnel the download links. This was, we can even download songs, movies and anything we want to.proxymesh website

There are also some premium services offered by them. Feel free to check them out if you’re interested. There’ll be no streaming facility available. That’s a huge disappointment for most of the users. But still, it’s worth because we don’t need to sign up for anything.

14. Toolur Proxy

Toolur Proxy is another leading and fastest unblocked proxy site available. Toolur is a portal where some free online tools are available. We can access all those tools, and one of those tools is Toolur Proxy, Because of the god enough reputation of Toolur tools, the proxy service is also working fine, and we have some options, e.g., server locations, etc. They guarantee full privacy and high-speed tunneling.

toolur proxy site

There’s not much to talk about this site. But I enjoyed the speed and overall UI. I wasn’t able to access YouTube because they don’t allow it. You should try it on your end and see if it works for you or not.

15. Span Proxy

Span Proxy allows us to browse any website including YouTube and all other video streaming sites. This unlocks your ability to watch the favorite YouTuber while in class or at the workplace. The speed of browsing is beautiful, and there’s no limit on anything. I’ve personally watched YouTube for hours using Span Proxy. So, you can call it an unblocked YouTube website.

span proxy portal

Not just video streaming portals but I’ve accessed social media websites, news portals and everything which is blocked or censored on the WiFi. So, those who want an open world of internet and entertainment should try SpPan Proxy.

16. Whoer.net

Whoer is a service where anyone can access blocked resources and websites for free. Unfortunately, because it’s a viral site, most network admins might have blocked it from accessing. But, I highly recommend you to check it because the server speed is very awesome — no limits, multiple servers available to the user.web proxy free online

Generally, after tunneling, the page is shown to the use within few seconds. This clearly describes the speed of Whoer.net servers and their intent to serve the users is very high. Visit them today and check if they work as per your needs or not.

17. Kproxy

Kproxy is known by almost every user who’ve ever desired to access the blocked website. However, there are very high chances that this site is blocked on your network, but if it works, why not use it to access anything available on the internet. As being a massive provider of the browser-based proxy browser, there are a bunch of handy tools which makes it easier to set the desired server locations, etc.kproxy online browser

The only thing which I don’t like about them is that they limit the usage. After a few minutes of browsing, they want us to upgrade to the PRO plan which costs. Go ahead and check if Kproxy is working in your case or not.


I tried to provide the best unblocked proxy sites which are very popular and widely recommended by users from all over the world. However, some places which are listed above might not work in your case. That’s because your network admin has blocked you from accessing them.

In this case, try using free VPN services, such as Tunnel Bear. They provide free data which is useful in browsing the internet without any hassle. Also, it’s highly recommended not to log in to social media accounts or anything private using unblocked proxy sites because we don’t know how they store and process the user information.

Feel free to drop down your suggestions and feedback in the comment box down below.

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