15 Best Free Download Managers For Windows And Android

Do you know that a good Download Manager can easily speed up your download speed up to 2x to 5x Times?  Yes, It’s absolutely true, and there are many great choices out there which can do this job for you. So here, I am going to provide you the list of best free download managers in 2018 for Windows and Android.

Download Manager can easily speed up your Download speed. I remember back then when I was trying to download a movie with my google chrome browser. It took too much time to download that particular movie. So I got frustrated and trying to search for how to increase my browser download speed.best free download managers for windows and android

There could be many reasons for you too to search for good free download managers. No matter if you are downloading any video/audio files or any project or software for your computer. Your downloading speed can easily change the amount of time it needs to download. In today’s life, time is a very valuable aspect and nobody wants to wait for anything.

For these type of problems, you can easily solve with a software, which is built for downloading files. I found several interesting Softwares during the past several weeks. So here, at last, I am listing each and every useful manager to download files that can boost your downloading speed incredible. This list is based on free download manager in 2018 for Windows and Android so all of these are totally free or offer a free trial.

List Of Best Free Download Managers In 2018 For Windows and Android

This list consists of top Download manager for Windows and Android. Keep in mind that first, this list is for Windows users and then for Android users as well. You should know that some of them are made for both Window and Android Platform. So you can also try them on Both of your Devices.

1. IDM

internet download manager

For me, this is one of the best free Download Manager I have tried on both my windows and Android devices. IDM is available on both windows and android platform. In fact, it’s rated as best Software to download files for Windows and Android.

It is also Known as IDM. IDM has a great and intelligent download management logic in which this software increases the speed of download by using intelligent dynamic file segmentation. This software also uses incorporate safe multiple downloading technology techniques that help in boosting up the speed of your Downloads. IDM intelligently reuse the available connection to get the best acceleration speed without creating any new connections.

IDM also supports resume downloads features. So you don’t need to worry if your download gets interrupted for any reason. This software also supports proxy support for your downloads. It is available on almost every platform. You can use this software on your pc as well as on your android device too. This is absolutely free software but you can also buy premium software with premium features as well as no ads on your device.

Main Features of IDM

  • Resume and schedule Downloads Support.
  • Error Recovery
  • FTP and HTTP/HTTPS support
  • Multi Download Support and much more


Windows Download     Android Download

2. Download Accelerator Plus

Download accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is also one of the best Download Manager out there in the market. When I tried this software, it was pretty simple to use and also easy to learn. I am now very comfortable with this software because it’s much easier to use. If you are looking for a simple with high feature list software to grab files from the internet, then you should really try this software. This software is available for both Windows and Android Platform.

This software can increase your download speed very fast. Download Accelerator Plus is also known as DAP. DAP use Speedbit’s patented multi-channel Technology to increase your download speed. Whenever your download starts, DAP tries to use the maximum bandwidth that can be used by your device by downloading from parallel mirror sites. These techniques help it to increase the speed of your download.

Main Features of Download Accelerator Plus

  • Automatic mirroring speed boost
  • watch the preview of videos as they download
  • Resume support for Downloads
  • Multi Download Support and much more


Windows Download     Android Download

3. FlashGet


FlashGet is also a great free Download Manager you can try on your Computer. If you want a software which can help your downloads to get up to 2x to 5x more accelerated. Then FlashGet can easily do that. This is absolutely free of charge and by free I mean no ad-ware spyware or malware. This software is very light software on your pc. It optimizes your computer resources so well that it doesn’t put any extra load on your pc.

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FlashGet comes with all premium features that you can get in a premium software. This software automatically scans your files before downloading them. You don’t need to worry about what type of files you are downloading with this software. FlashGet Splits download files into sections and then downloading each section simultaneously. This way it increases your downloading speed by a lot.

Main Features of FlashGet

  • Optimizes your computer resources well for a lightweight at runtime.
  • Automatically scans Downloaded Files.
  • Increase Download speed and stability.
  • Resume support and much more.

4. Star Downloader Free

star downloader free

Star Downloader Free is also one of the best free download managers for your pc. This software is very simple to use so you will feel easy to use this software. This can easily increase your download speed way faster than your any usual browser. Best thing is that it is totally free no hidden charges are there in Star Downloader Free Software.

This software works on some of the techniques that we have seen before. It splits your download files into little files and then downloads them simultaneously. But this software also chooses the best and fast mirror download that increase the speed of your download.

Main Features of Star Downloader Free

  • Resume and schedule download Support
  • Resume Broken Download Links
  • Proxy support for better speed
  • Advanced Features Support and much more

5. Xtreme Download ManagerXtreme-DL-Manager

Xtreme Download manager one of my favourite on this list. If you are a fan of watching videos on youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion etc then you will surely be going to like this software. You can save and convert these videos into this software and it also has support for broken links.

Xtreme Download Manager Easily integrates with the most of the popular browser like Chrome and Mozilla to pick the Download link. XDA can easily increase your download speed up to 5 or 6 times. This software has a built-in video converter that let you convert videos in most common formats like mp4 and mp3. This software is available for Windows, Linux as well as Mac Pc.

Main Features of Xtreme

  • Resume and Schedule Download support
  • Broken links support
  • Inbuilt Video Converter
  • XDA can save videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and much more.

6. LeachGetleechget

LeachGet is a great one with free for private use service. This software also provides a nice speed boost to your downloads. LeachGet has a modern look with a great and simple user interface to access. It also has all the premium features in it as well as some new extra features too. This software also has a Built-In Web Parse that let download full-page of any sites.

LeachGet is famous for its fast speed with a great look. And when I try this software I got impressed by its look too. The interface looks more modern than any other download managers. This software can also handle broken links and can resume them perfectly. LeachGet is great in overall any downloading situation. You can try this software for free as a private use in a way.

Main Features of LeachGet

  • Built-In Web parser to download web pages
  • Resume and Schedule Supports
  • Automatic hang up and shut down features
  • Multiple downloading support and much more

7. Download NinjaDownload Ninja

Have you ever wish for a software to do more than its design role? Then look no further, Download Ninja is the right software that you need. Are you a person who always download many things on your pc. And always wanted a software that can easily download and delete or shred files on your pc. Then Download Ninja is the software that does all kind of those things.

Download Ninja has a decent great look. When I tried this software it was a little heavy for small specs pc but good was good for medium specs pc. So if you are looking for a nice user interface with all the premium features and some shred features than this software is for you. The shredding technique used by this software is very effective and fast.

Main Features of Download Ninja

  • Resume and schedule support
  • Delete or shred feature to delete unnecessary files from your pc
  • Very simple and easy user interface
  • Multiple download support and much more

8. Free Download ManagerFree Download Manager

A Download manager which has more and more features than any of other and is absolutely free is Free Download Manager. This software is a great tool with more features than you could possibly find in any other free software. FDM has all the premium features that you gonna find in any other managers. But it also has some extra features which make this stand up in others.

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has BitTorrent features that allow it to also download torrent files. You can also download flash videos from this software. This software has preview support for videos and audio before downloaded. it can also convert these video and audio files with its powerful conversion. Overall this software has many unique features.

Main Features of Free Download Manager

  • BitTorrent Support for torrent files
  • Resume, schedule and easily handle broken links
  • Audio/Video preview support while downloading
  • Audio/Video conversion
  • Download whole web pages
  • Active Spyware and adware protection
  • Multi-Language support and much more

9. EagleGetEagleget

EagleGet is also one of the latest one in this List. This software also supports resume and scheduling function. It also has many pro features that you gonna find only in Professional or paid Download Managers. Most amazing part of this software I personally feel great is that its extension made for google chrome browser. It becomes very easy to use this light software with its extension on your pc.

This software utilizes 32 threads of your download files and downloads them much faster than your usual browser downloader. Some people even experience 6x times more speed with this software. EagleGet is fast as well as light in memory is really very impressive. I really recommend you to use this software. EagleGet also supports most of the latest protocol for download files.

Main Features of EagleGet

  • This software has built-in video snipper
  • It can download videos from popular online websites like youtube
  • You can import download files list.
  • Resume or broken links support and much more

10. GetRightGetright

GetRight is a great download manager that is great to optimize and boost your download speed. This software is great for those people who are trying to download a big file and need to stop it in the middle of its download. I like to download Big games on my pc so it becomes very difficult for me to continue the download for a long period of time. With this software I can easily stop my downloads in its middle, and also can restart it again after I get my dial-up connection reconnected.

This software also provides every essentials feature that we need. This software accelerates downloading speed by getting files from several servers at once. You can recover any broken link in this software and restart it without losing any data. This software is great for downloading big files with limited internet usage.

Main Features of Getright

  • Secure Connection and secure downloads
  • Resume and schedule support
  • Support for broken links
  • Multiple files download simultaneously and much more

Top Download Manager for Android Smartphone

Now here is the best download manager I have personally used and tried on my personal Android Smartphone. These are all free software and has great performance on any spec range of your smartphones.

11. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo is a great choice for Android devices. It is one of the first for Android since 2012. This software still serving its service with great performance. The user interface of this software is also very great.turbo download manager

Turbo has built-in Browser so that you can browse the download links that you desire to download. This software works on latest technologies to boost your download speed with up to 10 multiple threads on your smartphone. This software works perfectly with your built-in browser and other browsers too. You can download multiple Files at the same time up to 3 at once.

Main Features of Turbo

  • Built-in Browser for the better experience
  • Turbo boost support for maximum speed
  • Resume, Schedule, and Pause support
  • Multiple downloads with unlimited files sizes and much more.

12. Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for Android is another great tool for android. This software has many features that provide a great user experience. This software is a pretty fast and it also has file Manager as a feature. You can easily grab download links from any browsers mainly and it also has a Built-In Browser. The Built-In Browser has a great User Interface. I feel pretty nice using this software.fast download manager android

It has many features that allow it to be one of the favourite choices on my Smartphone. It also has a Built-In Media Player. So if you want to watch any video or listen any audio that you are downloading from the app itself. Then this software is the perfect solution for you.

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Main Features of Download Manager for Android

  • Download any files from any Browser
  • Built-In Browser for better user experience
  • Multiple downloads with unlimited files size
  • Built-In Media Player and File Manager and much more.

13. IDM

IDM is one of the best choices for the Android users. This software has a great and easy user interface. You will find many options for advanced downloading. The speed provided is remarkable. It supports most of the files to download. You can download from any browser and this software will grab that download link pretty easily.idm android

IDM can also resume broken download links. You can also use its built-in browser for downloads good connection. IDM Download has many advanced features for your download links. It also has a media player for most common video/audio formats. Once you use it, you never gonna uninstall it.

Main Features of IDM

  • Built-In Media Player support
  • Built-In Browser support
  • Support broken download resume and pause option
  • Multiple downloads and much more

14. Fast Download Manager

The Android platform does have a lot of useful free download managers which gives all the features and options to make your download experience easy. If we talk about FDM, it’s the one which gives you very nice information about the current downloads and users have the ability to add as much download possible.fast download manager

This best free download manager accelerates the download speed by requesting a single file using multiple connections. It dramatically pushes the speed to fetch files from servers and your downloads are finished quickly.

When it comes to additional features, it supports Pause, Resume, Restart options which are totally essential these days. Even it has the ability to fix the broken download which are becoming a common problem these days because of irregular internet connection. If we add multiple downloads, it manages all of them like PRO. Speed to each download is distributed wisely and everything goes fluently as it should.

Main Features Of FDM

  • A powerful algorithm to increase download speed dramatically.
  • Supports all the basic features like pause, resume etc.
  • Amazing simple user interface.
  • Downloads run in the background.
  • Absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded from Play Store.
  • Multiple languages supported.

15. Loader Droid

There are two versions of Loader Droid available on Play Store. One is the free version and another is paid one. We’ll be talking about the free version here because it’s your choice to upgrade to its PRO version in future if needed. Very basic difference between both of these is that free one contains ads and paid one doesn’t have ads.loader droid download manager

Let’s talk about the features, just like all other, it supports resume, pause and restarts options for every single running download. Users can even change/replace the download links if needed. It’s the very powerful flexibility given by them because most of the times, download link gets expired after 24h and we lost all the bandwidth as we can’t resume it.

It does boost the downloads by splitting them into parts. The user interface is really very simple and unique. There’s an inbuilt file manager we can say. e.g separate folders for each download category like Apps, Videos, Images, Files etc.

Best Features Of Loader Droid

  • Download acceleration supported.
  • Helpful to manage the downloads.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Update outdated download links.

Conclusion On Best Free Download Managers For Android and Windows

Best Free Download ManagerPlatformPrice
Internet Download ManagerWindows, AndroidFree/Paid
Download Accelerator PlusWindowsFree/Paid
Xtreme Download ManagerWindowsFree
Download Ninja
Free Download ManagerWindowsFree
Turbo Download ManagerAndroidFree
Download Manager for AndroidAndroidFree
IDM Download ManagerAndroidFree
Fast Download ManagerAndroidFree
Loader DroidAndroidFree/Paid

We hope you lived all these Softwares which are really useful to download files with ease. In this modern world, we really need to download heavy files like movies, games and other information. There’s a high risk of getting downloads broken of download links to get expired. So, these managers will manage and server all the facilities to make your virtual life easier. If you think there’s something missing here, feel free to drop down a comment and we’ll surely take a look.

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