Using internet fo find answers and reading amazing articles is just a common thing which we all are doing these days. But, there’s one thing which is always on our mind, “Should I trust this site?”, “Answer served to me is legit or just fake?” and many more like that. So, we think that an About page is essential to give our visitors a proper idea about StuffPrime.

How StuffPrime Started?

The domain of this website was registered back in 2017, during summers and the motto of the site was to serve many amazing things which we can. But, at that time we weren’t able to write anything because of some reasons. But, somehow we managed to write around 4-5 articles, but those were kind o very unstructured and rubbish.

Then around after 10-11 months, we decided to give this website significant updates, e.g. adding someĀ informative content, and we managed to do that. Within 2-3 months we started gaining traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It just around 10-20 visits a day but enough to motivate us. Now, after some time, we added more quality articles on HOW-TO queries, Best List, Tools and many other things like that.

In the future, we are focused on serving more quality and informative articles to visitors. We’re doing our best because it takes time to do research, trying things on our own and then blogging about them. Even sometimes it’s hard to type our personal experience in simplest words so that others can understand and follow that. But, we are doing it and looks like people love our content.

How We Collect Information and Write Articles?

80% of the times, we don’t collect information from other websites. We cover all the topics which we know. We aren’t faking our content but sharing our experience. We’re doing in-depth research so that we can discover more simple ways to solve any problem. Sometimes it takes us more than 10-12 hours to cover a topic.

Can You Trust Our Solution Based Topics?

Why not! As we’ve discussed before that, we aren’t faking things and writing what we know about. Let’s say you got a problem with your laptop and we’ve covered the same topic on StuffPrime. Now, you can follow that article available on this site without thinking twice. We’ve more than 5+years of experience in fixing software related problems with laptops and PCs. We also cover hardware related issues here. But, videos are the best way to show the process to fix the hardware related problem and hence we aren’t covering most but only those which we can.

Even if we think that you might brick your device while following the solution available on StuffPrime, then we always attach a Caution warning. Don’t ignore them in any way.

Single Person Or a Team Manage StuffPrime?

It’s a team of two people who’re putting a lot of efforts in Managing this website. Both of us are interested in technology but in a different stream. e.g. one of us don’t even like Anime but another love and watches a lot of anime series and movies. But, one thing is common, both of us believe in putting effort into writing quality articles and providing the best solution possible.

What’s Our Education?

This is indeed the real question. We’re BCA graduated and now about to complete our MCA withing around 1.5 years. As a part of computer studies, it becomes easy for us to test things in our computer labs. Our team also fixes all the problems related to the computers in the lab and very much famous for this in university as well šŸ˜‰ When we were in the 10th standard, from that time we started learning about OS, Programming, Web Technology and many other things related to computers. That’s how we managed to gather a lot of quality information and put them in words here on StuffPrime.

What’s Future Plans For This Website?

It doesn’t matter what we are doing, we’ll still have enough time to add articles on this website which will be informational to people. It’s our passion, and we are focused on it. You can bookmark this website by pressing Ctrl+D.

How To Contact Admins Of StuffPrime?

Feel free to visit our Contact Us page, we’re available to answer all your queries.