15 Best Voice Changer Apps & Software (Windows, Android, iOS)

Do you know you can change your voice on almost any online platform! There are many voice changer apps available for pc and your smartphone. You can hide your real voice and can prank your friends. I have given the list of best voice changer software which works well.

I like to play steam games very often and I also want to change my voice while playing some of my favorite games like PUBG and Fortnite. So I was looking form such apps/software which can do this amazing job. There are many Softwares available for pc and apps for the smartphone. I used and experienced all those software and come up with this list.free best voice changer software and apps

There are many choices available in the market right now. It’s completely hard to find a working voice changer which works perfectly. That’s why I searched a lot and used all of the popular voice changer software. So finally, I’ll be listing 15 best voice changer apps and software here. All these options are perfect while playing games or changing your voice just for fun purpose. You should also check out the list of FM transmitter apps if you’re traveling fan just like me.

As a streamer, I get into some situation where I have to change my voice to play my game. It’s really necessary for some time to change your voice while streaming. These Softwares can help you to make your voice funny and add effects to it in real-time. Some software also lets you edit your voice manually. So go ahead and use some of these Softwares to change your voice.

Things You’ll Learn Here

#1. Best Voice Changers For Windows & MAC

#2. Best Voice Changers For Android & iOS

#3. Conclusion and Table

Top 15 Best Voice Changer For PC and MAC

Here’s the list of top 15 different apps and Softwares which will help you a lot to transform your voice virtually. Check them one by one and find the best one for you. Many of these Software are free to use or have free trials. So you can freely check which software is best for you. FIrst, I’ll be covering Softwares for PC and MAC users and then for Android and iOS users.

1. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal is one of the best voice changer software in my opinion. I used this software on my daily basis to stream and chat with my steam friends. This software supports many applications so you don’t need to worry about them while using it. It comes with 40+ preset voice effects and you can also create your own custom effects. I enjoy using this software and it also comes free for non-commercial use only.best voice changer

Voxal Small Review

Voxal is one of the best and features rich software. This software also provides custom voice effects so you can add unlimited effects on your pc. You can change your voice on almost any games or application that you are running. This software also provides 40+ preset voice effects. This software is also available for free if you use it for non-commercial. I think you should really check this software and know how powerful it is to change voice while streaming.

Main Features Of Voxal

  1. Ability to add effects on existing files
  2. Works with almost all applications and games
  3. It has low CPU consumption
  4. Ability to make unlimited Custom voice effects
  5. Use changed voice on live streaming and much more

Download Window      Download Mac

2. Voicemod

Voicemod is one of the best voice changers right now for your computer or smartphone. It is available for window and ios platform. This software is free to use. I personally recommend this software for those people who want to stream their games on twitch or youtube type of platform. This software is free for use and you can also stream your game or any video using this software.free voice changer

Voicemod Small Review

Voicemod is a great voice changer software with many features that are absolutely free. For any game you want to stream with a few voice change, then this is the software for that. This software is also useful for Discord when you want to change your voice. This software works with many apps to change your voice at the runtime. The best part I like about this software is that it’s totally free to use.

Main Features of Voicemod Software

  1. One of the best choice available for pc
  2. It works with most of the software
  3. It supports many platforms like Discord, Youtube and Twitch etc
  4. This software provides many voice effects and is free to use.

Download Window      Download Iphone

3. Morphvox

Morphvox is definitely another perfect option if you want to change voice using your desktop PC/Laptop. This software also works with most of the application on your pc. You can use this software for changing your voice in live streaming. This software works with advanced technology giving HD experience and it also has background cancellation. This software comes with two modes. First is Morphvox Pro with all features which are paid and Morphvox Jr. which is a free version with limited features.voice changer software

Morphvox Small Review

In my opinion, Morphvox is a nice product. The pro software has many good features and it also works well with almost every application on my pc. But the overall price of its Pro version is too much what its worth of. There are already many voice changer software on the market which almost provide the same experience for a lower price and some even free. So I suggest using its Jr. version which is also good. But for the best experience, you should definitely try its pro version.

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Main Features of Morphvox software

  1. Superior Sound learning technology with good sound quality
  2. You can add any background sound while you recording
  3. Low bandwidth and CPU Usage for better performance
  4. Add your own sound effects and background and much more

Download Window      Download Mac

4. Skype Voice Changer Pro

Skype Voice changer pro is a great voice for Skype. If you always want to change your voice in your skype call then this is the right software for this. This software only works on Skype application so its best for those people who only want to change their voice in Skype. It has many features for your Skype voice change effects. You can even add your own custom skype change effects. One of the drawbacks of this app is that it only works for Skype apps. Other than that it’s a very great app for usual use.

If we talk about other features, it has some presets like CHipmunk, Deep Voice, Double Tone etc. So, if you don’t want to spend your time in adjusting the times, just click on any of the presets and that’s it. Your voice will be changed in Skype easily.voice changer for windows

There’s another unbelievable functionality added to this software. It’s pre-recorded sound effects. Using this feature, you can easily fake that you’re stuck in traffic or can generate other crashing sounds etc. Up to 3 sounds can be played once and is perfect to fake your presence.

Main features of Skype Voice Changer pro

  1. Provides many features to change effect on voice
  2. You can also add custom voice effect
  3. Replay pre-recorded voice in your skype call
  4. Record your Skype conversation and much more

5. ClownFish

Clownfish is providing many amazing feature and I decided to add this here. This software is getting famous day by day with its great features. This software is available for the Window for free to download. It is installed on the system level so any kind of mic that you gonna used will be amplified with its voice change settings. It works with almost every platform like Steam, Discord, Skype, and Viber etc. This software also has a built-in music player for better experience.free voice change for windows

If we talk about the additional features, it also has some presets. These presets can quickly change your voice to Alien, Atari etc. There’s and voice assistant available as well. Just enter the text and computerized voice will speak those words.

Some sound effects are also added to this software. It includes Cheering, Boooo, Gunshot and so on. So, while playing games on Steam, you can play these sound effects to have more fun with your teammates.

Main Features of ClownFish

  1. This software has Virtual Studio Technology plugin support.
  2. This software support almost any apps on your pc.
  3. ClownFish has a built-in Music Player that support many media formats.
  4. Provide Runtime voice change support and much more.

6. Voice Changer Software Diamond

Voice changer software Diamond is a Professional choice for windows user. This software is all you need with the professional level of features. This software has many features for your voice change. It comes with built-in features such as voice recorder and voice editor etc. This software comes with few versions. So, people who want flexibility, powerful features, and ability to do much more should definitely try this one.

The amazing thing about this one is that it works with Skype as well. Once this software is installed in your system, you need to change the Skype’s microphone settings to Avsoft Virtual Device. Then all the audio will be synced with the AV and your call received will receive changed voice.voice changer software free windows

However, it’s a paid software but they do provide a free trial. You can enjoy their free trial for a limited time and check if it’s useful to you or not. I found out that this software is amazing and works fine while streaming, during a voice call on Skype etc. It provides you with very good flexibility and many other features. You should really give a try to this one.

Main Features Of Voice Changer Software Diamond

  1. It has built-in Voice Recorder for voice change support
  2. Supports built-in Voice Morpher, Voice Editor, and file Morpher
  3. This software support almost every app in your pc
  4. Offers professional-level features.

7. AV Voizgame

AV Voizgame is a great and good quality voice changer with nice features. This software is used to record or change your voice in any games. It almost supports every game that you gonna run like PUBG and Fortnite. You can use its built-in recorder to change your voice or also can hide this software while recording or streaming. This is a great app but the price range of this app makes it less appealed. As I have already shown you above, there are Many Software which can give you these feature at a great price.voice changer free

But AV Voizgame is built for gaming especially. So it might work perfectly with the games you’re playing. So, the best way to find out is by downloading its free trial and give it a try. The user interface is really very simple and you won’t find it difficult to use. If you want to change its visual effects, just apply the Skin and you’ll get a brand new interface. It comes with inbuilt voice recorder using which users can record their changed voice as well.

Main Features Of AV Voizgame

  1. It supports almost every game in your pc
  2. This software has a built-in recorder
  3. You can also hide this software while streaming “cool”
  4. Rather then overpriced it’s a great product
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8. All In One Voice Changer

This software is a nice and simple voice changer software. This software is used to change your voice on any platform. The user interface is really nice and easy to understand. I really like this software especially because it has functions which you are not going to find in most of other apps/software I’ve shown here. The software support Skype as well as other apps too.best voice changer software

Even if you want to dub your videos, just import it into the software and start dubbing. People who want to prank their friends with a fake call should definitely try this software. It supports yahoo messenger, Skye, and many other platforms. So, this might be your perfect choice. Few presets are also added to the application like Cat, Girl, Man etc. Just slide the slider and set it to the type of voice you want and you’re ready to prank your friends.

Main Features Of All In One Voice Changer

  1. It supports almost every app on your pc
  2. This software has its own recorder in its features
  3. It also can be used to stream popular games with voice change
  4. A lot of voice effects available

9. Fake Voice

Fake Voice is easy to use one of the simple and best voice changer app. This software is a pretty old software but it can give you almost the same experience. Fake Voice can change your voice but the best part is, it takes very less storage and CPU consumption. You can play your game at full resolution while using this software. Moreover, It’s a free software so anyone can use it.fake voice changer

When you launch this software, you’ll see some sliders and options on the screen. You can add Robot effect, Echo effect and can even manually adjust the Pitch, Format, Base Pitch, Noise Threshold etc. You have to manually adjust the settings in order to use this best voice changer.

Main Features of Fake Voice

  1. A very easy to use software
  2. You can change your voice in many apps
  3.  Totally free to use software
  4. Available for all Windows versions

10. Viscom

This software is completely free to use. There are many useful features you’ll get in it. But, it can’t be used to change the voice while streaming or calling. You can only record the voice and it’ll be changed while recording e.g real-time but only during the recording session.simple voice changer

Once you’ve recorded your voice, it can be saved in MP3 and WMA format. There’s not much more to talk about it. But, it’s really a great choice for the users who are finding a best free voice changed, I do recommend you to try it and check if it’s useful in your case or not.

Main features of Viscom Voice Changer

  1. It supports changing the pitch of the voice in real time
  2. This software allows changing the sample rate
  3. Adjustable WMA Profile.
  4. It supports adjusting the bitrate of mp3 File

11. Voice Master

Voice master is also a great and old voice changer you going to find on this list. This software works well and it’s free to use. The Voice Master supports almost every software or app in your pc. It also lets you change your voice pitch in real time. For a free software, this software has many features to offer to you. I would recommend this software as an option of free voice changer software.skype voice changer

Voicemaster really lets you do many creative things. Users have the ability to change their pitch in real-time and can even test it. It works perfectly with Skype and many other applications which are used in PC to make voice calls etc.

Once you’ve applied the settings, it’ll start changing your voice. You can even select Stay on the Top option which lets you quickly open the software and switch your voice again. With all these features for free, you should really try VOice Master and start changing your voice.

Main features of Voice Master

  1. It changes the pitch of voice during the runtime
  2. It supports most of the software you can use on your pc
  3. This software is easy to use software
  4. Great free choice for all users.

Best Voice Changers For Android and iOS

Below are some of the apps which are very useful to change your voice using smartphone. All of them works very well and are very useful. Check them out one by one.

12. Call Voice Changer – IntCall

It’s a great choice for the Android and iOS users. The reason behind this is simple and it’s their amazing user interface and features they are providing to the mobile users. But, let me clear one thing, it’s paid app. However, you might be able to get some free seconds upon downloading their apps etc. But, to enjoy the full features they are offering, you have to pay them to buy credits.

The user interface is really full of amazing design and icons. Once you’ve opened the app, you’ll be asked to provide the Phone number. Just enter the number to which you want to call and then choose the type of voice you want.best voice changer app

There’s wide range of choices available to the users. Most of the presets are really crazy and your call receiver will laugh a lot by hearing your call. I recommend this app to all the people finding best voice changer for Android.

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iOS users will also be able to enjoy it. There’s an app available from the same developer on iTunes store. So, bot Android and iOS users can use the amazing features of InCall.

Features Of IntCall

  • Directly call through the app itself.
  • Many funny voices preset available.
  • Set real-time effects with one touch.
  • Free credits to the new users upon completing the tasks.

Download Android      Download iOS

13. Voice Changer With Effects

This app is only for fun purpose. You’ll be only able to record your voice using this app. So, you can’t change your voice and start streaming. However, if you want to create some funny sounds and voices for your videos or to send to your friends or family members for fun, then you should give this app a try.free voice changer android

This app has over 50 million installs on Appstore and people loved this app at a huge level. It only happens because of the fact that they do provide a simple yet powerful app to the users. Bunch of presets is available, just tap on the effect you want to use and start recording your funny voice.

I really loved the presets available because they do make my voice really funny. My friends also loved to record their voice using this app for fun purpose. If you own an Android smartphone device, give this app a try to know more about it.

Features You’ll Get

  • Many cool presets available.
  • It makes your voice really funny.
  • Direct record and share it on social media.
  • Save locally in your smartphone.

14. Fake Call With Fake Voice

This is another perfect choice for Android users. In fact, this might be the thing that most of the users are looking for. It allows users to call on a phone number with all the fae ID e.g fake mobile number, name etc. Even caller can change its voice.free voice changer for android

So, it’s one of the best voice changers with calling feature. However, you have to pay them to buy credits otherwise you won’t be able to place the call. They do provide free time to buy to own that, you have to install their promoted apps and to do things in a nutshell. So, just purchase the credits and start pranking your friends.

The user interface is really very simple and unique one. You’ll understand its working and things you have to do while making a call easily. Give this app a try and know how it can help you.

Features Of Fake Voice Call

  • Place fake calls with a fake identity.
  • Change your voice in real-time while talking.
  • Many funny voices preset available.
  • Free credits can be earned.

15. Amazing MP3 Recorder

Amazing MP3 recorder supports many features which might be very helpful in your case. Users can record the phone calls, can record their own voice using voice changing effects. The most loved feature about this app is that users can start recording voice even phone is locked. There’s a setting, applying which you just have to press Power button multiple times and it’ll start recording the voice.top free voice changer android

It uses very less battery while recording. Supports MP3 audio format which is very popular format by the time now. Voice changer feature is very powerful and you’ll definitely love it in many cases.

Features Of Amazing MP3 Recorder

  • Change your voice while recording it.
  • It included built-in call recorder.
  • Less battery consumption.
  • Start recording voice even if offline.

Table Of Best Voice Changer and Conclusion

Below is the table showing all the details of these apps and software in one place. We know it’s hard to remember all these apps, so just take a screenshot of this table and you can recall this software anytime. I hope you’ll find this table useful.

Voice ChangerPlatformsFree/Paid
Voxal Voice ChangerWindows, MACTrial/Paid
VoicemodWindows, iOSFree & Paid
MorphvoxWindows, MACTrial/Paid
Skype Voice changer ProWindowsFree
Voice Changer Software DiamondWindowsTrial/Paid
AV VoizgameWindowsTrial/Paid
All In One Voice ChangerWindowsFree/Paid
Fake VoiceWindowsFree
Voice MasterWindowsFree
Call Voice Changer – IntCallAndroid, iOSFree/Upgrade
Voice Changer With EffectsAndroidFree/Upgrade
Fake Call With Fake VoiceAndroidFree/Upgrade
Amazing MP3 RecorderAndroidFree/Upgrade

I tried to give you all the best choices available to change your voice while streaming or calling. All these best voice changer apps and software do have their own capabilities and importance. But, one thing is common, all these are very useful.

If you’re games, consider choosing a paid application because this way you’ll get the perfect piece of software with their support. Free trials are offered by them as well, so don’t just buy them directly, first use their free trial and then upgrade to the paid version if it’s useful for you.

Android smartphone users will also get many free options and I tried to give them free options in this article. I’ve tried most of them and their feedback is also very positive. But, apps which come with calling feature works perfectly only when you’ll buy credits from them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the nicely.

If you think you’ve more good suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section and I’ll add them to the list here.

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