11+ Best Dreamcast Emulators For Playing Sega Games

Sega is a very popular Japanese video game developers and publishers. They released Dreamcast console back in 1998. Dozens of games run on this console and those games were really interesting. Thos, who want to enjoy Sega Games, released for Dreamcast, can use these best Dreamcast Emulators.

Want to enjoy those good old days games again? If the answer is yes, then you probably need an emulator which can run the Dreamcast games. Sega is a quite famous and ancient company, developing many addictive games. If you’re a kid from ’90s, you probably know about Sega and their games.

Nowadays, it’s tough to find a working Dreamcast home video console. So, it’s better to use a Dreamcast emulator. So, I’ve sorted down around 15+ best Dreamcast emulators to play Sega games. I’ve tested these emulators in my PC, and all¬†these emulators run on meager specs as well.best dreamcast emulators

People who’ve enjoyed Sega games built for Dreamcast knows very well that how amazing were the gameplay. Unfortunately, this gaming console didn’t survive against PlayStation. But, people still want to play Sega games. So, use these free Dreamcast emulators and continue the fun using Windows PC.

Here Are Best Dreamcast Emulators For Sega Games

1. Redream

Redream is #1 in this list because it runs on Windows, Linux, and MAC OS. This unlocks the ability of all the OS users to enjoy the Dreamcast games, doesn’t matter which OS they’re using. According to the publishers of Redream, this emulator is capable of running high-end games as well. What I’ve seen in most emulators is that they crash a lot if massive game ROMs are run. But, that’s not the case with Redream.redream dreamcast emulator

Over 80% of the games are supported, which is indeed a considerable number. It’s not open source and hence developed and maintained by the Redream team itself. Another cool feature is its pre-customized settings. There’s no need to add the BIOS and set up the controller. Just add the game ROM and start playing. They also provide a compatibility page, where all the supported games are listed. You must check that page, and know if your favorite game is supported or not.

2. DeMul

Demul only works in Windows OS, which we can say is its drawback. But, if you’re a Windows user, feel free to download and use this free closed source emulator to run Sega games. It supports much hardware and can emulate most games built for the Dreamcast console. I wasn’t able to get much information about DeMul from its official website because everything was outdated there.DeMul emulator

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But, if we only talk about the actual performance, I would say it’s pretty much decent. FPS is average, not many expectations, but games run without crashing and exceptions. DeMul also gives us the ability to save the progress of games, thanks to its virtual storage feature. The last release was launched back in 2017, and now there’ll be no official updates. But we can still run games on it, so what to worry about!

3. Reicast

Reicast is another multi-platform Dreamcast emulator which you should use. The greatest advantage I see is that it also runs on Android and officially available on Play Store. Developers are still working to make it more stable. So, if you’re looking for a stable emulator, Reicast might not be the right choice for you. I’ve used it to play a few games, and it worked fine for me. But some large games might crash while running.Reicast emulator

Android support is the most loved thing about Reicast. Visit the App Store and search for this Dreamcast emulator. Completely free to download and use and is completely stable. According to the official team, they’ve even made some items look prettier than they look on Dreamcast gaming console.

4. nullDC

nullDC is many gamers choice and also rated as one of the stable and best Dreamcast emulators available for free. We probably need to set up the BIOS files to run the game. This might look messy for some users, but it’s worth the efforts. However, if you don’t want to configure nullDC BIOS etc. then I recommend you to use Redream.nulldc emulator

It’s open source, and a lot of modifications are available. According to the player’s feedback, they were able to play almost 90% of the games without any problem. Even some commercial games are supported by nullDC which is a great thing in my opinion. Although the final release was launched back in 2011, which makes it an outdated emulator.

5. Chankast

Chankast delivers a bunch of features which others don’t. Its final update was released back in 2004. Hence, it’s not updated from many years, and we can’t even expect any updates further. Many users are using Chankast because it delivers good FPS, and gaming quality. Set up might be messy and frustrating for some users but that’s worth the result which you’ll get in Chankast.Chankast emulator

Full-screen mode, multi-core support, etc. are its main features which make it possible to run on modern CPUs. Stability is also the highlighted feature of Chankast. It is more stable for some of the top-rated games. You should check out their official website to learn more about Chankast features.


Mame stands for multi-arcade machine emulator and can run a lot of Dreamcast emulator. It’s open source and free to download. It runs on Windows, MAC, and Linux Operating System. Multi-platform support is one of the coolest features which most emulators don’t provide. This Dreamcast emulator is still in the development phase. There’s a lot of expectations, and more stable build will be released by the developers.MAME emulator

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MAME can run dozens of games outside the Dreamcast. The Sega game support was introduced in the emulator long time ago which is indeed the coolest thing because by the time now, stability for Sega games is increased. Check out MAME on your own and check if it’s worth for you or not.

7. NesterDC

NesterDC comes with a fully loaded suite for emulating the Sega games. As usual, it’s not updated from years but still one of the best Dreamcast emulators for Windows. Free to download and use, NesterDC run some low-end games without any crash or lag. Players who want to run heavy game should look at other options. But, feel free to try this emulator before deciding if it’s worth to you or not.NesterDC emulator

What I’ve seen so far is that there are sound output problems with game emulating software. But with this software, the sound output is 100% perfect which is indeed a big deal for most of us. I recommend you to try NesterDC for casual gaming purpose.

8. Dreamemu

Dreamemu final release was published in 2002. Hence, it’s a very old emulator and still appreciated by the people who want to run the Sega games on their computer devices. If none of the choices listed above worked for you, then give a shot to Dreamemu. Undoubtedly, it doesn’t support most games but can run some low-end games which require fewer resources.Dreamemu emulator

There’s not much to talk about Dresmemu. All I can say is that it’s indeed an alternate and good choice if you’re looking for Dreamcast emulators. Developers had uploaded the list of games which are supported by Dreamemu. Check out that list using the official website to know more.

9. Makaron

Makaron does a great job in running arcade Dreamcast emulator games without lags and crashing. Like all other emulators, not all the games are supported, but Yes, we can play dozens of games without any issue. Thousands of gamers trust Makaron for a great job of simulating the console games developed by Sega, and now you should also give it a try.Makaron emulator

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You probably won’t get much as settings and controls. Don’t expect that you’ll be able to do some customizations with the emulator. Most of the items are predefined which can’t be changed by the user.

10. LXDream

LXDream is another best choice to play the Dreamcast games on your PC. The most highlighted feature of this emulator is its broad support to most hardware available in the market at that time. Still, it can support your GPU and can give max performance. I highly recommend you to download LXDream if you I want to utilize the entire hardware power into the game.LXDream emulator

The software is completely free to download and use. Users who’re confused about the games which will work in this emulator should check the compatibility page. It can be found on their official website.

11. Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis is widely recommended by most gamers to play Sega games on PC. That’s why I’ve listed it here. Indeed, the emulator isn’t updated as development was stopped a long time ago. But we can still use it to run the games because it’s well optimized to run the Sega games. No emulator is perfect, and there are always some bugs.Sega Genesis emulator

Sega Genesis console was itself a very popular gaming console, consists of the 16-bit processor. Nowadays, PCs are 32-bit and can handle all the games which run on this console. But, because of the software limitations, some games might not run as well as they run on the console itself.


I hope that this list of best Dreamcast emulators helped you in comparing and choosing the emulator which suits you. There’s no perfect emulating software available in the market according to my experience. Most of them do have little or big bugs which result in instability and crashing.

Some emulating software is modified to run some specific games in the perfect way but fails in running other games. So, it’s your task to try all the suggestions listed above and find the ideal emulator according to your needs. Feel free to drop down your questions in the comment section.

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