7 Best FM Transmitter App For Android & iOS [Detailed Guide]

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Long road trips become boring sometimes if there’s no FM radio or device using which we can play music. But, your favorite songs+long road trip equals a lot of joy. If your car has FM radio device, you can directly play songs using it from your smartphone using a best FM transmitter app for Android or iOS Devices.

If you’re just like me who loves to travel then you’re an adventure. person. But, there are many things which are necessary to make our journey amazing and awesome. Like snacks, drinks, and songs. If any of these things are missing, the journey seems like empty one.fm transmitter app

The very important thing is playing music in the car. Almost every single person loved hearing songs while driving. But, there are few problems which are faced by some people. There are many such car FM radios installed which can only play FM.

Such devices don’t support AUX cable or playing music using portable storage devices. If it’s the case with you, there will be no best choice that using a FM transmitter and and app for devices which are transmission capable. That’s all you’ll need to let your car FM radio receiver receive audio signals from your mobile phone.

Quick Tip: Users who are thinking that using only app will let them play their songs directly to car FM then they are totally wrong. They should have external hardware or their devices should have inbuilt capability. I’ve explained every single thing in this article.

Things You’ll Learn Here

#1. Working Of FM Transmitter

#2. Frequently Asked Questions

#3. Apps You Should Prefer

#4. Conclusion

Working Methodology Of FM Transmitter and Its APP

As we all know that FM is known as a frequency modulator. Such devices catches the FM radio signals on different frequencies and convert them to listenable audio e.g songs, news etc. But, most such FM devices don’t have USB or AUX cable port so that user can play his own songs collection.

So, it’s the problem most people are suffering from. Now, here comes the savior, the Car FM Transmitter. This device can be connected using your car’s power connector like 12V output port. This device can receive signals from various Bluetooth output devices like your Mobile phone. And then convert it again to FM signal so that your FM radio can play the frequency. There are two types of emmiters:

  • One which connects to your mobile phone’s headphone jack.
  • Another which connects to 12V output and supports Bluetooth, AUX, USB, Micro SB as well.

Here’s the Video Which You’ll Find Very Useful

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I transmit song/audio from my mobile device to FM radio directly?

Ans. The answer is both Yes and No. According to my research, around 2008, devices having inbuilt FM transistors were sold. But because of no changes in sales and less demand, manufacturers stopped giving this feature.

Q2. Can I Play Songs To FM Radio Using ANy Mobile Device e.g Android, iOS, Normal Devices?

Ans. Absolutely, all you need is AUX based FM transmitter. There are hundreds of choices available in the market. Such devices are plug and play based. Just plug them into your headphone jack and start playing anything you want.

Q3. Is there any special capability needs in Car’s FM Radio?

Ans. No, such devices will work with all frequency modulators. No special features/capabilities needed.

Q4. Is there any FM Transmitter App Available In The Market?

Ans. There are many options available, but if your device doesn’t have an inbuilt transmitter, you’ve to buy the device.

Q5. How can I check if my Android or iOS device is transmission capable?

Ans. Just search for its specifications, you should see “FM Transmitter” written under Radio section or just ask your device’s manufacturer for more details.

Q5. I own an iPhone device. Is there any app available?

Ans. No, there isn’t. You have to buy transmitter. There are many manufacturers who provide such apps but only usable if you own their device. No way to transmit song directly to Car Radio only using iPhone.

Recommendations: Buy Bluetooth supported frequency modulator transmitter device because it comes with many additional features. Below is the image in which I’ve tried to show the working of such device.
working of fm transmitter app

Such devices can be found easily on Amazon or in local shops. I recommend you to buy it from local shops because the seller will sell you the compatible one and might offer you free installation as well.

If You’ve Bought Bluetooth Based Transmitter

As I’ve recommended you to buy such a device which is Bluetooth capable. If you’ve bought such a device, then you only need to pair your Android or iOS device to it.

Then receive phone calls, play songs, or play FM using FM apps. That’s all you have to do. But, there are many FM transmitters apps available which are compatible with many devices. Below is the list of such apps.

If You’ve Bought Headphone Jack Based Device

It’s one of the cheap and amazing ways you can use. It’s for the people who don’t want additional features like USB, Bluetooth like support. Just plug it into your device and start playing all the stuff you want.

If Your Mobile Device Has Inbuilt Transmission Capability

Well, as I’ve talked above that there is very less number of such devices in the market. But, if you’re having one such device, open the FM app and there should be inbuilt feature/app for transmission.

This unique inbuilt feature was only added in old Nokia devices and some high end smartphones.

Why You Need App!

This question is in many people’s mind that why we need an app. There are two simple reasons behind it.

If your device has inbuilt transmission compatibility, then you just need an app to let your device send signals to the FM radio.

And people who’ve bought special hardware for the same purpose should also know the fact that many manufacturers do provide an app which is compatible with that transmitter. So that users can control and do many things using their smartphones.

List Of Best FM Transmitter App You Should Prefer

Now, below are all the apps which I’ll be referring to you. I’ve tested most of them on my own and some of them are recommended by my friends. I’m totally sure that all of them will be useful to you.

The reason behind listing many apps here instead of single is simple. All of them do have something unique and provides some features. It’s up to you which one to use and choose.

You’ll fee much comfortable using such apps because these apps just increase the device’s usability. Users have the ability to control the device using their smartphones and portability gets decreased. Consider that you’re sitting on the back seat of your car, now if you’re using manual way to control the transmitter, it’s not a good idea. Instead, use any of these apps according to your needs.

Note: There’s no 100% success rate. Because of some technical problems with the transmitter, users might not be able to use some of these apps with their devices. It’s the very common problem most users are facing. If it happens with you, just contact your device’s manufacturer for more details. And by device here, i meant the transmitter.

1. Tune Link

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It’s compatible with all the Tune link hardware. This simply means that you should have their device installed in your car’s 12V output port. You can easily find this transmitter on Amazon or local stores.best transmitter apps

Talking about the device itself, it’s Bluetooth to FM based device and also supports AUX and USB device. However, there’s no display but all the details will be displayed in the app itself.

If we talk about the app, it’s super easy to understand and use. All you have to do is, just install it on your device and then set the frequency on which your car’s radio is operating.

Then any media you’ll be playing on your device will be played on your FM as well.

Features of Tune Link:

  • Simple and easy to understand user interface.
  • Set frequency directly using app itself.
  • High definition audio output.
  • Wirelessly play music using car frequency modulator.
  • Plug and play based app.
  • Connects to its hardware using Bluetooth.

Download Android      Download iOS

2. FM-Transmitter App For iOS

This app is compatible with most of the FM transmitter available in the market. It’s only available for iOS devices. So, Android users might feel a little bit upset here.

There are many features supported by this application. One of the best I’ve found is that one tap will find your radio’s frequency automatically. This simply means that you don’t need to set the frequency manually. Just tap on the screen and it’ll find on its own.control fm transmitter using mobile

Talking about the devices supported, you can check on their official download page. Or simply contact them because I don’t have information about supported devices.

The user interface is really helpful. Use digital knob or enter the frequency manually. Then jump into any media player and start playing the songs you want.

Features Of iOS FM Transmitter App

  • Auto search for frequency.
  • Set FM frequency directly from app itself.
  • Normal user interface.
  • Multiple options to set the frequency.
  • Absolutely free to download and use.
  • Multiple devices are supported.

3. Car Home Ultra

It’s another amazing app your should prefer. It doesn’t allow users to set the frequency directly from the app itself. Instead, it provides a lot of features which will increase your user experience.

In order to use it, you first have to pair the smartphone to the transmitter, then set transmitter’s frequency to FM’s frequency and enjoy additional features of Car Home Ultra.best fm apps for transmitter

Additional features include things like data widgets which are showing real-time statics like Date, Time, Speed, Temperature etc. Users have the capability to customize these widgets for more flexibility and usability.

Talking about the user interface, it’s like overloaded system. It seems like all the useful things are combined in one place.

  • Play music directly through the app.
  • Theme changes automatically, e.g day or night.
  • Speedometer included with a warning on over speed.
  • Real-time weather statics are displayed on the screen.
  • Customizable widgets.

4. iHeartRadio

It’s amazing app if you want to love radio using transmitter itself. Isn’t it amazing thing! Because of the fact that there are hundreds of stations available, it’s very entertaining and useful application. Both Android and iOS platforms are supported by iHeartRadio.free fm transmitter app

Artists stations are supported and maybe your favorite artist is also available in their huge collection. Flexibility is another amazing feature and basically, users can create a list of favorite stations to play them later easily.

Ads are available in the free version. But, if you switched to its paid version, you can then save the songs offline and then replay them later.

Features Of iHeartRadio

  • On-demand millions of songs.
  • Create personal playlist.
  • Artist stations available for free.
  • Can save songs offline in the premium version.

Download Android      Download iOS

5. Tune In Radio

Tune in radio is built for the sports fan. They do stream multiple sports match and we can listen to them for free. The most amazing thing about the app is that there are more than 100K online stations supported on this platform.

All of these can be yours and then enjoy them using your FM transmitter. Even they stream Podcasts, news and many more things like that. It’s like a warehouse of information and entertainment.transmit song to fm using mobile

Both iOS and Android platforms are supported by TuneIn app. You should definitely try this and enjoy free music and radio shows while driving.

Features Of TuneIn App

  • 100000+ radio stations available.
  • News live streaming is available.
  • Live sports streaming to all users.
  • Top charts are displayed.

Download Android      Download iOS

6. Simple Radio

Simple radio is one of my favorite application to play music in Car using the online radio. What’s amazing about this piece of the application is that it’s totally simple and very easy to use. It might be your next best FM transmitter app as well.

There are up to 40000 radio stations supported and you can tune to any of them. There’s a lot of exploration you have to perform to find the station you love.simple fm radio app

The wide collection of the genre is available from which user can choose easily. The most loving part of Simple radio is its neat and clean user interface.

Features Of Simple Radio:

  • Clean user interface.
  • Over 40000 radio stations available.
  • Huge collection of the genre available.
  • All popular artist stations covered.

Download Android      Download iOS

7. Deezer

Deezer is my another best recommendations to all the users. It’s because of the fact that its music cum radio player. This means you don’t have to switch to different apps to enjoy your internal media and to play FM radio in Car.

Just install Deezer and enjoy both the things in one single app. Its inbuilt music player supports all the feature like other apps do. Like albums collections, artists, searching offline songs and much more like that.free fm apps transmitter

They do have over 40 million tracks, you can enjoy all of them online. Just get their free trial or upgrade to the paid subscription to enjoy. The user interface is very simple and amazing one as well.

Features Of Deezer

  • FM Radio available.
  • Over 40millions songs available.
  • Albums, artists, album art etc. available.
  • Live lyrics from the song is displayed on the screen.
  • Attractive user interface.

Download Android      Download iOS

Conclusion On FM Transmitter Apps

I’ve tried to answer all your questions here. There is a lot of misunderstanding spreading over the internet on this topic. So, I’ve tried to cover all those topics and put them together here. There’s also a list where some amazing FM transmitter apps are listed.

Few of them are amazing for driving and some of them also control your FM transmitter. I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to drop a comment down below and share your valuable suggestions or as me another question.

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