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As we all know that Bookfi is one of the very popular eBook sharing websites. There are thousands of free books available on that website. They are providing comics, poetry, academic, knowledge, fiction, story, and many other kinds of books for free.

In a short duration of time, Bookfi becomes very popular because of the availability of free books. Right now, dozens of Bookfi alternatives are available online. All those websites also offer free books to its users.

Some of them are even providing books related to Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Medical, and astronomy.

Because of the fact that some books were illegally shared on Bookfi, it was banned by the officials. That’s the reason that people are no longer able to download free eBooks. Some users are even looking for proxy websites using which they can access that website.

 But we would like to let you know that the Bookfi website is permanently terminated and is no longer available on the web. 

bookfi alternatives

But, don’t worry as many different alternatives are available. If you’re also looking for the Bookfi alternatives, then you’re in the right place. We’ve covered around 15+ websites that provide books for free. All of them are safe to use and provides content via torrent or as a direct PDF file.

Make sure you’ve checked the best way to download torrents using IDM to enjoy maximum download speed. We highly recommend you to use download managers because they offer features such as Pause, Resume, etc. which are very useful. You can also use other download managers as all of them offers great speed and features.

Top Best Bookfi Alternatives To Download eBooks

Now let’s talk about the alternatives which you’re looking for. All the sites we’ve shown are free to use and offers great user experience. Here are the best Bookfi alternatives you should prefer:

1. Open Library

Open Library is a project which is providing a Digital library index for free. Most of the books available on the website are written in English language and Open Library runs on donations. It was launched back in 2006 and from that time, people are allowed to register for free and download as many books they want.

There are over 20 million books from 6 million authors. Thousands of modern books are also published on the website.

open library website

They’ve even launched a service using which users pay a little amount to get a digital copy of some paid books which aren’t available in the digital form.

Some paid publications are also provided for free on the Open Library website. Hence, many times this community comes under the question of availability of paid books for free. But still, many eBooks which are considered to be paid, are available for free on the Open Library website.

Visit: Open Library

2. Wikibooks

Wikibooks is another Bookfi alternatives available online. This website is run by Wikimedia foundation, intended to create a portal where e-Books can be published for free and anyone can edit/modify them. There are two versions of eBooks uploaded. One is Printable and another one is PDF. Users can easily edit/modify the printable version and can add their own text, images, and headlines, etc.

However, the PDF version isn’t editable and can only be modified with the help of 3rd party editors. The website is totally free to use and is ad-free.

wikibooks website bookfi alternative

Reprints relate to Computing, Engineering, Humanities, Mathematics, Science and so on are available for free. The Wikimedia Foundation is the owner of this website and hence it’s safe to use.

The community of Wikibooks keeps adding new content to the website. All the books are available under Creative Commons Attribute Share-Alike license and hence we can freely distribute the paperback without any issue.

Visit: Wikibooks

3. Booksc

Booksc provides over 5 million books and over 70 million articles for free. This massive collection of books are articles covers almost all the genre such as stories, knowledge, fiction, creativity, and so on.

All the content is available for free and users can create a free account on Booksc. What we liked the most are the user interface and an advanced search feature. All we need to do is put some keywords such as book title, author name or any information related to the book and it’ll perform its magic to serve you the best book available in its index.

On the search results page, you can see the publication info such as book author, year, and language, file size, etc. Most files are provided in epub file format and can be converted to PDF, TXT formats. But this feature is limited to the registered users.

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Registered users can also write a review and can publish their opinions about the book. So, make sure to write your book opinion and other users will find it useful.

Visit: Booksc

4. Manybooks

Manybooks has covered almost all the publication genres. From art, adventure, cooking, etc. all the interesting genres are available on Manybooks. That’s why it’s recommended as one of the best Bookfi alternatives. According to their index, the popular genres on their website are Romance, Action, and mystery.

Features such as Search, Download, Read Online are provided. But those who’re interested in downloading the eBook need to create a free account on Manybooks. Only then, they are allowed to download the digital copies as many times the want.

Another interesting feature which we would like to talk about is Read Online. They’ve created an online book reader using which we can browse through the contents of books. Hence, there’s even no need to download the digital copy as we can read it online. This feature requires no registration and the reader itself is responsive and user-friendly.

The overall functionality of the website looks great. We have the ability to post our opinions on the books as well and can rate the books as per our views. We highly recommend you to try Manybooks as an alternative to Bookfi.

Visit: ManyBooks

5. Gutenberg

Gutenberg Project is named after Johannes Gutenberg who was a great printer and publisher in German. He introduced Europe with the printing press.

So, the Gutenberg project is dedicated to providing free books to interested people. According to the, they have over 60,000 books in their index. This number isn’t too big but their collection of books is very interesting.

Great pieces of literature are a major part of their collection. They’ve also added some premium books whose license is expired with the U.S copyright. This way you’re able to get your hands-on over hundreds of paid titles. They’ve uploaded the files in HTML format as well so that we can read online in a basic browser.

Almost all the titles are also provided for Kindle. If you have a Kindle device then this can be a huge opportunity to create a collection of some interesting books downloaded from the Gutenberg Project website.

Visit: Gutenberg

6. Lib Gen

Lib Gen is another great Bookfi alternatives to try out. With a collection of over 2 Million books, 500K comics, 2.7 million articles, Lib Gen is one of the largest digital library indexes. It’s basically a search engine for books and various articles which are published online.

Lib Gen was launched back in 2008 but was taken down in 2012 because of some legal actions. But later on, it was again started with the new initiative of providing books and articles for free to the users. There are some legal actions taken on the website but this time the site wasn’t taken down.

All we know is that we are able to download free content and articles from the website without any issue. There are very fewer features provided and the site itself is very simple. The collection of titles and authors is huge and can be saved locally without any registration.

If you’re a big fan of science magazines, then make sure to try Lib Gen as their index is very famous for Science Fiction related magazines.

Visit: Lib Gen

7. Archive.org

Archive.org, also known as the Internet Archive is one of the biggest digital libraries. Their initiative is to provide universal access to knowledge. Most of the data is automatically added to the website by its crawlers. Hence, a lot of free and paid publications are always available in its index.

For best results, make sure to check their books section and search the website using Author Name or the title. This way, there are huge chances that you’ll get your desired ebook for free. Keep this in mind that all the content on the Internet Archive is available for free. Watch the video given down below to learn step by step process.

Its Wayback machine is very powerful and it’s creating snapshots of some websites. They even host Movies, Music, Videos, Books, Articles, and much other useful information on their website. Watch

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If you visit their books section, you’ll find that they’re providing a large collection of eBooks in different genres. They’re even handling the world’s largest book digitization projects. It’s a nonprofit organization and you won’t see any kind of ads on Archive.org website.

Visit: Internet Archive

8. Planet eBook

Planet eBook is also known as the home of classic pieces of literature. Most of the content is available on the site works on most devices. According to the About page of the site, admins want to provide as many free books as they can. According to their ideology, every piece of knowledge should be provided for free to people.

They’ve posted most publications that are free and have published the magazines & PDFs which are freely available in Australia country. This was, most of the useful books written by Australian authors and writers can be freely downloaded from Planet eBook website.

If we talk about the website itself, it’s simple and user-friendly. Files are provided in ePub, PDF, and Mobi file format. That means you can read it on all of your devices.

A nice well-written description of the book is provided for every reprint you see on the site. Copyright and usage policy are also given to prevent any legal misunderstandings. Give this site a try and see if it matches your requirements or not.

Visit: Planet eBook

9. Zooqle

Zooqle is actually blocked in most countries but it’s still a useful resource to get free digital books from. It was one of the competitors to Bookfi but now it seems like Zooqle will be shut down in a few months or years. The reason behind adding this website to the list is that some zooqle proxies are still working.

Zooqle hosts many other digital media content such as Movies, Videos, Music and so on. But some legal copyright issues hurt the overall reputation of the website and now countries are banning its domain so that fewer people can access it.

Downloads are provided in the form of Torrents. You can use the magnet URL to start the download. But as of the fact that some seeders are very slow, you might not be able to enjoy maximum download speeds.

Pages of Zooqle are also filled with frustrating ads that keep popping up. As a result, the overall user experience isn’t that great. But if you’re trying to get hands-on premium books, Zooqle might be a good place for you.

Visit: Zooqle

10. Tech Books

Tech Books fulfills your hunger for technology books. If you’re the type of person who’s always willing to learn something new about technology, then Tech Books is a good place for you. You’ll find Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Linux, Database, Security, and almost all the tech-related books on this website.

People love this website for its simplicity and publications based on tutorials. Most recommended for those who want to learn the Operating system or Programming Language in their free time.

However, after looking through the titles, we found out the most of their collection is outdated. But still useful for newbies who want to learn something new. But those who’re looking for the latest tutorials and programming related books should prefer some other Bookfi alternatives.

The website isn’t updated after 2013 and there’s nothing new to talk about. But it’s still worthy fo check it out as you might find something interesting to read.

Visit: Tech Books

11. PDF Search Engine

PDF Search Engine doesn’t actually host anything on its website. Instead, it’s using Google Custom Search engine to look for the various PDF files available on the web as per your search query. This way, you might find some useful resources that could lead you to the book you’re looking for.

Not only the PDF files but the broad search can be tweaked through Word Documents, TXT Files, CHM files, and more. This way users will be able to find various documents, books, articles, and many other useful pieces of information.

There’s nothing interesting to talk about as while we were reviewing this site, we’re not able to find any other useful pages. It’s just a Google Custom search in a tweaked version that looks for the document files available on Google’s index.

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Visit: PDF Search Engine

12. Torlock

Torlock is a torrent website that eventually provides thousands of eBooks for free. Because of some copyright issues, this site is blocked in some countries. But one special thing to talk about Torlock is its fresh index of ebooks. Every single day dozens of fresh books are uploaded by the people.

It includes Magazines, Researches, Knowledge, and books related to many other genres. Use the search feature to look for the title you’re looking for. Then use the Torrent agent to save the file locally on your device.

What we liked the most is their user-friendly design and there were fewer ads on the site. It guarantees the user experience and we can browse through the content much efficiently.

Description of every book is provided and it includes information such as Author, Date Added, Size, etc. You might need to use a VPN to access the website as it’s blocked in some countries.

Visit: Torlock

13. Bookboon

Bookboon is a freemium service that serves some free and some paid books to its visitors. You can enjoy their free 30-day trial to gain access to some paid books. But after trial, a fixed amount will be charged to continue with the service.

It’s a great service as all the titles published on the website are from official authors. Contents of the PDFs are untouched and it guarantees the originality of the content. Those who are genuine readers should definitely buy a paid subscription from Bookboon.

The level of genuine books available on the site is even unmatchable to Bookfi. That’s because all the publications are reviewed by the editorial staff and then uploaded to the website. There are plenty of subscription-based publication websites out there and Bookboon is one of them.

If you can spend a few bucks to read publications online, then this site is a perfect match for you. Visit them to know more about their subscription model and about their site.

Visit: Bookboon

14. Free eBooks

Free eBook is another great resource to grab your favorite books in digital form. With a collection of thousands of books and useful features of the website, everything feels nice and genuine. This platform can also be used to promote your own written book.

Massive numbers of genres are covered and those genres contain thousands of publications. While going through the site, we came to know that most books are published by their actual authors and publishers. This proves that the website is operating on legal grounds and isn’t pirating content.

Register a free account and add as many books you want to your own library. There’s no additional cost to register an account. Only four free downloads are provided to each user.

Make sure to visit their help section if having any problem with the website. They’ve covered commonly asked a question and explained the methods to download free eBooks.

Visit: Free eBooks

15. eBook 3000

eBook 3000 is a free great resource to download eBooks from. All types of publications are published on the website and everything is available for free. No need to create an account or sign up for the subscription. The website is updated with dozens of books on a daily basis.

Different categories are available for different people. Such as Men, Women, Kids, Teens, etc. The download is provided through 3-rd party servers. Very less number of ads can be seen on the site.

The overview of the website is that it’s very useful, simple, and user-friendly. No strings attached and updated publications are provided to the users for free of cost.

Visit: eBook 3000


In this era of the internet, information is freely and quickly accessible with the help of computer devices. We should take advantage of such facilities to increase our knowledge in different fields. Books are the best way to learn something new and the best part is that useful books are freely available online.

Bookfi was the best source of gaining access to millions of titles but because of some reasons, it was shut down. But we tried our best to provide you with the best Bookfi alternatives which provide the same level of service for free.

If you liked this article, make sure to share it with your friends and family members. Make sure to drop down a comment and share your opinion with us.

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