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25+ Best ROM Sites In 2020 [Safe & Working Sites To Download ROMs]

I know you’re a fan of retro games and is looking for game ROM files. Emuparadise was one of the most trusted and popular providers but sadly, it’s gone. There are many reasons for the shut-down of the website. But many other Emuparadise alternatives, also known as ROM sites are still working. I’ve created a list of 25+ best ROM sites in 2020.

We all know that there are only a few sites where Safe ROMS are available. Some platforms are serving malware along with the retro file to harm the user. But, don’t worry as many safe ROM sites are available online. Emulators are totally legal. But, some game publishers don’t allow distribution of their game ROM files.
best rom sites

Nintendo games were booming a few decades ago. By the time now people still love to play their games but by using an emulator. Whenever a Nintendo ROM is published on a website, there are many lawsuits coming on their way. Such sites are charged for violating copyrights laws.

But, there’s still hope as many ROM sites are online and providing all types of console games for free. Follow up to know more and share this article with your friends.

Here Are Best ROM Sites Which Are Safe and Free:

1. Gamulator

Gamulator deserves the #1 spot as it highlights some of the popular ROMS. No nonsense advertising and good user experience are provided to the users. The most exciting thing is the collection of games available on Gamulator. NDS, N64, GBA, SNES and many other major Roms are provided for free.
gamulator websiteI’ve been using this website for a long period of time and had never faced any type of issue. You’ll see detailed parameters of files you’re trying to download. Such parameter includes information like : Console on which game will run, Year of release, Region and File size, etc. All the downloads are scanned through online antivirus programs and hence Gamulator is one of the trusted safe ROM sites.

Highlights Of Gamulator:

  • Brief description of retro games.
  • Emulator download available on the website.
  • Safe and direct downloads.
  • All popular game titles are available.
  • Trustworthy ROM site.

2. Retrostic

Retrostic is specially designed for Retro Games lovers. All popular ROM or ISOs are available on this website for free. With over 81K games, it’s one of those websites which provides thousands of titles to their users. What I’ve found so far is that they have a huge collection of Mame ROMs. So, M.A.M.E emulator users should definitely visit Retrostic.

retrostic mame roms collection

More than 50 consoles and around 400 emulators are covered by the website. Hence, there are very rare changes that you won’t find your favorite game on Retrostic. There’s also a request page from where users can request some new titles which aren’t available on the site.

Highlights Of Retrostic:

  • Best collection of M.A.M.E games.
  • A simple and useful description is provided on the download page.
  • We can request game titles.
  • Safe and direct downloads.

3. ConsoleRoms

ConsoleRoms is another great website that is simple, easy to use and offers GBA Roms, PS1, PS2 ROMS, and many other console games for free. They are providing games for both mobile and PC emulators. The design and user interface of ConsoleRoms is very user-friendly. Proper details related to the ROMs are provided on the download page. It includes a supported platform, release year, filesize, etc.

console roms

The process to download the ROM games is straightforward. Simply search for the game you’re looking for or browse through the website to discover some cool titles. Then on the ROM page, click on the download button and after some time, the download will start automatically.

Highlight Of ConsoleRoms:

  • Direct downloads, no strings added.
  • User-friendly website interface.
  • Provides ROMS on demand for both mobile and desktop emulators.
  • Fast and safe downloads.

4. Vimm’s Liar

Vimm’s Liar is trustworthy and provides a wide range of ROM games. This site is online from almost the last two decades. Thousands of people are using it as Emuparadise alternative. Normal consoles and Handhelds gaming consoles Roms are available for free. So, you won’t miss any game which you’ve played during childhood time.

vimm liar

All the games are categorized according to the console systems. Nintendo, Genesis, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 are some of the highlighted ones.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an emulator on which the game will run. Vimm’s Liar provides the emulator along with the ROM. Cheats of the game are written along with file descriptions.

Highlights Of Vimm’s Liar:

  • This site covers games for almost 25 classic systems.
  • Availability of handheld retro games.
  • Game cheats are provided for all supported games.
  • Safe and easy to use.
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5. WoWRoms

WoWRoms is featuring free ISOs for popular gaming consoles such as PSX, Xbox, etc. You’ll see almost all the popular titles on this website which are rarely available on other websites. The homepage highlights trending games with very high demand. I’ve seen that many fantasies related ISO are freely available.

wowroms website

Along with the emulator ISOs, BIOS files and all other major pieces of software is provided to the users. Hence, if you’re looking ahead to play some console games on your PC, feel free to check WoWRoms website.

Game Music, Magazine, Manuals and other useful resources can be found on the site. Check out the website on your own to know more about exciting features.

Highlights Of Website:

  • Latest games are available with required resources.
  • Fantasies material, such as Magazines, Music, Manuals is provided.
  • No Popup ads are delivered to the user.
  • Nice user interface.

6. CoolRom

CoolRom is another largest retro gaming resource available on the internet. There’s no doubt that we can download retro ROMS from this website. But trust is the biggest issue. What I’ve seen so far on CoolRom is that they’re promoting their downloader. It’s a piece of software that downloads the game files.

I highly recommend you to use the alternative download link. However, the user needs to wait for a few seconds to fetch the file but it’s better than downloading the software. The collection of available ROM files is very big and almost all the gaming consoles are covered by the website.coolroms best rom sites

A huge collection of ROMs and ISOs are available on this website. For your convenience, they’ve provided working screenshots and other major technical details. This helps to understand the scenario and gives us a better idea about the game.

Highlights Of CoolRom:

  • Huge collection of console games.
  • On-Site tutorials available for user convenience.
  • Fast downloads available.

7. The Eye

The Eye is an online FTP site where a lot of entertainment and other useful stuff is available. The collection consists of Books, Images, ROM Files, and much more like that. This site is pretty much straightforward. You visit them, look for the needed file and download it.

the eye roms

No UI is installed and no ads are shown to the user. It seems crazy but it’s true. Easy navigation and fast servers allow us to browse through the games very quickly.

But not having a UI is also a drawback of The Eye. It becomes very time consuming when finding a particular title on a page listing dozens of titles. So, I highly recommend using the browser inbuilt Search tool to quickly find the listed files.

Highlights Of The Eye:

  • No ads are shown to the user.
  • Easy navigation and simple UI.
  • Popular games are available for free.
  • Exceptionally fast servers.

8. TheOldComputer

The Old Computer features more than 500K retro games and hence is one of the recommended ROM sites. The collection is very large and they feature Games, Emulators, Art Box and much more. According to their website, more than 150K users are registered.theoldcomputer safe rom site

Along with the games, some contests are also held by The Old Computer. Give it a try and winners can get chance to win Gaming Mouse, Keyboards and much more. Don’t forget to check the Popular section as it highlights the trending games.

Highlights Of The Old Computer:

  • Huge collection of games.
  • More than 10 gaming consoles are covered.
  • Join the contest to win exciting prizes.
  • Forum is available to get quick help from thousands of registered users.

9. RomsMania

RomsMania is the place where the insanity of emulator games ends. From the collection of games to the user interface and usability of the website, everything looks perfect. With a simple search, we can find the available ROMs very quickly. Website’s search functionality allows us to browse through the available collection with ease.

The exciting part is the results as it shows Game Title, Console, Ratings and number of downloads. It helps to understand everything in a very easy way.romsmania best and safe rom sites

On the download page, the supported emulator is listed with its download link. It helps those who haven’t installed it yet. RomsMania is indeed one of the best ROM sites and safer to use. They’re promoting their downloader software as many other sites do. You should go with More Options and select an alternative option to get zip file directly.

Highlights Of RomsMania:

  • Frustrating user experience because of popup advertisements.
  • Huge collection of console games.
  • Emulator downloads are available.
  • Cool website design.
  • Easy to browse throughout the site.

10. RomsUniverse

RomsUniverse is a new and very useful site. More than 100K games and brand new look gives this site a new look. Now users can even play some games Online with the help of this site. This feature is limited to small games but is very useful as there’s no need to download and install the related emulator.

romsuniverse site

PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Gameboy Advance are some of the highlighted consoles on the website. Almost all the latest and popular titles related to these consoles are freely available. This site is also featuring a website where we can play online games for free. It includes some GBA titles as well.

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Highlights Of RomsUniverse:

  • Direct and free downloads.
  • Get games related to popular gaming consoles.
  • Safe and scanned files.
  • No popup ads.
  • Brand new look to the website.

11. RomUlation

RomUlation looks promising as according to them, all 27K+ ROMs available on their website are tested and scanned for all the threats. So, it’s one of the safe ROM sites we should use to download console games. Thousands of users are trusting RomUlation to enjoy old school games for free. The collection is limited but feel free to enjoy console classic downloads.romulation safe rom site

Site’s search functionality allows the user to sort titles in an easy way. Compatibility score shows if the game is playable or not. You might have seen that some ROMs are rarely executable and lag a lot. So, the compatibility score will help us a lot.

Highlights Of RomUlation:

  • Some downloads are restricted and a user account is needed.
  • The search function makes the job a lot easier.
  • 27K+ tested ROM files are available on their site.
  • User-submitted screenshots are available.

12. PortalRoms

PortalRoms is currently hosting more than 10K games on its website. It supports 3 languages and is useful for most people. Users can ask for the ROMs which are currently not available on this website. It’s a plus point because not all the ROM sites are allowing their users to do the same.

Downloading files from PortalRoms seems to be a sketchy thing. The download page is full of ads and users have to wait for the 80s to get the file.portal roms safe rom site

This website is running from the last few years and people are trusting all the files they’re downloading. Hence, you should definitely use PortalRoms because it’s one of the best safe ROM sites available in the market.

Highlights Of PortalRoms:

  • No direct downloads are available.
  • Search functionality is improved and easy to use.
  • ROMs are provided for dozens of gaming emulators.
  • Multilingual support.

13. DopeRoms

DopeRoms have more than 170K ROM games on their site. I know it’s a very large collection and there’s no sketchy business going around the website. Direct downloads are provided to the users and a detailed description is provided to the user. MD5 checksum ensures privacy and safe downloads. The only drawback is that they don’t provide a description.
dope roms legit rom site

The user interface isn’t that attractive and is very simple. Sort the ROMS according to their names, titles, etc. Moreover, all the games are correctly categorized according to the supported emulators. E.g Nintendo games are listed on a particular page and the same goes for Atari, Sega Genesis, Sony, and other major gaming consoles.

Highlights Of DopeRoms:

  • Huge collection of ROMs.
  • No strings added on the download page.
  • Easy to navigate and less frustrating ads.
  • Multilingual support.

14. Emulator.Games

Emulator.Games is providing ROMs for PCs, MAC, Android and other major devices on which emulator works. It’s a modern-looking website with thousands of ROM games hosted on it. In fact, some games are playable using the browser in online mode. This means that you don’t need to download them. It’s a useful feature for those who are willing to play emulator games online.
emulator games free roms download site

What I liked the most is how they’re providing retro game information to the people who’re willing to download it. A red notification bar is included which tells the type of emulator required to play the ROM file.

After using the site for a long time, what I found is that they’re up to sketchy business for particular rom titles. They are listing such titles even if they’re not available on Emulator.Games website.

Highlights Of Emulator.Games:

  • Modern user interface.
  • All popular titles are available.
  • Some sketchy pages are available which is a huge drawback.
  • Play the ROM games online for free.

15. RomHustler

RomHustler is promoting some popular games for PlayStation and GBA emulators. On the homepage, under the Popular Games section, some of the very popular ROM files are listed. If you’re harvesting for popular titles, make sure to check RomHustler. All the pages are bombarded with creepy ads but links are stable and work well.

free rom download sites

Another important thing to be noted is the Search function. It allows us to search for titles related to a particular console. There’s no description of important details provided. It’s a drawback and I hope it’ll get fixed with time. The website allows user registration which is optional. What I liked about RomHustler is that it’s a straightforward website. No images, no information, no comments, visit the website and download the ROM you’re looking for. That’s all about this site.

Highlights Of RomHustler:

  • Direct file links are available.
  • Pages are full of ads.
  • The search function is useful in many ways.

16. RomsMode

RomsMode is another quite useful and popular website. The best thing is the user interface. It’s very attractive and simple to use. With more than 40K titles, it’s one of those websites which are serving a large number of games for free to the users. Popup ads are used by the site for advertising purpose and RomsMode is also promoting software downloader. So, make sure to use the alternative link.

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romsmode website

From Gameboy advance to Xbox ISOs, all material is accessible using RomsMode website. The search functionality comes in play when looking for some less popular retro titles. Otherwise, the popular ones can be easily seen on the homepage or sidebars of the website.

This site is reported safe by many users and is fast, reliable, and useful in many ways. I’ve used it for a couple of weeks and never had any type of problem.

Highlights Of RomsMode:

  • Best website design.
  • Fast and responsive website.
  • No hidden malware or virus ever found.
  • One of the safe ROM sites available on the internet.

17. FreeRoms

FreeRoms is one of the oldest websites available on the internet to get safe ROM. It’s live for almost two decades and by the time now we can see some latest and popular titles there. Now download free roms online without registration or sign up. Nowadays, they are providing some deals and offers to users. So, don’t forget to check them out for more information regarding the offers.website to download free roms

The download page is sketchy because the main link redirects the user to a page where ads are shown. The real link is displayed after a few seconds. So, make sure you clicked on the right button. Moreover, the server speed is very good and we get proper bandwidth while saving the file.

Highlights Of FreeRoms:

  • Amiga, Atari and many other flash games for free.
  • Direct links available for some titles.
  • Fast servers for better user experience.
  • One of the best safe rom sites.

18. RomNation

Romnation is ads-free for registered users. It’s free and no strings attached. But, if you’re browsing this site without registration a lot of ads will be displayed. Like all other sites, they do provide an emulator along with the game files. This helps to solve all the compatibility related issues.

romnation safe rom site

As being a safe ROM site, they are delivering all the important guide to all the website visitors. It’s highly recommended to read all those instructions and be safe from all the threats. Almost all the files downloaded from this website are reported safe.

Highlights Of RomNation:

  • No ads for registered users.
  • Direct download links are available.
  • A wide range of retro titles is provided to the people.
  • No sketchy pages found on the site so far.

19. Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone is an old website but still useful in many ways. Thousands of safe ROMs for Nintendo, Sony, Xbox are available on this website and most of them are very old and are related to freeware license only. No nonsense advertising and no sketchy pages. Direct download links are provided with the proper filename and other important information.

emulator zone website

The drawback of the site is that there are no latest and updates game titles available on the Emulator Zone website. All available games are listed properly as per supported consoles. Additional community features such as Forum, Help Section, etc. are available for user help.

Highlights Of Emulator Zone:

  • Popular old retro games are provided for free.
  • No sketchy business going on their website.
  • Free and fast downloads.
  • Website is simple and easy to use.

20. The ROM Depot

The ROM Depot hosts more than 61K files on its servers. It’s an archival site where games for Atari, Gameboy, Microsoft MSX, Philips, Sega Genesis, etc. are provided for free. No Ads, No Promotions, so far seen on the site. Hence, it’s one of the safe ROM sites you should use. Because of the fact that its archival site, so no proper UI functions are served.

the rom depot

If you know the game title and supported console, then open the particular folder and use the search feature to look for the items you’re looking for.

Manuals are also available on the website for free. Those manuals contain game program instruction e.g How TO Play, Console Controls and much other useful information.

Highlights Of The Rom Depot:

  • No ads and promotions.
  • Manuals are provided for all games.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Fast and reliable servers.

More Best Rom Sites:









I hope you enjoyed these suggestions on the best ROM sites. To be honest, I’ve visited all these sites but have tried only those which are listed above with details. Make sure that you have an antivirus installed in your system as it’ll help to eliminate the harmful files.

Don’t share your personal details on these sites. Consider using download managers if trying to download a very big file. Dropdown your suggestions in the comment section and don’t forget to share this article with your friends who’re interested in downloading emulator games. Use ad-blocker extensions that block all types of ads, especially harmful ones.

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