30+ Best Free Unblocked Music Sites At School In 2018

Music is Love, Music is Life” This line is perfect and it means a lot. We all love to listen to music in our free time. Music can make you feel happy, help to stay motivated and even recover from the bad situation. But, schools or colleges networks are blocking music websites. So, here I have a list of 30+ best free unblocked music sites at school. These all worked for me and I hope these will work for you as well.

If you’re bored at school or college in the free hours then it’s time to listen to unblocked music. There are hundreds of websites which are offering you free service and those services aren’t blocked by your school or college. This simply means that you can enjoy those sites to listen to unblocked music at school or college for free. I know how important is music in our life. I loved to listen to songs while traveling and in college during free hours. It’s the best way to spend the time without getting bored. In fact, unblocked movies also help me a lot sometimes to entertain myself.unblocked music websites free music

But, the problem with most schools and colleges is that they are blocking some websites on their network. Such websites include entertaining websites and some adult sites as well. The reason behind this is simple and it’s not letting students access such sites and force them to focus on studies.

This is the worst thing schools and colleges are doing but it might be helpful for some students who waste their a lot of time in browsing entertainment websites. If your school is also doing this same thing, then there’s nothing to worry about. Just use any of these unblocked music sites at school or college and get access to millions of songs for free.

All these websites I’ve shown works perfectly and isn’t there are rare chances that these sites are blocked by your school. Check all these sites one by one and I’m sure that most of them will work for you. Talking about the collection of songs available on these sites, it’s just amazing and very big. You’ll be able to find every single song on these unblocked music sites.

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List Of 30 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites At School

Below is the list of all the sites you should prefer. Don’t think that all of them will work for you, it’s usual that some of them might be blocked by your school’s firewall. So, try them one by one and know which one works best for you. I’ve also shown a trick on the bottom of this page to bypass your school’s firewall to access all these unblocked music sites. Also, don’t forget to check the recommended sites because those sites are loaded with millions of songs and many other features. Unblocked music google sites aren’t available by the time now. All these websites I’ve shown down below will surely work so there’s nothing to worry about.

Unblocked Music SitesSite URL (Copy Paste)
Hulk Share
Streams Guide
Musix Hub
Slacker Radio
Radio Garden

Now, let me give you a list of recommended websites you should use. These sites do offer a variety of songs to the users and some additional features as well. All these features will be very useful to you. I love to use most of these websites regularly to keep myself updated about the new songs releases and many other updates.

In fact, these services provide an app which helps users to use them using their smartphones. All these sites are totally free to use, however, a signup might be required in some of them.

1. TuneIn

It’s my first recommendations to all the readers here. They are providing amazing free service to the users for free. A paid subscription is optional to unlock more features but you can enjoy their free service as well. I always used their free service which requires no sign-up. The do provide radio and songs on their platform.

Just choose the region you’re in and you’ll get a lot of useful suggestions from them. Then just select one and start listening to their cool and amazing internet radio. If we talk about the music, their collection is very large.unblocked music sites

But, I love their radio thing because it’s really useful and absolutely for free. Trending pages allows users to find what’s trending and this way you can stay updated about the new releases and what’s loved by other people. Not only music but Sports and News broadcast is also available in TuneIn site. They do offer a free app to the smartphone users as well.

Even if you don’t want to download their app, feel free to visit them and use them using your browser. Their user interface is simple and very useful. Users have control to control their current playing track e.g play, pause, forward etc.

Visit: TuneIn

2. Gaana

Gaana is Indian website which hosts millions of songs on their platform. But, this doesn’t mean that they are only providing Indian music. Their collection is international and covers all the popular artists worldwide. Whenever I have to listen to free songs, I visit them and simply search for the music I want. This way it becomes very easy for me to get easy access to any song I want.

They are also offering Android and iOS apps to the users but that’s optional. If you’re using the desktop browser, just visit them and start playing the song you want. Gaana is totally legal service and provides a paid subscription to the users but it’s optional. Radio, Popular Songs, Popular artists etc are its some of the main unblocked music

When you visit Gaana for the first time, you’ll be asked to provide them your interests e.g English or Hindi songs. There are many options available on the screen so choose wisely. Then they’ll show you the best recommendations.

Their browser player is just awesome. Just click on the song you want and it’ll start playing. By the time that song is playing, you have got the ability to browse other pages and collections as well.

Visit: Gaana

3. Wynk Music

Wynk Music is my another recommendation because they do offer premium features for free. You just need to visit their website and start playing anything you want. Just like Gaana, they do offer millions of songs for free to the users. Ads are shown on their site which isn’t a big deal as a free user.

They are providing Hindi, English, Old, New and trending songs. The collection is limitless and there are rare chances that this site is blocked by your school’s firewall. Hence, it’s another perfect unblocked music site you can use at school, college, or websites to play unblocked music

You can sign up for their free account to create your own playlist and play it later anytime with ease. Talking about the user interface, it’s just very simple and unique. A media player is shown on the bottom right of the screen. When you clicked on a song the song will start and you can control it from there.

Shuffeling, Repeat, Next, Previous, Play/Pause, options are available in the player. I highly recommend you to check Wynk for more information.

Visit: Wynk

4. AccuRadio

Users who love to listen to radio should definitely visit this amazing online service. AccuRadio does offer hundreds of internet radio channels and you just need to visit them to start using. If you don’t have any idea what to listen to, Radio is the perfect way to start listening to songs.

The songs which are played on this portal are just popular ones and very pleasant. Choose from different genres and start playing your favorite channels. There’s no need to create an account to listen to unblocked music at AccuRadio. Just visit and click on any radio to enjoy it.unblocked free music websites

They also have browser player which gives you all the controls which you generally see in other players. Detailed artist name, song name etc. are shown. Their homepage shows popular channels and other trending things.

But, they provide us with many other options like Classical, Blues, Chill, Chill and much more. Even theme can be changed, so if you don’t like their current theme, just change it to a different one and enjoy AccuRadio the way you want.

Visit: AccuRadio

5. Saavn

Saavn is another giant providing music for free to the users. If you’re looking for perfect unblocked music sites, Saavn is one of them. The reason behind this is simple, it’s not blocked by the firewalls and is providing songs and online radio as well.

It’s Indian website but does provide songs from all over the world. The best thing about Saavn is that they’re also listing the Radio for the artists as well. By this, I mean that let’s say you’re searching for “Twenty One Pilots” now, not only the songs available from this popular band but the official radio by them will also be listed in the results. So you’ve access to almost everything for sites to listen unblocked music

Quality of songs you’ll get is very high and there’s no playback error I’ve even got on this portal. Android and iOS apps are available by Saavn but you can use it using your browser as well. The user interface is really responsive and user-friendly. They also provide a paid subscription to save songs offline in your device but that’s optional. Visit Saavn to know more about them.

Visit: Saavn

6. Hungama

This website provides free unblocked music to everyone without even creating an account on their site. If we talk about the types of songs available, it’s just every single thing you’ll be seeing on their site. From English to Hindi and many multilingual songs are available.

The more exciting thing about them is that they do provide movies as well. So, you’ll have two things in one portal. I liked their collection of music as well. Weekly top songs are displayed on the music section with popular artists as well.unblocked music websites to listen unblocked music

If you’re kind of person who loved to listen to new music, then Hungama might be the perfect choice for you. Every single week top songs are shown there an can be accessed using their website. There’s no need to download their app. But, if you want to access Hungama using the ap, feel free to download their free app.

Not only music but TV shows are also available on this portal. You should definitely check them out to know more.

Visit: Hungama

7. HulkShare

HulkShare is the Hulk of unblocked music. They have over 9M songs and thousands of artists. Users can listen to internet radio and over 9M songs for free. There’s optional registration to unlock more features. But, to just pass your free time in school or workplace, you don’t have to create an account there. Just visit their website and start playing songs you want best unblocked music

Anyone can upload and share songs on this platform. This means that you’ll get a large variety of songs here which are sung by individuals and aren’t popular ones. In fact, some popular artist’s releases which aren’t famous ones can be seen on this website. You have to just search for the artist or song name and hundreds of results will be shown in front of you. This way, you can find millions of songs according to toy our needs.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. The media player is little bit different and attractive one. You should definitely give Hulkshare a try to know more about this free music cloud storage service.

Visit: HulkShare

8. StreamsQuid

I would say that StreamsQuid is like an online Music Player. Its menu attracts me a lot because it has options like Favorite, Home, Popular, History, and My Playlist options. So, you’ve total control over the songs you want to play or had played so far.

Obviously, I haven’t listed it here because its menu is just awesome. This site is really awesome and it provides almost all the hits like all other premium music services are providing. Even you don’t need to create an account to use StreamQuid. Users can also import playlist and their algorithm will add all the songs which are available on their server.premium free unblocked music

But, in order to personalize your favorites, history, playlists etc, you should have a free account on their website. On their homepage, you’ll clearly see Top songs from different countries. There are 50 top songs which are listed on their site. e.g top United States songs, Top UK songs etc.

There’s much more to explore on StreamsQuid. Just visit them and learn how powerful their service is.

Visit: StreamsQuid

9. YouTube

This list of unblocked music sites is incomplete without YouTube How I can forget this giant video hosting website where millions of songs are available for free. YouTube is kind of place where all the popular artists are uploading their creative work and songs etc. You’ll be able to find all the popular songs on YouTube with ease. One search and song will be displayed on your unblocked music sites college

Almost all the users know about YouTube and what it’s all about. It’s one of the perfect places to stream music online. But, the problem is that sometimes it’s blocked by your campus WiFi firewall. If it’s the case you should definitely read my guide at the end of this article to unblock sites at school.

Another way to access YouTube songs is by searching for that using Google and then copying the video URL, and finally downloading it using YouTube downloader service. It’s the smartest way to listen to music at school with ease.

Visit: YouTube

10. PlaylistSound

This website one of the best unblocked music sites. They have everything you want in a site to listen to music at school or workplace with ease. What I loved most about them is that their collection contains all the popular and famous artists. This simply means that your favorite artist will be surely listed there. All the popular hits from the artists and other important cool things can be seen on PlaylistSound.big unblocked music websites

There’s no need to sign up for their paid account, just visit them and start playing songs you want. This gives you a complete freedom to listen to songs online for free with ease.

There’s search functionality available as well. Simply enter your query e.g the song you’re looking for and you’ll get the desired results. Their collection of songs is really very big and useful. I recommend you to visit PlaylistSound and know more about them.


11. Radio Garden

It’s kind of different and interesting portal. When you’ll visit them for the first time, you’ll see a big globe asking you to put a drop on it. It’ll show all the live radio stations from all around the globe and are marked as green dots. Once you’ll click on any of the green dots, its algorithm will find all the popular and live radio stations from that location and will serve you the media that is playing on that radio online worldwide

In fact, it’s able to detect your region location e.g country or state etc. using your IP address and will tune radio automatically. As we know that FM Radio is one of the best ways to listen to music. In fact, I’ve shown best FM transmitter apps which are really very helpful to most of the users.

FM garden comes with thousands of radio stations from all around the world. There are very rare chances that your school will block such websites. So, you can enjoy unblocked music at school for free using internet radio.

Visit: RadioGarden

12. Vimeo

Vimeo is also providing a cool collection of music on their website. You can access all that music for free even without registration. Vimeo is very popular video streaming website and we all know that very well. The collection available on their website is unique. You can’t directly find all the latest and popular songs but indeed most awesome music videos are available there for unblocked music websites at school

From trances to singles, you’ll find many amazing songs and artists there. Viemos doesn’t require user sign up to let users watch videos. Just visit and start finding the music you’re looking for. It’s all for free.

Visit: Vimeo

These are my all the recommendations to you and I’m totally sure that you’ll love these choices. I’ve used all these sites frequently and these worked fine for me. There was no problem while using any of these sites. Most of the school’s firewall won’t be able to block these sites. I hope you’ll also find these recommended unblocked music sites useful.

But, in some cases, some of these sites might be blocked by your school’s firewall. It’ll only happen if your school is really strict about entertainment websites. But, there’s nothing to worry about because I’ve shown the perfect way to unblocked these site with ease. Just read my bonus tip down below.

Bonus Tip: Unblock All The Music Sites If Blocked At School/Campus WiFi

I know it hurts a lot when you’ll be given a warning message on the screen that this site is blocked by Admin. School’s WiFi network can be really very frustrating sometimes. But, no more limited access to the internet. This tip clearly shows how I managed to bypass firewalls and its success rate is 99%. There are very rare chances that all of the methods down below won’t work in your case. I tried to find unblocked music google sites but there were none of them which works great. So, instead of visiting them try any of these methods and enjoy everything without restrictions.

Method 1. Using Proxy Browsers

It’s my favorite method because in this method there’s no need to download anything. There are a lot of amazing online proxy browsers who lets you access any unblocked music sites in few clicks. Below are some of them Ill recommend to you. Or just simply search for other choices. There are a lot of online proxy browsers in the market which works totally free.


Steps To Use:

  • It’s very simple, just follow the steps given below:
  • Visit any of these sites, let’s say
  • You’ll see URL box, enter the URL of unblocked music site and click SURF.
  • Enjoy free music at school.

Method 2. Using Free VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it allows users to browse safely and unblock most of the sites. This might be really very helpful in your case to unblock websites you want. There’s no need to use any paid VPN. I recommend you to use Tunnel Bear because they provide all the speed and features you want in the free trial.

Method 3. Using Chrome Extension

There’s an amazing extension called Hola. This extension works similar to VPN. Just install it from Chrome Store directly to your browser and browse any website you want. Many server locations are available and this way, users do have the capability to unblock any site they want. You can get this extension from here.

Conclusion On Unblocked Music Websites

I hope this article was helpful to you. I really tried to provide you with detailed information about the websites which worked fine for me. All these websites do provide amazing free services to the user and help us to browse unblocked music at school.

There are high chances that these unblocked music websites weren’t blocked by your school’s firewall. But if it’s blocked in your case, don’t feel unlucky because I’ve also shown the way to unblock them.

I tried to provide you detailed article so that you can pass your boring time at school. Even you should also take a look at movies download websites to enjoy movies at school as well. All those sites are free as well.

If you’ve some suggestions of problems then feel free to drop a comment down below and I’ll reach you as soon as possible.


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