Top 3 Ways To Download Torrent With IDM or Browser [Torrent to IDM]

Torrents are the best way to share and grab the files. But, sometimes torrent downloaders aren’t providing all the features and speed we want. In fact, some people don’t like to use torrent downloaders. Instead, using IDM or Browser is considered a more good way. So, here I’ve shown the detailed steps on how to download torrent with IDM or Browser itself.

We all have used torrent sharing service once in our life. Millions of files are shared on torrent every single month. This shows how large this sharing network is and we can find almost everything in such sites. But, sometimes we aren’t able to download the files in an easy way. There are many problems we face like irregular/broken download and much more like that. So, some users might feel disappointed and want a better way to download torrent files.

Download managers are considered as best way to download the files. But, as we know that torrent files are peer to peer (P2P) based and we can only download them using torrents downloaders. But, this doesn’t mean you cant download torrent using IDM or any other download manager.

It’s totally possible and I’ve been using this method for a very long time. The basic concept behind the method I’ll be telling you is downloading those torrent first to online servers then back to your system again. All the methods I’ve shown are completely free and you can upgrade to a paid subscription if needed.

Things You’ll Learn Here

#1. Working Of Torrent To IDM

#2. Benefits Of These Methods

#3. Recommended Methods

How Torrent To IDM Works? (Methodology)

Many torrent to IDM services are available out there which are completely free of cost. All you have to do is, just give such services the magnet URL or the torrent files itself. Now, such services will download that torrent completely to their servers and save it on their disk space. Later, users can easily download that file using the browser or IDM or any other download manager.working of torrent to IDM services

I love using this method because there’s no need to wait until the big torrent files are downloaded. I do remember the days when I’ve to keep my laptop turned on whole the night in order to download big torrent files. But, thanks to torrent to IDM services using which I can easily save those files to their servers. Then later I’ve ability to download torrent with IDM easily.

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I’ve tested and used many such free torrents to IDM services. So, I’ve pointed out some of them down below. I hope you’ll find these services much useful to download torrent with IDM. All these services offer a free account and optional upgrade. Feel free to upgrade to a premium account if you found these services useful.

Benefits Of Using Torrent To IDM Services

Before telling you the services, I would like to give you the reason for using such services. There are many benefits that help us a lot when downloading torrent files and other files as well.

  • Downloading speed of torrent is increased up to 10 times because that file will be served from cloud servers.
  • Download the torrents anytime using IDM or browser.
  • Access torrent files from anywhere, anytime because a separate account is given to the user.
  • No need to wait for downloading big torrents.
  • Not only torrents but users can fetch any file to these servers.

Methods To Download Torrent With IDM

Now, I’ll be pointing out the best methods to download torrent files with IDM. All the methods are verified and need no confirmation on their working. All of these services have some unique features and do offer paid upgrade to increase the storage space.

Method 1. Using Offcloud Service

Offcloud is our best recommendations for you. Not only the torrent files but any file can be first downloaded to their servers and then we can download them anytime. If we talk about Torrent to IDM feature, it’s just insane. Just put the magnet link or upload the torrent file and wait till that file is downloaded to their server.

The free account is limited but you can play around using different E-Mails or just get a paid subscription from them. Talking about the download speed, it’s increased up to ten times. There’s no compromise with the download speed once the file is successfully fetched to their to download torrent with IDM

Below are the few steps you need to follow to get started. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can download the file using the browser or IDM or any other download manager. Offcloud will give you the direct link.

  1. Download the torrent file e.g .torrent and keep it ready because we need to upload it to Offcloud.
  2. You can either copy the magnet link. To extract the magnet link from .torrent file, simple using uTorrent like software.
  3. Visit and register your free account.
  4. Paste the magnet link or the .torrent file itself and follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. You can then see the download process, that process indicates the total size of that particular file which is downloaded to their server.
  6. Once the download is finished from their side, you’ll be given a direct download link.
  7. Copy that link and add it to IDM, this way you can download torrent file with IDM.
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This is the simplest and fastest way to download your any torrent file using Internet Download Manager. Though, if you didn’t like this service below are some other services that might fulfill your requirements.

Method 2. BitPort Service

Bitport is amazingly famous service which allows users to fetch torrent directly to cloud servers. Features like Stream torrent directly, download torrents directly to the cloud are available. This is also freemium service. Download speed is guaranteed. Real-time transfer stats are shown to the torrent files with idm

You should definitely check this service if you’re considering to download large files. A free account gives only 1GB free space. In order to download big files, you probably need to get paid subscription.Paid subscription do have many features which make your transfer secure and antivirus protection as well. It’s up to your usage now.

  1. Visit “” and register a free account.
  2. Confirm your free registration, they’ll send you a confirmation URL.
  3. Once the registration is successful, you now need to paste the magnet link or upload the .torrent file.
  4. In few moments, that file will start downloading on Bitport servers, just wait until the download is complete.
  5. If you’re using the premium account, there’s a feature using which users can stream the video files in real-time. Don’t forget to enjoy that feature if wants to.
  6. When the file is completely fetched to their servers, you’ll be given a direct download link to file. Copy it.
  7. Use that link to download the file using IDM or any other download manager.
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This way, Bitport service will be really useful for you to download torrent with IDM. It’s easy to use and offer a wide range of features to the users.

Method 3. Putdrive Service

BoxoPus is the cheapest of all two listed above. They’re providing 100GB storage with high speed only at $1.49 for 7 days. You can get their subscription when you want to download a big file and this will cost you only around $1.5 which is very cheap.torrent to idm

All the downloads are SSL encrypted and there’s no compromise with the security as well. Once you’re out of the quota given to you, just pay again and recharge your account.

Fetching of the files to their server is really fast and promising. All you need to do is just paste the magnet or upload the torrent file and wait.

  1. Visit and create your account.
  2. After confirming your account, log in and on the homepage, click Add New Torrent button.
  3. Paste the magnet link or upload .torrent file.
  4. As usual, wait till the file is uploaded to the cloud.
  5. Once the file is successfully uploaded, copy the download link.
  6. Use IDM to download the file further.

We can say that PutDrive is kind of pay per service usage and very cheap. It’s the perfect way to download very large torrent files. Just give them the magnet link and then later download torrent with IDM or browser as per your requirements.


I hope you enjoyed these methods. I’ve tried to give you all the explanation and other details which are necessary. All of these three services are totally free to use and works well for me. If you’re having any problem, feel free to drop a comment down below.

All these services care about your privacy and encrypt your files as well. This way, you can access torrent files with ease. Even some of them do offer antivirus protection and will scan the file for you. Then you’ll be totally sure that the torrent you want is totally safe to download.

If you’ve suggestions or questions regarding this article, feel free to drop a comment down below. If you have a better method to download torrent with IDM, drop it in the comment section and I’ll add it here.

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