30+ Best Rainmeter Skins In 2018 For Windows PC/Laptop

Make your desktop look futuristic and cool using these best Rainmeter skins. Your friends will obviously feel jealous while looking at your cool desktop design.

Windows users are always one step above than Linux or MAC users. It’s because Windows gets regular updates, hundreds of games, huge customizable things and much more. It’s kind of heaven for Desktop users and that’s why millions of users are using Windows OS on daily basis.

But, there’s another thing we can try to make the Desktop looks more futuristic and cool. Rainmeter is the small tool used to apply Skins in Windows. Just like we change themes on Android or any other mobile devices to make it look better. The Rainmeter tool helps to customize the looks.

But, you should be using a best Rainmeter theme otherwise it’s not worth to use a Rainmeter tool. A lot of themes are available for free but only a few of them are amazing and looks cool. As most of these themes are designed by the people in Rainmeter community. So, those these are absolutely free to use but might have some problems with them. Hence, it’s important to use a proper theme. We’ve selected 30+ themes which might be useful for you. The collection you’re going to see down below also contains Rainmeter skins for gamers.

So, stop wasting your time and start with these Rainmeter skins which will deliver you the performance and looks you need. All these skins are free to download and use. Make sure to drop down your suggestions in the comment section so that we can update the article with your suggestions.

30+ Best Rainmeter Skins Of 2018

Most of us have the common problem while choosing something from a number of choices. It’s hard to choose one right! You can easily find a bunch of skins online but it’s hard to choose one which meets your requirements.

Some of us need a skin which is helpful to monitor all the CPU resources, e.g for gamers, some needs hi-tech skins and some needs a desktop full of tools etc.

We’ve listed the skins which are rated highly, which looks amazing and can fulfill your requirements.

Figure out which theme you need the most and download it for free. All the download links are given for each skin respectively.

Quick Tip: You can download the RainMeter tool from “” website and all the important documentation is already listed there.

1. Gadgets Additions

It’s all in one skin we can say when it comes to gadgets and monitoring system. This skin provides a number of useful gadgets on your desktop.

Tools like Ping, Power, Volume etc. are available on the desktop. People who spend most of their time in front of the screen should definitely use Gadgets Additions skin.

There’s a beautify gallery box in which local photos can be randomly displayed. Media control tool will be useful to control the music.

rainmeter skins

Some other tracking tools like CPU Monitoring, RAM Usage, and VC usages are continuously shown with real-time updated.

There’s a bonus in for cryptocurrency miners. Real-time updates for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency are shown.

2. Electronic Monitoring (Up to 31 Designs)

Here’s another best Rainmeter skin you should definitely check out. One of the best thing which we’ve figured out is that it gives you the futuristic look and all the data charts on one screen.

If you’re having the widescreen LED, then you should definitely try this Rainmeter skin. It works best on wide screens as all the gadgets and items fit well on the screen.

However, this theme is auto-scalable. So, if you’ve low-resolution screen, this theme will still be the perfect one for you.

electronic monitoring

Up to 31-panel styles are available and this means you’ll no longer get bored of the same style.

If we talk about the tools and gadgets available in this theme, there is almost every gadget which is useful for monitoring your system performance.

Clock, Internet Speed, Weather, CPU Speed like tools are available for your help.

3. Star Trek Theme

Here comes the bonus thing for Star Trek Fans. ALmost every one of us has watched the amazing series of Star Trek movies right!. So, why not try the Skin which is based on this movie.

Design of this theme is related to the Star Trek movie and there’s a big wallpaper representing the Space Ship.

However, this theme isn’t full of many gadgets but indeed all the important tools are available. Weather, CPU Details, Date and time like desktop gadgets are available.

star trek rainmeter skin

Users can customize the look according to their needs. There’s much more you need to explore in this Skin which is dedicated to Star Trek fans only.

4. Walkers Join

Have you ever watched Walker’s video on YouTube or somewhere else! If yes, then you’re surely aware of the futuristic and cool animation used by them in the video.

This Rainmeter skin is dedicated to Walkers and gives the same exact look like we see in the video.

walkers join theme

Users can also configure the skin as per needs and there’s an option to add Spotify. Up to 6 languages are available and custom fonts can be added. Gadgets like Date, System Logs, Weather and Music players can be added to the desktop.

It’s totally clean, looks cool and dedicated to Walkers lovers. You should definitely use this if looking for simple Rainmeter skins.

5. SimplePerfMeters

This Rainmeter Skin displays a lot of information on the desktop. We can say that this can be your perfect solution for tracking your CPU performance and bunch of other things as well.

Another cool thing is that it’s very attractive and also displays the graphs which are colored and can be customized.

bes rainmeter skins for gamers

The desktop can be filled by the bunch of gadgets like Clock, Disk Meter, Network Meter, Weather Meter and much more like that.

All the gadgets have their sub-settings and we can tweak them as per needs. Even CPU FAN, CPU TEMP. logs like features are included. Weather gadget is quite powerful and can display weather statistics of multiple cities at one.

6. Information Overload

This is the best Rainmeter skin for gamers. Not very messy and not very simple. It’s loaded with all the tools and features which are required by the gamers to check the CPU health.

Users can see information related to CPU FAN, MEMORY, POWER. When it comes to gaming, we indeed need the fast internet connection. So, a meter showing real-time statistics of internet speed can be added to the desktop.

information overloaded skin

RAM and SWA usage monitor, plus all the DRIVES data write speed realtime statics are shown in a clear way. If you’re a gamer then this Skin might be your perfect simple solution to monitor the entire system as well as giving fantastic look to the Desktop.

7. PCMonitor

Not all of the use relies on very well structured graphical things. Most of us want a simple designed Skin with nature wallpapers right! It delivers the simple and unique interface and performance to the users. There are 3-4 monitoring tools included in the skin.

pcmonitor rainmeter skin

The best part of this theme is that it’s simple and some wallpapers are inbuilt with the skin. As its name is PCMonitor, hence it delivers the best gadgets which help you to track the CPU performance.

Users can add wallpaper according to their needs and time, weather reports are also beautifully shaped. A beautiful font is used in this skin and there’s also an area where currently running tasks are shown.

8. Talking Headlines

Waking up early in the morning and reading a newspaper with a cup of tea/coffee is everyone’s dream. But, not everyone has that much time in the morning (till retirement right! 😉 ) So, here’s a Rainmeter skin perfectly designed for you.

Talking Headlines gives fresh news from over 10+ popular news feeds like BBC, ABC, CNN, Lifehacker etc. All over the desktop, the news is listed with the proper thumbnail. The news feed is from the trusted sources. This means you’re connected with the entire world indirectly.

talking headlines

It’s an amazing idea and useful for a lot of people out there who don’t have much time to read a newspaper. We can almost stay updated with every single news using this skin.

9. Skyripper Rainmeter Skin

We loved this skin very much. The reason behind this is that everything is designed in the very well mannered way. Not very high-tech looking graphics which almost seems to be messy after some time, and not very normal kind of design.

It’s just perfect masterpiece which provides vast information as well as the required gadgets. Just like all other themes, there’re information tabs showing CPU usage and Disk usage.

skyripper theme

Using the Planet feature, one can see the weather on Earth Planet. It’s named very well by this Skin’s author right!

Another cool thing is the graphs shown on the desktop. These graphs give eyes catchy look to the desktop. Download this skin for free and check it out.

10. Kotoko Suite

Loaded skin with a bunch of tools and gadgets. Useful information is displayed on the screen and all the gadgets are beautifully designed. The look of the desktop is almost changed when you apply this skin to your Windows.

Important gadgets like Countdown clock, calendar, configs etc. are included. Most important this in the skin is its “EarthQuake” activity bar. It gives you every single information about the earthquake activities all around the world.

kotoko skin suite

If we talk about design, multimedia skins are supported which pleasures you with multimedia software. As usual system logs are continuously shown just like all other skins. Download it today to figure out more.

11. Temple VR1.1

Another masterpiece made for simplicity. People who aren’t very familiar with the overloaded Rainmeter skins should definitely check Temple VR1.1 theme. The most important feature is the two taskbar like labels on top and bottom of the screen. Hence, there’s a lot of space to manage the icons on the desktop.

Both the taskbars are having useful tools and gadgets. Users have the ability to change color, fonts etc. and most of the things are configurable.

temple vr1

The overall look is like the window whose edges are loaded with useful information. It also has the bunch of other similar features supported by other skins e.g information logs, CPU monitoring etc.

12. Cycle 1.0

We still remember those good old days, trying a lot of Nokia themes to give a dramatic and good look to our devices. The fun part was that those themes only change the icon design and we still love that. But, the situation is very different these days.cycle normal rainmeter skin

But, if you’re also gloomy icon lover just like our team, then Cycle theme is meant for you. It only adds the gloomy icons to the desktop which can be assigned to different locations.

There are 21 in total icons with different designs. You should definitely try this skin to get back to remember old days 😉 .

13. Injustice 2 VR1.1

It’s the theme meant for gamers. There are the bunch of gamers out there looking for Rainmeter skins for gamers. So, here’s the solution which might be perfect for you.

This skin is based on injustice game which is quite popular game ever built. So, there’s the possibility that you’ve played any game of Injustice series.

injustice skin pc

This Rainmeter skin comes with the preloaded game wallpaper and the bunch of useful informative tools, helpful for monitoring the CPU health to ensure that you’re ready for next mission.

Different docks are introduced in the theme which is further customizable. Design of the skin is pretty much attractive and a pleasure for gamers as well.

14. CastleKeep v1.0 (For Dragon Lovers)

It’s totally different from all other submissions on the DeviantArt store. Many of us are dragon character lovers and loves to watch dragon movies. This theme is meant for such fans.

Not only the wallpaper which comes preloaded with this theme but the icons, widgets, tools, gadgets etc. are designed accordingly.

castle keep skin

Even the section where weather statics are displayed is baked with the dragon fanciness filled in creator’s mind.

We loved this theme very much and it’s designed accordingly the way a dragon theme should.

15. Car and Vehicle Tuning

Any car lover out there! reading this article and looking for a Rainmeter skin based on cars!

Well, here’s the perfect skin we’ve discovered for you. It’s quite simple but delivers all the things that a skin should.

car and vehicle skin pc

Unlike other themes, the section where CPU statistics are shown is designed in very simple and attractive way. Some HD CAR wallpapers are included in the skin itself but you can download more from the author suggested websites.

16. Pyramid VR1.1

Many people are attracted towards Egypt because it’s full of mysteries and history that speaks a lot of words on its own. If you’re one of those people who love Egypt and mysteries that are related to that place, then Pyramid VR1.1 is the Rainmeter skin built for you.

pyramid skin

It has a collection of all the amazing wallpapers that reminds you the amazing things about that place. In fact, not only the wallpapers but it does include widgets showing some super important information about your computer and also shows the weather statistics. Even a big calendar can be placed anywhere on the desktop which makes your desktop looks so cool.

Fonts used in this skin also delivers ancient feelings to the users. You should definitely download and try thing theme.

17. DiscordLauncher v57

This is an amazing launcher for people who love simple things. In this skin, you’ll get very simple widgets on the top of the screen which shown statistics about many things going around.

discord rainmeter skin

We can even pin some useful application shortcuts on the bar which looks so attractive. It makes our way easy to launch the most useful application in one go. Weather information is shown with next three days forecast as well.

Usage/Load on CPU, Hard Disk etc. are shown on the bar in graphs. Everything just looks simple but super amazing and attractive. There are some inbuilt wallpapers which come along with the skin.

18. Natural

Nature teaches us many things and only natural things can give us the ultimate joy and inside peace. We all do agree that modern wallpapers are just very attractive. But, natural wallpapers do look amazing as well.

natural skin

If you’re looking for natural Rainmeter skin then there can be no perfect choice than Natural skin. The best thing about it is that all the widgets are designed according to the wallpapers which comes preloaded with it. Every single widget matches the wallpaper and looks supernatural.

There are 2 music players, 3 versions of the weather forecast and 2 different visualizers available. This all makes your desktop super attractive and informational.

19. DesktopWidgets 1.2

Some PC users love to have a lot of widgets on their desktop. It doesn’t matter whether those are informative or useful but desktop should look super high-end. If you’re just like those users then you should prefer to use DesktopWidgets 1.2 skin. It offers a very wide range of tools and widgets which are customizable as well.

desktop widgets
You can clearly see in the screenshot that all desktop is just full of information and graphs. It’s all because of the fact that there are many customizable tools available. All of these can be placed anywhere on the screen. A user manual is also included with this skin. Audio spectrum visualizer, auto coloring, news on the screen, weather forecast etc. are some of its features.

20. Wolf Tiles 1.2

We can say that Wolf Tiles is something different you can use. Wallpapers come with it are designed very nicely and dedicated to Wolf according to its name. there are hundreds of boxes all over the screen which related to Tiles.

wolf tiled

That’s why its name is Wolf Tiled. Just like every single best Rainmeter skin, there are some statistics shown on the desktop like CPU, RAM, Drive etc.

So, it’s a mix of Art and Information, combine in one theme.

21. Blur Player 3

Another Skin dedicated to the music lovers. If you’re a music lover too then must give a try to this skin. It’s the most simple and cute theme to play the music. It supports different cool features which makes your hearing and controlling the plays much fantastic.blur player 2

Blurred album art makes the players very attractive in looks. It supports many music players like WMP, Spotify etc.

Users can turn on the auxiliary feature which displays album progress etc. Add/Remove noise and many other useful features can be seen in Blur Player 3.

22. Radiation VR1.1

Have you ever wondered that what’ll happen if there’s a nuclear war between countries! Well, we can only imagine right! This theme is based on radiation concept and preloaded wallpapers show the radiation warning. In fact, like all other skins, it supports widgets showing some statistics about the system and network.

radiation skin

There are 8 languages in all and users have the ability to modify font, colors, size of the fonts etc. There’s a configuration panel which allows users to modify the skin. Time, weather, number of files in recycle bin, battery, CPU like things are available.

All the statistics change every single second, showing you the real-time data. On the top right of the screen, there are few icons displayed which are the shortcuts to the applications. Author has managed all the tools according to the wallpapers but customizations are available according to the needs.

23. Cathode Heating 1.0

Cathode Heating skin is the powerhouse of modernization we can say. It contains all the important tools and customizable widgets. If you’re using it on the laptop, there’s an brightness control. You can control the brightness. There’s a little file viewer included with it which allows you to view files without opening the actual folder in file explorer.cathode heating

RSS reader can show you news from various websites. Just enter the valid source and enjoy all the news with ease. Search box gives us the ability to search throughout the hard drive.

If you want to show clocks on your desktop, then just increase the size of clocks, analog and AM/PM clocks are added. Even author has included a quote box, stay motivated by pasting some very unique and motivation quotes!

24. Stylish Music Player 1.1.2

Music is one of our best friend in life. It’s ability to make us feel sad, to make us feel motivated is just amazing. Music is just connected with our emotions and many people loved to hear a bunch of songs every single day.

You might also have some people in your life who have an amazing collection of songs with them. If you’re also a person who loved to hear songs, then try Stylish Music Player theme.stylish music player

There are 4 variants of Skins which come preloaded. Up to 27+ stylish wallpapers are also included in the pack. Not only good looking graphics but several controls are also available. Play, Pause, Next, previous, Volume Controlling and progress bar can be seen.

25. Minimo For Rainmeter

Minimo is kind of clock thing which is totally simple and meaningless for most of the people reading this article. But believe me, there’ll be a day when you’ll get bored or frustrated with all those skins which are just overloaded with all the things and useless widgets.

minimo simple rainmeter skin

If that day comes sooner, you’ll be probably finding a simple Rainmeter skin. So, Minimo is one of the best choices for you. It comes with a digital clock, with some cool and delighting wallpapers which also comes preloaded with it. Everything just looks like perfect and at the place that it should be.

26. MyGameCollection

Do you have a bunch of games and play them very often? Then this theme might be the perfect one for you. It’s because it can be useful to manage all the games you have on your PC/Laptop. A dashing and simple dashboard comes with it where users can add all the icons related to the game.

mygamecollection skin

So, next time when you want to spend time by playing games, just head over to desktop and select the game you want to play. It’s all right there on your desktop. The unique thing about the MyGameCollection is that it supports steam. Most PC users do have a steam account and usually purchase games from that store.

So, you don’t even need to do something in order to get nice cover and manually adding games to it. It’ll be added to the place automatically. Just manage them in the way you wants to.

27. Skeleton VR1.1

You might have watched hundreds of movies and videos about human skeleton, hell and things like that. That’s all looks scary to most of the people but not to all. If you live such things, e.g skeleton art then try out this theme. Wallpapers which comes with it are just insane and amazing. It’s like the theme is baked from the hell and sent to use it on Rainmeter.

It got all the important and useful functionality just like all other skins. CPU details (up to 16 cores), battery level, RAM and so on. But, the scariest and amazing thing is the design and fonts used to build it. All matches to each other and makes sense.

There’s a section on top of the screen where users can add the icons of the applications that they use very often. Weather-related information can also be shown using forecast.

28. Honeycomb

Honeycomb is the honey comb structure based design. It’s basically a icons pack in which hundreds of icons are added related to different applications and games. All the most popular games and applications are added. You’ll see amazingly designed icons of Adobe products, Fortnite and Minecraft.honey comb skin

What’s special about this Rainmeter skin is that everything looks structural and you can manage all the icons as the way you want to. When you install and start using it, you’ll indeed enjoy the simplicity and design that has put into it.

The official pack doesn’t have many icons preloaded in it. But, many unofficial icons packs are available which guarantees almost every popular application/game icons.

29. Spotify Player

Here comes the turn of every Spotify listener. There are thousands of people who listen to music using Spotify every single day. If you’re one of them then this skin is built for you. It comes with all the features which will make your Spotify experience very amazing. Spotify Player skin is totally synced with Spotify.spotify player skin

Many different color schemes are available and buttons just look great. Users can turn on/off Spotify, song progress bar is synced, animation on buttons, album art, and detailed song details are shown. This all makes the user experience very rich and simple.

30. Desktop ++

Another futuristic skin which guarantees the simplicity and all the advance looks you need. If we talk about the features, then you can clearly see in the image down below that it shows the very minimum amount of details like CPU usage and internet information details.

desktop ++
Wallpapers come with it are very good looking and cool. We can add new widgets to it just like all other skins. Weather, RSS feed (news or blog), Clock and music player etc. are supported. You can customize the looks as per your needs.

It’s built for big screens with good resolution, hence you might face problems if your screen size is small.

List Of Best Rainmeter Skins and Our Conclusion

Best Rainmeter Skins
Gadgets Additions
Electronic Monitoring
Star Trek
Walkers Join
Information Overload
Talking Headlines
Skyripper Rainmeter Skin
Kotoko Suite
Temple VR1.1
Cycle 1.0
Injustice 2 VR1.1
CastleKeep v1.0
Car and Vehicle Tuning
Pyramid VR1.1
DiscordLauncher v57 and Task Manager
Desktop Widgets
Wolf Tiled
Blur Player
Radiation VR1.1
Cathode Heating
Stylish Music Player
Minimo For Rainmeter
Skeleton Vr1.1
Honeycomb Addiitional Pack
Spotify Player Skin

We hope that you loved this list. We’ve tried to list all types of skins which will be loved by all types of people. e.g simple, full of tools and widgets, heavily informational and artistic.

All skins can be downloaded and used for free from Deviantart. More details are available on the download page. You can also read the tips and guides listed there by the official author. Don’t forget to drop your comments down below and share your thoughts.

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