How To Remove BIOS Password From Laptop or PC

Thousands of people forgot their BIOS password on laptop or PC. It’s the common issue but it can be fixed easily. We’ve detailed step by step guide on how to remove BIOS password. We hope you’ll get the desired answer to your problem in this article.

The rise in computer users means the rise in the security risks. Then developers from all around the world kept inventing new ways to protect users from threats. one of the biggest threat to the user is the data breach threat. However, most of the attacks are done these days remotely. But, what if your friend/neighbor just plug-in a USB and stole all your data when you’re away from your computer?

Hence, computer machine these days can be protected using a password. In Windows 10 like Operating System, users can use the advance feature like Windows Hello to protect their computer from unauthorized access. In fact, BIOS password can be used to give a strong security to your computer.

When you enable BIOS password, the computer will ask password from you every time you boot into the operating system. This gives your computer high security against unauthorized access. But, what if you forgot BIOS password? Well, you need to remove BIOS password if you didn’t remember it.bios on laptop

Most laptops come with a very strong BIOS password capability and they lock all the hardware utility and it becomes impossible to bypass that password. In fact, the operating system will only load once you enter the BIOS password. Most of the users forgot their BIOS password and this happens only when they enable it on BIOS settings entry page. As they don’t use the password on regular basis.

When you set BIOS password, you can decide where it should appear. You can enable it on boot time, on BIOS settings entry page or on boot device selection options page. If you’ve enabled this only on BIOS settings page, and you’re able to boot into Windows, then it’s possible to remove BIOS password without doing any hardware change. If you go to a technician to remove BIOS password from your laptop/PC, they will charge your around 100-200$ or more.

In fact, in most of the case’s motherboard needs to be replaced. This is the only way left to get rid of the BIOS password. However, there’s a battery called CMOS battery on the motherboard which supplies power to memory to store data like BIOS Password, Date, Time etc.

If you remove that battery from your system for about 10-15 minutes, your BIOS password might be removed automatically. But, this is not going to happen with all the motherboards. So, we’ve shown a technical guide on removing BIOS password from your PC/Laptop.

The reason behind “why you should use this way” is that if you’re trying to remove that CMOS battery or the chip from your motherboard. You might brick your motherboard resulting in the big loss. Also, if you broke that chip then it might cost you very high top replace it with a new one. So, you’re thinking that how to remove BIOS password without touching your motherboard or doing any physical changes on the motherboard?

We have the answer to this question here but with few limitations. All laptop/PC manufacturers provide BIOS firmware update on their official website. That firmware is used to flash the BIOS with new updates like security patches, UI change etc. If you change are able to do some changes in that firmware, you will be able to remove BIOS password very easily.

Limitations To The Method We’ve Shown In This Article:

Well, there are some limitations to the method that we’re trying to serve you.

  • You can’t follow this method if BIOS password is enabled on booting
  • Also, if you’ve enabled BIOS password on boot device selection menu, then you won’t be able to use the method shown in this article.

Simply, you should be either able to boot into Windows or can access the boot device selection menu.

If You’re Able To Enter Into Boot Device Selection Menu

Users who can enter into boot device selection menu should follow this method. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to remove the BIOS password by following the steps given below. We’ll be using CLNPWD tool here. This tool is very useful to remove BIOS password from laptop or computer.

  1. Download the tool from here.
  2. Open the HP USB Disk Storage Format tool and install it on your system.
  3. Now, click on the shortcut which is made on the desktop and Righ-Click>Run as Administrator.
  4. Plug-In your USB to the computer and select the tool. Then tick Create DOS Startup disk and select using DOS System Files Located at:remove bios password from laptop
  5. Now, browse the MS-DOS System Files which is located in the zip file you’ve downloaded.
  6. Check the Quick Format box and click on Start. Wait till the process is to remove bios password
  7. Now, copy the clnpwd.exe from the downloaded ZIP file to the USB.
  8. Reboot your computer and boot from the USB drive in which clnpwd.exe file is located. You can boot from USB by entering into the boot selection menu.
  9. Now, type dir and hit enter. You’ll get all the files inside your USB drive. Type clnpwd and hit enter.
  10. On screen, you’ll get following message: Press 1 or 2 to clean any password. Now, press 1 to clean user password and press 2 to clean Supervisor Password.

This method to remove BIOS password will work for all the users who can enter into boot device selection menu. They can use another computer to follow the steps given above and then boot from the USB on the computer where BIOS password is forgotten. We hope you’ve removed the BIOS password using this method

Flashing Edited BIOS Firmware

In this method, we’ll be editing the firmware. Then flashing that firmware will remove the BIOS password.

  1. First of all, download the firmware from the official website of your computer manufacturer website

Below Are The Links Of Some Manufacturers Official Website






2. Enter the model number of your laptop to find the BIOS firmware file of your laptop/computer and download it.

If you are not able to find the accurate firmware version then you need to know your BIOS manufacturer name. You can find that by the following method:-

  1. Press Win+R key and type “CMD”
  2. Now type “wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion

Now you will get your BIOS manufacturer version and you can search for the BIOS file.

After downloading the firmware file, watch the video given below:

We hope you’re now able to remove BIOS password from your computer. If you still have problems then comment down below. We’ll try to help you in every possible way.

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