Top Five Best Movies on Netflix Right Now [December Christmas2023]

Netflix hosts thousands of movies and TV shows on its platform. It might be hard for the end user to find the perfect movie to watch. So, we came up with a list of the five best movies on Netflix right now.

Weekends can be boring if you are not doing something interesting. People do a lot of stuff on weekend days such as traveling, partying, shopping, and the list goes on. Some people love to watch movies on weekends and if you are one of them, we have a list of the best movies that you can watch on Netflix right now.

Different types of movies leave different types of impacts on our minds. Hence, it is considered to watch movies according to your mental state. It might brighten up your mood and make you feel relaxed. However, choosing the perfect film is not a very easy task. 

5 Best Netflix Movies

We completely understand that so we want to make it a bit less complicated for you. After doing some research, we came up with a list of the best movies that you should binge on Netflix. Those movies will brighten up your weekends. It might be possible that suggested titles might not be available in your country, which is why you can use some unblocked movies.

Before you go ahead and watch all of these movies, make sure to have a reliable and fast internet service. If you are not satisfied with your current provider and are looking to switch, then we would recommend you to contact servicio al cliente de Spectrum (for Spanish speakers only) and enquire about all the provider’s internet deals. You can then sign up with the one that best meets your budget.

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Here are the Five Best Movies on Netflix

1. 65

Mood: Sci-Fi

Starring:  Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman

65 movie on netflix best

65 One of the best sci-fi movies in 2023. This movie will bend your mind in a new direction. It shows what happened on a planet 65 million years ago. A mysterious spaceship crashed on Earth and only a few survived the crash.

Soon after the crash, they realized that they are not alone and something is not right with the planet Earth itself. They experienced something scary and thrilling on Earth that made them think to leave it ASAP. Will they be able to leave the planet Earth? Watch the movie to find out.

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2. A Man Called Otto

Mood: Emotional, Thrillers

Starring: Agnieszka Grochowska,Adrian Delikta,Dariusz Chojnacki

a man called otto best movie on netflix

The movie stars everyone’s favorite Tom Hanks who as always has performed remarkably in this film. He plays the role of a grump scowl making the movie even more interesting. Depression takes over his life as he recently loses his beloved life and so he becomes very sad.

But life gives him a new chance when something very interesting happened in his life. You should see how a man’s life was transformed with a little change in his surroundings.

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3. Missing

Mood: Drama, Thriller, Mystery

Starring: Storm Reid, Nia Long, Megan Suri

missing on netflix best movie

The movie revolves around a teenage girl who intelligently uses her expert internet skills in order to find her beloved mother after she goes missing while she is on vacation with the love of her life (her boyfriend).  The girl started using her technical skills to figure out the location of her mother.

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When her mom’s kidnapping goes viral and the internet detectives start making weird assumptions, June Allen, the smart daughter starts to find out a lot more about her own identity and her family than she actually expects. This movie comes with a lot of turnarounds. Must watch it if you love watching thrilling movies.

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4. Extraction & Extraction 2

Mood: Action, Thriller

Starring:  Chris Hemsworth, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Randeep Hooda

extraction 2 movie netflix

Extraction is one of the most beloved movies on Netflix. The first Extraction movie story is based on a soldier who is given the task of bringing out a kid from Bangladesh. The son is related to a drug lord and was kidnapped by some rivalries. The task becomes much hard as the city the child is kept in is full of enemies. Now, you can imagine the Extraction 2 story on your own. Or watch both parts to find out.

The movie is starring Chris Hemsworth who has given his best in the movie. His acting and fighting skills have put an energetic vibe into the movie. It is reviewed by more than 200K+ viewers on IMDB. If you want to feel thrilled with action, consider watching it on Netflix right now.

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5. Space Sweepers

Mood: Sci-Fi, Action, Drama

Starring: Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Sun-kyu

space sweeper movie on netflix best

Space Sweepers is a must to watch movie for Sci-Fi movie viewers. It is one of the best movies on Netflix right now. The movie is based on a totally new concept. A future world where people can travel from planet to planet in a matter of minutes. But the space is full of warriors, pirates, and Govt. is trying to control them. But the Govt. is itself corrupted and a lot more is going on.

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In the story, there is a ship known as Victory which is used to collect the space junk. They find out a robot Dorothy who is very powerful and destructive in nature. It made them get involved in a risky business deal that might help them make more money. Will they be able to do that? Watch the movie to know more.

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We hope you loved out suggestions. We will keep this article up to date in the future. So, keep visiting our website to find the latest and trending Netflix movies to watch right now. If you have some more suggestions, please drop down in the comment section below and we will add them to the list.

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