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35+ Best Sites Like Primewire In 2018 To Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

Primewire, alternatively known as Primewire.ag is one of the biggest websites to watch free movies and TV shows. But, this site is blocked by some ISP and WiFi networks. So, here’s the list of 35+ sites like Primewire you should use in 2018.

We all know very well that Primewire is famous for its free movies and TV shows. There are thousands of movies available on their website which can be watched for free without a subscription. Thousands of users are using this website to satisfy their entertainment needs.

Primewire unblockedPrimewire.ag movies are totally free to use the website but the problem is that sometimes it’s blocked by ISP for some reasons and even public WiFi networks aren’t allowing users to access such sites. Hence, you probably need alternatives to Primewire. I’ve collected some amazing sites like Primewire for TV shows and movies.

All these sites work perfectly and you’ll probably like all these sites. However, there are still some chances that some of these sites might be blocked by your ISP. But, the list is really huge and most of the sites will load easily. In fact, if you’re a very big fan of watching movies, then don’t forget to check sites to watch movies online.

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35 Best Sites Like Primewire To Watch Movies and TV Shows

Note: StuffPrime isn’t promoting these websites. These sites are only listed here for the educational purpose. Top open these sites, copy the URL address and paste it in the new tab.

Sites like PrimewireLink (copy and paste)
Vumoo http://vumoo.to/
Yify movieshttps://yts.am/
Sony Cracklehttps://www.sonycrackle.com
Fmovies https://www7.fmovies.se/
Couch tunerhttps://www.couchtuner.rocks/
Watch Freehttps://watch-free.pro

When I was creating this list, there were few things in my mind. Like the site user interface, a number of movies available and how updated is the collection. This helps me to give you a list of the best sites like Primewire. I’m pretty much sure that you’re going to like these sites.

All these sites do have their unique concept and goals. Some are focused on providing the latest movies, whereas some of these are eager to give users the latest TV shows. Everything is freely accessible and needs no sign-up or user account. All these Primewire alternatives run on fast servers and hence there’s no more buffering while streaming movies.

Bonus: Users who are looking forward to enjoying movies at school should check unblocked movies site list.

21 Most Recommended Sites Like Primewire

Here are the 21 sites like Primweire which are recommended to Primewire fans. All these alternatives have their own special features and a large collection of movies.

1. Gomovies

GoMovies is not a well-known website but it can be considered as a well-maintained platform, which you can use without encountering any hassle.gomovies website free

If you visit the Gomovies website for one time, there is a high possibility for you to get addicted to it. In other words, you will love to start browsing the media files that are available on the site.
Since there is something for everyone, you will spend a few hours browsing through the site as well. If you are about to take a look at Gomovies, you are encouraged not to take the name of it too seriously.

That’s because the website doesn’t just offer movies. You will also be able to find excellent TV shows on this site. Therefore, you will be able to maximize the fun and satisfaction that you can get out of the site. The content available on this sites like 123movies is updated on a regular basis as well. Movies and TV shows that you can experience from the website can be divided into a variety of genres. They include crime, family, comedy, biography as well as action. You just need to access the appropriate category and enjoy the movie or TV show you want.

Site URL: GoMovies

2. Vumoo


Vumoo is one of the best sites like Primewire. I like to use this website because they provide free movies and TV shows to users. The collection of movies is really big and updated. In fact, you’ll feel familiar while using Vumoo because their user interface is similar to Primewire.ag site. It has everything that you need from a free movies site.

There’s no need to sign up for an account and it gives you a complete anonymity. That’s all we need on web right! When the user is landed on their homepage, they welcome their users with a slideshow listing some latest collection of movies. Movie quality, audio, description etc. are shown the viewer. Most people recommend this site to watch movies and Tv shows for free.

Visit:- http://vumoo.to/

3. Tubi.tv

Tubi Tv

Tubi does need a free account to give its users access to over 8000+ TV series and pictures. Thousands of people are using this site to watch movies and TV shows online for free. If we talk about the collection, it ranges from Hollywood to Bollywood movies. As I’ve pointed out before that according to them, there are over 8K+ movies. This simply means that you’ll definitely find the types of entertainment content you’re looking for using Tubi website.

In some country, this site also provides free anime to watch. You just need to register for this site and that’s it. Stand up comedy shows are also hosted on Tubi. Once you have an account, all your activity e.g the movie you’re watching etc. are stored. So, it becomes easy to go through the list of things you’ve watched there.

I recommend you to use VPN and switch your IP address to different countries. This will help you to unlock some content because Tubi doesn’t allow some content in different locations.

Visit:- https://tubitv.com

4. Housemovie

Housemovie is the house of free movies and TC shows. The best part of Housemovie is its search functionality. It’s because, on their homepage, a big search box is placed. A user can quickly enter the name of the movie he’s looking for and can check if it’s available on this site or not.

Real-time results are also shown displaying the results according to the query user is typing.Housemovie

Almost all the type of media available there for free streaming is added in HD format. In fact, all the movies posters are tagged with the type of quality you’ll get while streaming it e.g HD, or HDCAM etc. Up to 5 servers are available to choose from. So, if there’s some sort of buffering going around because of a slow server, just switch to another one and stream more fastly.

Users can also leave their opinions and review the movie. Little synopsis and movie ratings from IMDB are displayed on the sidebar of the [age. Full view mode is supported. However, ads might frustrate you because there are a lot of ads while streaming through the content.

Serial lovers should also use Housemovie. Even some Netflix series are available for free streaming. Don’t you think that it’s more than enough on a single website! Stop waiting and use this one of the amazing sites like Primewire.

Visit:- https://housemovie.to/

5. Snagfilms

Snagfilms is popular for its classic movies. I’ve used this site for a few hours and found that all the old and classic movies which are popular enough can be found on Snagfilms. Another cool part of this site is that a trailer is embedded with each movie and hence it becomes way easier for the user to know what movie is all about.

Another pro is that their servers are insanely fast. By this, I mean that movies load very quickly and there’s no buffering. All you need is a good internet connection. People who love to watch some good old stuff should definitely use Snagfilms.Snagfilms

Most parts of this site are freely accessible. No need to create an account. But, to get the most out of Snagfilms, I recommend creating a free account.

Over 2000 free movies and documentaries are available for free to the users. The site is built to give rich information to viewers and the TV shows which were very popular in the old time.

Talking about the TV shows, most of those are documentaries. Related to a country, job, or culture. Funny shows like comedy series etc. can also be seen there. The user interface is just awesome and comes with dark skin which is good for watching media online.

Visit:- https://www.snagfilms.com/

6. SolarMovie Site

Solarmovie site is already a very popular one and it’s only because they are providing the latest and largest collection of movies and TV shows. Wha I loved the most is their simple and unique UI. The navigation menu is just awesome and it has some cool options like All Movies, Latest Movies, TV Series, Top IMDB Rated and much more. Hence, it becomes way easy to find the idle movie you’re looking for.


Solarmovie site is also good in categorizing movies in their genres. The list of genres is pretty big in this site. You can see a different type of movies is categorized based on their genres. This site also provides movies in some different language like Japanese, Hindi, English etc. This is indeed one of the best websites like Primewire for TV shows.

Another amazing part of this site is that rating and quality of the movie are tagged on the poster. It gives the user a very basic idea about the movie. For all of us, the quality and frame rate is the very first thing to concern when watching movies online. Some websites don’t provide us the quality we’ll get. But, Solarmovies does provide this information and we don’t need to check the quality manually.

Visit:- http://www.solarmovie.fm/

7. Putlocker

Putlocker is all in one pack site that is one of the best Primewire alternatives. This website has all that you need. It has movies and Tv show to watch for free as well as anime, cartoon, and movies from the different countries. People visit this site quite often to watch movies, Tv shows, and anime as well.

Daily updates are posted to Putlocker website. This simply means that you’re going to see the latest movies and TV shows for free. The collection is amazingly wide and ranges from the different genre to different languages.putlocker

Users have the ability to request movies as well. Just visit their Request movie section and put the name of the movie you want. If your request makes sense and useful to other users, it’ll be surely added by the Putlocker team.

If we talk about the user interface and additional features, everything is just fine and the way it should be. In fact, they do provide movies related to actors. Just put the actor name in search box and you’ll be amazed after seeing search results.

Visit:- http://www.putlocker.us.com

8. Niter movies

Niter Movies has a small collection of movies but it is enough to entertain you. Updates are published almost every week and hence you’ll get the most updated content. Most people prefer Niter because of its updated content. There are a lot of popular things to watch using Niter.me website.

It comes with great website layout and the movies are also in HD quality to watch. Navigation is clean and lets you surf easily between one movie categories to other categories. This site is getting bigger day by day so I think using this site is a good idea. You may get new movies to watch with time on this site. Niter

If you’re a kind of person who only prefers the latest movies, then you should definitely start using Niter. Even Netflix shows and movies are available for free. This makes this website one of the best alternatives to Primewire.ag.

Most watch section is also public to users to give them a basic idea that what’s trending right now. I highly recommend you to visit them once and see how amazing is their list of updated movies.

Visit:- http://niter.me/

9. Yify Movies

Yify movies are small in size and have a Bluray video quality. YTS is the site that let you download these type of movies. Because of the fact that Bluray quality is available, you’ll surely get a 720p and 1080p resolution. If you want to download movies, just visit them and select the movie you want to download. They support both downloading and streaming features.YTS

Yify movies are encoded with x264 codec and the worldwide popular mp4 format. By using this the size of the movies become much smaller and the quality of video won’t get affected. If you are looking for a site to download movies, then this is the best site for you.

I highly recommend you to use the VPN in order to use the YTF website. It helps to mask the actual IP address and ISPs aren’t able to block your access to such websites.

Visit:- https://yts.am/

10. 123movies

123 Movies is very popular worldwide and you might have also used it once. But, with time, there are a lot of 123movies alternatives available for free. We can use all those sites as Primewire alternatives. It’s because they do offer a wide range of movies and TV shows to the users. There are tons of other things to concern e.g the way this website collects movies.123movies

They do collect automatically from the various collection and this helps them to grow dramatically and thousands of people can get different content in one single website. The user interface is just very basic and good enough. On their homepage, you’ll see a basic search box and some other options as well.

Archives based on release years are also available on 123movies. Visit them and know if they are useful and meets your requirements or not.

Visit:-  https://123movie.cc/

11. Xmovies8

Xmovies8 is a big client based site that has a great number of movies and Tv series collection. Xmovies 8 website is very well managed and gets daily updates on a regular basis.

This site allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in the high quality. You don’t need to register to watch movies and Tv shows online. This is a very popular site and many people love to use it.

primewire alternative

It’s indeed one of the best websites like Primewire for TV shows. There is not much of restriction to the users. It has some great TV series collection that you never gonna miss to watch. Everything is summarized in a well managed and mannered way.

In fact, only a few ads are seen on Xmovies8. It helps users to browse through the entire website without having some serious issues caused by the frustrating ads. We all know that ads decrease the user experience but on this site, only fewer ads are shown.

Visit:- https://xmovies8.nu/xmovies8.html

12. Coolmoviezone

Coolmoviezone is also a good website to watch movies online for free. This website allows the user to download the movie in HD quality for free. Coolmoviezone Site also has some Indian movies available as well. So, if you want to enjoy Indian movies, feel free to try coolmovieszone website.Coolmoviezone

The collection of movies is pretty decent and when it comes to the quality of the content. They also provide HD playback support. Some of the latest movies might be in CAM format to watch but you’ll surely get HD format when available. It’s is most likely an average site where you can simply scroll down and select a movie and watch for free. You can use cool movies as a good alternative to Primewire.ag site.

It has a simple design that navigates the user pretty nicely to different kind of movies on this site. Navigation menu allows us to browse the website quickly. Reviews and little description provided along with the movie is helpful in many cases.

Visit:- https://coolmoviezone.biz/

13. Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u is a very popular site all around the world. It provides popular movies to watch online without any registration. Many of my friends like to visit WorldFree4u pretty often for latest movies. It’s running from past few years and hence provides almost all the amazing movies for free.

There are up to 5 different servers added to every single movie. Users can use those servers either to download or stream the movie online.worldfree4u

Various categories like 300 MB Movies, 720p movies, dual audio movies etc. are added. This makes us to better understand and navigate throughout the website. In order to request a movie, we need to drop a comment down below and admins of WorldFree4u reviews the request quickly.

There’s no need to create an account there. They don’t even offer such accounts to the users. Just visit them and choose the movie you want to watch or download. They do provide detailed information about the movie. Like the IMDB ratings, quality, size, audio quality, and channels etc. Even a screenshot which is taken from various parts of the movie is attached. It’s more than enough information right!

Visit them right now and have a look at their site.

Visit:- https://www.worldfree4u.ws/

14. Hubmovie

HubMovie is also one of the best alternative sites like Primewire. TThere are many reasons behind it and one of the strongest reason is that they do have a good user interface and updated collection of movies and TV shows. If you visit them right now, you’ll see that all the popular movies from the current month are available there for free.

However, the latest collection doesn’t have HD quality but they are provided in CAM quality. That’s the kind of drawback but most users will understand that latest movie don’t have CDs and websites can’t provide the HD print. Hubmovie

HubMovies does add the best print as soon as it’s available to the public. That’s why I’m recommending this website. Even TV shows are available for free access. If you decided to create an account there, it becomes easy to schedule shows and pictures.

The first experience with this site was awesome for me. I like the simple user interface and the categorized movies sections. You’ll easily find your favorite Tv shows’ episodes here to watch.

Visit:- http://hubmovie.cc/

15. Pandamovie

Padamovie is another great choice for most users. It’s because it’s the complete website with thousands of movies available for free streaming. What I liked the most about PandaMovie are their archives. It’s just because they categorize movies in different pages nicely and it becomes easy for users to find best entertaining stuff.pandamovie

Trending and Top rated collections are separately listed in different pages. If you want to browse the collection according to the release years, just have a look on their sidebar. From 1993 to 2018, all the popular movies are listed.

If we talk about the user interface, it’s just nice. PandaMovies comes with black skin which is nice when browsing movies at night. There’s a lot more to discover, just visit them and know more.

Visit:- https://pandamovie.pw/

16. Moviezion

sites like primewire

Moviezion is a great website to download movies online for free. It has a great and genuine User interface. More than 19000 movies are hosted on MovieZion which is just amazing. That’s a really huge number of movies available for free on a single website.

They do offer a free Android app to the users as well. The app might be really useful for some users. After all, you can watch movies directly using their Android application. On their homepage, you’ll find some important links e.g their collection of top 200 movies and much more like that.

It helps you to find the idle movie and because all user is rating different movies and TV shows on a daily basis, only selected pictures are able to get on top. Hence, their list of top selections is amazing and very useful to us.

Visit:- https://www4.movierill.com/

17. Sony Crackle

Sonycrackle is the official website which is developed and maintained by the Sony company. Because of the fact that this Primewire alternative is from a trusted brand, you won’t get disappointed by the UI and all the things. I’ve used this website for a few months, the collection was indeed not updated and mostly related to Sony Media company.Sonycrackle

But, the concept and shows available on Sonycrackle are very unique and classic ones. It gives us feeling that we are using premium Netflix. However, the website is limited to a few regions. It means that people from selected countries will be able to use Sony Crackle.

If you’re from such a region where Sony Crackle is blocked, then simply use a VPN and set country to the United States. It’ll unlock your access to the website easily.

There are very fewer ads shown and ads are also relevant ones. No frustrating popup ads which almost makes us feel frustrating. No buffering or slow server problem as it’s from a giant media company. Hence, we’ll get pure entertainment with no strings added.

Visit:- SonyCrackle

18. 123movieshub


123movieshub is surely one of the best similar sites like Primewire to watch movies and TV shows online. Just like all other alternatives, they do have the amazing collection available. You’ll never feel bored again once used 123movieshub website. Thousands of people are taking advantage of this website.

I like this site’s categorization style, the way they manage categories and all the TV shows. You can easily find movies through their respected genres. Same goes for TV shows too, as they are also categorized respectively. 123movieshub also hosts movies from different countries and languages.

The list of countries movies they have is just insane and you’ll feel amazed after looking at it. Talking about the updates, regular updates are posted with all the latest releases from the current month. Many other features aren’t described here, visit them to know more.

Visit:- https://123movieshub.film/

19. Fmovies

FMovies is very much useful website when it comes to free shows and films. FMovies is perhaps the best alternative to Primewire right now. It has a huge fan following and has a great number of movies and Tv shows collection. From the collection of entertainment stuff, to site design and navigation, everything is just simple and perfect.


It also has a big categorized movies section. The movies can also filter by most watched and A-Z movies. You can also try to use Adblock for a better experience in this site. It’ll help you to get rid of some popup ads and many other things as well.

Visit:- https://www7.fmovies.se/

20. CouchTuner


CouchTuner is well known for its TV shows and series. It’s a well-known website with thousands of daily users. The main thing you’re going to like about them is their collection of serials. As I’ve pointed out before that they are famous for the serials, you’ll find some popular Netflix series for free on CouchTuner.

Most ISPs and WiFi networks are blocking users from accessing this website. Hence, in order to access this website, you probably need to use a VPN or Proxy website.

Visit:- https://www.couchtuner.rocks/

21. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is one of the best sites to entertain yourself. When it comes to sites like Primewire, Popcornflix is just the thing you’re looking for. There are many reasons for using this website and one of the popular reason is that they do offer some unique features and usability to the users.

For Popcornflix, the user experience is the key and it helps them to grow very quickly. UI is very nicely designed and movies requests can be submitted from the Request Page or just leave a comment and operators of Primewire will add your request if found useful.

Visit:- https://www.popcornflix.com

Conclusion and Tips:

I hope you loved reading this article on sites like Primewire. I tried hard to give you best alternatives to Primewire. If you’re able to access all these sites, believe me, all the movies and TV shows will be freely accessible. But, at the same time, make sure you’re acting smart while browsing these websites.

Most websites are using Popads which is the best way to monetize a movie website. Now, such Ads might be full of spams and you should be careful when viewing such ads. Don’t download executable files e.g .exe, .apk etc.

It’s highly recommended to use a VPN service because it helps users to mask their IP address and hide their online identity. Never disclose your private information on these sites e.g Address, Phone Number, Credit/Debit card number etc.

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