How To Make Bootable Pendrive Using CMD or Other Tools

Do you want to Install Windows 10, or any other operating system but don’t have bootable USB or Pendrive? Well, there’s nothing to worry about because I’ve written down full guide on how to make¬† bootable pendrive using CMD. Make a bootable USB and install any Windows OS using it.

I’ve been such a condition many times when I have no option left rather than re-installing my Windows OS. Most of the techies might have also faced this same problem sometimes with them. Sometimes I do heavy stuff with my PC, installing a lot of software and downloading a lot of files. So, this simply means the virus might affect the PC and things like that.

Now, I have to re-install the Windows, but wait, I don’t have a Windows installation CD. Hence, the only way left is using a bootable Pendrive to install Windows 10 or any other Windows build in your case. Th problem arises that we can just simply put Windows installation files into the Pendrive and start installing.

We have to make bootable Pendrive. There are many tools and even paid software available in the market which can do this task in a few clicks. But, downloading tools and then understanding the way they work is a little bit time-consuming. In fact, some of the bootable USB maker software are paid and I don’ find a strong reason to buy such tools. Because we can make bootable Pendrive using CMD (Command Prompt)bootable usb from cmd

Many people don’t know how many things we can do using CMD. I’m doing dozens of tasks using CMD only. So, I decided to write this article on how to make bootable Pendrive using CMD to install Windows 10.

No need to download or use any software. Just fire up the command prompt, execute some commands and that’s all you need. The process is very fast and easy to follow as there are only around 8 commands we have to execute. Then our USB Pendrive device will become bootable.

Also, I’ve shown some other ways e.g using tools to make a bootable USB. So, it’s up to your choice which method you want to learn and try.

Make Bootable Pendrive Using CMD and Install Windows 10, 8, 7

Let’s get started now, we only need few things before getting started. make sure you’ve all the things listed down below:

  • USB Pendrive 4GB Minimum.
  • Windows Installation Files.
  • Of course, a Working Windows PC/Laptop.

Once, you have all these things with you, you’re ready to get started. Ensure that your Windows installation files aren’t bricked or corrupted. Otherwise, you’ll get errors during the installation.

Method 1. Make Bootable USB Using CMD Only

Let’s get this done using command prompt only. It’s really very easy and the commands used in the process are also easy to remember.

  1. First, plug in your USB device to your computer.
  2. Press Win+R and type cmd, hit enter.
  3. CMD will appear, type diskpart and press enter.
  4. Provide the administrative privileges in order to open diskpart.
  5. Type list disk, this will list all the storage disks connected to your computer. Note down the disk number of your USB.make bootable usb using cmd
  6. Then type select disk [your disk number] e.g select disk 2 (In my case.cmd make bootable usb
  7. We now need to create a primary partition and mark it as active, so I’ll type create partition primary.
  8. Further, execute select partition 1.make bootable pendrive using cmd
  9. Format it by command format fs=ntfs quick.
  10. This will format the selected partition in NTFS format, and format type will be quick. It’ll take some time.
  11. Once the format is done, active the partition by typing active, and then type to make bootable pendrive using cmd
  12. That’s all, your USB is now bootable. Copy your Windows installation files into the USB Pendrive.
  13. You can now use it to install Windows 10 or any other OS, depending on the installation files you’ve copied.

Note: If you have the ISO of the installation media, then Right Click on ISO and select Mount. After a few moments, you’ll see the DISK as a drive in Computer. Then simply copy the files to your bootable Pendrive.create bootable usb device

That’s all, now you can easily use this bootable USB device to install the Windows OS with ease.

People who don’t understand these steps or thinks that it’s too long or time-consuming method to make bootable Pendrive using CMD, then they should use another 3 methods given down below.

I’ve used a tool in these methods. All these tools are totally free to download and use.

Method 2. Make Bootable USB Using Rufus

Rufus is totally free utility which lets users create bootable USB, Pendrive, USB sticks and much more. I’ve used this utility for many years and it works like charm. Never encountered any kind of error using this tool.

If you don’t like the USB method, then I recommend you to use this tool. Easy to use, the user interface is very user-friendly and much more things like that. Follow the step by step guide given down below to proceed.

Note: Make sure you’ve backup of your important data stored in USB.

  1. Download the tool from here.
  2. Open it and it’ll ask for admin privileges. Provide the admin privileges and Rufus will open.
  3. Now, from the Device drop-down menu, choose your USB device.
  4. In the boot selection menu, choose Disk or ISO Image.
  5. Click on the Select button and browse the ISO file.make bootable usb using rufus
  6. Finally, click on Start button and wait till the process is complete.

Now, use your freshly created bootable Pendrive to install Windows on any device. The only thing I don’t like about this method is that we do need Iso file. If we don’t have one, there’s no option left rather than creating one using existing installation media.

Many customizable options are available, such as Partition Scheme, Target System and much more like that. Explore the tool more and more to get more out of it. It’s really an option free choice available in the market.

Method 3. With The Help Of Win2Bootic

Win2Bootic is another straightforward tool which amazingly helps users to create any storage device bootable. It works almost like Rufus but it’s totally simple one. You won’t see any advanced options or customizations. That’s why I called it a straightforward tool.

  1. Download tool from here.
  2. Open it and install it if installation required.
  3. Once done, Plug-In your USB Pendrive and click on Source button.
  4. Browse your ISO file and select Do It option.win2bootic bootable usb
  5. Once the process is done, plug out the USB and you’re ready to use that Pendrive to install the operating system.

Now you know how simple is WIn2Bootic. It’s really useful and I’ve tried it many times. It works like charm, and easy to execute as well. So, I decided to add it in this article on how to make bootable Pendrive using CMD.

Method 4. Using ISO To USB Utility

ISO to USB is one of the most used tools to make USB device bootable. Just like Win2Bootic, there are no advanced features available in this software.¬† So, if you’re kind of no techie person and still want to get this job done, I strongly prefer you to use ISO to USB tool.

It’s totally free and straightforward to use. I’ve still given the basic guide down below to get started.

  1. Download the tool from here.
  2. Launch the tool, browse your ISO file.
  3. Set File System to NTFS and click on Burn.iso to usb bootable device
  4. Once the burn is complete, your bootable USB device is ready to use.

That’s all, you’re ready to use that USB stick on any device to install the operating system.


I tried providing you all the methods which are really useful to make Pendrive bootable using CMD and many other tools. All the methods shown here are completely straightforward and easy to follow.

Considering the tool pricing, all the tools are totally free and they don’t even promote any other tools. Just download them and start using.

If you still having a problem, then drop a comment down below and I’ll try to solve your problem. Also, if you’re considering to install the Windows 10, and don’t have the genuine key, you’ll get the watermark on your desktop. If you want to get rid of that watermark, follow this guide to remove Windows 10 watermark from the desktop. It’ll be really useful to you.

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