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How To See Who Subscribed To You On YouTube In 2020 [2 Methods]

 Monitor your growth on YouTube by checking your subscribers. Learn how to see who subscribed to you on YouTube in 2019. Know who are my subscribers and keep better growth track.

YouTube is the best place to grow an online community. Millions of creators from all around the world are sharing their knowledge and experience with billions of viewers. Thanks to YouTube monetization feature which allows creators to earn handsome amount of money.

know who subscribed to you on youtube using creator studio

Because of the fact that this platform is open to everyone, anyone can start their own channel. Hence, there’s dense competition and it’s hard to gain views and subscribers. Subscribers have huge importance as they’ll be notified when you publish a new video. They form a community which is very important.

Creators should look at subscribers growth. If you don’t how do I view who is subscribed to me on Youtube, I’ve explained the easiest methods. It’s an easy process as YouTube studio allows all the creators to keep better track on channel growth rate and other analytics.

Methods To See Who Subscribed To You On YouTube

Important: Creators can only see those people who’ve set their subscription list as public. If a person has set it to private, you can’t see him/her in the list. Here are the methods to check subscribers:

Method 1. Use YouTube Studio To See Who Subscribed To You On YouTube

YouTube studio is a free online utility which is helpful in managing the entire channel. We can access studio using mobile or PC web browser. Not only the subscribers, but it allows creators to check in-depth analytics of the channel.

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Unfortunately, the new version of Studio doesn’t allow to check subscribers list. We need to open the classic studio instead. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Visit YouTube using a web browser.
  2. Mobile users should request desktop version: Options>Desktop Site.
  3. Click on Profile>YouTube Studio (beta).check youtube subscribers
  4. The new version of Studio will open.
  5. Select Creator Studio Classic from the left side menu.how to see who subscribed to you on youtube
  6. The feedback form will appear, click Skip.youtube subscribers list
  7. Select Community option from the menu.
  8. Drop-Down menu will open, choose Subscribers.how to check who your subscribers are
  9. List of people who subscribed to you on YouTube will appear.who are my subscribers
  10. Their profile picture, name, number of subscribers, the day when they joined your channel info will be shown.

This is what you’re allowed to check. Only those who’ve set their subscription list as public will be listed. Check if your friends and family members are there or not 😉 .

Method 2. Using Android App To See Who Subscribed To You On YouTube

Android, iOS, or Windows mobile users can open the Studio using their mobile browser. But, those who’re interested in checking the number of subscribers on YouTube are going to find this method useful.

Use the official YouTube app or open the website using the browser and follow these steps:

  1. Install the YouTube app on your mobile device from App Store.
  2. Once the app is installed, open it.
  3. Login to your associated account.
  4. Tap on the Account tab.check youtube subscribers on mobile app
  5. Select My Channel option.
  6. Then choose More>About.
  7. You’ll get the number of subscribers who subscribed to you on YouTube.

This method is useful when one wants to check the total number of subscribers on their channel. There’s no doubt that creator studio gives us many diverse details but to check the count only, you must follow this method.

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The process to check analytics related to the YouTube subscribers is really easy. All you need is a browser. Unfortunately, the latest Creator Studio and official YT Studio app for Android and iOS doesn’t support subscriber list feature.

Instead, we need to use the Classic studio, which can only be accessed using the web browser. We hope that in the future the latest version of the studio will come along with more features and it’ll become more easy for us to do this task.

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