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How To Crop In Paint (MS Paint – Rectangle and Freedom Crop)

Want to crop an Image quickly using MS Paint! It’s way easier and totally simplified. You can either crop in rectangle shape or can perform a freedom crop. Below are the steps to do both things. Learn the exact process on how to crop in Paint.

Microsoft Paint is one of the best tools which can perform many basic tasks in Image editing. I’ve already written an article which explains the process to remove background from Image using Paint. It’s obvious that many users are using MS paint in their daily life to do some basic level editing. If I talk about myself, I’m doing the same.freedom and rectangle crop using ms paintIt’s not necessary to open image editors like Photoshop which takes time to load and might be responsive in the low-end computer. On the other hand, MS paint comes preloaded with the Windows and is a very light tool. If you just want to crop an Image, then just open Paint software and follow the steps given here.

Microsoft hasn’t built Paint only to create some drawing and paintings. It’s much more than that and users should take full advantage of it.  It’ll only be possible when they start knowing more and more about it. So, today you’ll learn how to crop in Paint. All popular image formats including PNG and JPEG etc. are supported.

Note: If you’re trying to crop a transparent image, then you should stop. When you’ll save the image, transparent background will be converted to white and you’ll lose the transparency.

How To Do Rectangular Crop In Paint

Most users want to crop their images in rectangular shape. The rectangular crop is very useful to create passport size images which can be further used in online forms and many other places.

In fact, cropping an image will also decrease its size. Follow the steps given down below:

  1. Open image using MS Paint, just Right-Click on image Open With>Paint.
  2. In the tool menu, click on Selection tool.crop in paint
  3. Drag over the part of the image you want.
  4. Crop option in the tools menu will unlock, click on it.how to crop in paint
  5. Congrats! you just cropped your image using MS Paint.crop image using paint
  6. Press Ctrl+S to save it in the original format of File>Save As and choose JPEG, PNG or whatever format you want.

That’s all for cropping the image. It’ll hardly take more than 20 sec. to perform this task. One more thing you should take care of is that you can’t adjust the cropped borders once dragged on the image. If you try adjusting them, it’ll only stretch the selected part.

So, crop the image gently to get the best part of it. To discard the selected part, press Ctrl+Z and select it again until you get the perfect cropped part from the image.

Freedom Crop In Paint (Crop Custom Area)

Not just the rectangular part from the image but it’s possible to freedom crop in Paint By this, I mean that users can drag over the selected part of an image to crop it. It’s useful when it comes to cut a specific part/object from an image and use it in other images.

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We’ll be using the same selection tool but in a different mode. It’s called free-form selection mode. In which, tool acts like a pencil and user needs to draw that on the borders of the object they want. Follow the steps and do it on your own.

  1. Open the image with Paint, simply drag and drop it in the paint.
  2. Click on Selection tool and from the drop-down menu, choose free-form selection option.freedom crop
  3. Drag over the edges of the object.
  4. Make sure you matched the starting and ending points.
  5. Then click Crop option.freedom crop in paint
  6. Your new object is now ready, save it to use in other images.paint freedom crop

That’s what you want right! I hope you get the desired answer for your queries. It’s really easy to crop images in Paint. Both rectangular and freedom modes are available which increases the usability of this handy tool.

However, you need to practice the free-form selection mode to get the finest results.  I’ve used it for many tasks like merging the pictures and much more like that. You can do the same in no time.

I tried to cover all the important parts in the article. But, If you have some queries or suggestions related to the article, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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