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How To Block Websites On Android [Top 5 Methods]

Whenever my little brother takes my smartphone to play some games. I always get worried that he could get in touch with some inappropriate sites which could have adult content. So to solve this, I was looking for how to block websites on Android smartphones. I search on this topic and come across with top methods to solve this problem.

I was trying to concentrate on my study for upcoming exams but my facebook notification was really annoying. So I just start to look for ways to block facebook site in my android browser. When I search on this topic for a while then I get some idea how to block websites on android devices.

There were many occasion when some sites were too annoying for me. My friends always open those sites without even asking me. So it becomes very teasing for me that I can’t stop them from using my smartphone to open those sites. Then I start my research on how to block websites on android.block sites on android device

For searching for more than a couple of days, I found that there are many methods to block websites on android. There could be any reason for anyone in these days to block some certain sites on your phone. I found that many of my friends and neighbors also want to block some sites that they don’t like their children to visits.

After talking with them, I found that they are not able to find a good and better solution for their problem. Some of the methods they search for on the Google, it turns out not working for them. This problem can occur with anyone in the world. So I thought to deeply search for the solutions and write about it. I found several methods that can work for you guys on how to block websites on Android.

Why do we need to Know How to Block websites on Android?

There could be any reason to know about this question. Some popular one is given below:

  1. As a parent, you need to make sure your children don’t visit any adult websites, or waste time on some time-consuming site and much more.
  2. If you are a student who wants to focus on his/her studies then blocking time-wasting sites gonna be the right choice for your study focus.
  3. You can limit the time that you spent on the Internet by surfing on time-wasting sites. This will definitely be going to help you get on the track.
  4. You can easily quit or stop playing online gamble on gambling sites. This way you can save your money as well as you can get rid of this bad habit.
  5. You can limit the time how much you and your family members gonna spend playing time-consuming games on the Internet.

Top 5 Methods to block websites on Android

When I search all over the Internet for the best and genuine solution for how to block websites on Android. I personally examine all of these working methods. These methods are the result of researching for a couple of days and experimenting them on my own personal smartphone. So if one method doesn’t work for you then please proceed to another method.

#1. Using FireFox Browser

#2. Using ES File Explorer App

#3. With The Help Of Antivirus

#4. Tweaking Router Settings

#5. By Android App

Method 1:- Block websites on Android using FireFox Browser

If you are using your default browser as Chrome then you have to change it to the Firefox. Why I am saying this is because FireFox has add-on Features that google chrome Browser lacks. I am saying that google chrome is not a good browser, it’s just that google chrome lack in add-on support. If you are familiar with the desktop version of Chrome or Firefox browser, then you might know that how much good add-on can be. So I suggest switching to Firefox browser to block websites on your smartphone.

Step 1:- Install Mozilla Firefox browser on your smartphone from here.

Step 2:- Select Add-on from the sidebar option as shown in the picture below.block site android

Step 3:- Select Browse all Firefox Add-on in the newly opened tab.block websites on android

Step4:-  A new Tab of all the available add-on will open. Now Search for Block site in the search bar.

Step 5:- There you will find many add-ons just select Block Site version 0.1.2 or to block site on android

Step 6:- Enable this add-on, Now go to the site that you want to disable.

Step 7:- When your desired website opened than just click on options: scroll down and select Block Site.block sites using firefox

Step 8:- That’s it guys, this is how you can block websites on your Mozilla Firefox browser on your smartphone device.

This is the most recommended methods for every guy I will recommend. You only just need to install an add-on and that’s it. You can easily block any site in your smartphone that you don’t like. There are also some more add-ons available in Mozilla Firefox add-ons store. Feel free to check them too. They can also block your desired websites.

Method 2:- Block Websites in Android by using Es File Explorer [Only for Root User]

This method is only recommended to the Android user with Root Access. If you don’t know what is Root in Android then I highly recommend Skip this method. I found many people on the Internet was trying this method and always got disappointed that it’s not working. For those users, this method is only for Rooted android devices. So it’s not gonna work on your smartphone.

If the upper method didn’t work for your smartphone then you can try this method. I tried this method on my Smartphone and it worked really well. Sometimes I found that many people have a problem that some sites can be easily accessed by changing their URL front like www, ww1 etc. For e.g. When people tried to block facebook with URL like then it can be accessed by using domains like So remember that you need to put the full and every URL option out there through which anyone can access that URL.

In this method, you usually going to change a system file stored in the root folder. This file called hosts, and you can easily edit it by using Es File Explorer. This is a super convenient way for any Rooted device user to block any websites on Android Device. If possible please use this trick to block sites. It’s way much easier and super effective too.

Follow the given instruction to block sites on Android Device:

Step 1:- Download Es File Explorer from the Google play store, you can also install its pro version with more tools. But for this trick Free version is good enough.

Step 2:- After that, Just open the Es File Explorer, Now select ” / “ option on the top left of the bar. If you are getting the problem then see the picture below. Now you are in the root directory of your smartphone.block website using esexplorer

Step 3:- Now before going any further, you should give root access permission to Es File Explorer. Now Find and Select  ” etc “ folder in the root file explorer hosts

Step 4:- Search for host and a file called hosts will appear. Now select this file and open it as a Text file. Select Es Explorer text editor as open with.file es explorer block sites

Step 5:- Now edit this file, whichever site that you want to block put its name as ““. Now tap Back.block sites using es file explorer

Step 6:- It will ask you to Save Changes, Select Yes and your desired site will be blocked on your Android Smartphone. Remember that you need to Reboot your Android device for this trick to work.

This is how you can block any website on your smartphone. Remember to reboot your device. I saw many people complaining about trick not worked. But they didn’t even reboot their smartphone at once. This is the most common way for Root User to block any website.

Method 3:- Block website By using Antivirus on your smartphone

This method is also a very nice method to block any website on your smartphone. This method can work on any smartphone and it doesn’t even need a Rooted Device. This can be helpful for those people who don’t want to download Mozilla Firefox. And don’t want to change their default browser, like google chrome or UC browser etc. People who use more than one browser can also use this method to secure their devices.

In this method, you don’t need to use any kind of file explorer to change any root files of the system. You will be going to download a software from Trend Micro on your smartphone. It is an antivirus that is free for limited time and then you have to subscribe to this software monthly or yearly subscription. This software features allow us to block any unwanted site in our smartphone. This software also has parental control, that helps parents to block certain sites from their children.

This method is recommended for everyone who just wants to block websites on their smartphone. And also can effort the subscription charge of this device. If you are not comfortable with the subscription of this software then you can check other methods too.

Follow the given steps to block sites on your Android Device:

Step 1:- Download the Trend Micro app calledMobile Security & Antivirusfrom the Play Store. Open the app on your smartphone.

Step 2:- When app opened, create a User Account. This software is free of charge for next 7 days but after that, you need to pay for its subscription, you can subscribe to a monthly or yearly subscription.

Block sites

Step 3:– Now Tap the Network Protection: Now you will see 2 options in middle top bar of the screen. By default, it’s on safe surfing and that’s all we need right now.

Safe surfing

Step 4:- You will see in the middle of the screen, safe surfing is on by default. You can also select the protection level that you want.

Step 5:- Down the screen, you can add sites in the Blocked List. Now hit Back Button and go back to home page.

Step 6:- Scroll down and select the Parental Control option. Here you can also add sites in Blocked List. That’s it, guys, now whenever you going to access these sites, this antivirus will block them.


Block Sites

Remember anyone can easily access websites if he/she open it in incognito mode or Private mode. This trick is super effective for children because parental control also has password protection. So nobody can open the settings and change them.

Method 4:- Block Sites in android using your Router

If you are a person who wants to block sites on your smartphone usually used your wifi connection to get Internet access. Then this trick may get interested for you. By using this method you can simply block sites by using your router’s fireball site filter option. I am a person who usually only use his wifi to get Internet access. Mainly most of you also be using wifi connection right now to get an Internet connection.

This trick mainly blocks the sites one can access through a router’s wifi. For this trick to work you need to have a laptop or pc. There are many routers out there in the market so I am just going to give links to the popular routers out there right now.

Top common router addresses are:-

  1. Linksys:-
  2. Asus:-
  3. Belkin:-
  4. D-Link:-

Step 1:- Enter your Login details in this page. If you never changed this details then find in your router’s documentation for the default login information.login to router dlink

Step 2:- Find Url Blocking or Domain Blocking in the section on security or Firewall. The position of the options varies with your router model. So you need to research for this option on your own.

Step 3:- Enter all the domain addresses that you want to add to your Blocked List. That’s it, now you can block site using your router on your smartphone.enter the domains of websites to block

This method is used to block sites on Android as well as other Operating System too. Sometimes, some router is not able to block https encrypted sites. For those users, they can use OpenDNS to block these blocked on android

Method 5:- Block Sites on Android by using BlockSite App

This is also one of the easy ways to block sites and apps on your smartphone. This method can also block your phone’s app too. The app that this app blocks, don’t have the password to open. It simply blocks them with pretty ease. This app also blocks Unwanted sites from your phone. The best thing about this software is that you can also schedule the time of your block list sites. It can set manually when you need to block a certain site.

For this app to work you need to follow this instruction below:

Step 1:- Download the BlockSite App from the Play Store. Wait for installation and then open this app.

Step 2:- When the app opens, you will be going to find a simple interface. Select + Option from the bottom right position.

Block Sites

Step 3:- Now you can Add Site name here to block them. You can also add apps from here to block them too.

Block Sites

Step 4:- From the home screen, you can select Block Adult Sites. That’s how you can block sites in the Blocksite app.

Block Sites

Final Thoughts On How To Block Sites On Android

If you want my opinion then follow the method that you think is easy and working for you. I recommend method 5 and 1 for most peoples. If you have a rooted device then I recommend you should use method number 2. It is way easy and effective for the Rooted Phone user.

If you are one of those who access their Internet connection through Wifi then you should use Method Number 3. It’s best for Wifi user who can access their router. Finally, if no tricks work then you can try method Number 4. It’s also very easy method. If you got any problem feel free to comment, I will definitely be going to help you.

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