How To Block Websites On Android | 6 Easy Ways To Do It

Learn how to block websites on Android because it’s going to be very useful these days. Offending, adult, misleading sites are active on Internet and we should block them.

The Internet has changed our lives in many ways. We now can access useful information using the internet. Millions of websites are online, sharing the valuable piece of content to users every single day. It sounds impressive for most people, but there are many sites which aren’t good. Adult material, disturbing pictures, and videos, fake news, etc. are significant examples and we must block bad to block websites on android easily

People widely use android for accessing websites. If your children are also using Android mobile, then it becomes mandatory to block websites on Android which are misleading. Allow your kids to access safe sites only. I’ve discussed five easy methods to block websites on the phone with full flexibility.

Best 6 Methods To Block Websites On Android

There are five methods discussed in this article. Easy to follow with 100% success rate. I do care about all the users, so methods shown here are for both rooted and non-rooted devices. Here are the ways to block websites on Android in 2019.

1. Block Site

Block Site is another marvelous app available on Android. The only goal of the app is to prevent the specified websites on Android. Block distracting sites on Android in few steps. It comes preloaded with features like Adult Sites Blocker, Website Blocker, App Blocker, etc.

Stop wasting precious time on social media sites and improve your overall productivity. Stay focused by blocking sites on Android mobile device. Here are the steps to block websites on Android:

  1. Install Block Site app from play store.
  2. Open the app and tap on Get Started.block site on android using app
  3. Now, tap on Go To Settings option.block site android application
  4. Under Accessibility settings, select free android site blocker app
  5. Enable accessibility to allow Block Site to prevent browsers from entering specific sites.enable site blocker android
  6. Click on OK.enable site blocker on android
  7. Inside the app, tap on the + button.add new url address to block
  8. Then Enter URL address of the site to block.
  9. If someone tries to access a site, following message will sites blocker on android

If this doesn’t work, double check that you’ve allowed Block Site app in Accessibility settings. Settings may vary from device to device.

Don’t forget to all www version of a website, e.g.,, and The app is entirely free to use. Note that users can still access all websites using proxy sites. So, you should add them to the block list.

2. Safe Surfer

Safe Surfer is #1 recommendations if you want to block adult websites on Android device. This app is easy to use, and there’s no need to configure it. When someone starts using Safe Surfer, their device will be connected to a VPN server. When adult site address is entered, Danger Ahead will be displayed on the screen. Now, you can assure yourself that your kids won’t see adult content by mistake.

There’s no need to register an account. It’s optional, and many security features are offered such as PIN while entering the app, and other security features when someone tries to uninstall the app.

  1. Download and Install the app from Google Play Store.
  2. Skip the registration process or create a free account.
  3. Open the app and enter a new security PIN.setup safesurfer pin
  4. Click on Menu and select Settings.
  5. Enable Prevent Uninstall feature.
  6. Press Back and tap on Get Protected button.block websites on android easily
  7. Wait until you see You Are Protected message on the screen.block adult sites on android using safe surfer
  8. Close the App and test if the browser is opening adult sites or not.
  9. You should see the following message when visiting 18+ sites.block 18+ sites android
  10. The device is now ready to be used by kids.

Hassle-free setup without paying a penny. That’s the advantage of using the Safe Surfer android app. All parents want to prevent their kids from accessing 18+ content which might destroy their childhood. By using this method, all parents can do it.

Unfortunately, the number or adult sites in their database are limited. New sites are still accessible, and we can’t manually block them. And it only prevents adult content.

3. Firefox Add-ons

Firefox mobile browser supports all the add-ons available on its store. Chrome, Opera and many other android mobile browsers lack this feature. If you don’t know what’s an add-on, it’s an additional extension which is installed in the browser to add other features.

Dozens of add-ons are available in Firefox store which allows blocking as many sites we want. We need to enter the address of a website to prevent it from opening. It won’t affect other browsers and will work only if someone tries to access a site using Firefox. You can lock all other browsers using App Lock utilities and set Firefox as the default browser.

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox browser on your smartphone from here.
  2. Open Firefox and click on Options menu.
  3. Select Add-Ons option.
    block site android
  4. Select Browse all Firefox Add-on in the newly opened tab.
  5. Firefox’s official Add-ons website will open. Click on Search and type “Block Site“.
  6. Click on Block SIte by RayLo and tap on + Add to to block site on android
  7. Once the add-on is added to Firefox, it’ll get activated.
  8. Now, visit the site you want to block.
  9. Tap on Menu and select Block Site option.
  10. Click OK, and that site will be added to Blocked list.
  11. To add multiple sites in the block list, select Options>Add-ons>Block Site>Block A New Host Name.
  12. Enter the URL Address and tap Add.
  13. Admins can either redirect the URL to another site or can show a Restricted Access message.

4. Mobile Security & Antivirus

Mobile Security & Antivirus is widely being used by Android users to protect their device from many threats. It’s not free and offers 7-day free trial to all the users. I found this app very useful in many ways. It protects you from all internet and security-related threats. Works on both rooted and non-rooted android mobile devices.

  1. Download Mobile Security & Antivirus app from Play Store.
  2. Open the app and register a free account using the valid E-Mail address.
  3. Log in to your account and select Parental Controls option.parental control settings mobile and internet security
  4. Select Website Filters tab.
  5. Enable Website filters.
  6. Tap on Blocked parental controls blocked sites
  7. Enter Account password.enter password to unlock app
  8. Tap on + Add button.add new web address to block it on android
  9. Type the URL address of the site you want to block in Android.enter url of website to block in android
  10. Tap Save, enter Password again.enter internet security password
  11. Now, when someone tries to access a blocked site, following message will appear on the screen.block sites on android using antivirus


This method is going to be very useful for most people. There’s no need to root your device, and it works with all the browsers. But, the problem is that this app isn’t free and to continue using it after a 7-day trial, we need to purchase the premium subscription.

If you loved the way this app works, then you should upgrade to a premium plan. Every penny you spend will result in safeguard internet surfing for your kids.

5. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer if file manager app available for free on Play Store. This method works only for rooted android phones. Andoird OS has a hosts file in the system folder. We can edit that file and configure it to block certain websites.

Steps are pretty simple. But, I highly recommend you not to root your device to block websites on Android. Plenty of other ways are listed in here for non-rooted mobile devices. Here are the steps to block websites on Android using hosts file and ES File Explorer.

  1. Download and Install ES File Explorer.
  2. Open the App and navigate to /system/etc/ folder.
  3. Search for hosts file.
  4. Click on hosts file and Options>Properties.change properties of hosts file
  5. Under permissions, click Change.change permissions of hosts file in android os
  6. Enable Execute permission and click OK.change hosts file permission android
  7. Double tap on hosts file and choose ES Note Editor.edit android hosts file using es file editor
  8. Add following lines to the file:   localhost   www.example.comenter the website url address in hosts file
  9. Make sure to add www version of URL separately; otherwise, if the user enters, the website will open without getting blocked.
  10. Save the changes to the file.
  11. All the specified sites are now blocked on Android mobile.block websites on android using hosts

If the website is still loading, Reboot your device. The considerable advantage of blocking websites on Android using hosts file is that the site is blocked on the system level. No VPN service can unblock it, and the user has to manually remove the address of a site from the hosts’ file.

6. Using a Router

Restrict WiFi users from accessing certain websites. Be the admin of router and block website on Android in a flexible way. Modern router firmware gives many features such as redirecting blocked URL, showing custom block message, etc.

All routers come with admin interface which can be accessed by entering a specified web address.

  • Linksys:
  • Asus:
  • Belkin:
  • D-Link:
  1. Connect to your router WiFi network.
  2. Open a web browser and enter router admin access panel address e.g.
  3. Login to the panel by entering username and password.login to router dlink
  4. Click on Advanced tab.
  5. Look for Website Filter or URL Blocking feature.
  6. Enter the website address and apply the changes.enter the domains of websites to block
  7. All the users connected to the router won’t be able to access sites added to the blocked blocked on android


Blocking websites on Android becomes easy because of some useful free and paid apps. It becomes necessary for all of us to block sites which are disturbing and can ruin your child’s childhood.

The Internet is never-ending web of images, videos, stories, etc. Use child filters and web safety filters before handing an android mobile device to young ones. I’ve discussed six methods here which are easy to follow. Drop your comments and share this article if you found it useful.

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