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121+ Best Funny WiFi Names In 2018 For WiFi Router or Hotspot

WiFi hotspot is widely used to share internet with a number of people. Having a funny WiFi name or funny SSID name will make your network much interesting and full of fun. So, here I have added list of some cool and best names suggestions for your WiFi network.

People are using different methods to make other people laugh. Everyone wants to be a cool guy in front of others. They are also using funny usernames on social media to make their profile much interesting. We all are using WiFi in our daily life to access the internet, so why not use an interesting WiFi name. There are many circumstances where we need to share our internet connection with our friends. We just need to turn on the hotspot and our internet will be shared with the people who will be connected to that hotspot. But, if the WiFi name is boring or default, then it’s not a good thing.best funny wifi names You should at least use a good WiFi name. Many hotspots are available in an area and it’s kind of hard to recognize which one is yours. So, setting a WiFi network name is very important. In fact, router manufacturers also recommend consumers to change the default name and WiFi password. Now, all you need to do is just use these cool and funny WiFi names. I’ve also attached little instruction to change the SSID details on router and mobile. Feel free to check those instructions if you don’t know to change SSID of your WiFi network.

121+ Best Funny WiFi Names In 2018 (Updated)

Here are funny WiFi names that you should use in 2018. This list is regularly updated with the latest names. Your friends will laugh at your WiFI after seeing your SSID.

  1. Legends WiFi Point
  2. My Neighbours Bad
  3. I Can Hack You
  4. Optimus IP
  5. WiFi From Martian
  6. You Ugly
  7. WiFi For Bad People
  8. Top Secret Network
  9. Don’t Even Click
  10. Connect and Die
  11. Use This WiFi Beggar
  12. Beggars Will Connect
  13. Free Internet For Beggers
  14. Free XxX Access
  15. Connection To Mars
  16. Le Bikhari Le (Hindi)
  17. 10kbps Speed
  18. LAN On Air
  19. Watch Hub Videos Free
  20. Get Off My WiFi
  21. Hack If You Can
  22. Blackhat WiFi
  23. WiFi With Backtrack
  24. MITM Enabled WiFi
  25. Area 51
  26. Elon Musk Here
  27. Connection…
  28. Connect If Need Virus
  29. Let’s Meet Tonight
  30. Call Me 9988776655
  31. Donal Trump Here
  32. FBI WiFi
  33. Secret Agent
  34. PPAP
  35. Wi CAN Fi
  36. SciFi WiFi
  37. Alien Here
  38. Your Mum My Aunty
  39. Hack and Enjoy
  40. No Internet Access

I’m pretty much sure that you’re going to like these pics. It’s really very enjoyable to read these funny WiFi names. There are many other names suggestions given down below. I highly recommend you to use your own imagination in order to create own wonderful SSID.

Best Good WiFi Names To Use As SSID

If you’re network admin of a company of school/workplace, then it’s very much needed to use a good WiFi name. The reason behind is simple and that’s the users who’re using the WiFi. If they are seeing boring/default SSID name, then they won’t feel good about it. People are sometimes frustrated at work, hence you should use a good SSID name so that whenever they’re trying to connect to it, they’ll feel good or happy.

Here are some good WiFi names you can choose from. Or just imagine your own using these suggestions and use that name.

  1. Have a Good Day
  2. Work Is Life
  3. Be Successful
  4. All Is Well
  5. Not All Days Are Good
  6. Peace Solves Everything
  7. Now Or Never
  8. Focus To Win
  9. Worst To Best
  10. Passion Strength Fire
  11. Play Hard Human
  12. Believe In Yourself
  13. Work For Success
  14. Work Hard Now
  15. Everyone Cares About You
  16. Break Bad Habits
  17. Call Mom In Bad Time
  18. Design Future
  19. Don’t Hassel
  20. Enjoy Drink Now
  21. 010101 Now
  22. Ping Now
  23. 9 To 5
  24. Respect Boss For $
  25. Make Money Now

I hope you liked these good WiFi names. Almost all of them are motivational and filled with meaningful words. Your office employees or school/college students are surely gonna fall in love with these words. It’ll also help them in bad times as well.

Best Cool WiFi Names To Use In 2018

Now, lets’ take a look at some of the cool words which you can use as WiFi SSID. Byt cool, I mean some amazing words which give you all the coolness and funkiness you want. Here are cool WiFi names you should use to make others believe that you’re a cool guy.

  1. Cool Dude
  2. I’m Creative
  3. Enjoy Every Day
  4. I Believe In Free Internet
  5. Use My WiFi
  6. My Blessings
  7. Chasing My Dreams
  8. We Can Wi-Fi
  9. Wireless Connection
  10. Nobody Here
  11. Fully Secured
  12. Because I Can
  13. I’m Possible
  14. WiFi For Information
  15. Use At Your Own Risk
  16. Risky WiFi
  17. Daring Man’s WiFi
  18. Passionate WiFi
  19. Free WiFi From Me
  20. My Pleasure
  21. Learn From Me
  22. Hang Up Tonight
  23. Give Me Kiss
  24. Closeup WiFi
  25. Featured Man’s Network

These are cool enough right! Most of these names represent that you’re trying to say that you’re a cool and good guy. I hope you really enjoyed these suggestions. The best thing about these suggestions is that you can imagine your own list of names.

More Best Funny Network Names In 2018

Not all the people are satisfied with the funny WiFi names which I’ve added above. So, here are funny network names of 2018. If you’ve purchased a brand new router, then feel free to use these names as SSID. These names are the remix of fun, cool, good, and nice. Hence, you’ll get the best collection of WiFi names here.

  1. The Pirate WiFi
  2. Hub Lovers
  3. Only For Legends
  4. Virus.exe Waiting
  5. Connect and Boom
  6. Don’t Even Touch
  7. 404 Not Found
  8. Can’t Find Wireless Networks
  9. No WiFi Connections Available
  10. Please Wait…
  11. Kiddos Stay Away
  12. Cheating On WiFi
  13. FBI Surveillance
  14. Uncle Bad
  15. Fair and Lovely WiFi
  16. Gossip Queens
  17. You WiFi
  18. Pron On Air
  19. American Mother’s Boy
  20. Einstein Here
  21. The Martian’s WiFi
  22. Deep Deeper
  23. It Hurts When IP
  24. Skynet Connection
  25. Foursome WiFi
  26. Neighbors Sucks
  27. Kim Jong Using Internet
  28. North Korea Internet
  29. Dictator’s WiFi
  30. Slay Point

I hope that you really enjoyed these WiFi names suggestions given here. Now, it’s time to change the WiFi network or hotspot SSID. Most people know the process to change it. But, if you’re a new user or is confused, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Below are the simplest steps for both mobile and router devices. Follow them and change your SSID to these funny SSID names right now.

Steps To Change WiFi Network SSID (Routers)

Almost all the router manufacturers are providing a manual guide to the users using which they can learn the process to change WiFi network SSID. But, most people don’t care to read it. If you still have that guide, then I highly recommend you to read it.

All routers have admin panel which is used to change the SSID name and all the router related settings. The user needs to enter the login credentials which is “admin”, “pass” or “password” by default. If you’re using Netgear routers, then these credentials will surely work.

  1. Open browser and in the URL, type or, hit enter.
  2. You should see the router admin panel login screen.
  3. Enter default username and password which is “admin and pass” or “admin and password” or “admin and admin” in most cases.
  4. Once logged in, click on Wireless Settings.
  5. Under SSID name, enter the funny WiFi name.
  6. Save the changes, your router will now restart.

Simple Video Guide

Steps To Change WiFi Name In Mobile Devices

For Android:
  1. Open phone Settings.
  2. Tap on More.
  3. Now select Tethering & Portable Hotspot.
  4. Choose Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  5. Select Configure WiFi option.
  6. Finally tap on Network Name, enter the SSID name.
  7. Save the changes.
For IOS:

In iPhone, WiFi name will be similar to the device name. So, you need to change your device name.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Navigate to General>About.
  3. Tap Rename Your Device.
  4. Enter the funny network name.
  5. Save the changes.


All these funny WiFi names and tips to change the WiFi SSID will surely gonna help you a lot. Even if you have some suggestions of WiFi names in your mind, then feel free to drop them in the comment section. After reviewing them, those will be added to the article with your name.

Also, I highly recommend changing the default router password and admin panel credentials as well. It’ll help you to kick unwanted people from accessing your WiFi. If already done, then ignore and Enjoy!

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