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Best Survival Games On PC In 2020

Open world survival games are counted as the best RPG games that you should try. From collecting resources to building/maintaining your place, every single task you do is interesting. All the new games related to this category tries to attract gamers by introducing something new and interesting. They use some amazing visual elements, features, stories, etc. Some games are even able to give you a real-life scenario. The gamer gets deeply attached to their role in the game. We’ve listed such top best survival games on PC.

Survival games are also full of different challenges and we need to face those challenges to survive. Sometimes, players are even pushed to their limits as the number of survival options gets decreased with an increase in level.

Here are the Best Survival Games on PC:

1. My Summer Car

My Summer Car is open-world survival games under the vehicle simulation genre. It’s live upgrading and maintaining your family cars. Upgrading and maintaining cars requires some tools/parts and you should have money to purchase those items. To earn money, the player can perform some tasks such as delivering the wood on the tractor, making wine, and many other small tasks.

my summer car game

That money can be used to purchase some tools and parts to repair the cars. The gameplay might look easier but it’s not as, to repair/build a car, every single nut should be placed in an exact location. Maintenance of brakes, clutch, tires are also required. The car can be damaged internally and externally so be serious while using the car. Get my summer car free by clicking on the download button given below.

Download My Summer Car

2. GTA V Roleplay

GTA V needs no introduction as we all have played at least one game of GTA series. It’s a true open-world game where we can perform tasks such as Driving, Swimming, Diving, piloting an Airplane and so on. If you have access to GTA V Online, then you’ll be able to join any online roleplay server where you’ll play a role as Doctor, Police, Citizen, etc. There are dozens of roles to choose from.

gta v roleplay

Players have to earn money by performing different tasks and then that money can be used to purchase house, property, food and many other essentials in the game. The quickest way to earn huge amount of money is by looting a bank. Gamers are often planing the bank robbery to earn a huge amount and then using it to purchase expensive items available on the server.

Download GTA V Roleplay

3. Die Young

Die Young counts as one of the best survival games. In the game, you’ll find your self kidnapped on an island without any information about how you landed on that island. Furthermore, you need to perform tasks related to your survival such as finding resources, protecting yourself from other threats, etc. There’s no proper weapon in the game such as guns etc. Use your running, climbing, jumping skills to survive.

die young game

You’ll meet new faces while completing the missions and those people will slowly uncover all the mysteries going around. Keep yourself ready for some adventure as there are many violent animals and people who’re willing to kill you right away.

Download Die Young

4. Day Z

Day Z is one of the very famous games on this planet. In the game, the player is fighting from a virus which eventually killed millions of people from all around the globe. The player is looking at the resources such as shelter, food, water, etc to survive. Humanity is almost lost and people are often killing each other for resources.

dayz game

Think before taking every single step as all the places on the map are full of surprises. Your decisions will lead to success or you’ll starve to death or will be killed by others. Day Z is also receiving a new map update. There’s no issue with the gameplay and graphics are just stunning. Every single object is designed in details.

Download Day Z

5. Minecraft

Minecraft has sold over 170 million copies by the time now and the numbers are increasing day by day. The reason behind its massive popularity is the survival concept of Minecraft. Player has to harvest some wood and natural resources to create a shelter e.g House etc. There are no missions in the game, you decide what you want to become in the game. The game allows a player to build different structure and tools with the help of some wood blocks and many other natural resources available in the game.

minecraft game

Minecraft received many rewards from the gaming community as well. If you’re one of those people who haven’t played Minecraft then we highly recommend you to try it. Millions of gamers are already loving this game. Be the next Pro Minecraft player;).

Download Minecraft

6. Subnautica

Subnautica is an undersea open-world game. It allows the player to explore all the parts of the sea. Meet some new creatures and fight battles with them to survive. Collect some resources such as tools, food, etc. and interact with other marine creatures. Subnautica is developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and was published back in 2018.

Subnautica game

The gameplay is very interesting as there are only a few undersea open-world survival games in the market. You’ll interact with some interesting sea creatures and will be able to explore nicely designed maps. There are some frozen creatures sites where the player will face some very old species of sea creatures.

Download Subnautica

7. Scum

Scum is an online multiplayer survival game developed by Gamepires and Croteam. You’ll be deployed inside forest from where you need to find your way to the nearest town. From there, you can collect some essentials such as clothes, food, guns, etc. Player need to take care of multiple vitamins and minerals. If character eats too less, he’s going to starve to death. And if he eats too much, he’ll get fat and hence more vulnerable to the threats.

scum game

Also, make sure that the once the character is dead, all your work, calories, vitamins are gone. So, play smart and don’t make stupid decisions. Hunt the animals and fishes as it’s the best food you can consume to boost the energy levels. The gameplay is very realistic and the graphics are nicely designed. Play Scum today and know more about this interesting game.

Download Scum

8. Darkwood

Darkwood is a survival horror game where the player is initially dropped in a dark horror forest land. Forest is very dark and wants to hurt you. Scary sounds and animations are added to the game. Darkwood is a 2D game and there are some 3D aspects added to it. The player should be able to collect some tools and resources. There’s a placed called “Oven” which looks like the safest place. It’s the best place to hide.

darkwood gameplay

But the walls of this place are broken and needs repairing. That’s where all the resources you’ve collected come in use. Generators are also added which helps to provide a light source. They need gasoline and the player needs to collect a good amount of gasoline to keep the generators running.

Download Darkwood


Survival games are very interesting and breathtaking. Such games teach us the value of natural resources and time. Some games are very realistic that it teaches us the real-life survival tactics. We’ve tried our best to find out top rated survival games.

Experience the harsh environment and try your best to survive in the game. Wish you all the best from our team.

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