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3 Methods To Invert Colors On Windows 10, 7 [Quick & Easy]

Inverting Colors will make your screen even more beautiful. It’ll make your text/objects more visible. Perfect for night time right! Learn the process to invert colors on Windows 10.

Inverting colors on Windows means you’re switching from bright display to dark display. It’s so important if users are working at night. It actually saves your battery and eyes as well. Working on a bright screen for a long time isn’t considered to be a good thing.

It might harm your eyes and your stamina of working will also be decreased. So, it’s recommended to take a break after 1 hours of continuous work in front of the screen. But if you don’t, then you’ll feel tired and you can’t do your work very well. Hence you should learn to “invert colors Windows 10invert colors windows pc

Somehow there are many tweaks like decreasing the brightness of the laptop/monitor and using a blue light filter. But, these tweaks will not protect your eyes from most of the threats.

There’s only one thing you can do, just invert color on Windows 10 or other versions of Windows. Inverting colors on Windows will decrease the brightness and maximize the contrast. The best part of inverted colors in Windows is that it makes your screen super attractive.

If you haven’t used this feature before then you should definitely use it. All your texts, windows and objects which are inbuilt will look attractive and unique. It’ll give you hacker like feeling and you should check this on your own.

with and without color inversion windows

People who work a lot at night just like us should use this feature. In the inverted color mode, brightness will be automatically minimized from the objects and contrast will be maximized in the balanced amount. Hence, perfect for people who work on office tools, browsers at night.

There are mainly two ways to invert colors on Windows 10. The procedure will be same for all the Microsoft Windows versions e.g Windows 8, Windows 7 and below.

There’s no need to download any external tool/software. It’s inbuilt functionality in Windows OS.

Different versions of Windows have different key combination to invert colors. But, there’s one common method which works similarly on all versions of Microsoft Windows. We’ll be showing you all the key combination to do this in Windows 10, 8, 7.

Keyboard shortcuts are really very useful while using a computer. It saves your time and you don’t need to select options to perform a task. Just press the key combination and that’s it.

But, if the combination we’ve shown down below didn’t work, then you can use the manual procedure. That also an easy and quick process. You shouldn’t find these steps hard because these are super easy.

Methods To Invert Colors On Windows 10, 8, 7

Below are 3 easy to follow methods you should use to invert color in Windows. We’re 100% sure that you’ll learn these methods in one go.

Method 1: Using Keyboard Shortcut

Use the following Keyboard combination to perform the inversion of colors on Windows OS. Different OS of Windows has different shortcuts. If these shortcuts won’t work, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Windows VersionShortcut Key To Invert Color
Windows 10Shift+Alt+Print Screen
Windows 8.1Ctrl+Alt+I

Windows 8.1
Windows 8Shift+Alt+I or Shift+Alt+Print Screen
Windows 7Ctrl+Alt+I

There are two more methods waiting for you down below which will definitely help you a lot if shortcut keys don’t work. However, we’ve confirmed these shortcuts from Microsoft’s official help documents but many users have claimed that these didn’t work in many cases.

Method 2. Using Magnifier Tool

Magnifier tool is used to magnify the items on the screen. This is very important and useful tool in Windows which comes inbuilt. But, do you know that it has settings which can be used to perform the task you want? e.g to invert colors.

You just need to perform some tweaks in the settings of magnifier tool and that’s all you need to do.

  1. Search for “Magnifier”, press Win key and type “magnifier” in the search box. Select the first option.
  2. Once the tool is opened, click on Settings icon.how to invert colors in windows
  3. You’ll get an option saying “Turn On Color Inversion“. Just check it and press OK.

Once you’ve followed these simple steps, colors on Windows 10 or below will be inverted. You can now enjoy the beauty of inverted colors. Drop down your thoughts about the screen design after color inversion in Windows.

Even Windows comes with some inbuilt high contrast themes. These themes can perform the same task you’re willing to do. Even these high contrast themes look more gentle and good than the normal inverted colors.

Method 3. Using High Contrast Themes

Alternatively, you can use high contrast themes. These themes are full of beauty and joy of black and white colors. There are 4 such these available in Windows OS by default. These are High Contrast #1, #2, High Contrast Black, White respectively. You can use any of these as per needs but White one isn’t recommended for the night time.

If you don’t know the process to change the theme in Windows, then follow the following steps:

1. Right Click on the desktop and select Personalize.

2. Then you’ll see some themes, scroll down and find high contrast themes.

3. Apply one of the themes and wait till the theme is applied.

Once a theme is applied you’ll get a huge difference in the user interface. Colors are inverted and everything looks different.

How To Revert Inverted Colors On Windows 10

Most users might gets confused while reverting back to normal colors. But, there’s nothing to get confused. Just follow all the methods shown above in reversed way and that’s all you need to do.

e.g use the same shortcut key or disable the “Color Inversion” from magnifier tool. And if you’ve done this using theme, then switch back to the normal theme.

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