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5+ Simple Ways To Get Single Name On Facebook In 2022 (100% Working)

Want to know how to get single name on facebook? Then you’re on right page as we’ve shown best 5 methods to get single name on facebook in 2022.

Looking for a way to get trim your name to single on Facebook? This isn’t impossible, Facebook officially allows users to have a single name, but only in certain countries.

But wait, I’m not telling you to visit those countries and get citizenship. Instead, there’s a way to trick Facebook think that you’re from specific countries where a single name is allowed.

single name on facebook account

Indonesia is the country where users are allowed to use a single name. In this case, switching your IP address to Indonesian IP will do the job for you.

There are plenty of ways to do that, such as using Proxy IP, VPN, etc. Recently, I’ve covered a detailed list of online proxy browsers.

I’ve done this trick plenty of times without receiving an error. This trick is working for the past few years. You’re a few steps behind from getting a single name on Facebook.

FB users can use cool usernames to make their accounts look more attractive.

5 Methods To Get Single Name On Facebook In 2022

There can be some ways to do this. But, the steps which are easier to follow and effortless wins the race. After a few hours of research, I found some best working methods and some of them need no proxy.

It sounds like a fortune, but it’s true. It’s the magic of an online proxy browser, running on an Indonesian server. Follow up the article to learn more. Don’t forget to go through all the methods before giving up.

Method 1. By Changing Language Settings To Tamil

It works like a charm; no proxy is needed and a hassle-free process. This method should work for all people, especially if you’re from India. Here are the steps to start with:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click on Menu and select Language Settings.language option mobile fb
  3. Search for Tamil and select the first option.single facebook name easy
  4. Open Facebook Settings again.get single facebook name for free
  5. Click Personal Settings option. (See Image)free single facebook name
  6. Now, click on your Name.get single name on facebook without proxy
  7. Remove the Last Name from the box and click Blue Button.single fb name without proxy ip address
  8. Enter your current Facebook Password.enter the password to get single name on fb
  9. Done! Now, Revert Language settings to English.success fb single name
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Nice and Easy! I hope this method worked for you. It worked fine for a lot of other users and me.

Didn’t worked! Not a problem, there are many other methods listed down below having a 100% success rate.

Method 2. Using Online Browser (No Proxy Needed)

Getting help from proxy websites to access a website from a different location is no longer a secret. It’s a handy way to access blocked sites as well. Finding a proxy website having Indo IP address is hard as there are few of them.

But the hardest part was finding one which works pretty fast and can accomplish our requirements. Start with these steps to remove the last name on Facebook:

  1. First, visit your Facebook Account Settings.
  2. Select Language option.language option mobile fb
  3. Change it to Bhasa (Indonesia).change language of facebook mobile
  4. Visit the online proxy browser by clicking here.
  5. In the URL address bar, type: facebook.com/settings.indonesian online proxy browser free
  6. Select Continue Anyway.single name on fb
  7. Enter your E-Mail and Password, click Masuk.login to facebook mobile
  8. Now, choose Informasi Pribadi option.personal facebook settings mobile
  9. Click on Nama option to remove the last name from FB.click on name option in facebook settings
  10. Remove your last name from the box and click Tinjau Perubahan.facebook single name without proxy
  11. Enter your account password and click Simpan Perubahan.remove last name from facebook
  12. You now have a single Facebook name.how to get single name on facebook
  13. Make sure to Clear Cookies from the online browser.

Tip: Change your password for additional security as you’ve logged into your account using the online browser.

Method 3. Get Single Name On Facebook Using Hola Extension

Hola Free VPN Proxy is one of the free extensions available for Chrome and Firefox browsers. We’re using this extension because it’s free and has the availability of an Indonesian server. This method is also working to get a single name on Facebook without proxy. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Install the Hola Extension from Chrome or Firefox store.
  2. Once the extension is added, you’ll see the icon in the browser.
  3. Visit m.facebook.com and click on the Extension.
  4. Select the Change Country option, Enter Indonesia in the search box.
  5. Connect to the server.facebook single name without using proxy
  6. Open account settings and change Language to Bhasa.change language of facebook mobile
  7. Visit back to Facebook account settings and select Informasi Pribadi.remove last name from facebook without proxy
  8. Click on Nama (Name) to remove the last name from Facebook.remove last name fb
  9. Remove all the words from Last Name box and click Tinjau Perubahan.without proxy remove fb last name
  10. Enter your current Facebook password to continue.
  11. All done! You got the Facebook single name without Proxy.
  12. Change language back to English from settings
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Hola extension is free to use. Feel free to remove the extension once your work is done. This method should work for everyone.

Mobile users should install Firefox from the apps store. The Mobile version of Firefox supports all the extensions. Then follow the same steps given above to remove the last name from Facebook.

Method 4. Get Single Facebook Name Using Proxy IP

As I’ve mentioned above Indonesians are allowed to use the single-word names on Facebook. So, we’ll be tricking Facebook to think that you’re from that country. Then all the doors to a unique name will be opened.

The first two methods suit best and are reliable to most users. However, if they didn’t work for you, it’s better to use the manual mode to switch your IP and then follow the same steps.

Down below are some of the Proxy IP Address to use. Alternatively, you can visit this page for more free IP addresses.

Free Proxy IPPort

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Windows PC or Android mobile phone. Both OS allows users to route the traffic through the Proxy address.

Below are the steps in sequence for Android and then for Windows for connecting to Proxy IP address. Once your proxy connection is a success, follow the steps to get a single FB name.

To Make Single Name In Facebook Using Android:

  • Connect to a WiFi network.
  • Once connected, long tap on the network and choose Modify Network.set android proxy
  • Scroll down and expand Advanced settings.
  • Under the Proxy section, choose Manual.proxy on android
  • Enter the IP address and port.
  • Click Save, your device will connect to that WiFi again, so wait.single fb name easy
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Make Single Name In Facebook Using Windows:

  • If you’re using Chrome, then Go To Settings>Advanced.
  • Then down below you’ll find the Proxy option, click on it.single word facebook name
  • A Window dialogue will appear, select LAN Settings.best single facebook name
  • Check Use Proxy For Your LAN option, enter the IP address and Port.
  • Click OK, visit www.myip.com and check if your IP is same as what you’ve entered in settings.change proxy settings
  • That’s all, now follow the steps given down below.

After Connecting To Proxy, Follow These Steps

  1. Go to the Facebook settings page and select Language>Set Prefered Language
  2. Set the language to Bahasa.single facebook name
  3. After this step, go to your Facebook General Settings.
  4. Then under the Name, click on the Edit option.
  5. Remove the last name from Facebook and click on Change.
  6. Enter your current Facebook password.
  7. Change language back to English.
  8. Remove Proxy IP from your Android/Windows device.

Method 5. With The Help Of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is the most relevant way to access websites via an encrypted connection. VPN providers are having servers spread all around the world. It means you can access your FB account from Indonesia country IP address.

All you need is a free or paid VPN. I found ZenVPN which provides excellent service and offers a free trial. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit ZenVPN and Sign Up for a free trial.
  2. Download their Android or Windows app.
  3. Log in to the free trial account.
  4. Select the Indonesian server from the list.
  5. Once connected, visit Facebook settings.
  6. Set your Language to Bhasa.
  7. Open Account Name settings.
  8. Remove the last name from the account.
  9. Enter your password to save changes.
  10. Change language back to English.
  11. Disconnect from the VPN.
  12. Great! You got a single name on Facebook.


The process I’ve shown in this article is straightforward. All the steps are easy to follow and require fewer resources. It’s not illegal to have a single name, and Facebook doesn’t block you for this.

If you found this article useful, share it with your friends on social media. Let them know that it’s possible to remove the last name. Share your problems in the comment section.

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