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5 Simple Methods To Get Single Name On Facebook In 2018

It’s way easy to get single name on Facebook in 2018. I’ve shown the perfect way here which helped me a lot to hide last name from Facebook. There are 5 total methods from which you can choose from.

Most people want to remove last name from Facebook account. There are many reasons behind it. Facebook doesn’t allow some users from some countries to use the single name. It’s because most of the people name contains two words. But, not in all the cases. In fact, users loved to use single word name to make their profile much beautiful and attractive.

There are thousands of people who are forced to put two words in their name while creating a Facebook profile. But, you now you don’t have to do this. Even if you’re having an old account, you can just switch from two words to single word name. I’ve tried all these 5 methods at the personal level to help my friends and relatives to get single name on Facebook.

The basic methodology behind all these steps is to trick Facebook in order to let its algorithm think that you’re from such country where single Facebook name is allowed. Indonesia is such a country where FB allows users one-word name in their profiles.

So, I’ll tell you all the methods with step by step procedure so that you can get the desired results. There’s no need to download anything or perform any hard trick in most of the steps. It’s all very easy to follow. All you need to do is tweaking with Facebook and your mobile phone/desktop browser settings.

I’ve tested these methods many times and all worked fine for me. There’s no worry if a method didn’t work for you because there are five of them and any of these will absolutely work for you.

Methods To Get Single Name On Facebook

Now, let’s talk about the methods which will definitely work for you. Different methods do have its unique importance and workaround. So, follow from 1st one to 5th one in sequence. I’ve arranged them in terms of their success rate.

Before getting started, make sure you’ve following things:

  • Browser e.g Mobile or Desktop browser.
  • Fast internet connection.
  • Facebook Account login details

#1. Using Indonesian Online Browser

#2. Using Indonesian Proxy Address

#3. By Using VPN

#4. Tweaking Facebook Settings

#5. By Chrome Extension

These are all the steps you’ll have to use. Believe me, there’ll be no problem while following any of these methods. I’ve explained every single thing in detailed. Most people are also searching for how to get single Facebook name without proxy, so if you’re one of them, then you’ll love to follow 1st method.

The reason behind people having problems using the proxy method is because they can’t find a good one. So, I’ve shown some proxy servers which works great in 2nd method. So, first I’ll be explaining the first method in details to all you sweet people.

Get Single Facebook Name Using Indonesian Online Browser (100% Working)

This method is my first recommendations to all of you. There’s no need to use proxy addresses or download anything. Just follow this simple guide. Either you can get a single name on your existing account or can create a brand new account. I’ve also shown a live example by creating an example account. So that you can believe me that it’s really working method.

There are many online proxy browsers available. By this, I simply mean that such browsers allow users to load a website from a specific location. I found such a working website and you can enjoy it for free. Just follow the steps given down below:

  1. Visit this URL: https://proxy.id.or.id/
  2. In the address bar, enter https://facebook.com and click GO.
  3. Login page should appear, now don’t enter anything in the Email and Password box, just click Blue Button.
  4. Now, an HTML version of Facebook login page should appear.
  5. You should translate the page to English for better understanding the options because all of them are written in the Indonesian language. (if using desktop Chrome, Right-Click>Translate To English)
  6. Now, if you have an existing account, log in to it and visit General Settings>Name>Edit and remove the last name, then save changes.
  7. If you want to create a new account, click on Create Account.
  8. Enter your first name and other details as well.
  9. Follow all the basic steps to create a new account.
  10. Logout and clear cookies (recommended)
  11. Use the same credentials to log in using your own FB app/browser and enjoy.

Get Single Facebook Name Using Proxy

As I’ve mentioned above that Indonesians are allowed to use single word name on Facebook. So, we’ll be tricking Facebook to think that you’re from Indonesia. Then all the doors to single name will be opened. For this, you should have an Indonesian IP address. So, using a proxy will work well.

If you’ve tried this before and failed, then you might like to try it once again. The reason behind the failure is simple, you were not able to find a good proxy address or it wasn’t Indonesian one.

In fact, most of the users aren’t able to properly tweak their browser’s settings to connect using the address they’ve provided. So, I’ll tell you the clean methods down below. There’s also a table listing out the best Indonesian proxy IP addresses you should use.

List Of Proxy Servers You Should Use:

This is the list of servers which I found very useful and they worked well for me. However, you can get list of servers from here. But, prefer using following ones first. All of them are checked and worked well at the time when I was writing this article.

Free Proxy IPPort 3128

I’m totally sure that most of these proxies will work for you. I recommend you to use PC for this method. I’ve tried to implement proxy settings in few Android devices and most of them failed to connect. In fact, one can only apply proxy settings to a WiFi network. You can’t simply apply them to your mobile data.

But, below are the methods to implement these IPs to both Android and Windows PC.

For Android Devices:

  • Connect to a WiFi network.
  • Once connected, long tap on the network and choose Modify Network.set android proxy
  • Scroll down and expand Advance settings.
  • Under the Proxy section, choose Manual.proxy on android
  • Enter the IP address and port given in the table above (any single).
  • Click Save, your device will connect to that WiFi again, so wait.single fb name easy

For Windows:

  • If you’re using Chrome, then simply Go To Settings>Advanced.get single facebook name easy
  • Then down below you’ll find the Proxy option, click on it.single word facebook name
  • A Window dialogue will appear, select Lan Settings.best single facebook name
  • Check Use Proxy For Your Lan option, enter the IP address and Port.
  • Click OK, now try visiting any website and check if it works or not.change proxy settings
  • It if worked, you’re ready to follow next steps to get single name on Facebook.

Now, Here Are The Steps To Set Single Facebook Name

  1. Go to Facebook settings page and select Language>Set Prefered Language
  2. Now, set the language to Bahasa Indonesia.single facebook name
  3. After this step, go to your Facebook General Settings.
  4. Then under the Name, click on Edit option.get single fb name
  5. Remove the last name from Facebook and click on Change.how to get single name on fb

Note: Make sure your first name is as the way you want. You can’t change it later for around 60 days.

If Didn’t work: There are only two possibilities, either your IP address is still not Indonesian based, so you should visit any IP address checker website to know your IP location. If it’s not Indonesia, you still need to read the steps I’ve shown above to set proxy connection.

Next possibility is that you might have changed your name in past 60 days and Facebook isn’t allowing you to change it again.

However, if you don’t like this method, there are three more down below waiting for you. All of them also work to create single name account on Facebook. All those methods also work to hide last name on Facebook or completely remove it.

Using VPN (Virtual Private Network)

It’s another popular and one of my recommended methods you should use. Here, instead of using a free proxy we’ll be using a VPN provider. The working of both these methods is almost the same. Just way to get Indonesian IP is different and VPN will create work 100% to let you browse using Indonesian IP address.

I’ve found a free VPN provider which is “ZenVPN” They do provide a free trial to the users and you should definitely use it.

The only reason behind my recommendation about ZenVPN is only because they do provide Indonesian server and a free trial. That’s all you need to do to create single name on Facebook without proxy.

  • Get a free trial from here: “https://zenvpn.net/en/”
  • Download their App/Software (available for both Android, Windows and other platforms as well)
  • Then set the country to Indonesia.
  • Make sure you’re successfully connected.
  • Follow the name change methods as I’ve shown in the second method.

By Tweaking Facebook Settings (Single Name On Facebook Using Mobile)

In this method, I’ll be showing you some steps, which requires no proxy or VPN. Just change some of the Facebook settings and that’s all you have to do.

My friends have claimed that changing language to Tamil works for them I’ve seen them trying and getting success using this trick. I hope it’ll work for you as well.

You just need a browser which can be any browser. If using Desktop PC, then use m.facebook.com URL. Below are the detailed steps:

  1. Visit m.facebook.com using any browser.
  2. Click on Menu and you can access your profile section then.
  3. Scroll down to bottom and choose the Language option.remove last name facebook android
  4. Set your language to Tamil.get single name on facebook android
  5. Again open your Facebook account settings.
  6. Click Edit Name option.
  7. Remove last name and save changes.

This method supposed to work for most of the users. But, maybe not in your case because of few reasons. So, in this scenario, there’s another process down below. Give a try to it and it might work for you.

With The Help Of Chrome Extension

Actually, here we’ll be again switching our IP to another country where single name is allowed. But, this time we’ll be using an extension here. There’s an extension known as “Hola” this provides free unlimited internet access to the users.

The amazing and interesting part of this extension is that there’s no need to create an account to use their service. Just install it in Chrome and start using it. That’s all you have to do.

  • Download and install the Extension from here.
  • Now, simply wait till the extension is completely installed.
  • Click on it after installation and set the server to Indonesia. (Click on any site showing, then it’ll say Browsing from the US, change the country to Indonesia)
  • Visit Facebook settings, change the language to Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Then visit General>Name>Edit.
  • Remove the last name.
  • Save changes, for detailed methods with pictures, please see the 2nd method.
  • That’s all, now enjoy your single FB name.


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