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Primweire Unblocked Proxy/Mirror Sites | Ways To Unblock Primewire In 2020

Let’s enjoy free movies and TV shows on Primweire. I’ve shown Primewire Unblocked mirror sites in this article which provides same online streaming.

Primewire is a very famous website used to stream movies, shows, series etc. for free. There’s no sign up required on this website. Millions of people are using Primewire but the problem is that it’s blocked by an internet service provider. You’ll get an error message like the screenshot given below.

Primewire Unblocked

Don’t worry if you’re getting this error message. It’s common these days as ISP block those sites which are providing movies for free. I’ve covered an article on sites like Primewire a few days back. You should definitely check it out to know about Primewire alternatives in 2019. Now, let’s directly jump into Primewire unblocked proxy or mirror websites.

Best Primewire Unblocked Proxy or Mirror Sites

The main domain of the website is https://primewire.ag which you can’t access directly. That’s because it’s blocked in countries like India, US, UK. There are many reasons for this, such as digital rights violation, pirated content hosted etc.

But, we all want free movies and shows. Hence, we need Primewire proxy and mirror sites. This website is very popular and that’s the reason that many other mirrors are available. I’ve listed some mirrors which are fast and are updated frequently.

S. No.Primewire Proxy/MirrorSpeedStatus
2.http://www.letmewatchthis.fun/Very FastOnline
6.https://primewire.pl/Very FastOnline
7.https://primewire.lu/Very FastOnline
10.https://kproxy.com/Very FastOnline
12.https://zend2.com/Very FastOnline
15.https://www.filterbypass.me/Very FastOnline

These are some of the clone sites where users can access movies and TV shows for free. All these sites are working and very fast. However, if these domains are also blocked by your ISP, use other proxy sites. In fact, you can use many other methods to access all the Primewire alternatives. I’ve shown all the methods which work best for all people.

Methods To Access Primewire Unblocked Websites

There are still many other methods you can use to access all the websites. It can be done by using a VPN, Proxy IP, or Browser Extension. All these methods are completely free and easy to follow.

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Method 1: Using Free VPN Client

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best method to access all the websites. Many free and paid VPN clients are available on the internet. We probably need free ones which provide fast connection speed and easy to use.Primewire Unblocked

Free VPN clients limit user data usage. But by creating multiple accounts using Temporary E-Mail address will help us to get free data again and again. You should use the following Virtual Network Providers because they offer free trial:

Method 2: Using Proxy Server IP Address

This is one of the best methods to access Primewire unblocked site. A proxy server acts as a bridge between you and the website you’re trying to visit. The server will fetch the page and then will send it back to your browser.

It’s highly recommended not to access confidential websites using the public proxy. Instead, use it to open movie and entertainment sites which are blocked in your region. Here are the steps to get started:

primewire Unblocked

  1. Open your Browser Settings.
  2. In the search bar, type “Open Proxy Settings” and click the first result.
  3. Open the LAN Settings.
  4. Tick the checkbox saying “Use a Proxy Server for your LAN“.
  5. Enter the port address and click OK.How To Unblock websites
  6. Now, try visiting a website to check if the proxy is working or not.
  7. Now, you can access all the websites using your web browser.

Method 3: Using Web Browser Extension



How to access region-restricted sites through VPN?

Region Restricted sites are those sites which are only available for certain part of the globe. These sites cannot be accessed through other regional countries. So if you live in the USA and try to access region-restricted sites which are based in China. You can not access it. That’s why you can use VPN to change your IP address to China location and can easily access that site.

3. Using Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the best browsers when it comes to being anonymous on the Internet. Tor Browser is used mostly to access the dark web. Dark Web is usually those sites which are not indexed by Google or other big search engines. This browser works similar to VPN and hides your IP address from everyone to prevent your location tracking. The best part about this browser is that the security of this browser is way much higher than any VPN software.

Tor Browser Primewire unblocked

Tor Browser allow us to change our IP address pretty frequently so that no tracking should be possible. This is a great tool to have. One of the main cons of this Browser is that it doesn’t have enough speed like another browser has to load a web page. So it might take some time to download your movies or Tv shows. You can use Tor Browser in your smartphone as well as on your computer.

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You can easily access the primewire site using this browser. This browser lets you stream your favourite movies and Tv shows from any place.

4.Using Web Light method

If you are trying to unblock Primewire site in your mobile phone then some of the upper given tricks may not work for you. But don’t worry, you can also unblock primewire site through your smartphone. All you need is your smartphone and an Internet connection. In this method, you need to download the Google Go app on your smartphone.

Now, Whenever you open any site from this application. This app will be going to show you primewire site through google servers. That means Google servers will going to act as a gateway between your device and primewire site. Due to this reason, you will be going to able to bypass most of the security measures and can visit primewire unblocked easily.

If you are a desktop user or can’t access your smartphone then don’t worry there also another site which will be going to bypass security measures to unblock the primewire site. You just need to simply visit Weblight.In site and put the URL of the primewire site here. This site is used to visit websites in slow connection. But it can easily bypass the security to unblock the primewire site.

5. Using Proxy Sites

I have already shown you above how to use proxies in your browser to unblock the primewire site. But there is also a simple way to use the proxy in your device to access the primewire site. There are many proxy sites out there through which you can simply visit the primwire site without getting blocked. These proxies sites also perform almost the same task as using proxies in your browser does.

You just need to simply visit a proxy site and put primewire site URL in there. The proxy site act as a gateway between your device and primewire site. There are plenty of free proxy sites out there through which you can visit the primewire site without getting blocked by any security.

Some of my favourite online proxy sites are:-

  1. https://kproxy.com
  2. https://hide.me/en/proxy
  3. https://whoer.net/webproxy

These are the top methods through which you can easily access Primewire unblocked. I know there must be some questions in your mind that you wanna to ask me. So I am trying to solve the most commonly occurring questions and hoping these will help you understand this article more.

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How to unblock Primewire site In Mobile?

When it comes to primewire unblocked in Smartphones, there are many methods which you can use to unblock primewire site in a smartphone. In mobile phones, there are some limits, which prevent some good methods which work great on PC to not working on the mobile phone. To solve this you can simply use most common methods out there.

You can use VPN to get access to blocked sites. All the information regarding Using VPN are given above. There is plenty of free VPN software in play store to download. Use all these VPN to access primewire site on your mobile phone. One of my favourite VPN in Mobile is Turbo VPN. It’s really fast VPN and is almost free to use.

Another method that you can use is by using proxy sites. There are plenty of proxy sites out there which provide mostly free access to the primewire site. The whole details about online proxy has given above. You can use many free proxies to access Primewire sire in your mobile phone.

Google Web Light also can help you to the unblocked primewire site. The whole process I have given above. This method is really great for a smartphone. Google visits the primewire site in its server and connects you to this site. These are the best methods that can help you for primewire unblocked in the mobile devices.


The primewire is one of the best sites to watch free movies and Tv shows. But many places are there where this site is usually banned for some reason. If you can afford to unblock this site than you can use these useful methods for primewire unblocked. Most of these methods work perfectly in all countries. So you can use these methods for visiting primewire site.

Let me know in comments which methods work perfectly for you? And which method do you like the most? I love to know that.

I personally like to use VPN method to visit the primewire site. Online proxy servers are also a great method to visit this site. In my case, all of the methods that I have given above works pretty fine. And It doesn’t matter if you are in a school or college or any other places. These methods are surely going to work for you.

If you like to know more sites like primewire than you can read this article which has 30 Best sites like primewire to watch movies and Tv shows for free.

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