Download Mi Account Unlock Tool & Steps To Use [2018]

Forgetting your smartphone’s unlock code/patterns is like nightmare. Thanks to all the tools which makes it easier to bypass the patterns and Mi Account Unlock tool is one of them. If you own a Xiaomi device and forgotten your account password/unlock code, here’s how to bypass it.

There are hundreds of things we do on our Android device. Millions of apps are available which are totally amazing and useful in our daily life. If you own an Android smartphone, you better know its uses and importance. Xiaomi company is doing an amazing job to provide cheap handsets with a lot of features included. It’s only because of their 5% profit policy. Only because of their very little profit on every single device, users are able to get affordable powerful devices.

But, forgetting codes or patterns is one of the biggest problems in Mi devices. Not only in Mi but all the devices which comes with fingerprint sensors are having the same problem. People are using their fingerprints to unlock their devices every single mi account unlock tool rar

It’s very useful and secure method but the problem arises when we forgot what was the manual code or pattern to unlock the device. In all the biometric unlockable devices, a pattern or PIN code based unlocking feature is added. It’s very important thing but we usually forgot the PIN if haven’t used it for few months. So, in this scenario, you have to either remember the PIN or bypass it.

The only way to bypass it is by using Mi account unlock tool. This tool is specially built for MI devices and is very useful if the user has forgotten the device unlocking code or pattern or account password. All you need is a computer device, USB data cable which generally comes along with the MI device, MI account unlock tool and Xiaomi device itself. Only a few steps and your device will be unlocked in moments.

There’s no need to send it to care center and wait for few weeks. You can do it on your own using this tool. I’ve shown the step by step guide to MI unlock tool. In fact, users who forgot Mi account password can use this tool. It’ll bypass all the security measures and will unlock the Mi device in few moments.

Things You’ll Learn Here

#1. Download MI Account Unlock Tool

#2. Requirements and Warnings

#3. How To Use MI Account Unlock Tool

Direct Download Mi Account Unlock Tool [Solve Forgot Mi Account Password Problem]

Below is the direct download link of Mi Account Unlock tool. You can directly download it by clicking on the button down below. Just make sure that you’ve disabled your Antivirus protection. Sometimes antivirus programs stop you from downloading and using such tools. So, it’s wise to disable antivirus and then proceed further.

Details Of This Tool:

  • Size: 10MB
  • File Name: MI Account Unlock tool rar
  • Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7 (recommended)
  • Blocked By Antivirus: Yes
  • Administrative Privileges Required: Yes
  • Direct Download: Yes (MEGA)
  • Screenshot: mi account unlock tool download

Once you’ve downloaded it, make sure anti-virus programs are disabled or turned off. Use any RAR extractor tool to extract it. Then read down the following instructions and step by step guide to use it. There are few things you should know before using this tool.

Requirements and Warnings Before Proceeding

Now, let’s talk about the things you’ll need to use this tool and some warnings. This tool totally formats your internal mobile storage space. This means, all the apps and other data stored in your device’s internal storage will be deleted and can’t be recovered. Hence, if you have some important data in it, it might be the bad news for you. It’s recommended to remove SD card from your device if inserted.

Your device will be completely formatted and all the data will be gone. There are few chances that your device might get bricked. By this, I simply mean that you might not be able to boot into your device. But, it’s the very rare thing to happen.

Note: I’m not responsible for harm caused to your device in any way. This tool isn’t built by me or by my team members. This article is only for educational purpose and use this tool on your own risk.


  • MI Account Unlock Tool Files (Download it from the above button, ignore if already done)
  • Windows Computer (Laptop/Desktop)
  • USB Data Cable (Generally comes along with the device)
  • Xiaomi Device Which Needs To Be Unlocked

Now, you’re ready to follow the steps. These steps will be useful in following scenarios:

  • Forgot MI Account Password
  • Forgot MI Pattern or Unlock Pin Code

Step By Step Process To Use MI Account Unlock Tool

Now, let’s go through the step by step process to use this tool. I’ll try to give you all the screenshots down below so that it’ll become easy for you to follow the process.

Make sure your device’s battery is above 50% because once unlock is done, the device will reboot and it takes time. So, keep your Xiaomi smartphone’s battery above 50%. Also, make sure that USB cable you’re using is compatible with the device. It’s recommended to use the official data cable to ignore all the cable-related faults.

  1. Here’s the picture of an MI device whose unlock code is forgotten by the user.bypass mi account
  2. Long press the power button and turn off your device.
  3. Once the phone is completely turned off, we need to enter into recovery mode.
  4. To enter into recovery, press Volume+, and Power button together.boot mi to recovery
  5. As soon as MI logo appears on the screen, release the Power button but keep holding the Volume+ key.
  6. Now, you’ll get a logo saying connect the USB cable to the device.mi account unlock tool download free
  7. Before connecting, launch Mi Account Unlock Tool.exe file from the tool which you’ve downloaded so far.mi account password forgot
  8. Provide all the Administrative privileges to the application to launch it.
  9. Then connect your device to PC using a data cable.
  10. To make sure that connection is successful, click Information button in the tool and you should get all the device related details.
  11. You should get the information lie screenshot given below.mi account unlock tool rar
  12. If everything looks great, click on Bypass MI Account button.mi device bypass pattern
  13. Wait for few minutes until MI mobile reboots itself.
  14. Remove the data cable from the smartphone.
  15. Wait till the reboot is complete. (It’ll take much time, depends on your device, be patience)mi bypass fingerprint
  16. Go through the simple device setup process and you’ve successfully removed MI account from your mobile phone and all the patterns, pins etc.

After following these steps, you’ll get your device back. However, all your personal data and settings will be gone. You need to download all the apps, connect all social media accounts etc.

All the steps I’ve shown are totally easy to follow. We hope that you’re now able to bypass MI account password using MI account unlock tool. But, if having some kind of trouble, drop down comment and I’ll help you as soon as possible.


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