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How To Make Background Transparent In Paint [Easiest Way]

Editing pictures using Microsoft Paint and want to get rid of the white portion which is not transparent by default! Well, I’ve shown the exact way to do that and all the necessary things that you should know about. Know how to make background transparent in paint quickly.

MS paint is probably one of the most underestimated yet powerful tools to do some basic level of editing. I’m saying this because whenever I have to resize a picture or need to crop the image, using MS paint is my default choice. It’s because this tool is installed in Windows OS by default and is very responsive and easy to use.

Most Windows users don’t even know that MS Paint can remove white background. This simply means that if any picture has a white background, you can remove it very easily.remove background from image using paint

If you also don’t know the steps on how to remove white background in paint, then you might feel a little bit confusedBut. it’s way easier than you might think. There’s no need to download any plug-in or any other tool, it can be done using MS Paint only.

We all are familiar with the selection tool which Microsoft Paint provides us. It contains a feature known as Transparent Selection which is smart enough to detect a white background and remove it from the selection. Rest of the non-white portion can be further used within the picture.

You just need to master this tool, know its pros and cons and then you’ll start loving it. Down below is the detailed guide on how to make background transparent in Paint.

Steps To Make Background Transparent In Paint

Now, below are the practical steps you need to follow. I’ve then later explained every important thing which you should know about.

  1. Open your picture using Paint, e.g right click on the picture, Open With>Paint.how to remove white background paint
  2. I’m using text image in this case, click on the selection tool.
  3. Expand the options and click check the Transparent Selection option.Make Background Transparent In Paint
  4. Select the area you want to move and then simply drag the area.
  5. The white background is now removed and you can reposition that part of the image easily.how to Make Background Transparent In Paint

Few readers might not be able to find out what actually happens here and what it’s all about. If you too don’t understand where is the transparency then let me explain it.

As I’ve already told you that MS Paint only makes white background transparent. So, in my case, the selected part, e.g letter e does have white color in the background.

I’ve selected the option “Transparent Selection”. Now, when I moved the selected part of the image over other objects, the white part is removed. e.g letter E’s background is transparent.

Totally opposite of it, let’s try the same thing when transparency option is disabled.

remove background paint

See the image given down below. There’s a white background in letter E, this will clear all your doubts and questions about making MS paint transparent background. It’s not advanced but yet useful one in many cases.remove white background paint

Now you know what it actually means and how it actually works. But, it might not be the perfect tool for all the users. Because it’s limited and works perfectly only to remove white background in Paint.

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Users who want to cut a specific part from an image and want to paste it on another image shouldn’t just switch to another picture editor. It’s because Paint is able to do it.

We can still remove the background using MS paint, which is similar in color. The selection tool supports custom area selection and if the part of the picture you want isn’t in the rectangle shape, then I highly recommend you to use this.

Add Transparent Background Image To Other Image Using Paint

Let’s jump into the process using which you’ll be able to add a specific part from an image to another image by using Paint. As I’ve already told you that the Transparency feature works perfectly with a white background but somehow it’s able to remove a small portion of colors from the edges of a selection.

Using this method, you’ll be able to simply cut a portion from an image, and paste it in another image with transparent background. It’s really helpful in creating informational images and merging objects from an image to another one.

  1. First, open an image with Paint from where you want to cut a specific part.
  2. Then click on Selection tool and from the drop-down menu, select free-form selection option.
  3. Make sure transparent selection feature is enabled.merge pics using paint
  4. Drag over the specific part/object of the image you want to cut.
  5. Once done, release the mouse and then press Ctrl+X or Right-Click>Cut.transparent object paint
  6. Close the picture, don’t save the changes.
  7. Open another image using Paint where the previously selected object will be added.
  8. Press Ctrl+V or Right-Click>Paste.merge pictures without background paint
  9. Move the pasted object and align it according to your needs.
  10. Save the changes using hotkey Ctrl+S.
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That’s the magic you can do using MS Paint. This is crazy, isn’t it! You now unlocked the ability to remove the background in Paint, and then merging the one object into another image with transparent background.

It’ll probably need some experience and some practice to make background transparent in Paint and result will be sweet enough.


What I think about MS Paint’s ability to remove background is that it’s obviously smart tool but need some improvements. Users aren’t allowed to do some tasks which I think should be there. These included changing the white background to a totally transparent one and ability to save an image with transparent background.

Paint transparent background feature needs huge improvements because it works perfectly only when the background is white. There’s a huge possibility that Paint won’t get fixes and improvements because Microsoft has switched to Paint 3D which is obviously a more powerful way to edit images and creating paintings.

But still, I hope you now know how to make background transparent in Paint. Drop down your suggestions and problems down below in the comment section and I’ll try to solve your problem and add your suggestions to the article.

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