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How To Unblock Websites At School, Office and College

Do you want to know how to unblock sites on your device? There are many sites that are always blocked at many places for many reasons. If you are one of those who want to access certain sites even if they are blocked, then I’ve given many methods down below to solve this problem. Many working methods to unblock websites at school or college are listed down below. Just follow them step by step and visit any website you want.

In my school days, there were many sites that I always wanted to visit. But, most of the time they were blocked by some kind of firewall or ISP itself. You may also be facing this type of problems. There are many places where many of your favorite sites could be blocked. It can be blocked at your workplace, school, college or public WiFi or much more. This problem might be hard to resolve for most of the users.

But don’t worries guys, I know how to deal with this problem. Methods which I’ve shown here will help you toe unblock any website with ease. In this article, I have summarized the best methods which can be used to unblock your favorite website. I have also given answers to the most common questions that arise in mind about how to unblock websites at school and other places.

Hundreds of reasons forces your network admin or ISP to block a website. I have seen many of these situations where people even block sites to lower the bandwidth amount. You can easily bypass this security by using some methods that are given below. All the tricks or methods shown below are 100% working to unblock websites at school.

Top Methods To Unblock Websites

These methods are going to help you to unblock websites in any place. If any of the following methods don’t work with you then don’t worry just use another one.

1. Using VPN( Virtual Private Network)how to unblock websites

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN is a service that creates a tunnel between you and the website that you want to visit. This tunnel stops third parties to monitor your search. In short, you can search for any block sites in that particular place. Sometimes free VPN services don’t provide full support. I recommend if possible, try using paid VPN. They have great features and many pro-level security.

How To Visit Region-Restricted Sites From Anywhere?

There are many websites which are region-restricted. It means if you are from another country other than the region of that particular site then you are not allowed to access that country. This problem occurs with me many times and I believe you are also suffering from this type of problem. I can’t visit some of my friends’ suggest sites just because its region-restricted.

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For this type of problem, we use VPN service to change our IP address. VPN services donload website content on their servers and delivers it to our devices in encrypted mode. With the help of a VPN service, we can visit these Region-Restricted Sites from anywhere in the world. But sometimes Free VPN services only provides very few Countries VPN servers. So I recommend you to use best VPN service for better experience.

Is It Legal To Use VPN?

Yes, most of the countries in the world don’t think using VPN is an illegal activity. If you use VPN for good purpose then there is no need to worry. VPN is a legal way in most countries and millions of people are using it.

Where Is It Illegal To Use VPN?

In reality, VPN is banned in very few countries. Countries who have authoritative laws banned using VPN. Some of these countries are China, North Korea and Iran.

2. Using Web Light Feature

If you are a mobile user i.e. either iPhone or Android user you can use this method to bypass a certain type of blocking system. All you need it Google GO app installed in your mobile device. Now, whenever you’ll browse any website using this app, all the content will be served from Google’s web servers. This makes your browsing experience much better and faster.

There is also another site called weblight.in which also perform the same task. It is used to visit websites in slow internet connection. You can also use this site to bypass any security measurement if google web light doesn’t work.

3. Use a Proxy Server

Proxy Server is a very useful tool that helps to visit a blocked website. The proxy server works as a bridge between you and the website that you wants to visit. It’s the way to change your IP address and there are many free public proxy servers available.unblock websites

There are many ways of using a proxy in a computer or another device. Let me show how to use a proxy in browsers to browse blocked sites.

  1. Press Win+R and type Control Panel.
  2. Search for Internet Options and click the first result.
  3. Select Connections tab, then click on LAN Settings.
  4. Check Use a Proxy server for your LAN and enter your proxy address details.

How To Unblock websites

It’s hard to find working proxies. There’s an paid option available e.g buying private proxies but you can try your luck by using free proxies. You can find list of proxies here.

In fact, many online proxy browsers are available for free. Such services are providing an online browser, all you need to do is, just provide them the link of website you want to visit and these online proxy browsers will load that website for free. Such services are insanely free and fast.

However, if you’re thinking to download file using such services, then I would like to tell you that speed throttling can result in failed downloads. Use these services to download small sized files and to browse websites without getting unblocked.

These are some of the online proxy websites that works perfectly:

  • https://kproxy.com
  • https://hide.me/en/proxy
  • https://whoer.net/webproxy

4. Using Tor Browser

Tor is an onion router and a good browser that is basically used to surf anonymously. This software is very useful software when it comes to unblock websites when firewall is really very strong one. The speed of browsing is really very slow but is acceptable. If you’re thinking of streaming something, then think twice because it’s really very slow to browse using TOR Browser.tor browser unblock website

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TOR can be useful only for browsing websites. All the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. can be browsed with ease without having any problem.

5. Browse In Secure Connection

This is an old method but it still works in some places. Many websites are still there which do not use a secure connection e.g SSL certificate. But, sites which are using SSL certificates, can be browsed with ease.ssl connection

Many ISP aren’t able to block connection to a website when using HTTPS connection. To make this trick work you need to open those blocked sites in a secure connection i.e. https:// rather than opening them in http:// connection. This way you can unblock some sites that are blocked in your place. (For example: https://example.com)

6. Read Via Mail

This is the last and least favorite way to access blocked websites in school and other places. In this method, Some sites allow you to access websites through your mail. Sites like Web2mail can send the websites to your mail. Many of the email websites like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook are capable of opening these type of mail. So by using this trick you can also unblock some of the websites that you want to visit.

Let me know which Tricks is the best for you to unblock blocked websites, comment down below and I will be going to respond as soon as possible.

There are many questions left that might be in your mind right now. So I searched for most commonly asked questions and tried to get their answers. I hope these answers help you better understand this article.

How to Unblock A Website At School?

Well In school, there can be many reasons to block a certain website. So to Unblock these sites you can use any of the method I’ve shown above. In most of the cases, VPN method works perfectly. Just install any free or Paid VPN software and start browsing without getting blocked by school’s firewall.

Keep this in mind that using VPN is not illegal in most of the countries but if you caught using VPN in your school Campus then you might get in some serious trouble. Think before taking any risk for surfing sites that have been already blocked by school.

How To Unblock Blocked Websites Without Proxy?

Using proxies isn’t a good idea in most of the cases. Most of the users landed here knows how slow a proxy can be. But, this doesn’t mean that all the proxies are very slow. The fact is that public proxies are used by hundreds, or maybe thousands of people at a time. This results in huge load on that proxy and most of the users won’t be able to load the website.

But, there are some free proxies which aren’t loaded by that much users , hence works perfectly. So, you can either find a Proxy with good connection speed, or opt into Private Proxy. Private proxy will cost you around $10-$50. It’s an expensive choice, so VPN might help you this time.

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Almost all the VPN providers offers free trial with limited data. So, you can enjoy their trial service and unblock blocked websites without proxy.

How to Unblock A Website Blocked By Administrator?

If a website is blocked by the computer administrator, you can use some tricks to unblock it. The first method you can use is to use a proxy in your browser. I have already shown how to use a proxy in your browser at above. You can also use proxy sites which provide access to blocked sites.

There are plenty of ways used by network admins to block a website. If your network admin is really hard on rules, he might have used all the ways to stop users from accessing unauthorized websites. But, not all network administrator are that much hard on rules.

So, using a VPN or Proxy will help you in such case. Or just ask the administrator to unblock a website if blocked by mistake.

How To Open Blocked Websites By Proxy?

Once you’re connected to the internet using an proxy address, just open your browser and type the address you want to visit. That’s all you need to do. In fact, I recommend you to check if the proxy you’re using is working or not. To do this, just open CMD and type ping google.com. If ping request is successful, you can browse by proxy using a web browser.

How To Unblock A Website At Google Chrome?

It is a very common question and it has a very simple answer too. There are really many ways through which you can easily unblock a website at google chrome. The best is to use a VPN software to change your IP address or you can also use Proxy in your browser. I have shown above how to use the proxy in google chrome, and you can use the same steps to know how to unblock a website at google chrome.

You can also use google chrome setting to unblock a site from its restricted sites. Steps to unblock a website at google chrome restricted sites list are given below.

  1. Open Chrome browser and open its Settings.
  2. Now scroll down and click on “Show advanced setting“.
  3. In the Network section, click on change proxy settings. You can also use search to get these settings.
  4. Select the security tab and then click Restricted sites. You can also set the range of your settings.
  5. Click Sites option to find the sites list that is restricted. Now remove your desire site and that’s it.
  6. Your site now has been unblocked at google chrome.


I’ve listed almost all the popular and working ways to unblock websites at school/college/office. Any of thee method will surely work in your case. I’ve tested all these methods personally because I’ve been in such scenario where all popular and useful websites were blocked by administrator.

I recommend you to try VPN method first and then Proxy method thereafter. The success rate in both these methods is very high and it’s really easy to try both these ways. If you’re still having problem to unblock websites, then leave a comment down below and I’ll give you solution according to your problem.

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