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[4 Methods] How To Download Tumblr Videos On PC, Mobile

Watching videos on Tumblr and want to download one of them? Well, you can’t simply save Tumblr videos directly to your PC or Mobile. You have to follow some steps on how to download Tumblr videos. I’ve shown the best working methods here.

Tumblr is one of the world’s most used and famous social networking website. We can even create blogs on Tumblr. If you’re using this website for a long time, you better know how useful is it to connect with people from all around the world. Videos on Tumblr are amazing as well. I’ve written this article on how to download Tumblr videos so that users can download videos on Tumblr with ease.

I’m browsing Tumblr from a few years and it’s really an addictive place to know and follow what other people are doing. There are tons of videos and images uploaded every single day. Users who love to share their creativity and arts should definitely post it on this platform. Millions of monthly active users are out there to watch your content.

In fact, we can create a free blog website using Tumblr. It’s just an easy and quick process and anyone can start sharing his/her views on the free Tumblr blog.save tumblr videos to device

But, the worst thing about this social media platform is that we can’t simply download the videos available. We need to follow some steps or have to use third party software/apps to download Tumblr videos. It’s just annoying, isn’t it!

We can save the images directly, or just take a screenshot and it’s done. But, in order to download the videos, there are few compulsory steps to follow. There isn’t any simple or quick way to download Tumblr videos. Some 3rd party extensions or apps also stops working.

Even some Tumblr video downloaders do have a premium subscription or paid plan to continuously use that app/software. But, I feel that there’s no need to download 3rd party apps or software save Tumblr videos. I have a better solution to this problem.

I’m downloading videos from Tumblr for many years without having a problem. Even there’s no need to download a software or use an online tool. Follow the article and know how I’m able to save Tumblr videos in few seconds.

How To Download Tumblr Videos With Chrome (For Geeks)

This method is going to be a little geeky. If you’re playing with Google Chrome for a long time then it’ll be an easy process for you. But, for those users who just surf the internet for a while using chrome can also follow this step because I’ve written it in step by step process.

As we know that videos should be served from a location e.g from a web server address. We can easily capture that address using the Chrome web browser. Chrome allows users to use Network feature, using which users have the ability to view the source and type of content loading on a web page.

Just follow the step given down below and you’ll understand what I mean. According to my personal opinion, it’s the best method you should use.

  1. Visit Tumblr and search for the video you’re looking for.download tumblr videos
  2. Then open the video page (don’t play the video)
  3. Right-Click inside the player and select Inspect option. (Make sure entire web page is loaded)download tumblr videos with chrome
  4. Now, you’ll see Network tab, click on it.
  5. Then play the video on the web page, e.g click on Play so that video can start.use chrome to download tumblr videos
  6. You’ll see new resources are being loaded in the Network tab.
  7. Look for media in the type row with status code 206.direct download tumblr videos
  8. Right click on the name in the same column and select Open In New Tab.free download tumblr videos
  9. The same video will be played on the new tab.
  10. Right-Click and select Save As.download tumblr videos without software
  11. Browse the location where you want to save Tumblr video.

Enjoy! Well, this method might be very time to consume for some of the users. Those, who want to save every single video they saw on Tumblr will not find this way quick and efficient. But, those who are only saving a few videos should definitely follow this up.

Now, we probably need a quick and easy way for power users right! So, an online Tumblr video downloader might help you in this case.

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Using Online Tumblr Video Downloader

There are many online services which help you to save Tumblr videos. All these services are totally free and easy to use. I’ve used plenty of them and all of them works like charm. One of such services is listed in the steps down below.

  1. Visit: https://www.tubeoffline.com/download-tumblr-videos.php (Copy and Paste this URL in URL address bar.
  2. Copy the link address of the Tumblr video you want to download.
  3. Paste the video link in video URL box and click Get Video.online tumblr downloader
  4. Wait till the download link is ready.
  5. You’ll see the Download button, click on it.download tumblr videos online
  6. Video page will appear, Right-Click and save it.

This way, you’ll be able to save videos from Tumblr directly to your Phone or PC. It’s an online tool hence can be accessed using any browser.

But, some users might be using the Tumblr app on their mobile devices. If you’re also using one, then below is the method which is very useful and worth it in my opinion.

Download Tumblr Videos On Android Mobile Phone

The Android OS does have a solution for almost every problem. There’s an app known as Timbloader for Tumblr which helps you to save directly from Tumblr Android app.

It’s not an official app but a 3rd party app which embeds with main Tumblr app. Below is the guideline to use this app.

  1. First, open Play Store and search tor Timbloader For Tumblr.
  2. Then install the app.
  3. Open Tumblr app and then look for the vide you want to download.
  4. Tap on the share option, choose Timbloader icon.download tumblr videos on android
  5. Timbloader app will open up and wait till it fetches the video information.
  6. Then simply, tap on Download button and video will be saved to your device.download tumblr videos using android
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That’s all you need to do. This app even supports downloading things from Instagram as well. All the videos are directly saved to the device’s memory and can be further shared with any platform you want.

I really love using this app because it’s just simple and very easy to use. No need to copy or paste the URL, just a few taps and video will be saved to your device.

Using Software To Save Tumblr Videos In PC

If you want an application for PC as well, then I’ve listed a useful software down below will help you to save Tumblr video to PC with ease.

We all know about Download Managers right! It’s just a program to download files from the internet. But, some download managers are very powerful which allows users to download almost all the media available on a webpage.

You just need the best download manager and I recommend IDM in this case. Follow the steps given down below for more information.

  1. First, download IDM from here and install it.
  2. Make sure you’ve integrated it with your Chrome or another browser you’re using.
  3. Then load the Tumblr video you want to download.
  4. You’ll see an option saying Download this video, click on it.download tumblr video idm
  5. The download will start instantly and video will be saved in your PC.


I hope you get the desired answer to your problem. I’ve tried to give you every single easy solution to your question “how to download Tumblr videos on Android or PC”. All the methods shown here are completely free and easy to follow.

If you feel something is missing or getting some sort of problem when following any of the methods shown here, then simply drop a comment down below. I’ll reach you within a few hours to solve your problem.

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