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How To Change Facebook Page Name In 2020 (Business or Community)

Want to change facebook page name in 2020? Facebook has made it much easier but there are few restrictions and prerequisites. Read the article to learn more.

Facebook is #1 social media platform used by millions of people every single day. Anyone can create Business and Community pages to connect with customers and fans from all around the world. Facebook page name plays a vital role as it represents the brand/person. In many scenarios, we need to change facebook page name.

facebook change page name quick

Maybe you decided to change your brand name or want to add additional words to the Facebook page name. Facebook allows users to change facebook page name in certain conditions. We need to submit a request, which usually takes a few seconds. If the name change request falls under the terms and conditions, it’ll be approved by Facebook. Earlier, I’ve also discussed a method to get a single name on Facebook and you might found it useful.

Prerequisites To Change Facebook Page Name

Most of you might think that it’s flexible to change the name of Facebook page. But it’s not that simple. Facebook always hates bad guys. Hence, there are some restrictions which won’t effect legit people but the evil ones. Following are the prerequisites of changing the name:

  • Don’t misguide people from completely changing the page name.
  • Facebook” word can’t be used.
  • No special characters can be used.
  • One can’t include slogan in the name.
  • The word “Official” isn’t allowed until you’ve certification of your brand.
  • Abusive words, unnecessary punctuation aren’t allowed.
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More concerned about the terms? You can read full guidelines here.

Steps On How To Change Facebook Page Name In 2020

After knowing all the rules, let’s get started. Here are the steps to change facebook page name:

  1. Visit your Facebook page.
  2. Select the About section.change facebook page name
  3. Click Edit Name option.change fb page name 2019
  4. Enter New Facebook Page Name.
  5. Then click on Continue.facebook page name change in 2019
  6. Review the changes and click the Request Change button.how to change facebook page name quickly
  7. You’ll receive a notification that Facebook is reviewing the request.request new facebook page name
  8. Once your request is approved, you’ll receive a similar notification like the screenshot given below.page name change approved facebook

Now, wait until the request is approved. Generally, it is reviewed within a few minutes to days, and in my case, it was passed within a few minutes. That’s because there were no major changes in the name and I think it was approved by the algorithm itself.

Critical changes are reviewed by the real people and it takes a few hours to days. So, sit tight and wait until your request is approved or declined by the FB officials.

  • It might take up to 3 days to approve/disapprove your page name change request.
  • If your request is approved, you can’t unpublish the page for 7 days.
  • On approval/disapproval of the request, you can’t change the new name for the next 7 days.

FB Page Name Change Request Is Declined

Many people are claiming that Facebook hasn’t approved their request. There are dozens of reasons behind this. FB makes sure that spammers don’t use their platform. In your case, it might be some terms and conditions violations.

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Don’t try to trick FB because real people are sitting there, reviewing the applications every second. So, if you’ve submitted a misguiding new page name, it’ll be instantly rejected. Following are the essential things you should know about:

  • Wait for three days until your application is accepted or rejected.
  • Don’t try to edit the Page name again as this feature is disabled until the previous request is processed.
  • There are limits to change FB page name. Don’t misuse this feature otherwise you might end up in real trouble.
  • Only Admins of an FB page can submit a Name change request.

I’m Legit, But My Request Is Declined

I know this is happening. Sometimes, they aren’t able to distinguish between a legit and lousy request. I’ve also faced this issue. But, thanks to facebook as they provide a Form using which we can Report an Issue.

Doesn’t matter how many Likes on your page, anyone can fill up the form and Submit a request to Facebook. If you think you’re completely legit, feel free to fill up this form. Attach all the documents which represent your brand or business.

  • Visit this form.
  • Enter the URL address to your webpage.
  • Write a detailed description of your problem.
  • Attach necessary files, such as screenshots, documents, images, etc.
  • Send the form and wait for the reply.


Changing Facebook Page name is a very easy process. If you’re under all the guidelines and rules, there’s nothing to worry about. But, evil ones might face a lot of problems. Those whose request is mistakenly declined should definitely contact FB officials by following the method I’ve shown above.

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