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How To Be Invisible On Facebook Chat & Messenger

Facebook is worlds #1 social media platform where millions of people can share their pictures, videos, news. In fact, they are also providing hundreds of security features to the users so that they can control their privacy etc. Today, I’ll be showing you the simplest way to appear offline on Facebook. Check out the step by step process on how to be Invisible on Facebook Chat & Messenger.

Millions of people are using Facebook as their primary social media platform. Nowadays, even some relationships are made using this social media platform. Facebook is completely free and there are no strict rules while creating a new account.

As a result, thousands of fake Facebook profiles are made. Such profiles are generally made to spam people and for many other purposes as well. If such profiles are added to your friend list, they are going to message you again and again. If you want to have thousands of friends on this platform, you have to add unknown people to your friends list.

This might result in hundreds, or maybe thousands of fake messages popping up in your inbox. You can easily get rid of such crap by getting invisible on Facebook. It’s very easy and very customizable.be invisible on facebook chat and messenger

Adding your family members on Facebook might be annoying sometimes. I’ve added some of my Family members to my Facebook account and now they started watching how often I’m using Facebook and things like that.

I hate such thing because they started talking about my Facebook usage with my parents. It’s like total spoil and total hatred thing to me but a fun thing for my Family members. I can either unfriend my family members or can just become invisible on Facebook chat and messenger. If you’ve been in the same situation then I’m here to help you to know how to make yourself invisible on Facebook.

It’s a very easy task and the very customizable thing you’ll ever use on Facebook. You’ve option either to stay invisible on Facebook to all your friends or just to a few selected people. You should also check out my process to get single name on Facebook with ease.

Step By Step Process On How To Be Invisible On Facebook Chat

Now, I’ll be going through step by step process to be invisible on Facebook. First, I’ll be giving the process to be invisible to a few people on Facebook, and then the process to be invisible on Facebook to all the people.

If you’re like me who uses Facebook just to stay connected with friends and don’t want to chat with someone. Then methods show below will be very useful for you.

If You Want To Get Invisible To All Friends

I recommend you to use this feature with care. If you’re using this option, then your friends won’t be able to see you online until you turn off this feature. It’ really very easy to use and I’ve shown the step by step procedure for both Mobile and Desktop users.

For Mobile Users:

It’s really easy to use this feature on Mobile devices. However, you won’t be able to use some features as of in desktop but it’s still useful. In mobile devices, users have the ability to turn off active status. If this feature is turned on, your friends on Facebook won’t be able to see you online.

  1. Log in to your account using a browser or the Facebook app.
  2. Click on Options menu and select Settings.invisible on facebook mobile
  3. Scroll down and you’ll get an option saying Active Status, click on it.get invisible on facebook
  4. Then click Turn Off Active Status.how to be invisible on facebook
  5. You’re now invisible on Facebook.
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That’s all for the mobile users. You’ll not be displayed as active or active now to all your friends on Facebook. It’s total privacy and you’ree free to browse Facebook till late night without letting your friends know about it.

For Desktop Users:

Desktop users do have more flexibility here. If you don’t have access to a desktop, then use your mobile phone and request a desktop version of the website.

What’s more offered here is the availability of selecting a number of friends who can see you active. e.g visible as active to a few selective friends, or inactive to selective friends or to all the people. Read down the steps to know more.

  1. Visit www.facebook.com and login to your account.
  2. Then you’ll see Chat Settings on the bottom right of the screen, click on Gear Icon.
  3. Choose Turn Off Active Status.how to be invisible on fb
  4. A new popup will appear with a number of options. Choose the option you want But, let me explain this in simple language down below:
  5. Turn Off Active Status For All Contacts: Choose this option if you want to be invisible on Facebook completely. All of your friends won’t see you active even if you’re online.be offline on facebook even if active
  6. Turn Off Active Status For All Contact Expect: Choose this one when you want to display your active status to selective friends. But, don’t forgot to create a list of people who can see you active. Just enter their name in the box and choose them one by one. (See Screenshot Below)offline on facebook to all people expect
  7. Turn Off Active Status For Only Some Contacts: It’s very useful to display offline to selective friends on FB.display offline to few people
  8. Finally, click OK and that’s all, you’re now invisible on Facebook to all or few friends.
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That’s all, now you have the ability to browse FB without letting your friends know about it. But, for Messenger users, there might be one more thing to concern. I recommend you to check Messenger Active status as well. If it’s turned on and you’re chatting with someone on Messenger, you’ll be shown as active to all the users.

It’s a very simple step you’ve to complete. But, if you’re not messenger user, there’s nothing to worry about then.

How To Be Invisible On Facebook Messenger

Most mobile users use the Messenger app to chat with their friends. It’s because Messenger app offers more features and flexibility that normal FB app.

If you’re using Messenger and want to know how to be invisible on Facebook Messenger then follow the steps given down below.

  1. Open Messenger app or visit Messenger Web using browser.
  2. Make sure you’re logged into your own FB account.
  3. Click on Gear icon and select Settings.how to be invisible on facebook messenger
  4. Turn off Active Status and you’re done.get invisible on facebook messenger

I’m pretty much sure now that you’re able to get invisible on Facebook by following these steps. You should cross check using another Facebook account.

Privacy is everyone’s right and it’s your right whether to visible active or not. Facebook provides the awesome feature to let you do this. But, if you’re facing some sort of problem then drop a comment down below. I’ll reply you as soon as possible.

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