85+ Sites For Full Movies Online For Free Without Downloading (2019 Edition)

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Enjoy full movies online for free without downloading in 2019. No need to fill your disk space from movies. Instead, use no sign-up sites to stream movies online for free.

Want to enjoy movies online without downloading? Well, it’s possible and effortless, all you need is a website which provides online streaming. Luckily, there are hundreds of sites where we can watch free movies online without downloading. It saves our time and disk space on mobile and computer devices.

If you love streaming movies online, then you’re in the right place. I’ve shown 75+ websites where all of us can enjoy free movies online without downloading. Most of the sites listed are very good at providing a large collection of films and TV shows. Anime lovers should check out free anime streaming websites.

full movies online for free without downloading sites

Some people still choose to download movies and watch it later. That’s OK but if you don’t have the time to download, stream movies online. Watch new release movies online free without signing up by using the sites I’ve shown.

85+ Sites For Full Movies Online For Free Without Downloading

Click on Visit to open full movies online for free without downloading sites. All of them are safe and requires no registration or sign up.

Sites To Watch Full Movies Online (No Registration/Signup)Site URL
Movie NinjaVisit Movie Ninja
iOmoviesVisit iOmovies
WorldFreeVisit WorldFree4u
ZeroDollarMoviesVisit ZeroDollarMovie
HD OnlineVisit HD Online
Watch SeriesVisit Watch Series
IceFilmsVisit IceFilms
PutlockerVisit Putlocker
WatchFlixVisit Watch Flix
Cartoon OnlineVisit Cartoon Online
XMovies8Visit XMovies8
BMoviesVisit BMovies
Prime WireVisit PrimeWire
SolarmovieVisit SolarMovie
PopCornFlixVisit PopcornFlix
ShareTVVisit ShareTV
CMoviesVisit CMovies HD
FMoviesVisit FMovies
MyDownloadTubeVisit MyDownloadTube
FilmDooVisit FilmDoo
Solar Movieshttps://thesolarmovie.co/
Watch Serieshttp://watchseries.cx/
UC Movie Searchhttp://www.alluc.ee/
WOW Moviehttp://wowmovie.me/
Movies Onlinehttp://newmoviesonline.tv/
Los Movieshttp://los-movies.com/

Best Sites To Watch Movies Online Without Downloading and Registration

I’ve sorted down the list to make everything easier for you. Use the best sites where direct links, fewer ads, and HD streaming is available. So, here are the full movies online for free without downloading sites:

1. Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja is our first recommendation to all the users. This website is amazing and provides all the joy you want in streaming movies online. The user interface is totally normal and very simple. Detailed information about the movie is shown, and high-definition quality is provided. Users can find almost all the popular movies on their website.

The speed of their streaming servers is excellent. They are providing multiple servers to let you stream any movie online without sign up. Users can also interact with the streaming page by commenting down below.

Related movies part shows all the movies whose concept or directors etc. are similar to the one you’re watching. This makes this site the complete portal. However, ads might make you feel a little angry, but the result is a sweet one.

2. WorldFree4U

WorldFree4U is providing some cool and latest collection of movies straight on their site. The best part of WorldFree4u is that their collection of movies is very updated and unique. You can find almost every single movie on their site from the current year and month as well.Watch Movies Online Without Downloading and Registration

If we talk about the quality perspective, e.g., their site UI and quality of movies they are providing, then it’s incredible. UI is genuine and straightforward one. Even the quality of films offered by them is HD. Latest ones do have CAM quality, and they have listed the proper quality information.

Detailed information about the series/film, e.g., IMDB rating, director, country, etc. are shown. There are ads on their portal which might hurt you, but that’s all you have to tolerate. Rest of all the things are provided for free without registration etc.

3. Putlocker

Putlocker is a very famous website worldwide where millions of users are watching movies for free without registration. There can be some ways you can use Putlocker. By this, we mean that users can create an account to put content or either can straight watch videos without registration. Every single movie available on this site is for free without registration.Full Movies Online For Free Without Downloading

The most amazing part of this site is that it’s very user-friendly and fewer ads are shown to the users. Every single movie is available in HD quality, and you won’t get disappointed about the collection. But, a very new film might have some impact on the quality, but older ones are available in HD streaming for free.

Finding movies on this portal is effortless. Just search for the film you’re looking for, and you’ll get the desired result. There are several more features like detailed movie information and much more like that.

4. WatchFlix

WatchFlix is another site where you can watch free movies online without downloading or signing up or surveys or paying. The concept is simple, visit them, click on any movie/series you want to watch and enjoy them with snacks and family members. There can be some features about WatchFlix to describe, but the most popular one is its Netflix like user interface. It gives you almost all the feeling that you’re visiting a premium site. The only difference is that it’s free of cost.

Many users are using WatchFlix to watch movies online without paying. They have few sections and tabs on homepage listing out most viewed and favorite shows and films. This gives you a raw idea that what’s trending out there and what you should watch.

Moreover, trending movies and tv series are shown as Suggested, the latest TV series and so on. So, you can say that it’s a warehouse of everything you wanted to entertain yourself for free. They even have Football Live Streaming and Request Movie pages. What else you need for free!

5. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle, my other best website where I spend most of my time watching stuff. It’s an official website from the Sony company, and there are hundreds of movies there waiting for you. You won’t get most of the collections there because it’s a free and legal thing. But you’ll enjoy a lot more amazing hours of movies which are popular and amazing.

Some users might find those movies quite dull or something like the bad experience at first but (Don’t judge a book by its cover). Just watch all the classic things, and you might find Crackle the next portal to watch all the stuff you wanted entirely.

The majority of Crackle is to provide all the classic and golden old ages movies at one place for free to the users. You should enjoy their service at no cost.

6. BMovies

BMovies is very popular among all the users who loved to access free things. There are hundreds of movies available there for free. It just like a search engine where users have to search for a movie. You need to enter the name of films you’re looking for online movie streaming, and you’ll get very relevant results. Then you need to click on the desired result, then start watching that movie without registration or sign up the process.

If we talk about the user interface, it’s just simple and unique. It acts like a free but paid looking service to stream movies online for free. Almost all the latest videos are available on this portal. It can be handy for those users who love watching most recent movies for free online.

Proper details about the quality and ratings are displayed to the user. IMDB ratings, CAM or HD quality and the little description about the films you’re looking for. Ads are available there, but everything else is just OK.

7. YesMovies

YesMovies do offer much more to the users. Features like Country selection is available. They offer a wide range of selection like India. China, Japan and much more like that. Even United States country is available there to the users. By this, it simply means that selecting any of these countries will result in all the latest movies and hits from the specific country.

Buy these features; users can enjoy entertainment which is trending in several countries as well. This is the amazing this we loved about YesMovies. They are even providing TV-Series, News, Genre tabs so that you’ll get everything in one place.

They even offer request movies option. If you’re not able to find any movie on their servers, make a request, and they will do their job ASAP. Streaming quality for every movie is High Definition, and multiple languages are supported. I loved the huge collection of YesMovies as well.

8. OpenCulture

OpenCulture is for culture perspective person then this site it paradise for you. As we know that most o the movies released these days are related to heroic, action, etc. Not every movie is pointing out the past culture which needs to be preserved.

Open Culture offers the best free cultural and educational media on the internet. According to them, they have thousands of movies available on their servers which are free of cost and users don’t have to pay a single penny to watch all that stuff.

If we talk about cultural selection, no one can complete their collection. Their website is based on preserving culture, hence everything available on Open Culture site is just pure informational and very educational content. You should give this one a try to know more about cultural things.

9. CartoonMoviesWatch

CartoonMoviesWatch website is absolutely for cartoon lovers. There are many ways to find a cartoon movie, e.g., using all of the sites listed above. But, you should have known the name of animation you’re looking for. If you’re not known to most of the cartoon movies releases, then CartoonMoviesWatch is the perfect portal for you.

They cover all the latest and old movies which are quite popular ones. You’ll be very satisfied with all the features and collection they do have on their site. Everything is free, and there’s no need to register or pay them.

Not only cartoons but they offer a lot more to the users. But, you can say that they are also focused on animation kind of collection. You should visit them if you’re an animation films fan.

10. WatchSeries

WatchSeries is another perfect pick for you. The most interesting part about this is that they cover all the series, e.g., TV series. It simply means that you’ll get all the parts of every single TV series on their website. Hence, this site is known as WatchSeries. Apart from the series, they offer a wide range of Movies collection as well. Hence, you can call it a free Netflix.

They are mainly focused on TV serials, but movies collection is updated. The user interface is straightforward and attractive. It’s effortless to browse through all the pages and selection of films and serials with ease.

Although you’ll enjoy the entire collection of entertainment stuff on Watch Movies Online website. Everything is available in high-definition quality, and much more is waiting for you there.


iOMOVIES can be called as a masterpiece of free movies portal. Latest collection and latest movies, series, etc. all for free at iMovies. There can be numerous ways to entertain our mind on this site. It’s all for free only for you. If we talk about the features, they are providing a Suggest Me page where all the suggestions regarding the movie are available.

Even a page where top rated movies and serials from the past year are available for free. Greatest Movies gives you a vast list of films releases which went amazingly well and millions of viewers rated them as best film.

If you’re getting confused about the movies, e.g. which one you should watch, then the answer is simple, click on the Suggest Me page, and their algorithm will find the random match for you.

Genre collection is indeed a great one. Just click on the genre category and a huge list of available choices will appear in front of you. Visit them to know more and perfectly entertain yourself.

12. SolarMovies

SolarMovies is one of the popular free platforms to enjoy Full Movies Online For Free Without Downloading. There are two basic versions of their portal. One is an older one, and another is a newer one. The newer one acts like a search engine. Just enter the movie you’re looking for and enjoy it nicely and fluently.

The older version of SolarMovies does have a homepage which lists out the latest and hottest collection of items available on their servers. Using their older version you can know and watch all the stuff that others are doing.best free movies sites to watch movies online

But, if you have any movie in your mind and want to watch it, e.g., a specific movie, then search for it using newer interface and sort the desired result. This way you can find thousands of videos and watch them one by one.

The user interface is just like all other sites. Simple, unique and attractive so that user won’t have any difficulty to browse through the pages. Little information about the film/serials is available.

13. FMovies

FMovies is another quite powerful and popular website where users can stream movies and TV shows for free without registration or sign up the process. This portal is unbelievably big and popular one among most of the sites listed here. Hence, you’ll be able to find almost everything there.sites to watch movies online

There’s a Night Mode feature which is very useful while browsing through the website at night. Darkness all around the browser is excellent while streaming the movie online. Like many other popular portals, they do offer Request page. This helps users to make them upload the movies they want which aren’t already available there.

Genre, Country options are also featured there. On the homepage, you’ll get a big search box and menu. From the menu, one can choose between Movies or TV Series. Even Top IMDB page is available, listing all the post rated movies on IMDB which seems to be a compelling feature.

14. YouTube

YouTube is used worldwide. Almost every single person reading this article knows about YouTube. This platform is paradise for video creators and video marketers. But, movies lovers can also enjoy this platform. There are thousands of movies which are uploaded on YouTube. Due to copyright strikes, all the movies which aren’t uploaded by the original creators are removed.

latest movies online free stream

But, many famous and old collection of movies are available there. There’s no need to register an account there. YouTube does have an Android and iOS app. So, if you have a smartphone, install their app and start entertaining yourself. UI is very easy to understand. Thousands of TV shows, series, and much more entertaining things are also available there for free.

Users can choose from 144p to 1080p quality. Just set it according to your bandwidth speed and start enjoying yourself. If you want to enjoy some viral hits, they do offer paid movies as well. Now it’s up to you how you want to use this service.

15. FilmDoo

FilmDoo features TV Shows and Movies on their website. They have ads on their site, but if you register on their portal, all the ads will be gone. But, users who loved online movies streaming sites without registration can enjoy this site as well. But, ads might frustrate them at some points.

Their collection is amazingly big and unique. A wide range of Movies and TV shows are available with all the HD quality. However, registered users will only be able to stream in full HD.

Everything on FilmDoo is quite simple and unique. There’s a menu using which we can sort between different genres, countries. The search feature allows us to find the movie or the show you’re looking for. It’s just the amazing portal waiting up for you to entertain yourself for free.

16. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is a quite popular and simple portal which is used by thousands of people every single month. Most of the users reading this article might already have visited this website. But if you haven’t then let us describe some details about PrimeWire. They do contain ads which might be a bad thing for you, but they also have to cover their service costs. So little patience will result in free stuff.

The most amazing part of this website is that they offer multiple servers to the users. The problem with most of the sites is that they provide a single server which might be overloaded and streaming might end up with buffering. But, at PrimeWire, there’s nothing like that. Just visit them, click on the movies you want and choose the server you would like to watch from.

There’s one more interesting part, which is different servers offers different UI. So, exciting things are waiting up for you for free. Just enjoy Full Movies Online For Free Without Downloading.

17. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is meant for classic cinema lovers. It’s because such collection of entertaining stuff is just masterpiece and nice to watch. ClassicCinemaOnline is doing an awesome job to put all the classic cinemas together in one portal for free. The user can watch these all cinemas online for free without registration or paying anything to them.

Even the user interface of this portal is an amazing and simple one. It gives the user the feeling of the classic portal with a classic design. You should visit them to enjoy the amazing classic movies you’re looking for.

18. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a quite large and popular platform to watch and stream some movies. The collection isn’t very large or latest, but you can find most of the movies which might complete your interest in streaming.

All you need to do is, visit Dailymotion, and search for movies. Now, you’ll get hundreds of results. All these results are relevant according to your search term. Then click on any video you want to batch and enjoy it for free.best free movies online watch

As a viewer, there’s no need to create an account, and hence no registration is required. There are fewer ads on this site, and every single thing here is for free. Multiple video quality and thousands of videos, series, etc. are available.

19. PopcornFlix

PopCornFlix is featured as most of the amazing sites to watch online movies and tv shows. This site deserves this position because it’s just an amazing portal. Even users who want to watch unblocked movies can visit PopcornFlix for free without restrictions.

The most popular point about this site is that their collection of everything is just updated and continuous updates are uploaded on their portal. New movies, old hits and much more like pages can be seen on the homepage.

People who love classic things can also visit this site. Most of the collection provided by them are related to classical ones. Almost every single category like Sci-Fi, Western, Horror, etc. is available for free without any registration, etc.

You should check them out because they are quite popular and amazing ones among all the sites which provide full movies online for free without downloading.

20. HDM Movies

HDM Movies is dedicated to providing the latest and largest collection of free movies in HD format. Almost every single movie and TV shows available on this site is high definition and good in quality.

The collection of HD movies are updated. They upload all the latest releases as soon as possible. Only High definition quality movies can be seen there. They don’t upload CAM quality movie. 3D, 1080 and 720p quality can be easily seen on every single film available on their portal.free movies online streaming without registration

Hence, all you need is a good internet connection with high speed and high bandwidth. Then enjoy the movies you want in the max quality. Little information regarding the film is also written on every single movie page — information like genre, Actors, Directors, countries, etc.

This also results in their rich collection of the genre, country; even years can be seen. Users can even browse through the different movies according to the years.

21. SeeHD

SeeHD is another portal, focused on HD movies only. You can find all the necessary quality perspective which are required for HD streaming. The collection of the movies is amazingly awesome, and you won’t get disappointed about the quality facts. Everything is just fine and high in quality as it should.

When it comes to the collection, e.g., updated collection, their selection is updated one. All the synopsis regarding the movie can also be seen there. In fact, on the movie page, users can choose from different servers, languages and much more features like that. It’s just the flexibility which is provided to the user for more friendliness and information.

Users can choose from the genre, different years to sort our the movies to find the required ones. The advanced search allows users to search on their site from some different options. Check their site to know more.

22. MyDownloadTube

MyDownloadTube has a collection of movies which is barely awesome and updated one. Users can even create a free account on their site, but that’s the optional thing. Free users can visit them, choose the film/show to watch and enjoy it without further requirements.

What we liked most about hem is that their user interface is a little bit different from all other ones. We can download the films as well. So, if you’re thinking of watching that movie offline, click on download and save it offline on your device to watch later anytime.

A wide range of genres collection is available to the users. So, you can watch things according to your mood. This portal is quite popular and famous. You should give it a try to know more about it.

23. Xmovies8

Xmovies provides all the latest movies straight to your device for free. There’s no registration and visit their site and start watching full movies online for free without downloading. Some features are available on their site which makes the experience great and rich.

This site is designed with the black framework, hence best to browse at day and night as well. Different sections for different kinds of movies are available, like Cinema, Latest, Popular, etc.

They are also focused on high-quality movies. Users will get HD print of almost all the movies. However, latest movies might be uploaded in CAM quality.

24. ShareTV

ShareTV portal might not have all the things you’re looking for. But, they provide a unique collection of movies. We’ve visited them and found that their collection is just different from all other ones. This means that their site is unique one can user can watch movies online for free without registration.

If they are simple doesn’t mean that they have boring films. If you visit them, you’ll find that all the movies are almost unknown, but after digging into them, most users will find them interesting.

All the detailed information regarding the movie is shown on the portal with proper trailers etc. Visit them to know more.

25. CMovies

CMovies, another popular site to enjoy full movies for free without downloading them. Once you visit them, you’ll know how powerful their user interface and collection is. Almost every single trending and the latest movie will be displayed on free, and users can watch them without registration. Just click on it and start watching.

Now, when it comes to other things which are available on CmoviesHD, then we would like to describe the A-Z list. This list helps users to sort out movies starting from different letters. Other options like Top IMDB, Genre, Country, year, etc. can be seen.

When we click on any movie to start watching it, we can see all the desired information like duration, language, little story and much more like that. This all impacts the user in a unique way because he does have all the essential information before starting watching any particular movie or show.

Unblock Full Movies Online For Free Without Downloading Websites

All the sites here to stream new movies online free no sign-up are 100% working. You can visit them and watch new release movies online free without signing up. But, some of these sites might be blocked in your country/region. Some ISPs are blocking websites at their level. So, you might not be able to enjoy all of these sites.

If these sites aren’t opening in your browser, use following methods to unblock them. People from all around the world are facing a similar issue as Govt. is censoring the internet and blocking some sites.

Method 1. Using Proxy Sites

Plenty of Proxy sites are available for free. Most of them are very fast, and all of them are free. Multiple server choices are available if you think the speed of streaming is slow. Below are some suggested ones you should use:

  • https://kproxy.com
  • https://hide.me/en/proxy

Check out a list of the online proxy browser for more sites. These all worked perfectly for me and all my friends. You should search on search engines to find more sites like these. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  • Visit any of these proxy sites.
  • Put the site URL in the URL box which is being blocked by your network.
  • Select the server (optional)
  • Click on Surf/Go and enjoy any site without getting blocked.unblock watch movies online no registration

Method 2. Using VPN Service

It’s the recommended method if you want a good streaming experience. To watch free movies online without downloading for free without a membership you do need a good internet connection. Sometimes, proxy sites won’t work well, and there’s a lot of buffering. So, to solve this, a VPN is a must.

Almost every single VPN provider is providing free trial with a limit. Our high recommendation goes to TunnelBear because they offer high speed in the free trial with a bunch of server locations.


I hope that you loved all these sites and I also know that you’ll enjoy your favorite movie on any of these sites. But, there are few security measures you need to follow. Like not downloading anything suspicious from these sites, never download anything from the ads which are shown on these sites. There are a lot more things you have to deal with to watch free streaming movies online. If you want to enjoy movies at school, feel free to check out unblocked movies sites. It’ll be a helpful list for you.

Never disclose any private information on these full movies online for free without downloading sites. Now, you can enjoy your good time on these sites. Drop down your comments or suggestions regarding these sites.

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