70+ Best Free Movies Download Sites For Mobile and PC In 2019

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Download movies for free from 70 best free movies download sites in 2019. There’s no download limit and latest free movies are available on these sites.

During the holidays season, we spend most of our time in reading books, watching online movies, playing unblocked games, travelling, visiting our friends and relatives. There’s no doubt that entertainment plays vital role in spending free time and relaxing ourselves. Watching movies is very enjoyable as some of them are full of adventure, horror, science, laughter etc.

If you’re looking for sites where you can download free movies, I’ve created an amazing list of websites where free movies are available. You can either stream online or simply download them locally to watch later. Anime movies and shows are very popular and many anime streaming sites are live using which anyone can watch it for free.

I’ve covered free movies download sites for mobile. A lot of mobile users are looking for the sites with free movie download no registration feature is available. So, sit tight and look at the suggestions for the websites down below.

70 Free Movies Download Sites In 2019

Free movies download sites for mobile and PC. Copy the URL address of site or click on Visit button.

Free Movies Download SitesSite URL
YIFY MoviesVisit YIFY Movies
BOB MoviesVisit BOB Movies
Movie WatcherVisit Movie Watcher
Loaded MoviesVisit Loaded Movies
Movies No Limithttp://movienolimit.to/
Movies Watcherhttps://moviewatcher.is/
Mobile Movieshttps://mobilemovies.me/
House Moviehttp://housemovie.to/
World Movieshttps://fuckworld.xyz
Movies Byteshttp://moviesbytes.com
Hindi Full Moviehttps://hindi-full-movie.org/

Here Are Top Free Movies Download Sites In 2019

1. DivX Crawler

This website is the first recommendation from us. It’s because this site is totally free and easy to use. Hundreds of movies are available for free on their servers. Most good and amazing thing about DivX Crawler is that all the download links provided by them are direct. No need to visit any third party site to download free movie. A wide range of movies are available there and all for free.

No registration required and another cool thing is that there’s a special page where all the latest movies are listed. You’ll get HD quality of every movie. However, the amount of films available there is less but quality is served to the user.

Site URL: http://divxcrawler.tv/

2. MobileMovies

Most of us loved to watch videos and listen to music using our mobile devices. There are expensive and very powerful mobiles available in the market. So, if you too want to watch movies using your mobile device, then you should prefer using MobileMovies website to download free movies free.cool movies download sites

They have a collection of almost every single movie and their site is totally responsive to mobile devices. Hollywood and Bollywood movies collection is updated with latest ones. Hindi-dubbed, Bengali, Tamil, English movies are available for free at MobileMovies. You should definitely check them out and you’ll get all latest films for free which will work perfectly with your mobile devices.

Site URL: https://mobilemovies.me/

3. Animated247

Animated movies are just amazing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re younger or older. ANimated videos and pictures will always attract you because their storyline is very cool and heart touching. Such movies are also very funny and we can’t stop laughing while watching them. There are not more sites who provides that much huge collection of animated pictures rather than Animated247.

They have all the animated films you’re looking for. Another best part of this site is that they do provide wide information about the movie, screenshots and direct download link as well. If you want to download an animated movie, just visit them and look if it’s available on their site or not. They keep their site updated with all the latest releases of animation films.

Site URL: https://www.animated247.com

4. Streamog

Streamog is one of the best French streaming sites to watch online movies such as actions, barbie, anime, manga cartoons, music dramas, documentaries, adventure, animation. It is renowned for its benefits to users since It has no constraints, and yes you can watch your favorite movies on Streamog.to streaming without having created an account.

This site is not stuffed with unwanted ads. You will also appreciate the navigation because it is simple and a fun interface to adapt to the users. Streamog to offers the best-adapted movies in HD format in French version VF and VOSTFR subtitled

5. Khatrimaza

Khatrimaza is one of the most popular sites used worldwide to download movies. The best part of this site is that they upload latest movies every single day and you’ll get every popular movie on the day it’s released. This means that you don’t have to visit anywhere to watch latest releases because it’s all available at Khatrimaza.

If we talk about the other things about this website, the user interface is very unique and responsive. You’ll get a wide range of collections like Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi etc. In fact, direct download links are also provided and you don’t have to visit any other file sharing sites to grab the download.

Site URL: https://khatrimaza.link/

6. HDMoviePlus

We all want quality in the movies we are watching. WIthout the quality or bad quality of the movies, we can’t really enjoy that thing the way we can. But, the problem with HD is that’ those files are very large to download. A 2-hour video in 720p can be up to 1GB. Seems like you need huge bandwidth right But, many sites are compressing the films to a smaller size like 300 MB size and serving them to users.

The best thing about such sites is that the movie which is uploaded after the compression still server amazing quality up to 480p. It’s best for mobile devices or for small size screen displays. HDMoviesPlus is doing this job in a good way. They do have hundreds of such movies, compressed in small size but the video quality is acceptable and pleasurable to watch.

Site URL: https://hdmovieplus.com/

7. Crackle

Crackle is an official portal from Sony company from where users can watch hundreds of movies for free without paying a single penny. This site is also one of the best unblocked movies sites. You should have a free account on their site in order to enjoy anything they are providing. Registration of account is really a simple task.

Almost all the movies which are released by Sony Entertainment can be seen on Crackle. There are limitless hours of entertainment waiting up for you at Sony Crackle.

Site URL: https://www.sonycrackle.com/

8. PopcornFlix

Popcorn Flix is used widely for streaming and download movies online. It’s listed as best free movies download sites on most of the portals. You might not be able to find all the pictures there but they do have the wide range of movies which might match your interests and taste in the film world.free download movies online

In fact, there’s no need to register an account on their site. The user interface is much like most of the premium media streaming websites. The only thing we found worst about PopcornFlix is that some of the media available on their site is only available in certain countries.

Site URL: https://popcornflix.com

9. WorldFree4u

WorldFree4u is don’t great job from past few years. This site is really very big one, providing thousands of movies for free. All the downloads are hosted on external servers and you have to visit external sites. In fact, there’s no guarantee that download is available on those servers or not. So, you have to check all the servers one by one.

If we talk about the collection of movies, it’s pretty much big and amazing. You’ll find almost all the famous and loved movies from past few years. Updates are available on daily basis. If you want an amazing collection of free movies, you should definitely visit WorldFree4u.

Site URL: https://www.worldfree4u.lol/

10. Netflix

Most of the users might be thinking that Netflix is a paid platform then why it’s listed as free movies download sites. Well, Netflix is a paid platform but they do provide free trial for 1 month. You just need to sign up for their paid subscription and then cancel it before it ends.

Now, if you’re using Android app or iOS app to use Netflix, you’ll get download option using which users can save any episode or movie they want. Then they can watch it later offline. That’s why we’ve listed it here. We recommend you to use temporary Visa/Master card for sign up purpose It’s the best way to get paid subscription for free again and again.

Site URL: https://netflix.com

11. Archive

The archive does provide all the things from past at one place. All those things which are ever uploaded on the internet and crawled by their crawlers. All those files are uploaded to their servers and can be accessed by the users for free.

You can visit Archive.org and search for the movies you want. Maybe you’ll find the desired one. Then just download it and save it offline to watch later. Most users even upload tv shows and films to archive. However, such files are later removed because of violation of their TOS but not all the files are deleted.

They also provide a special section where users can download all the movies legally.

Site URL: https://archive.org

12. Vimeo

Vimeo is massive giant when it comes to video industry. They have millions of videos uploaded to their servers which can be streamed for free. There are tons of movies uploaded to Vimeo for streaming purposes. When users upload such things on Vimeo, most of them are taken down by their original creators but not all of them. Even, some films are uploaded by their original creators to gain all the free fans and viewers.

Hence, you can also search for pictures there. Maybe the movie you’re looking for is available there. If that’s the case, then you have the ability to stream if for free and even many tools are available which can download Vimeo videos.

Site URL: https://vimeo.com/

13. PlutoTV

PlutoTV is quite a popular platform who hosts dozens of TV channels. Users can watch those channels using the internet. There’s also an app available for their platform which is amazingly free and useful. THere are many channels hosted on their platform showing movies one by one. This service can be used for free. But you have to create your personal Pluto account first.

Over 100 channels are available in the free subscription. If you found PlutoTV useful, then feel free to upgrade to the premium subscription and start enjoying many other channels using internet connection.

Site URL: https://pluto.tv/

14. YouTube

YouTube should be counted as one of the best free movies download sites. It’s because most of you might already have enjoyed watching movies on YouTube. There are thousands of movies uploaded on YouTube which can be viewed for free without paying a single penny. Many users have uploaded such content with or without the permissions of their original creators. In such cases, those films are deleted but there are still many which can be enjoyed by you for free.

In fact, there’s no need to create an account to watch anything on YouTube Just visit them, search for the movies you’re looking for and you might get the film itself of the resources where you can watch it for free.

Site URL: https://youtube.com/

15. BobMovies

BobMovies is another updated and amazing portal to grab the free movies you want. The collection is always updated and you can download any movie for free without any trouble.

They have the special section of HD movies where all the latest movies having HD print are uploaded. Even they are providing online streaming service for free. There’s a separate button for each movie, one is for downloading it and another is for watching it online.

So, it’s your choice whether to watch it online or save it for offline viewing later. ALl the latest collection from current months can also be seen on BobMovies. YOu should definitely check them out to know more.

Site URL: https://bobmovies.net/

16. Retrovision

Retrovision is a popular site where we can grab free classical movies for free without registration of payment. All the movies available on their site is uploaded to YouTube first and then embedded on their site. This simply means that users can visit Retrovision for all the free movies and can grab the YouTube link and can watch it later.free download movies sites

There are plenty of ways to download YouTube videos as well. So, you can get the video link and use some YouTube video downloader to download that movie for free. As we have told you above that Retrovision is only for classical movies. There is no wide range of movies available there.

Site URL: http://retrovision.tv/

17. Bolly4u

Bolly4u is among all those popular sites who provides every single latest movie for free without a registration process. They have a very wide range of movies and all of them are available in 720p HD and 300mb 480p quality. Now, it’s up to your choice what quality you want to choose.

Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil movies etc. are available. All the files are hosted on external servers and you have to check all of them to find the working host. It seems like a time-consuming process but you have to do it in order to grab the free thing. All the latest collection from current months is available on Bolly4u.

Even they do provide adult movies for free. The collection of this types of films isn’t that much wide but you can grab plenty of them This makes this site a complete warehouse of entertainment.

Site URL: https://bolly4u.trade/

18. 9xmovies

9xmovies provides all the popular tv shows, films and much more things like that. The cover both English and Hindi collection. All the popular releases from the current months are available on their site which makes them amazing portal to grab the free movies.download free movies

They also upload WWE shows. Hence, if you’re a WWE wrestling fan, you should absolutely visit them and grab all the shows you want. Different qualities are available and different language movies as well.

9xmovies also host their downloads on different servers and you have to spend little time to get the download link of the file you’re looking for. But the result will be sweet enough. Users can even request the movie in the comment section and it might be uploaded to their site very soon.

Site URL: https://9xmovies.org

19. Movieswatcher

Without Movieswatcher, this list of best free movies download sites isn’t complete. They are doing awesome job of providing most of the latest collection to the users for free. What’s best about them is their fast servers and simple user interface. All the information regarding the movies is shown on their site.

Users can either download the movie or can watch it online using their streaming feature. All the download links are claimed to be super fast and useful.

If we talk about the quality they are providing, it’s amazing. If any movies’ Bluray print is available, it’ll be seen on MoviesWatcher first. It’s like a paradise of free movies.

Site URL: https://moviewatcher.is/

20. HouseMovie

HouseMovies lists all the latest movies and even upcoming movies on their site. Upcoming soon list is the best ever feature we found on their portal because it gives you an idea when that movie will be available for free. If we talk about download and stream, both these feature are available there. Users can either stream media from multiple server choices available or can simply download that file using multiple server choices available.

They are also providing Serials, TV shows and much more entertaining things like that. There’s a feature called Random movie using which their site will choose a random movie for you. This is quite useful when you’re feeling bit confused about what movie you should watch now.

You can even rate the movie if you liked it or disliked it. Little synopsis related to film/serial is shown which gives you the little idea about the picture you’re going to see. This makes HouseMovie really a house of entertainment and fun things.

Using the Genres page, users can choose the type of pictures they want to see.

Site URL: https://housemovie.to/

21. MovieNoLimit

Limits make our life super boring right! Well, but if we talk about the collection of movies, there’s no limit at MovieNoLimit. They have almost all the movies and upcoming movies as soon as possible available on their servers. Users can either download or stream the movie they want. It’s really easy and absolutely free to browse their site.

Most of the collection is available in HD format and also in Bluray prints. You can’t find more good quality than available on their servers. The most popular section gives you the idea what’s trending and what people are seeing these days.best download sites to movies

Multiple TV series can also be seen on MoviesNoLimit which is kind of important thing. You’ll get all things at one place for free. Hence, this site is indeed on the best movies download sites available.

Viewers can even browse according to the years e.g the year in which a particular movie was launched. You should definitely check their service for more details.

Site URL: https://movienolimit.to/

These are all the recommended free movies download sites you should use to download free movies from all around the world. We found these sites very useful and their service is also very amazing and every site has its own unique feature and usability. We hope you also loved these movies download sites.

Tips To Access Blocked Movies Download Sites

Most of the times, your ISP has blocked your access to these sites because they simply don’t want you to access these. Another reason behind is that some website is breaking Govt. TOS which results in blocking them by all the ISPs.

It’s good in terms of protecting users from spammy websites but no all of these are spammy actually and also blocked by mistake. Hence, you can’t enjoy them by directly visiting. In such scenarios, you simply need to use the tips we have shown down below. All these tips are working and you can access all these sites for free.

Most of the times it’s recommended to use VPN to access sites which are blocked by ISP. Different ISPs are using different techniques to block sites. In such scenarios, there are different ways to bypass them.

Method 1. Using HTTPS

This is the simplest way to bypass ISP firewall. Just request HTTPS connection to the website. You’ll understand by the following example:

http://example.com (don't use) https://example.com (use this instead)

In most of the cases, users will be able to bypass the restrictions. But, not all the internet service providers are using same firewalls to restrict the user. Hence, this method might not work for some users. But, below are two more methods which will work for all the users.

Method 2. Using Online Proxy Browsers

It’s our best and favorite method to unblock any website. Many online proxy browsers are available which loads website for you from different servers available worldwide. hence you’ll get the desired site loaded in your browser.

But, keep this fact in mind that downloading and streaming will be slow because there’s huge traffic over their servers. So you’ve to use VPN for streaming and downloading purpose. See our Method 3.

But those, who just want to grab the download link should use following proxy servers:

  • https://kproxy.com
  • https://hide.me/en/proxy
  • https://whoer.net/webproxy

There are many others available for free.

Steps To Use:

  1. Visit any of these proxy servers e.g https://kproxy.com
  2. Enter the site URL which is blocked.free movies download
  3. Choose the server (optional)
  4. Click on Surf and enjoy the site without restrictions.best free movies download sites

Method 3. Using Free VPN Service

It’s the recommended method for all the users. Most of us don’t want to spend money on VPN and that makes sense. So, there are many VPN providers out there providing amazing free service for users. However, the free quota is limited e.g some provided 500MB for free and some up to 1GB. So, you can enjoy such VPN providers.

Tunnel Bear is our first recommendation when it comes to free VPN because they are providing almost every single feature and high-speed access in the free version.

Conclusion On Free Movies Download Sites

We tried providing every single required information in this article to let you enjoy all the free movies you want. If you feel something is missing, feel free to drop down a comment. All these sites here to download free movies are totally free to use. You only need to use your bandwidth to access such sites. That’s all and every single hour of entertainment is free.

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