Fix: Rats WebGL Hit A Snag Error In Chrome Browser

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Encountered problem while viewing 2D or 3D graphics e.g games, maps etc. on Chrome? An error saying Rats WebGL Hit A Snag is displayed on the screen whenever it happens. If you’re also encountering the same error in Chrome again and again, then you must view the solution here.

A few days back, while viewing a 360 Degree map on Chrome, I’ve encountered a problem, my web page got freeze first and then an error is displayed saying Rats WebGL Hit A Snag. First, I ignored this error because I faced this issue for the first time.

But, later on, while playing some online games or some media things on Facebook, this error was continuously displayed on the screen. It’s really frustrating because we have to reload the web page in order to view the 2D or 3D content again. If you’re facing the same problem again and again, then you’re at right place.webgl hit a snag problem in chrome

There are many different ways used to solve this problem. I’ve tried many methods and decided to list a few of them which are easy to follow and working ones. But first, you have to know more about what WebGL is all about and why you’re getting Rats WebGL hit a snag error while browsing graphical content using Chrome.

What Is WebGL and Why It’s Used?

WebGL stands for Web Graphics Library which is used by the browser to render 2D and 3D graphics. The most faced problem a few years back was that we have to use some plug-ins in order to view graphical content without having any problem.

Let’s say, when you’re viewing 360-degree maps using your browser, all the 3D graphics are being rendered using the WebGL Javascript. Your CPU’s Graphical Processing Unit has all those codes in it which helps WebGL to run properly.webgl chrome

Google Chrome supports WebGL 2.0 and it runs without any problem. But, sometimes you might get Rats WebGL Hit A Snag problem. The reason behind this problem is that there are still many bugs left in it.

Non-profitable organization Khronos WebGL Working Group are the developers of this awesome library. You’re able to see high graphics in the browser because of this library.

How To Fix Rats WebGL Hit A Snag Error In Chrome

Now, you’re probably here to know the possible fix to this problem. The worst thing about this error is that it won’t go on its own. Most of the Chrome errors get solved when we restart the Chrome or the PC itself.

But, in this case, you’re probably going to mess around reloading the web pages again and again just to view the content on a page. But, simply you can’t because WebGL will stop working because of some reasons and you have to reload the page over and over.chrrats webgl hits a snag fix chrome

However, sometimes we just accidentally click on graphical content on a page and it starts loading. If that’s the case with you and have got this error just once. There’s nothing to worry about. Just browse web pages without loading 2D or 3D graphics.

But, if someone is trying to watch some sort of graphical content, and getting this error, I highly recommend you to follow the following methods one by one so that your problem will get fixed. In fact, if you don’t have an updated version of Chrome, I highly recommend you to update it to the latest version. It might fix it without doing anything else.

Method 1. Disable Hardware Acceleration In Chrome

Chrome does support hardware acceleration. It helps the computer to run faster than usual in order to perform some heavy task. Chrome web browser can force the hardware acceleration when available in order to display something on the screen or to load heavy pages.

Thanks to this feature, now Chrome users can browse without any lagging error in most of the devices. But, sometimes this feature might get you in trouble. In WebGL hit a snag, this might be the case. You should check if it’s enabled or disabled.

It’s really easy to disable it. Follow the steps given down below:

  1. Click on Menu>Settings or just visit chrome://settings .
  2. Scroll down and select Advanced Settings to expand the options.
  3. You’ll get an option saying Use Hardware Acceleration. By default, it’s enabled.
  4. Uncheck the button and click Relaunch.rat webgl hit a snag

Now, you shouldn’t get a WebGL related error. But if you’re still getting the same error, follow the second method to solve this.

Method 2. Disabling WebGL 2.0 In Chrome 63+ Or Old Using Chrome Flags

Most software does have some hidden features. Such features aren’t easily accessible because those are still in beta mode. So, developers just hide them away from the normal users.

But, we can tweak with such settings to improve the overall performance of the software/system we’re using. Chrome flags offer the same thing to the users. We have the ability to do most incredible adjustment to the Chrome browser from here.

But, I’ll be showing you, how chrome://flags page will save your time because it’ll help you to disable WebGL completely. Below are the steps you need to take.

Note: In the later version of Chrome, WebGL is removed from flags. This simply means that now users can’t disable it using flag feature. But, I have a working solution for this as well. So, I’ve shown different steps for new and old version users.

Disable WebGL In Chrome 63+ Version:
  1. Make sure you’re on Desktop of your computer.
  2. You should see the Chrome Shortcut Icon.
  3. Right-Click on the shortcut and look at the target address.
  4. At the end of the target address, put –disable-webgl. (See Screenshot Below)chrome webgl hit a snap error
  5. Save the target and launch the browser using the same Shortcut.
  6. WebGL should be disabled in your browser now.
  7. Now, remove –disable-webgl from the shortcut.
For Old Version Users:
  1. Paste this URL into your Chrome browser: chrome://flags
  2. Now, search for WebGL and you should get WebGL 2.0 option.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu and choose Disable.fix rat webgl hit a snag chrome
  4. Relaunch your Chrome browser. You shouldn’t get the error now.

Method 3. Checking Chrome GPU Statistics

As we already know that most of the graphical content we saw in Chrome is processed by out computer’s graphical unit. But, Chrome offers users to limit the GPU unit. Hence, we have control over the resources Chrome can use. But, disabling some useful features might end up with serious problems.

So, I recommend you to check the GPU stats using your browser.

Just hit this URL in the browser: chrome://gpu.

Now, see the screenshot down below. All the words written in the red letter are the warnings or the errors. All these features are disabled using chrome://flag interface. You can just enable them or can research about the specific feature and its gpu problems

By this, the problem might be solved but it takes time and efforts. You can get support from the Google Chrome forum as well.

I’ve fixed this problem successfully after following all these methods shown above. I hope the same methods will work in your case to fix Rats WebGL hit a snag error. But, if it’s not the case, I recommend you to re-install the browser and make sure it’s updated to the latest version.

Drop a comment down below to discuss the problem with me and I’ll catch you up within a few hours.

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