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Deslide: Quickly Remove Slideshow From Website [3 Methods]

Forget sliding through Slideshows based articles and images as there’s a way to Deslide them at no cost. Remove slideshows from websites using free Deslide tools.

Slideshows are generally used to provide a balanced way to serve long and useful information to the users. Such as images, articles, presentations, etc. But, sometimes it’s worth to deslide the slideshows as it becomes messy and headache to load and view a slideshow when dealing with a slow internet connection.

Almost all websites are using slideshows on their site. New, Magazine, Wallpaper, Images sites are great examples. If you’re just frustrated with such pages, but still want to read the concent, you need to deslide that page.

There are a lot of online tools which are used to convert a beautiful CSS page to a plane page. I’ve used dozens of such tools, but only a few of them were easy to use. That’s why I’ve shown three deslider tools to remove slideshows from a website.

Best Deslide Tools To Use In 2019

There are many online free deslide tools you can use. We’ve shown some of them down below with step by step process to use them. Keep this in mind that you have to try all these tools to get the best result.

That’s because different technologies are used by the developers to create the slides. The deslider tools listed here will give you the best results but not in all the cases.

Deslide Methods

1. Clusterfake

This amazing deslide tool will help you out to extract the specific parts of the page. We’re offered a wide range of Display Options, such as Images+Text=Titles, URL Of Images, Titles Of Images and so on. There’s a huge advantage of these options. Follow the steps to use Clusterfake deslider tool.

  1. Visit the site from here.
  2. Make sure you’ve copied the URL of the webpage where the slideshow is present.
  3. Select the option e.g. what you want to extract from that webpage.deslide online
  4. Then paste the URL and hit enter.enter the deslide url
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2. PrintFriendly

PrintFriendly is the best tool we’ve discovered so far. It works with almost every single website. Just enter the URL you want to deslide, and it won’t take more than a few moments to convert all those files to one simple page. Many other useful features such as Print, Save, etc. are offered to the users.

  1. Visit PrintFriendly by clicking here.
  2. Now, enter the URL to the slide.deslide tool
  3. Click on the Preview button.
  4. On the next page, you can see that the slideshow is converted to the PDF.
  5. Now, you can either Print it or can save it as a PDF file.deslide

Print-friendly is a fantastic online tool. They’re featuring a free Extension to browser users. It unlocks the ability to remove slideshows from any website in a few clicks. It can be downloaded from the Extension store of Chrome and Firefox. Users who’re using deslider tools daily should install it as they can directly deslide a webpage without visiting their Print-friendly site again and again.

3. PrintWhatYouLike

PrintWhatYouLike is designed to allow users to print a specific section of a webpage. I’ve used it multiple times to grab selected part of a page. But, the beauty of this tool is that we can use as deslider. It removes most CSS and jQuery coding from a webpage and converts it to a plane page. This way, all the slideshows are removed, and we get all the content in a single website.

  1. Click here to visit the website.
  2. Enter the URL of the slide in the box and click the Start button.enter url to deslide
  3. Wait till the entire page is analyzed.
  4. Click on the specific part of the page you want.
  5. Finally, click on the Print button and you’re ready to print that specific part from that slide.print what you like
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What Is Deslider Tool and What It’s Used For

Most users still don’t know about the tools used for retrieving the data from a webpage. Those services fetch the images, text, etc. from a webpage and leave the CSS and jQuery behind. Almost all new slideshows are built with CSS and jQuery coding. Some browsers can’t even load them properly because the internet is slow or the server is itself down.

In such a scenario, deslide tools are used. They only render the vital information from a webpage. You should use them to remove slideshows from sites. It’s safe, and you should use it.


All these services are amazing to deslide the slideshow easily. I’ve tested all these websites on my own and found no errors so far. You can also enjoy these websites for free and without registration.

Stop sliding frustrating slideshows again and again. Use deslide tools instead and get rid of slideshows. You can now view the slideshow on one page. Some of these fantastic tools do offer an extension which automatically removes the slideshow from a page and make it viewable on a single page.

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