Deslide: Remove Slides From Any Website Quickly

Most websites are showing their articles as a slideshow which is totally annoying. The worst part is that when the internet connection is slow, we can’t even load whole the slideshow. So, the best solution is to deslide that page and we’ve shown amazing tips here to do that.

We know you’re frustrated because you’ve visited any website where information is very unique but navigation and the way that content is placed sucks. Well, you’re not alone as slides on popular websites are becoming common these days. The concept of creating slides is to get more impressions and CTR on ads which are being placed on those slides.

This results in more revenue to such websites and almost all popular websites are doing this thing these days. Mostly, top-best types of articles are turned into slides so that user will have the curiosity to see the next item and won’t leave that page.deslide any page online

But, annoying thing is that with the slow internet connection and a heavy pages slows down the browser and page won’t load quickly. If you’re just frustrated with such pages, but still want to read the concent, you need to deslide that page.

Many online tools are available which are able to deslide¬†different types of slides. THere are different technologies used to create a slide. We’ve shown almost all the tools here which works well in terms of deslding the page. This might also happen that you won’t be able to create a complete page of slides on a page. Bu tools we’ve shown works almost on all the websites.

What Is Deslide Tool and What It’s Used For

Now, let’s talk about such tools, what’s their use and why you should use one. Let’s say that you’re visiting an important article like Top Best ***. Now, there are very high possibilities that the page you’re visiting might be slides based. Now, you have to load every single slide in order to view all the content available on that page.

It’ll take much time and huge internet usage just to see an article. So, to deal with this situation, all you need to do us use any of the deslide tools we’ve shown down below and read that entire page at once.

We’ve given a live demonstration to use such tools. All of them are totally free to use and can be accessed anytime.

Best Deslide Tools You Should Use

There are many online free deslide tools you can use. We’ve shown some of them down below here with step by step guide to use them. All you need is just the URL of the website where you were viewing the article containing slides. Then visit any of the tools listed down below and enjoy your slideshow on one page.

#1. Using PrintFriendly Tool

#2. From PrintWhatYouLike Tool

#3. Using Deslide Tool

Method 1. Using PrintFriendly

This is the best tool we’ve discovered so far. It works with almost every single website. Just enter the URL you want to deslide and it won’t take more than few moments to convert all those files to one readable page. Users can even print that page if needed. That’s amazing right, but there’s something more. They do have a free plugin that allows you to directly convert a slideshow to the readable page. Means, there’s no need to visit their website, again and again, to do the conversion job.

If you read many slide based articles daily, then the plugin is the best choice for you. But, those who only want to do few conversions a week, should use their online tool.

  1. Visit PrintFriendly from here: “
  2. Now, enter the URL to the slide.deslide tool
  3. Click on Preview button.
  4. On the next page, you can clearly see that the slideshow is converted to the PDF.
  5. Now, you can either Print it or can save it as a PDF file.deslide

You can even opt into their free browser plugin. It’s totally free and we recommend you if you visit slideshows on daily basis.

If this method didn’t work for you then try out the next one. PrintFriendly might not work with many websites because of their algorithm. But, the tools we’ve listed down below might work for you.

Method 2. Using PrintWhatYouLike

It’s another amazing utility which can help you to convert slides to page or PD in one go. It works with most of the popular websites.

This tool also works like the first one we’ve shown you. But, it does have a unique feature which allows users to print a specific section of an HTML page. This means that you can select the specific part of the slides and just print them if needed.

  1. Visit “
  2. Enter the URL of the slide in the box and click Start button.enter url to deslide
  3. Wait till the entire page is analyzed.
  4. Click on the specific part of the page you want.
  5. Finally, click on the Print button and you’re ready to print that specific part from that slide.print what you like

Method3. Using Deslide Tool From Clusterfake

This amazing deslide tool will help you out to extract the specific parts of the page as well. Users can select the options like Text or Images and this tool will ignore all other parts of the web[age and will give you only texts and images. THere are many other useful options you should check out.

  1. Visit
  2. Make sure you’ve copied the URL of the webpage where the slideshow is present.
  3. Selec the option e.g what you want to extract from that webpage.deslide online
  4. Then paste the URL and hit enter.enter the deslide url

These are all the best methods to deslide the lengthy slides in few clicks. It’ll save you a lot of time and you can finish viewing/reading those slides. Drop down your comments in the comment section and let us know your questions/suggestions regarding these methods.

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