30 Best Coke And Popcorn Alternatives, Watch Free Movies and TV Series

30 Best Coke And Popcorn Alternatives, Free Movies and TV Series

When it comes to watching free movies online we all are familiar with coke and popcorn site. This site was used to provide free streaming for latest movies. But a Few days ago this site got shut down due to unknown reasons. So for all the people who are looking for similar sites like coke and popcorn, I have given a list of top 30 + sites which are totally free.

I like to watch movies in my free time and I know you also like that. Watching movies gives me a relief from my stress as well as my boredom. If you feel the same way as I feel then you surely gonna like this list of top free similar sites like coke and popcorn. I wanted to stream some of my favorite movies online. So I decided to look for sites which are very friendly and useful.coke and popcorn alternatives in 2018

I searched for few days and come up with my own top 30+ free online streaming sites. These sites going to provide you with a pathway for free online streaming to your favorite movies and shows. If you want to enjoy movies online without downloading, here are the list of some sites where users can watch movies online without downloading and all of them are free.  The sites shown here are mostly free but some of them are paid. If you don’t like any of the given sites then you can easily skip them and try another one. There is no rush for streaming your favorite movies, I have given many sites for your free entertainment.

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Top Free Similar Sites Like Coke and Popcorn

Here is the list of sites that you may like to visit. Some of these sites could have popped up ads so you better activate your browser pop up blocker. Some of these sites can also offer you premium subscription and you can choose that at your convenience. I recommend only visit to legal sites for the best experience. Other sites can may harm your device. Choose to go at your own risk on these sites.

1. Youtube

The first and most popular sites for free movies or shows is Youtube. Youtube has many things to offer you other than movies and shows. You can watch any type of video that you wanna to search about. This site is very similar to coke and Popcorn site. But this site provides more than any other sites can offer to you. Youtube is one of the most visited sites in the world.

I don’t even need to justify why you should visit them for any type of free streaming show or movies. Youtube also provides latest movies which you can buy to watch at your home. They have  many channels that serve many shows for absolutely free. I think you already are familiar with this site and you may even know more than about this site. I highly recommend if you are looking for any type of streaming platform for any type of videos, YT is the right choice.

Site URL: YouTube

2. Hulu

Hulu is one of the top sites which offer you to watch Popular TV shows and movies on your device at any time. This site is one of the most popular sites in the United States. This site provides you with all the top quality movies and shows that you can not find in other places. You can consider Hulu as an On the Go Tv for yourself. You will be going to find many shows and movies on this sites which you can watch later or Live. I personally recommend you to at least give it one try. You will be going to be addicted to this site.

Hulu is a subscription-based site. By buying its subscription package you can watch any show or movies at your own convenience. Hulu offers many subscriptions package for your entertainment. You can buy any package at your will. You will be able to watch ad-free content on this site for yourself. Hulu also provides its free trial for its free experience. This is one of the best alternates right now.

Site URL: Hulu

3. Fmovies

Fmovies is one of the great alternates for coke and popcorn site. This site is very familiar and amazing. Fmovies provide the free streaming platform for your favorite movies and shows. This site also allows you to download these episodes or movies at your will. This site is not a legal site so you are going to find many pop-up ads in this site. You always need to care about what you have clicked on this sites. This is a disadvantage of this site but we need to consider its the only way owner get paid in this site.coke and popcorn sites

Fmovies has a large variety of movies and shows to watch online. You can find latest and quality based movies and shows on this site. When you try to get any movies free of charge then this site is the best for that. There are also great filtering options in this site. You can filter your movies and shows on the basis of your country.

Site URL: http://www1.fmovies.ac/

4. Moviezion

Moviezion is one of the best similar sites like coke and popcorn. This has a collection of 40,000+ movies in its website. You can stream the movies online in this site for free. The best part about this site that I like most is that you don’t need to sign up for an account in this site. You don’t need to share your personal details with anyone on this site. There are many sites which need a subscription or an account to watch any of their content. But this site doesn’t need that type of approach. You will love this site as you visit it.

I Believe you also gonna like this site as you watch its great content. This sites also can have ads which lead to bad influence but you also need to consider the owner earning. Overall moviezion provide a great collection of movies to watch, you should definitely check out this site.

Site URL: https://www3.movierill.com/

5. Crackle

Crackle is a great alternative for coke and popcorn site for online movies and shows. This Site delivers high-quality content with no limits on how much you want to watch. You can bring your entertainment on any device. I personally feel you should try this site because you going to find many unique movies that you might not have yet watched. All the shows and movies are perfectly maintained and you can also filter your search result.

Site URL: Crackle

6. PopcornFlixpopcorn and coke alternatives

PopcornFlix is one of the best sites to watch free movies and Tv shows on the go. This site lets to experience watching free movies and Tv shows on your any device. The site has many movies and Tv show collection. You can be able to watch much free content on this site. This site also featured feature-based movies and webisodes. I personally recommend you to visit this site at once. You never gonna leave this site again.

Site URL: PopcornFlix

7. Archive.org

Archive.org is one of the best places to find any movies for free. Some of you may already know how great this site is. It has a huge free database of many things online. It’s a digital platform for free movies, books, music, and much more. If you haven’t visited this site yet then you are missing a wonderful and masterpiece site experience. You can find almost everything digital for free. This site also has a large number of free movies to watch online.

Site URL: Archive

8. SnagFilms

Snagfilms is one of the great and best place to stream movies online for free. This site provides movies more than 5000+ in its database to watch online for free. You can also watch your favorite shows on the go. You will fond in love with this site. Because it has a great collection of awesome films with great shows. You can visit this site from all around the world.

Site URL: SnagFilms

9. PutlockerTV

Putlockertv.to provides a great platform to watch online movies on the go. All the movies on this site are free of charge to watch. It has a great user interface and a huge database of the movies. It updates its database on the regular basis. You will be going to find latest movies on this site pretty easily. You can access movies with its release date. The classification of the movies provides a great way to visit your favorite movie from its homepage.

Site URL: http://0123putlocker.com/

10. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free online TV for your entertainment on the go. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on this site for absolutely free of charge. It allows you to watch any kind of Tv show on this site no matter what it is. You will find your favorite show on this site pretty easily. Pluto Tv has a large number of movies and shows collection. You will become a regular visitor of this site in no time.

Site URL: PlutoTV

11. MoviesPlanet

MoviesPlanet is a free site to watch movies online and shows. You can watch your favorite TV Series as well as Movies series on the same site for absolutely free of cost. MoviesPlanet is not a legal site so you might gonna experience ad full site experience. MoviesPlanet provides you to watch any movies and Tv series in full HD stream. This is one of the best sites like coke and popcorn.

Site URL: https://www.moviesplanet.tv/

12. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the latest sites to offer free movies and TV shows access. The best part of this site is that you can access this all across the globe. You will need to register in this site for free. After that, you can enjoy your movies and Tv shows for free of charge. This is one of the best legal site globally like coke and popcorn. You will be amazed by seeing the wide variety of movies and Tv shows that this site offers.

Site URL: https://tubitv.com/

13. CosmoTube

From Latest to Popular one, CosmoTube has everything in its movies database. This site is absolutely free to use site which provides many movies to watch online. The user interface of this site is very great and modern. You can select any movie that you wanna watch online for free. CosmoTube also IMDB ratings of any movies that you select. It also has the great classification of the movies.

Site URL: https://cosmotube.co/

14. Crunchyroll

When you are looking for movies sites like coke and popcorn on legal based, then Crunchyroll is one of the top sites for you. This sites only provide anime in its database. But you can watch legally top anime in it. All the top anime that air around in Japan, you can also watch it on your device through Crunchyroll. This site provides you access to its huge anime database with a little subscription charge.

Site URL: http://www.crunchyroll.com/

15. Yesmoviesc

Yesmoviesc provides you free online movies streaming platform. The site has a very big database of top movies across the world. You can even search your own country movies in this site. The home page has very great movie filter function. That lets you search for your favorite movies with no time. The site gives you a never forgettable movie experience on the go.

Site URL: http://www.yesmoviesc.co/

16. Vudu

Vudu is a great movies platform for latest and popular movies stream. This site can provide you 4k movies experience in your device. It has many movies available in 4k modes. It is one of the best places to find movies in 4K mode. If you are a fan of movies quality than you gonna love this site. This site also offers some free movies to watch. You can also redeem its gift coupon or Vudu Codes. It also provides Tv shows.

Site URL: https://www.vudu.com/

17. TheHouseMovie

TheHouseMovie is one of the best alternatives to coke and popcorn sites. This site provides a great database of Tv shows and movies. I personally like its random movie option the most. Whenever I am confused about which type of movie I want to watch, I use this option to get across a great movie. HouseMovie is an illegal site and It makes it’s whole income through ads.

Site URL: http://www.themoviehouse.net/

18. Viewster

Viwester is another giant providing amazing movies and TV shows online. It’s demand based vides and you have to demand all the movies you want to view online on this platform. Even they do have a wide category of movies and TV shows. If you’re an anime fan, it’ll be your next warehouse for entertainment. They list all the anime series in the detailed description and with amazing UI.

Most of the series and films available on Viewster are for free. This simply means that you don’t have to register or order such shows. Just visit them and start watching. HD quality of every film or show is provided on their site. Detailed description, length etc. for every single film etc. You should definitely visit them and know more about their free service.

Site URL: http://www.viewster.com/

19. Niter.me

Niter does provide you with all the major releases absolutely for free. There’s no need to register or pay them for everything available on their site. Everything is for free and every single movie is uploaded in HD quality. On their homepage, users can clearly see the recently added section where all the latest released movies are added.coke and popcorn

The user interface of Niter is very simple and unique. If you want all the great film/show for free and need a coke and popcorn alternative, Niter can be your perfect choice. I really loved their service. They do have ads on whole the site but rest of things are totally sweet.

Site URL: http://niter.me/

20. Solarmovie

Solarmovie acts like a giant search engine where all the latest movies can be seen in high-definition quality and absolutely for free. All you need to find your favorite film is, just visit them, search for the movie you want and start watching it for free. The user interface is really simple and there are no movies features on their homepage. So, you have to search for the one you’re looking for.

However, the old version does offer a rich homepage where users can see the all latest releases with detailed information like thumbnail and quality information. Even suggested tab, features, latest like pages are very helpful to us for finding a good movie.

Site URL: http://www2.solarmoviesc.com/

21. Veoh

Veoh is a very powerful platform which is a video distribution based company. There are hundreds of free movies and other things on Veoh. TV shows, animes etc. can be seen easily under their collection. Their site is kind of old looking but does provide a majority of features to the user and it becomes easy for the users to browse through the site.

There are millions of videos uploaded to their site. This means that not only Movies and TV-Shows, users do have the ability to find the video content which is absolutely amazing in most of the cases. So, we can say that Veoh is a free portal to entertain yourself.

Site URL: http://www.veoh.com/

22. Classic Cinema Online

If you’re kind of person who also loves to watch old movies, then this website might fulfill your requirements. All other sites are focused on HD quality and latest collection of movies. But, this one is providing users good old classical movies for free. Their collection is huge.

They even store classic serials on their website. It’s kind of cultural and traditional movies which are available on their site. There’s no registration process and users just need to visit them to start watching.

Even silent movies are features on this portal. If you don’t know what’s silent movies, these are the movies for deaf ones. All the characters in such kind of movies tell things using their hand actions etc. You should definitely visit them to know more.

Site URL: http://www.classiccinemaonline.com/

23. Gostream

Most of the users here might already know about GoStream. If you’ve ever visited this site, then you better know how large is their collection. Like all other sites, they do offer both films and TV shows for free. There are two versions, one is the older one and another is the new one. On their current homepage, there’s a search box. Just enter the name of the show or movie and search for it. You’ll get a very relevant result.coke and popcorn alternatives

If we talk about other features and functionality, they act like many other sites which provide the normal user interface, detailed information about the show like duration, description, language etc.

Site URL: http://www1.gostream.sc/

24. 123movies

There’s no more introduction required to this website. There are millions of users searching worldwide for 123movies. It’s because they do provide amazing free service to all the users. The amazing part of this site is that their collection is always updated one. There are daily updates seen on this site.

What I loved most about them is that they offer Top IMDB page where users can find out what’s trending and what’s being loved by the users worldwide. In fact, under the news section, people can read the entertainment news. This is a totally crazy thing I’ve ever seen on any website. You should definitely visit them if haven’t already. You’ll find them really useful and free service.

Site URL: https://123movies.fun/

25. CartoonHD.io

Cartoon HD does have a wide collection of almost all the latest releases. What I loved most about this service is that they offer all the latest series from the current month. There is rarely something missing from the latest releases which aren’t available on their site.

As their site is named after Cartoon, they do offer latest and largest collection of the cartoon movies and tv shows. This means you can find all the premium stuff there without paying a single penny.

Many other features will force you to regularly visit their site. I recommend you to visit them once and find how powerful their index of movies and tv shows is. It’ll give you feeling of browsing the premium site. But, it’s all for free, you just need to tolerate the ads.

Site URL: https://cartoonhd.io/

26. Hotstar

Hotstar is Indian based freemium video hosting and viewing platform. There are only a few Hollywood movies listed there. But, if you’re an Indian, there can be no perfect place than Hotstar for you. They have millions of TV shows and thousands of Indian movies on their platform. But, it’s important to tell you that everything is just Indian based. People who are outside India might feel disappointing but can also enjoy the India drama.coke popcorn alternate

I personally enjoyed their service for months. Their homepage is updated regularly and we can find all the latest releases in India. In fact, they offer iOS and Android app to the users for free. A free registration is required which takes only your mobile number and email etc. No credit card/debit card is required.

Site URL: Hotstar

27. Retrovision

Retrovision is featured as a very popular site to watch classic movies. They offer a wide range of free classic movies on their site. Thousands of movies are added to this site and it can be your next favorite coke and popcorn alternative. It’s because their collection is really amazing one and they deserve to be on this list.

Talking about the UI, it’s totally normal and simple one. You just need to visit them, find the movie you’re looking for and start watching it. All the movies are embedded using YouTube embed code.

Site URL: Retrovision

28. Netflix

Netflix needs no introduction but if you haven’t already used this amazing service, then you should start using it today. The perfect thing about Netflix is that all the movies and TV shows provided are very popular ones. Noone can compete them in science fiction series and drama.

Their series is viewed by millions of users worldwide and is very famous. 13 reasons why is one of the examples. However, you have to provide them your credit card details etc. to get their free trial. But, users have the ability to cancel the subscription before it ends.

They offer an app for every platform and can also be accessed using the browser. I recommend you to join their free trial and learn more about them and how powerful their collection of entertaining things is.

Site URL: Netflix

29. HouseMovie.to

As its name tells its story. It’s a site which can be described as a house of movies. There are thousands of movies indexed on their servers. All of them can be accessed for free and even without registration. There are many other features I can talk about this site.

Latest movies selection provides all the latest releases from the current month. Even popular movies page is available, indexing bunch of popular hits.

If you’re confused which one you should watch, they give you an additional functionality known as a Random movie. All you need to do is, click on it and they will give you a random movie. I hope you’ll enjoy this site and I’m sure that you won’t miss coke and popcorn anymore.

Site URL: https://housemovie.to/

30. StreamDor

Streamdor is another popular portal to enjoy movies for free. It covers most of the older movies with high-quality viewing quality. Around 14000 movies are available on their site which can be streamed for free.best coke and popcorn

All the movies are uploaded to the YouTube and then embedded on their website. This totally makes sense that there will be no buffering or server related problem to the user. Visit them to know more about the service. I found this site really very useful and helpful. I hope you’ll also like the collection available there for free.

Site URL: https://www.streamdor.com/

Table Of All Sites Like Coke and Popcorn

Below is the table for all the sites I’ve listed above. Few details like site name and URL address of these sites are entered in these tables. I hope you’ll find it useful. Just take the screenshot of this table and it’ll help you a lot later. If you want to download movies, feel free to check free movies downloading sites.

Coke and Popcorn AlternativesSite URL
Pluto TVhttps://pluto.tv/
Tubi TVhttps://tubitv.com/
Classic Cinema Onlinehttp://www.classiccinemaonline.com/

Suggestions and Conclusion On Coke and Popcorn Alternatives

You should be aware to the fact that most of these sites are using bad ads. This might hurt your user experience and we recommend you not to download any file from these sites (most of them)

I tried to provide you with all the amazing sites and hope that you loved them too. All these sites are perfect alternatives to coke and popcorn. But, if you have any better suggestion which you think should be on the list, then feel free to drop it down below. Then I will definitely add it into the list so that other users might find it useful.

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