Best New Customer Incentives (2019 Edition)

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Being a long-standing customer to a company can be a pretty good position to be in. But,
sometimes – especially if you’re not being treated the way businesses should be treating their
loyal consumer base – it’s better to be a new customer entirely. New customers, or potential
lifelong ones, are some of the most coveted by brands and companies. So, how do they try to
entice new people to swear loyalty to their brand?

Streaming Platforms

We watch almost all our entertainment through streaming platforms nowadays, and each one is
attempting to present to us the very best content in order to gain our attention – and subscriptions.
Either by churning out content worth keeping the direct debit for or by creating such a unique
show or film that they attract customers from their competitors.

best customer initiates

Most sites offer new customers a chance to see what the platform is about before committing
with a free trial. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and some Showtime (if you have Hulu or a Roku
device) free trials last for 30 days. HBO NOW and Starz last for one week, while YouTube
Premium currently offers a free trial period of two months, presumably until stronger content is
available on the site.

Online Casinos

It’s not just our streaming sites that offer some incentives for new customers. This list of new customer deals shows that online casino sites have many variations of offers for new customers
in order to attract them to their services. Some opt for giving out free spins, while others prefer to
offer cashback bonuses. Some choose to showcase their deal around their hero products, such as
their sportsbook, while others rely on the innovation in their slot games or their live poker and

The nature of the online gaming industry means that there are new games launched at a constant
pace across a range of different sites, all specializing in different gaming styles. This means
players will have to be active when doing their research on these sites. In this instance, the
companies actually understand this and attempt to appeal to consumers by making their sites,
products, and games equally as accessible as they are rewarding.

E-Commerce Sites

Ecommerce sites often have tactics for dealing with new customers. Not only do onsite cookies
help generate ads for products you might find interesting, but new customers are often offered discounted shipping for making a purchase (though often with a deadline for using this

mobile streaming platforms

Free or discounted shipping is beneficial for the company because we tend to fill the
basket with more goods in order to make the most of the discount; therefore, we end up spending
more. Often the site will offer free shipping beyond a certain amount, which we will attempt to
reach. The eCommerce site is perceived as doing us a favor by offering us this, which gives us a
favorable opinion of them which companies often hope that will turn us from potential new
customers to loyal customers.

New customers are some of the most sought after in marketing and retail and represent great
potential for any business looking for new commerce. Small incentives, such as new customer
deals, can be the catalyst when turning that potential customer into a lifelong consumer.

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