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Best Disk Cleanup Software To Solve Full Disk Space Problem In Windows, MAC

No matter how fast and modern hardware is installed on your PC, over time, the performance of the machine decreases due to the “clogging” of the registry and the formation of garbage objects on the system disk. If you want to improve performance, we recommend using best disk cleanup software to clean and speed up your computer and try them for free on your machine. We are sure that even the most straightforward utility will help you identify “problem” zones in the system and fix them.

The Reasons to Get These Applications Today

As a computer user, you will most likely come across (or have already encountered) that you will need to clean it of various kinds of data – temporary files, junk files left by programs, cleaning the registry and other actions to optimize performance. There are many free programs to clean your computer, good and not so good, and we’ll talk about them.

How to Increase the Overall Performance by Cleaning up Disk Space

If you have never encountered such programs, and you are not familiar with them, then an Internet search can produce many useless, if not harmful, results that can even add unwanted things to your PC or laptop. Therefore, it is better to know those programs for cleaning and optimization that have managed to establish themselves well in many users.

Best Disk Cleaner Softwares To Use:

1. Acronis Disk Director

You need software to “clean up” the OS file system, but you don’t know which one to choose? Download Acronis Disk Director is a software package that allows you to perform the broadest range of tasks related to hard disk partitions.

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best disk cleanup software

The user will be able to resize local disks on Windows and Linux operating systems by using this application. This tool works without the need for defragmentation or the risk of losing data stored on them.

Also, Acronis Disk Director Home provides an operating system installation manager that allows you to install several OSs on a computer at once, facilitate the reinstallation process, or detect previously used and saved OSes.

Another handy feature is the recovery of deleted or damaged data. So, through this software package, the user will be able to recover both individual files on the clusters of which nothing was recorded, as well as entire sections of hard drives.

More Functions for Users to Know:

  • It features a possibility of both automated and manual execution of most tasks;
  • The function of creating a backup copy of the Windows operating system;
  • Ability to combine multiple local drives with saving all data;
  • The function of splitting a local disk into several partitions.

2. WinDirStat Portable

WinDirStat Portable is a free application, which is used to analyze the space occupied by files and folders on the hard drive. Using this program, you can quickly and efficiently delete unnecessary files that take up a lot of disk space.

best disk cleanup software

WinDirStat in just a couple of minutes will scan all disks or folders (depending on their size), after which you can check the percentage, size, date and time of the last edit, attributes, as well as the total number of elements, files, and subdirectories.

The main interface contains 3 main windows: on top there is a window with an explorer-like interface, on the right there is a window with a list of file extensions presented on your system, painted in different colors and arranged in the order of their quantitative availability in the OS, and, below, a window with all the contents drive.

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Moreover, the latter is presented in the form of a kind of tree in which each file is represented as a colored rectangle, the area of ​​which is proportional to the size of the data. There are many additional reasons to download windirstat since this application features excellent functions.

More Functions for Users to Know:

  • Detailed scan of hard drive contents
  • View disk usage statistics
  • Highlight files and directories in different colors
  • Disk space optimization.

3. CheckDisk

Finding and fixing errors on the disk is a significant procedure for all computer users. Windows 7 comes with special tools to solve this problem, but besides there are quite a few applications that are designed for the same purpose and work, at least, not worse.

CheckDisk is a program that can quickly check the status of your hard drive, and if it detects any errors, it will try to cure them.

The utility is incredibly easy to use because it relies on a straightforward and intuitive user interface. The only thing you need to do is select the drive you want to check, select one of the available types of checks, and start scanning. A standard scan takes only a couple of minutes, and it is also recommended to close other applications before starting a scan to avoid data loss.

More Functions for Users to Know:

  • The ability to work not only with hard drives but also with removable drives.
  • Displays disk status. For example, you need to perform disk recovery.
  • It has a small distribution size.
  • There is no excessive functionality.

All in all, this small program can do a lot of good to help you find out about the problems of your hard drives. CheckDisk is very easy to use and well suited for both experienced users and beginners.

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4. Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition

Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition is a small and easy-to-use software that helps you manage your hard drive partitions.

best disk cleanup software

With Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, you can resize, move, create, delete, format and hide partitions, as well as copy or clone a disk, copy or clone partitions, erase a hard drive, erase a partition, and much more.

The program has three built-in wizards: Extend Partition Wizard, Disk Copy Wizard, Partition Copy Wizard, with which you can quickly perform the necessary work.

More Functions for Users to Know:

  • Extending the NTFS system partitions without restarting the computer.
  • Resizing and moving partitions to optimize disk space.
  • Merge two or more sections into one large.
  • Breakdown of one part into two or more.
  • Creating, deleting and formatting partitions.
  • Convert a FAT file system to NTFS.
  • Complete removal of confidential data.


As you know, the timely cleaning of Windows will be the key to the high performance of your computer and the versatility of its software resources. We have reviewed the best programs that can perform a complete cleaning of the system. Which of the above utilities should you choose?

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