11 Best Cyber Security Blogs & Sites For Computer Security News In 2019

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Reading Cyber Security News and blogs are going to be very helpful. It’ll keep you updated with all the cybersecurity threats going around the world. There are dozens of Cyber Security blogs covering IT threats related stories.

If you’re concerned about online threats and online security, reading blogs which highlight the news related to hacking, threats, virus, etc. is going to be user useful. It’ll increase knowledge of online security and keeping your privacy. Stay safe from internet threats!

best cyber security blogs

There are dozens of turmoil in the world of internet. Bad guys are looking for a way to extract private information of people such as bank details, personal ID, etc. They are using dozens of way to do that, malicious scripts, software, etc.

Dozens of Cyber Security Blogs are covering topics related to the latest hacking attacks, new malicious scripts spread over the internet, etc. They’re also providing some articles following which you can improve your skills to enhance online privacy.

Best Cyber Security Blogs and Websites

Here are some of the best Cyber Security blogs to follow in 2019:

1. The Hacker News

The Hacker News is my favorite blog so far. Multiple authors are publishing articles exposing the threats related to social media, Android, iOS and Windows devices. The website is attracting millions of people from all around the world including IT Professionals, Researchers, Hackers, etc.

the hacker news blog

What I liked the most is detailed and well-explained articles. Along with the story covered, infographics images and videos are added to the report, explaining the way hackers used for scamming. It helps us to understand the attacks in a better way. Subscribe to their Newsletter to receive news directly to your inbox.

2. Threatpost

Threatpost is another independent cybersecurity news website. It’s one of the leading sources to read hacking and IT industry related news. The authors of Threatpost are well-experienced, and you can learn more about them on About section of the website.

threatpost blog

Reading news on this website is interesting. Most news is related to recent online hacking events and data leaked on the dark web. Another interesting thing is their seminar, which is focused on teaching people the way data is leaked from an organization. If you own a website or business, you better attend their seminars to learn latest way used by shady guys to compromise your privacy.

3. WeLiveSecurity

WeLiveSecurity is, and Cyber Security Blog offered by ESET Security Community. It’s a team of experienced members who are expert in online security and detecting threats which are harming business and people from all around the world. ESET Security Community is formed by people living in different parts of the world.

welivesecurity blog

You’ll get the latest Cyber Security news all around the clock. According to the authors of the site, they first confirm the threat before publishing it online. It helps them to ensure if the attack was fake or real. Along with the News, Magazine, Podcasts, etc. are also published which can be downloaded for free.

4. Comodo Security Blog

Comodo Security Blog covers guides to overcome hacking, HOW-TO articles, etc. Comodo is an innovative company, providing military-grade protection to all the hacking threats. There are dozens of products offered by them and have millions of customers from all around the world. Hundreds of researchers are working for this company. This ensures that you’ll get well-researched and quality articles on Comodo security blog.

comodo cyber security blog

One of the highlighted thing about their blog is solution articles. Following those articles are useful when suffering from any threat or shady guys had compromised the security of your business/website. Experts of comodo are writing useful content following which we can ignore or overcome such threats.

5. Naked Security

Naked Security is an award-winning Cyber Security blog offered by Sophos. They provide news, opinion, advice, and many other computer security related articles. The company is mainly focused on expanding the cloud storage and computing security of the business. Dozens of products and services are offered by Sophos in different IT sectors. They’re in this business for more than 30 years.

naked security by sophos

It ensures the relevancy of articles and news published on Naked Security. Around one dozen articles are published weekly, based on News and updates from the IT World. Most of the content published is stories based.

6. Krebs On Security

Krebs On Security blog is owned by Brian Krebs, who’s well known IT Professional. He worked as a reporter on Washington Post and many other famous news agencies. Krebs on Security is full of Cyber Security news and updates. You really won’t miss anything related to hacking news on his blog.

krebs on security blog

Because this blog is managed by a person, not by a news agency, people trust and engage more with it. I highly recommend bookmarking his website to get thoughts and unbiased news from a tech expert who’ve years of experience in the hacking world. All the articles available are well explained with a practical explanation which is interesting to read.

7. Hackread

Hackread is modern and most attractive Cyber Security blog on the internet. It’s live since 2011 and is one of the most visited blogs by the people looking for Cyber Security news. Dozens of useful articles are published every single week. There’s no doubt that the news published is well researched by its team. You won’t get fluffy news or anything biased on Hackread website.

hackread blog

According to them, they are trying hard to give the most useful content to those who don’t understand online threats. If you’re also tech enthusiast, feel free to submit news on their portal. This feature is open to everyone, and you can become a reporter by submitting news!

8. Help Net Security

Help Net Security works as an independent source for news since 1998. It’s no longer a secret that they do have a dedicated team, collecting useful news from different sources over the internet. On their site, you’ll find useful resources for things like researched articles, predictions on internet security, threats, and recent cyber attack, leaked data.

netsecurity blog

Hence, it’s a site full of content which is helping people from all around the world. Dozens of articles and stories are published every single day. You should subscribe to their blog for more interesting facts and researches.

9. CSO Security News

CSO Security News is a reliable source of tech news and tutorials to improve knowledge of IT world and stay safe from most threats. Topics such as social engineering scams, data protection, malware, etc. are covered by their authors. Dozens of cybersecurity enthusiasts are working to collect critical information related to the hacking world from all around the world.

cso news blog

IT security professionals are related to different industries, and news is unbiased & reliable. How-Tos articles are also published on CSO Security News. It’s helpful for the people who are interested in learning some cool tricks and stay safe from the most important online threats.

10. Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley is working in IT stuff from 1990. He’s been in this for a long time, and that’s why he’s well known in cyber security related researches. Dozens of news channels and newspapers have highlighted his efforts given to the IT industry in many ways.

graham cluley blog

Fun fact is that he’s also one of the senior in Naked Security blog. It’s enough to let you know that he’s a well known and reputable person, running a cybersecurity news blog. Follow him for interesting news and to read his personal views on different IT topics. Along with the articles, Videos and podcasts are released on a regular basis on his blog.

11. Bank Info Security

Bank Info Security comes with handy info on the banking sector. It includes the tricks used by the attackers to gain access to people’s bank accounts and tricking them to get confidential data. Those, who are very concerned about their bank account security and privacy should follow Bank Info Security blog.

bank info security

They have offices all around the Globe. ISMG group owns this site, which is a global news coverage company. Critical News, Trends, Cyber Security News, etc. are covered, and hundreds of media reports are active all around the world. You can say that this site is managed by a pretty big Media company and is a trusted source of news.


The Internet is a very bright place and also a very dark place at the same time. You can either become a victim or can stay safe from all the threats. If you read news related to finance, politics, etc. then why not IT Security news!

Use all the suggested sites shown above because all of them are a highly reliable source of news in the IT industry. There’s no doubt about the relevance of facts and report on all of the Cyber Security Blogs highlighted in the article. If you know any other trustworthy IT News websites, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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