51 Best Anime Streaming Sites In 2018 To Watch and Download Anime

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Do you want to watch anime online but don’t know which is the best site to watch them? Are you one of those persons who gets frustrated just to search for best anime site to watch anime online? Then this list will surely going to help you solve that problem. No matter if you have watched anime many times or just getting starting with this. In this article, I have given the list of 51 best Anime Streaming sites in 2018.

I am a person who plays games and watches anime in my free time. A lot of you may also do the same thing. It doesn’t matter what’s the reason for it. In the end, we all want to watch our favourite anime show on the daily basis. I got frustrated once when I was looking for the best site to watch anime online. So I start to search on this topic and came across top 51 best Anime Streaming sites where I can watch anime for free and paid basis. I may not have the same taste when it comes to best anime streaming sites, Therefore I picked most popular and loved one site to stream your favourite anime show.

free anime online no registration

If you are a fan of anime and just started to watch animes, You can always be going to love watching anime online. I remember my first anime show and from then I never got bored while watching anime. There is a lot of legal and non-legal anime streaming sites out there. All of them give you the freedom to watch your favourite animes online. Some of the sites in this list are non-legal so they can be filled with unnecessary ads. But you can always watch Legal sites like Netflix, Crunchyroll to enjoy your favourite anime show.

I love watching anime online and it becomes a part of my daily life. I never want to miss any of my favourite anime show’s latest episodes. Whether its all famous anime like One Piece or newly getting famous Black clover. I believe each and every anime has its own beauty. Then when it comes to watching these anime online I really love more than one anime site. Each and every anime sites have their own way of showing animes story and beauty. In the end, it all comes to your own desire which site is the best for streaming anime online.

Each and every one of us has there different taste when it comes to their favourite anime site to watch anime online. I can’t argue with anyone that this site is better or that site is better. Therefore, for everyone convenience, I have given 51 best anime sites list to watch anime online for free and paid. Some sites also offer more than just anime list. Some sites offer tv series to watch, manga, comic books and movies and a lot more other than just showing anime shows.

If you like this list of best 51 anime Streaming sites to watch your favourite anime then you may also be interested in watching 60 best movies sites to watch movies online without downloading. We all love to watch movies and anime in our spare time so I think this list will also going to give you your entertainment package online.

51 Best anime Streaming Sites in 2018

Best Anime Streaming SitesSite URL (Copy Paste)
Dailymotion https://www.dailymotion.com/
Yahoo Viewhttps://view.yahoo.com/browse/tv/genre/anime
Viewster http://www.viewster.com/genre/58/anime/
TubiTv https://tubitv.com/home
Youtube https://www.youtube.com

These all sites provide you with the platform to watch anime online. All sites have their own way to represent top animes. If you don’t like any non-legal sites you can always try to use legal sites which provide best anime experience with no ads. You can watch your favourite show with their latest updates on these sites. Some of these sites provide animes with their latest updates whereas some are slow when it comes to updates. I hope you will enjoy watching anime online on these best anime streaming sites.

10 Best Legal Anime Sites In 2018

These all sites are legal sites which provide you legally platform to watch anime online. If you want to watch your favourite anime legally and want to support your favourite anime than these sites are best for you. I always recommend using these best legal anime sites to watch your favourite anime series. I also want to mention one more legal site Daisuki but it suddenly gets shut down. So if you are wondering why Daisuki is not in this list then you should know how it gets shut down and no longer be running. I hope you enjoy this list of top legal anime sites.

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1. Crunchyroll



Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming sites out there legally. You paid for its one-month subscription and that’s all.
This site lets you enjoy your favourite show with 1080p/720p formats on any of your devices. If you are wondering whether you should watch anime from this site or not. Then this site also provides 14 days free subscription for you to watch your favourite anime.

But the quality of unsubscribed users will be 480p and also be going to experience ads. The subscribed user also get free 48 hour of guest passes that they can share with their friends to get the taste of Crunchyroll experience.

Crunchyroll only charge you once in a month for the subscription and you can watch any type anime in this site. It has a variety of anime in its database and it also Air the latest series. I personally feel for all the services this site provides, the subscription fee is worth its price. This site also has a store in it but I personally feel it’s not important if my goals are only to watch anime online.

Visit Crunchyroll.com

2. Hulu.com


Hulu.com is also one of the best legal sites to watch your favourite anime shows online. This site not only just provide you to watch anime online but it also offers many more shows rather than just anime. You already are familiar with this site. It is one of the best legal streaming sites for all kind of shows. You will be going to find shows more than just limited to anime.

This site has a premium subscription charge and you can watch any show in its database for free. For a just 8$ price, you are not only going to get watch your favourite anime online but also going to find more shows like live TV and Movies and much more. You will be going to love this site for its large database freedom to watch anything.

Don’t think that this site provides so many shows and services, its anime collection will be low. That’s not true, it has a large number of animes to watch. I love to watch ongoing anime series too on this site. It provides dub and sub anime regarding your choice and availability. This is the best anime streaming sites online with multiple services.

Visit  Hulu

3. NetFlix


NetFlix is one of the best legal sites to watch anime with exclusive Netflix series. This site also is an online streaming site with multiple services to watch movies and programs. As you see on Hulu site, This site also provide you to watch anime online with high quality. It provides you with its best plans so that you can choose your favourite and suitable plan for a month.

You can watch many anime shows on this site with many ongoing series. I like to watch One Punch Man on this site, you should also try this show. There are also many good anime series available on NetFlix. The database of anime on this site is very huge. Most of the time people don’t even know that Netflix also provide animes to watch anime online.

For a little price of the subscription, you will be going to enjoy many popular tv shows, Films and lot more. And not to forgot you will be going to enjoy your favourite anime shows on the go. I recommend using this site if you want to watch anime with exclusive films and Netflix release.

Visit NetFlix

4. TubiTv


TubiTv is one of the best anime streaming sites to stream anime online for free. The collection of anime in this site is not as big as other sites but all of these are free to stream animes. It also provides free movies to stream with lots of shows series too. If you are looking for a legal site to provide movies and shows for free to watch online then TubiTv is the best site.

TubiTv is one of the favourite sites for free anime to stream online legally. The anime section of this site is really awesome. You will not be going to find anime with as much as in other premium sites in quantity. But all the given anime are great and popular ones. So you will never gonna miss any popular series of the anime that you wanna watch.

TubiTv has its own cons and pros. The best part of this site is that you can watch movies, tv shows and anime for absolutely free of charge. I highly recommend this site if you want to watch top anime for free legally online. You should know Anime section mainly occur according to your country. So use VPN to the US if you want to watch anime for free.

Visit TubiTv

5. Hidive


Hidive is really a great anime site to watch anime legally. It is one of the best anime streaming sites out there legally. This site provides dubs and subs anime simultaneously. You can find your favourite anime on a monthly subscription. It also provides movies to watch in your free time. You can watch your favourite anime series simulcast. I really like to watch new anime on this site.

This site also offers anime movies to watch. You can watch your favourite anime series movie on this site. I personally only use this site whenever I feel anime to watch in English. The dubbed series in this site has a great collection. But on the other hand, this site doesn’t have as big anime database as other anime streaming sites like Crunchyroll.

I hope you all are gonna like this site to stream your favourite animes. But keep this in mind that it offers its anime collection differently to different countries. So if you are not a resident of the United State then this site might only provide you with a little bit of its anime collection. It’s the best site to watch your favourite anime series in dubbed. So you can enjoy streaming anime online on this site.

Visit Hidive

6. Yahoo View

Yahoo View

Did you know that you can watch anime on yahoo? Yes, its really true and Yahoo provides a ton of anime to watch online. You can stream your favourite anime series on Yahoo View with sub and dub HD quality. This site provides a limited amount of anime show to stream. basically, the list of anime is really big but compared to other sites, its small in size.

I enjoy each show that I watch on this site perfectly. The user interface of this site is great but I personally got little confused while searching for anime to watch online. I watch my favourite anime on this site for free so the amount of anime on this site is really good in size.

If you are looking for a safe and legal anime streaming site than this is one of the best anime streaming sites. This site not only provides animes to watch, it also provide movies and TV Show to watch. If you are looking for the place which gives your favourite Tv shows and animes at the same time, Yahoo view is perfect for you.

Visit Yahoo View

7. Funimation


Funimation is one of the site only dedicated to animes. In my opinion, this is the best site for anime to watch overseas. I could be wrong but this site is really great in every standard. For only 6$ per month, you will be going to enjoy every anime series that you always want to watch. This site also simulcast dub anime series. I like to watch one piece latest episodes on this site.

Funimation has an ad-free experience and has a great anime database for you. You can watch your favourite anime series ad-free and in full HD format. Funimation also supports many devices so you can check this site on different devices. It is a great site that let you enjoy your every favourite anime to watch.

Funimation has a big collection of animes and lets you watch them for just 6$ a month charges. You can watch any kind of top 10 anime in any genre of your list. You never gonna bored watching anime in this site. It has legally most of the anime shows that run in Japan. This is the most perfect legal site from my personal Opinion. But you can try any legal site on this list to watch animes online.

Visit Funimation

8. Viewster


Viewster is also a great legal site on this list of top anime streaming sites. This site allows you to watch movies and Tv shows along with anime to watch. This site is free to watch the site for anime fans. The site has done a great job in its database of anime. You can watch free anime with their movies series too.

I personally don’t like this site to watch anime. This is because this site doesn’t have a big collection of anime series. And you will find out that it lacks long-running anime show. You hardly gonna find any of your favourite long-running anime show like One Piece and Naruto etc.

Viewster is a great site to watch anime for free. Although its database of anime is not big. But it has some great small size anime collection. If you are a person who doesn’t like long-running anime series or who like to watch small episodes anime than this is the perfect site for that. In the end, you can watch many of your favourite anime for free.

Visit Viewster

9. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is a great legal way to watch some of your favourite anime. I know, some of you may gonna doubt on me. But if you search for any information related to your anime series. Then there is a very high chance of anime video clips of the regarding anime. You can not only know details about your favourite anime but also can watch many alternative theory and trailer of that anime.

When I want to search for anything regardless of how stupid my search is, Dailymotion has always something to entertain me. All the videos and trailer you going to find on this site are totally made by fellow common peoples. You can find any detail that you want to know about a particular anime.

The best part is, it is totally free. You are not only going to watch anime related stuff but also can enjoy any type of videos you want to search. Dailymotion also let you made videos and share it with people across the world. This is really a great site to watch anime with many other videos of any kind.

Visit Dailymotion

10. Youtube


If I am talking about watching something and I don’t mention youtube then I am the most idiotic person here be. We all know when it comes to watching online Youtube holds the most priority. You can ever say youtube is the google of videos. This is a massive site with many videos to entertain you.

This site also works like Dailymotion but it has a way a bigger collection of videos and movies. You can also watch your favourite anime movies but it’s not free. There are many channels which even has uploaded full episodes of some animes. I personally watch my pokemon XYZ series episodes only on youtube.

There always something for you when you want to search for a certain anime. Youtube is a place you can watch anything. And you can also upload your videos too, it doesn’t matter what it’s about. Any info that you want for your desire anime series, Youtube has all of its solutions.

Visit Youtube

10 Sites To Watch and Download Anime Online

I hope you all guys like the legal best anime streaming sites that I have given above to stream anime online. But we all know there are some non-legal sites too which provides animes to watch online. most of the time, these non-legal sites let you watch anime for absolutely free. There are many sites which have an even better collection of anime than legal sites. But non-legal sites have their own cons. Your browser will be flooded with ads and pop-ups.

I personally like some non-legal sites but I have to say the privacy and ads issue remains the same. So I highly recommend legal sites over non-legal sites. besides when you watch or use legal sites, some part of the revenue goes to the developer of the anime. It helps them to carry on the series for longer. So you always can help your favourite anime developer by watching anime on legal sites.

There are so many non-legal sites that it becomes difficult to choose the good one. I have used many non-legal sites to watch anime and some of them are terrible. But don’t worry I have given you the list of most amazing non-legal sites to watch anime online. You can watch your favourite anime online for free. But the ads and pop-ups gonna torture you so be aware.

Note:- Each of the links of the non-legal site has already given in the table above.

11. Kissanime


KissAnime is one of the best anime streaming sites non-legally out there to stream anime online for free. This is one of my favourite sites too to watch anime online. The user interface of this giant site is very pretty and easy to understand. It has a huge collection of anime available both in subs and dubs. This site also has very few ads compare to other sites.

You can watch any anime that you like both in subs and dubs. This site also provides you to its subsidiary sites to read manga online, comic online and read the novel. The large collection of anime will fill your heart with happiness. I like its anime list system. You can short anime on the bases of their genre.

Moreover that you can also sort that genre most popular animes or new animes. the navigation system to your favourite anime is great. The newly animes get updated daily. This site also lets you watch anime on the 720p and 1080p format. The re-captcha of this site is very annoying. Every time when I visit any anime page and want to stream, the re-captcha pops up.

In my opinion, this site can be the best non-legal site to stream anime online. The ads can be bothersome but you have to know this is the only way the site owner gets his revenue. I personally like this site for its wide range of anime collection and how easy it is to sort out desire anime show.

Visit: http://kissanime.ru/

12. 9Anime


9Anime is also one of the best anime streaming sites out there for watching anime non-legally. I like the large collection of this anime site for a different kind of anime series. It has a huge collection of both dubs and subs anime show just as KissAnime has. This site design is better than KissAnime in my opinion. You can also sort out your favourite anime shows based on the categories.

9Anime provides simulcast anime show and they mostly come under the first day of their release. You can watch all new anime series which are latest in 9anime. They even provide the download link for these anime shows. But nowadays the download option doesn’t work. But you can watch these anime show in 720p to various quality like 1080p and 360p etc.

I personally watch anime from the 9anime site too. A friend of mine had recommended this site a long time ago. And now I am recommended this site to you as well. I believe like me you also gonna love this site. The one main issue with the site is its ads. There are too many ads on this site and it frustrates me every time I use it. But despite that whenever KissAnime server doesn’t respond, my first choice in the non-legal site is always 9Anime.

Visit: https://www6.9anime.is/

13. Gogoanime


Gogoanime is also one of the best sites to stream anime online. It has a simple and perfect visual design. You can expect the visual as good as a simple site could offer. But the banner ads and sidebar ads make it look clumsy in my opinion. Anyway, the site offers a wide variety of anime shows which you can watch for free.

Gogoanime also provides sort feature to find your desire anime. It also has a big collection of dub anime. So you can also watch in the English language. But when you compare this site with big non-legal sites like kissAnime and 9Anime, it has some issue with its filtering system. I am not telling you it’s not working but rather it’s not as good as these two site has.

Other than that the anime collection of this site also very huge. You can search for any anime that you want to watch online. In my opinion, the site has a great variety of anime series but it’s harder for me to reach new anime series that I haven’t watched yet. But it’s only my opinion, the overall score for this site is great.

Visit: https://www1.gogoanime.in/

14. Kickassanime


Kickassanime is another great site to watch anime show. It also has a large collection of anime show and let you watch anime simulcast. The best part that I like about this site is that there is a schedule chart on the site letting you know which new anime episodes are going to air with release details.

The Release schedule Chart has also a timer to show time zone of PDP. This is the format which is used to show the timing of the anime shows release date and time. I like this system and also love to watch new animes as soon as they air. This is a unique system by which this site is different from another site.

It also has fewer banner ads as you can find on another site. Overall the collection of the anime is also very huge so you are unlikely to not find what you are looking for. I must say to keep in mind when will my favourite next anime is going to air is pretty hard for my brain. So this site is for you if feel the same way as I do.

Visit: https://www10.kickassanime.io/

15. Animeland


Animeland is a great anime site to watch anime that is only focused on Dubs anime. This site only has dub anime collection despite that the collection of anime is huge. If you are one of that person who only wants to watch anime in dub than this is the best site for you. This site also lets you Download anime if you don’t have time to watch.

The site interface is very simple and easy to understand. It provides all anime series release in the dub. By all, I mean it also has your favourite anime movie in the English language. You can movies and anime series both in the dub in this site. The collection of dub anime series is pretty huge.

You can easily check its total collection by selecting dubbed anime list. There are tons of dub animes in this site. I personally feel it is the best site for dub anime but the download link of this site has low downloading speed. It may take your lot of time which is a bad case. This site also has some annoying ads which are frustrated. The download size of the anime in this site most of the time is under 100 MB and the quality also under 720p.

Visit: https://www.animeland.tv/

16. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is a big site with a huge collection of both sub and dubs anime series. This site holds many anime to watch and download anime online. The best part of this site is that it has both sub and dub collection of the anime series. It also has a section to read the manga and watch your favourite anime movies.

But the design of the site is very lame. I totally don’t like the user interface at all. True that it has a navigation system and full list of the anime series that I want. But the User Interface is too simple and it feels similar to those sites back in 2010. There also many ads on this site that also decrease its website design.

Despite all this, it is a great site to watch and download anime. The collection is huge and most of the time you always gonna find the anime that you are looking for. It could be in subs and dubs or both. You can also read the manga so if you are looking for any anime next storyline based on the manga you can easily find that too.

Visit: http://www.animefreak.tv/

17. Chia-anime


Chia-anime site is a great alternative to best anime streaming sites I have spoken about. This site also has a huge collection of anime series. You can also watch your anime series free and download them. But the design of the site is also not good in my opinion. When you check other anime sites like 9Anime and Kissanime, compare to them this site design is lame.

But that’s only my opinion, you may feel good about the design. Overall you can find any anime site from its large collection of anime. This site collection is huge but it still doesn’t have some new animes. this is because the site anime collection doesn’t update on regular basis or You can say frequently. Sometimes it also has only a few episodes of the anime series.

Chia-anime also has good point like the quality of the anime show always comes in HD format. You can watch anime for as long as you want. The site gives a list of subs anime and dubs anime separately. So you can watch your favourite anime in any subs or dubs categories. The ads are also limited in this site and that’s a relief. You may encounter pop-ups ads but they are not that often.

Visit: http://ww2.chia-anime.tv/

18. Animeheaven


Animeheaven is a great site and is one of the best anime streaming sites non legally. This site also has a great collection of anime series and movies. This site also provides anime in dubs so you can watch dub anime online. The list of anime on this site is really impressive. The dubbed anime list also great.

The best part about the site is it updates regularly.  You can even see the time how much long ago any episodes gets its update on the home screen. The site is great for any kind of people no matter if you have seen many animes or just getting started with this. You always gonna find something new in this site.

I like to mention here that Anime Haven site is not working right now. So if some of you are confused why I haven’t given its name than you know the reason now. Maybe this site works in future but it’s not working now. So I recommend using Animeheaven site for your favourite anime.

Visit: http://animeheaven.eu/

19. WatchAnime


WatchAnime is a good anime site if you haven’t visited top anime sites. I said this because the site has many things to offer like dub and sub anime to watch. This anime site has many cons when compared to big sites. WatchAnime site has a great advanced search option to watch anime. The collection of anime on this site is not big.

So there is a great chance that you might not found the anime that you are looking for. Watchanime can become a great site to watch anime only if the designer makes good care of the site. The collection is small so you need to search for other sites to watch anime. I don’t recommend this site to watch anime personally.

20. Dubzonline


Dubzonline is a great site to watch anime online for free. The best part about this site I like is you can watch anime for free in HD quality. This site also allows you to download anime in HD format. It doesn’t have a big collection of anime like kissanime and Animeland but it has all the nice anime that you wanna watch.

This site’s downloads links has great speed of downloading so you can download your favourite anime when you don’t have time to watch. I personally use this site to download anime in HD format. It has more speed in its download links that make it a good site as compare with Kissanime.

The anime site only cons are that it doesn’t update regularly as compare to other sites. The updates come often late and that makes site little uneasy to visit daily. Rather than that if you want to watch anime like Naruto and No game No Life this is one of the best sites. It has a great collection of Dubs anime and also provides subs anime to watch too.

Visit: http://www.dubzonline.com/


When it comes to best anime streaming sites there is no doubt that legal sites are better than non-legal sites. If you want my opinion than Funimation and Crunchyroll are the best sites to watch anime online legally. But if you want to watch anime through non-legal site despite ads and privacy threats, I recommend using Kissanime and 9anime site. For Dubs anime, Animeland and Dubzonline are the best sites.

I have given a big list of anime site from which I was only able to explain top 20 anime sites. If you are curious about other sites that you can visit there and you may able to find more great anime sites. When it comes to watching anime everyone has a different approach. No matter how you see your favourite anime series.

There is one certain thing that remains the same. All anime has their own beauty and we all going to love them. Watching anime online is a great way to finish the boredom of your life. I always like watching anime no matter which site it is. This is the fact that never gonna change forever. I hope you like this article if you have any recommendations and suggestion you can always comment on them. I will try my best to solve or respond to them.

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