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55+ Best Anime Movies Of All Time You Will Love To Watch In 2020

Love to watch anime movies and series? Or the one who want to get started with anime movies! I’ve listed 55+ best anime movies of all time. Either you’re new to anime or oldmonk, in both cases, you’re going to appreciate the movies shown here.

Anime movies are appreciated by millions of people from all around the world. It doesn’t matter how old you’re as anime is loved by people from all age groups. That’s because the story and characters are designed in such a way that viewers get emotionally attached to the characters. That’s the secret behind the huge success of anime movies.

best anime of all time

Over the years, the anime industry has evolved drastically. Much great anime has introduced to us and many of them-are inspirational to us. Anime is not just a way to entertains, but it also gives guidance to our life problems. I have changed many bad habits of mine by watching some of the great animes over the years. Animes let you see your life In many different ways and we all love these feelings.

Top 50 Best Anime Movies Of All Time Across The World 2019

The ranking of each anime on this list may vary with your opinion and your taste. So you can skip those animes that you don’t like in this list. You can also let me know which anime you think is the best by commenting below.

Here are the top 55+ anime of all time that you can watch in 2019.

1. Death Note

Death Note

Death Note is the best anime of all time in my opinion. In this anime, a Shinigami can kill anybody using a book called Death Note. Our Main Character or main Villain at the end is Light Yagami, who stumble upon to the Death Note one day. He is a very sharp mind guy who solves every problem Without any sweat and tries using the Death Note to kill criminals all around the world.


Death Note is one of the best series in which a great amount of psychology intelligence used. This is a story that you never gonna forgot in your life at any time. I was shocked by how intelligent Light Yagami is. And the fact that L also as Intelligent as him. This was a great thrill for me to see how their battle goes on. Our mc light used to think every move he plays and L trying to crack those moves. You gonna enjoyed every one of the episodes this anime has.

Death Note is a series of some great plots and storyline that most of us like. This anime is an unforgettable anime of all time for me. I am pretty sure you also think the same way as me. Death Note is the best anime of all time in this list and I believe many of you gonna agree with this.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an anime that needs no introduction. This anime has been ranked top all around the world. The anime has two adaptation of its story. But Brotherhood is the best series in my opinion. The Brotherhood anime is more light and nice to watch. The best part is about its endings and sound. Which makes it stand out from all other animes.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the best and epic anime of all time. This anime is loved by all around the world. It doesn’t matter how many new animes come these days, many people still going to put this anime above of all those animes.

This anime has many tragedies but the story plot looks more realistic. The sound in the anime is the trump card for this anime to become one of the best anime of all time. I highly recommend this anime to watch if you haven’t watched it. I recommend watching Brotherhood series instead of the previous series.

Comment down below to let me know how you feel which series is better in Fullmetal Alchemist.

3. Naruto


Naruto is one of the best anime most of us going to agree on. This anime is the first anime that I have watched in my life. The art and animation that this anime has, is really awesome. This is a story of emotions, and it is a zero to hero shounen type of anime. I am not gonna be surprised to know that you have already watched this anime.


When it comes to shounen anime, one of the obvious anime must be Naruto. I watch this anime from my childhood and it always entertains me. The main character of this anime is Naruto who suffers from many social problems. He wants to overcome these problems and becomes Hokage of the leaf village so that everyone will respect him.

The anime has many things that make this a special anime of all time. The characters in this anime are very great and it has some of the iconic villains of all time in an anime. The standard of Naruto anime is very huge and personally, because of that, I don’t like its next-generation anime Boruto. It feels Boruto is not capable of matching the standards that Naruto has set over the past years. Well, that’s only my opinion, comment down below to let me know what you think about this.

4. One Punch Man

One punch man

One Punch Man is one of my favourite anime of all time. If you think being the strongest man in the world is the best feelings than you might be wrong. Saitama, our main hero is the strongest man alive and his life have become pretty boring due to this. He has lost the feeling of fighting something strong a long time ago. This anime has great characters and villains. Our main hero has defeated almost every villain in just by one punch.


One of my friends recommends me to watch this anime a long time ago. At that time I don’t like to watch anime with overpowered characters. But when I watch this anime, I was shocked by how great this anime was. This anime has great fights and the comedy is hilarious. Like Gintama, the comedy is awesome but the fighting is way more fun to watch.

This anime has all that you can ask for in an Awesome anime. I am still disappointed by the number of episodes this has so far but that’s only my opinion. Comment down below to let me know what do you think about this anime. If you haven’t watched this anime yet then I highly recommend watching this anime right now. This is a small anime laughter bomb that you gonna love to see.

5. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is one of the best shounen anime of all time that gives birth to many great anime over the years. many great shounen creators like Naruto has already said that the Hunter X Hunter manga is their motivation for their manga. This anime has a great storyline and drama. The friendship is shown in this anime is unbelievable. The main character in this anime has some cool power but he becomes strong along the way.


Hunter X Hunter is one of my all time favourite animes. The only thing I feel a little bit disappointed is in the early episodes our main character’s power. For the first few episodes, this anime is a little bit under power, means our main character doesn’t have much power.

Beside that this anime is really a masterpiece in shounen animes. If you want to watch some of the best animes of all times than you can start your anime journey by watching this anime.

6. Food War

food war

Food War is one of the best anime out there with a great storyline. This anime is really a great anime with ecchi plot and jokes. Our main character is really a badass at cooking and he really good at whatever dish he makes. I warned you that while watching this anime you may get hungry by seeing some great cooking dishes.


I first never thought that any anime is going to be good with a cooking genre. But I was totally wrong. I really glad now that I decided to watch this anime first episodes. After that, I watch each and every episodes of this anime till this day.

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I even start reading it’s manga nowadays. This anime has really a great way to show someone’s strength using cooking. Who could have thought using cooking genre someone can make such a great shounen anime. If you want to see a new way of shounen anime than this is the anime you need to watch.

7. My Hero Academia

My hero academia

My Hero Academia is one of the best shounen anime right now you can watch. This anime is based on a manga series with a similar name. My hero academia story is all about zero to hero type of anime story. The main character in this anime doesn’t have any type of power. But the strongest hero in the world gives him his power (quirk) to become strong and help other people. His dream to become a superhero has now started with this moment.


My hero academia is really a great anime. The only thing that I found a little bit overdone is the fact that our main character Midoria can’t use his quirk for full potential. I get it that its necessary but seeing his hands getting torn each time he used his power is pitiful.

Besides that this anime definitely deserves one of the top spots in this list. Nowadays, this anime is getting really popular and many of us love to watch this anime. This anime is also considered as the next best shounen anime of all time like Naruto and one piece.

8. Attack on Titan

attack on titan

The Attack On Titan is one of the best scary and tragedic anime of all time. This anime is really a popular animes these days. It has a great tragedic start and the main character also has some great power inside him. Titans are big creatures who are trying to eat humans just for fun.

The main character in this anime is not that powerful or you can say he doesn’t know how to use his power properly. I haven’t read its manga but with the story that this anime has, our mc must have some kickass power. You gonna love each and every season of this anime to watch.


As all sites rated this anime one of the best animes, I also think this anime is really worthy of its praise. The anime has a great plot and story. This anime is based on a manga with a similar name. I am really looking forward to its next season and I think you also gonna like it. If you haven’t watched this anime yet which gonna be the rare case then just watch it.

This anime has a really great storyline and animations. I recommend this anime to watch if you want to watch a scary anime. Attack On Titans anime is a scary anime with alot of blood to watch. You might gonna like this anime if you like to watch some scary animes.

9. Code Geass

code geass

Code Geass is definitely one of the best anime of all time around the world. The strategies that are used in this anime is too good and mind-blowing. Our main character in this anime has a special power to control people but he also is a great tactician. His mind is really sharp and he wants to take revenge. The series has great fighting as well as mind-blowing strategies. This anime is loved by millions of people worldwide.


Code Geass is really a great anime and suitable for best anime of all time in the world. The main character in this anime is a prince of the Britannia kingdom who is the most powerful country right now. This country has already dominant in Japan. Our main character is a real genius and he is trying to revenge on his mother’s murder.

This anime has many things to watch out for. If You haven’t watched this anime yet I highly recommend watching it. Without spreading spoilers, I can only say if You watch this anime’s first season, You will be mad to watch its next seasons.

10. Dragon Ball

dragon ball

Dragon Ball is one of the best shounen anime of all time. There are numerous countries in which this anime has been broadcasted over the years. There are many series in this anime but I personally like the latest dragon ball super series. Although dragon ball  Z is also very famous around the world.

The main character in this anime is the same as most of the shounen anime has like ridiculously strong with some childish mind. Goku the MC in this series is really powerful. When the first series of anime started the fight was only started with hands and some little superpowers. But over the years the battle has become more and more strong and intense like on the universe scale.


There are many people out there who hate this series and many who loves it. In spite of what you guys think this anime is really popular anime. This anime deserves to be in the best anime of all time. One of the problems that I feel with this anime is the length of fighting. It is similar to one piece for some fighting. And another thing that I can not feel good about this anime is that the death is not that big of a deal.

Other than that this anime is definitely one of the best anime of all time. The anime has entertained for over 2 decades and still entertaining us. I think it doesn’t matter if you hate and love this anime, you also gonna put this anime one of the best anime ever made.

11. Pokemon


Pokemon is really a great anime series of all time that has lots of fans all over the world. Some of you may be got surprised by seeing this anime on this list. It’s because many of us even don’t know that this is an anime show. I remember watching this anime in my childhood and I never miss any episodes of this anime.

Most of the season of this anime series is great to watch. It’s been over 2 decades for this anime to run. But still, It is the favourite of millions of people around the world. The overview of this anime is not that important because this anime has many seasons and its hard to complete all of them.


Pokemon is a really great anime series of all time. I don’t have much to say about this anime because most of you have already seen this anime before. If you haven’t seen this anime yet then my friend you should really watch its some Seasons. This anime has many Seasons and the MC of this anime has some sort of blessing of not getting older at all. Seriously in every season you always gonna find the same age boy adventure.

12. Bleach


Bleach is one of the best shounen anime ever made. The action fights in this anime are insane. This anime has great fighting like one piece but are more logistics and short. The main character in this anime is really very strong. This shounen anime is based on a manga with the similar name. The power in this anime is mainly based on their sword.

Overview:- Bleach anime start with focusing on our main character called Kurosaki Ichigo. As long as Ichigo can remember he can always be able to see ghosts and spirits. One day Ichigo meets a shinigami called Kuchiki Rukia who save him and his family from a hollow.

She was unable to defeat that hollow so she transfers her power to Ichigo to become a substitute soul ripper. He defeats that hollow and become a substitute soul ripper. From there after his whole simple life change forever. The story becomes very interesting with each episode.


The Bleach is a great anime in overall and there are many people who think this anime is surely one of the best shounen anime of all time in the world. The one and only thing that I dislike about this anime are that it has too many fillers episodes. Your whole suspense gets jacked up whenever filler starts in the middle of the main story.

I really recommend this anime to watch if you want to see some really great action fights. The one thing that I have noticed in this anime is that whenever any new villain comes in this anime he/ she always beat our MC pretty bad. After that our MC somehow become strong enough to fight and defeat that villain.

13. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is one of the best shounen anime of all time with a magic plot. This anime is really a special anime for me. The plot and the story in this anime really help my character to evolve in the real world too. I really admire this anime and I appreciate my friends more after watching this anime. Aside from that this anime has a great story art and there are many great characters in this anime.

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There is some arc in this anime I don’t like personally but other than that this anime is really fantastic anime to watch. This anime has already released it’s two long seasons and soon the third season also gonna release.

Overview:- This anime story starts with our one of the main character Lucy Heatfilia, trying to enter in one of the best magic guild call Fairy Tail. One day occasionally she meets Natsu Dragneel ( The main character ), a cheerful boy with a sick appetite for vehicles. She doesn’t know that Natsu is the Mage of Fairy Tail Guild. Natsu takes her to the Fairy Tail guild to join.

Sooner they form a party and start to do their guild jobs. Natsu is searching for his Dad called Igneel, a real-life dragon. Find out how his adventure to find his dad happen. There are many interesting characters in this anime series that you gonna love along the way.


Fairy Tail is really a great anime series with everyone has their unique magic. I like Natsu dragon slayer magic which is one of the best magic in this anime. Our main character is really funny and cheerful guy but he also very strong too. This anime has many characters that turn good from bad character. The way they treat their friends as a family is really outstanding.

If you wish to watch a great anime series with nice action comedy and Ecchiness then Fairy Tail is definitely one of the best anime of all time. I highly recommend watching this anime. You will be going to find almost every essential genre in this anime series like comedy, action, romance, ecchi, shounen etc.

14. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the best scary and tragedic anime you gonna ever watch. Truth be told In the first season I was angry with the fact that how weak our main character Ken Keneki is. The whole season was about 12 episodes and for the first 11 episodes, I was like crying for him how weak he is. But all crying worth for watching 12th episode of the First season.

I never saw any anime in my memory in which just one episode has such a big impact on the whole story and anime. Trust me if you haven’t seen this anime yet then start watching it right now.

Overview:- Tokyo has become really a scary place where vicious creatures live alongside humans. These creatures called “Ghouls” and eats human flesh. This anime is based on a manga with the similar name. Our main character calls Ken Keneki trying to date a girl for the first time called Rize Kamishiro. But soon he realized that Rize is a ghoul and she is trying to eat him.

But somehow they both got injured from falling building parts and the doctor replaces Rize organs with Keneki Organs. This is how Keneki gets saved but soon he realized its not the same as before. He now has become a ghoul. His troublesome life starts from there.


This anime is really great and scary. I personally feel this anime as a tragedy anime. The end of the first season was superb. This anime has already finished it’s three seasons. There are no details regarding its fourth season. The third season is somehow little confusing for some people if they haven’t seen it’s manga yet. But overall the anime is a great piece of art of all time.

The best part I like about Tokyo ghoul is its sounds. All seasons have great songs that I always like to hear. If you want to watch an anime with a scary plot and tragedy then this anime is one of the best anime for you to watch.

15. Gintama


Gintama is one of the best and funny anime of all time you ever gonna watch. This anime is really funny with a great story. This is a manga based anime with the similar name. It’s a very long running anime and the comedy in every episode is hilarious. I don’t remember any episode without any jokes in this anime.

Gintama is one of those anime series of all time which continue to entertain everyone with its comedy. I really think comedy is one of the toughest genres and to dominate that genre over and over, this anime really deserve to be on this list. If you bored with watching same old animes and want to live you up then I highly recommend this anime.

Overview:- Japan has been invaded by aliens and swords has been ban in Japan. Now samurai with swords is treated as disregard as a consequence. Our main character name is Gintoki Sakata, who is a really great samurai and has a little errand boy personality.

He met with some great and little different allies along his adventure. He tends to do any job he gets. So the most of the time he finds troubles in his work. The anime is full of humour and you gonna love every episode that this anime has to offer.


This anime definitely one of the best anime of all time with really funny episodes. I even read this anime’s manga to kill my boredom. If anything that I really hate about this anime is that its first few seasons are not in the dub. I really like to watch anime in the dub but the sub is also good to watch.

Aside from that, there is nothing particular I hate about this anime. I love almost every episode of this anime. This anime also has many genres besides comedy when you watch it. If you really wish to laugh, then this anime is one of the best to watch.

16. No Game No Life

No Game No Life

No game No Life is a great anime where our main character is really a badass with his intelligence. I like the whole story that this anime has. There is really no flaw in this anime and I really didn’t find anything bad about it. The anime was released around 2014 so the wait for its second season is really painful. Although this anime got a movie in 2017 so it brings some hope for its second season. But till then you can watch this anime with the great storyline and ecchi drama.

Overview:- The anime start with two best hardcore gamer call Sora and Shiro. Both are siblings but not related to blood. They have cleared many games and one day something mysterious happened. A god from another world brings them to another world where all the conflicts solved by gaming.

As of a great gamer, they both defeat any enemy they face together. The story has great laughter and Ecchiness. The strategies both of our main characters perform are really mind-blowing. Whole anime has great animation and plot drama. Watch this anime right now if you haven’t watched it yet.


No Game No Life is one of the best anime of all time and my favourite too. The whole story has everything that we need from a game based anime. The best part I like is that the main character is really badass and strong. The strategies that he does is mind-blowing. The only problems that I find with this anime are that there are no official details about its season two.

Really Its painful to wait for its new season over the years. And I love this anime from my heart and want to see it’s full story. I bet you feel going to feel the same thing after watching this anime. So I definitely recommend this anime to watch.

17. One Piece

One piece

One Piece is one of the best anime of all time. This anime has been around for 2 decades now and it still has the same thrill to watch as before. The anime is based on its manga which has already posted more than 900+ chapters over the years. This anime also is one of the longest running anime with over 24 min episodes.

The story and concept of this anime are really great but I personally don’t like its fighting. Don’t take it in the wrong way, Fighting in this anime is one of the beauties of this anime but it takes too much time to completely finish one fight in this anime. Sometimes a fight can remain up to 6 or 8 episodes or even more. That’s really time-consuming. Other than that there is nothing that can stop this anime to take a spot in my best anime sites of all-time list.

Overview:- The main character of this anime is Monkey D. Luffy who want to become the greatest pirates of the sea the “Pirate King“. Luffy is a rubber boy means he get this power by eating a devil fruit. He set sails with his crew to conquer Grand Line and find the greatest tressure left by previous Pirate King the “One Piece“.

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You going to see some really great fight in this anime. How things turn around Luffy along the story is really fun to watch. Our main character is really funny as well as stupid but when it comes to fighting he is really strong. Other crew members are also very strong. The crew is small but really strong and friendly.


I really like the story of how Luffy become strong along the line. The only problem I get in this anime series is with its long fighting episodes. I mean, I am tired of suspense now, show me the ending. But these are only my feelings, that’s why I put this anime so low whereas you always gonna find it on top 5. You might gonna love this anime so go ahead and watch this one of the best anime ever made.

18. Sword Art Online

Sword art online

Sword Art Online is a great anime that really deserve a spot in the list of best anime of all time. The anime is based on game and romance genre with the nice storyline. This anime has millions of fans worldwide. This is a great successful anime and soon it may release its season 3 too. The animation adaptation is very great in this anime. The main character in this anime is badass with his power and the series looks very fun to watch. If you always wanna to play your favourite game from virtually inside then this anime is for you.

Overview:- The story of this anime starts in 2023 where a massive online role-playing game called Sword Art Online is launched. Using NerveGear one can control his/her Avatar through their thoughts. Our main character name is Kazuto Kirigaya whose game name is Kirito. The game seems very interesting but soon everything changed when people realized that they can’t be logged out.

The adventure of our hero starts from there to complete all 100 levels. The story of this anime turns from harem to romance along the line. The whole concept of this anime is very nice and people loved it. Our MC need to clear all the levels without dying. I believe you also gonna love this anime as I like.


In my opinion, this series has a lot of potentials to be in the top anime list. I always like this anime concept, there are also many things that I hate regarding the story but I can’t control that. Sword Art online genre changes with the episodes as I saw it. For few starting episodes the genre seems to be the harem but soon it turns harem to tragedy and then romance.

Well, this anime is really a great work of animations. I really think you also gonna like its seasons. This anime has some great movies which you can watch on the Funimation site. This anime has some great upcoming season which I am really looking forward to. So if haven’t watched this anime then just watch it. This anime is really deserved to be in this best anime of all time list.

19. Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World


Re: Zero – Starting life in another world is a fantasy anime with a great story. This anime is one of my favourites and if you like to watch tragedy genre anime then this is the perfect anime for you. When I watch its first episode, I felt like this anime is a romance based fantasy anime. Or it may be a harem-based anime but I was totally wrong at the end of its first episode. I am not going to fill it with spoilers so I definitely recommend it to watch.

Overview:- Our main character is Subaru Natsuki, an otaku who suddenly gets summoned to another world. First, he was excited about being an otaku to summon to another world. But soon he realizes that he has zero talent or power as he can think of.

He finds a pretty girl who saves him from bandits. Soon after he got killed by a mysterious girl. Then he realizes that he has a special power to back time after his death. In the whole anime, you gonna find this type of rebirth again and again. The anime is full of pain and anxiety with his weird power.


This anime has many things that you gonna loved. You might think that returning from death is a great power but it’s not. You only gonna feel pain again and again which makes you lose your mind. This anime is a masterpiece on its own.

The only thing that I didn’t like was Subaru was not using the potential of his power on fullest. Other than that It really makes me cry in some episodes. Especially when he got Into the mansion and then die for more than 4 times. It was frustrating, really. In the end, this anime is really one of the best anime of all time. I hope you also gonna love it.

20. The Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins

The seven deadly sins is a great anime with the nice great story. This anime has a badass main character. You will fall in love with this anime action. It has some great fighting scene and jokes too. I like the Jokes based on ecchi genre nice and fun to watch. This anime is a manga based anime and has already published 2 seasons. I like the adventure of the Main Character and looking forward to seeing what is gonna be next in season 3.

Overview:-  This is a story of Princess Elizabeth and her adventure to find seven deadly sins. Although she finds them in just first 2 episodes. Well, rumour has that these seven deadly sins have betrayed the Kingdom of Britannia and kill many holy knights ten years ago. Now Princess searching for these deadly sins to bring back the kingdom of Britannia from the holy knights and seek justice in this injustice world.

Review:- I really like this anime series and it definitely one of the best anime in the world. This anime is based on a popular manga with the same name. If you like to see great fighting in an anime then this anime will surely be made for you. The jokes are also great. Our main character is the leader of seven deadly sins and is also very strong. He tends to hold back his power many time but this makes fighting even so it’s great. He has some serious power that he hides, I hope you will enjoy this anime.

Check out the full list of top 55+ best anime of all time to watch in 2019 below.

Anime NameLanguage
Death NoteDubbed
Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodDubbed
Naruto ShipuudenDubbed
One Punch ManDubbed
Hunter X HunterDubbed
Food WarDubbed
My Hero AcademiaDubbed
Attack On Titan Dubbed
Code GeassDubbed
Dragon BallDubbed
Fairy TailDubbed
Tokyo GhoulDubbed
No game No LifeDubbed
One PieceDubbed/Subbed
Sword Art OnlineDubbed
Re Zero Starting Life in another worldSubbed/Dubbed
The Seven Deadly sinsDubbed
Steins: GateDubbed
Log HorizonDubbed
BLack CloverDubbed
Assassination CLassroomDubbed
High School DxdDubbed
Cowboy BebopDubbed/Subbed
Problem Children Are Coming from another world, Aren't They?Dubbed
Akame Ga KillDubbed
Kuroko no BasketSubbed
Mahouka Koukou no RettouseiSubbed
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!Subbed
Twin Star ExorcistsDubbed
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel MonstersDubbed
Ao no ExorcistDubbed
Soul EaterDubbed
Mirai NikkiDubbed
Trinity SevenDubbed
JoJo's Bizarre AdventureDubbed
Masamune-kun's RevengeDubbed
Owari no SeraphDubbed
Black ButlerDubbed
Saiki Kusuo no Psi NanDubbed/Subbed
Fate/stay nightDubbed
High School of the DeadDubbed
Kenichi: The Mightiest DiscipleDubbed
Hellsing UltimateDubbed/subbed
Samurai ChamplooDubbed

These all anime I have given in the list above are a true masterpiece. All of these anime has their own beauty and storyline. I am pretty sure you will be fall in love with these anime when you gonna watch them.

But if you are a new person to watch your first anime I would recommend watching Naruto first. This was the first anime I had seen in my life. But all the anime you can pick are top notch. I recommend watching each and everyone.

If you like this list of top 50 anime of all time, then you may also like to see the list of top 51 best anime streaming sites to watch anime online.


This is the list that I think best suited for best anime of all time. Each and every anime have their beauty and there is no denial about that. But some of the anime is really great. So I put all the anime of all time that I thought is great to watch. Now my questions are for you regarding to this list.

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