5 Apps That Changed The Online World (2019 Edition)

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Mobile devices are used by billions of people every single day. It’s used for different purposes such as communication, entertainment etc. Mobile apps play a vital role in providing rich features and user experience to the people.

We’re using mobile apps for online payments, using social media seamlessly, ordering food and cabs etc. Without mobile apps, the concept of smartphones isn’t possible. Many apps are available in the market which amazed the world.apps that changed the world

I’ve discussed some apps which changed the smartphone world in the past few years. We all are using or had used any of these apps to perform some important tasks.

5 Apps That Changed The Online World

1. Online Chatting Apps

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is founded back in 2009 and from that time, it’s still one of the most favorite mobile messaging app used by the people. It works in almost all mobile devices. Billions of messages and videos are shared every single day on WhatsApp.

It becomes revolutionary when Internet audio and video calls were introduced on the platform. Users can now communicate through all the possible means such as texting, voice message, audio/video calls using WhatsApp. End to End encryption ensures user privacy. By the time now, billions of users are on WhatsApp and they’re trusting this platform.

2. Messenger

Messenger app is introduced by Facebook Inc. for Facebook users. Earlier, users were using the web interface to chat with their friends on Facebook. Later on, because of the increase in demand for a dedicated app for chatting, Messenger came into the market. It was launched back in 2011.
It works on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. With time, exciting features such as Voice calling, Video Calling etc. were introduced on Messenger.

2. Social Media Apps

1. Facebook

Facebook was founded back in 2004. Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes are the founders of Facebook. By the time now, this social media platform is worth billions of dollars.

We’ve seen Facebook apps on BlackBerry devices and Symbian mobile phones. When smartphones came into the market, Facebook released a dedicated app using which people can easily stay connected with their friends and family members on this Social Media platform. We can clearly see huge improvements in the Facebook mobile app and it’s full of useful features.

2. Twitter

Twitter is founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams. This social media and news platform is used as the main source of official news updates from Politicians, News Agencies etc. Thousands of hashtags become a trend on Twitter.

We can access Twitter by using their official Android and iOS app. Billions of users are following their public celebrity on Twitter.

3. Online Shopping

1. Amazon

Amazon is an online shopping website where we can buy almost everything. This company operates in different countries. It’s founded by Jeff Bezos and is operating since 1994. By the time now, the company is making Billions of dollars every single year.

Using the Amazon mobile app, we can stay tuned for the latest flash sales and can grab amazing deals. It makes our life easier as there’s no need to visit the store to shop items. It can be done while sitting at home.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is an Indian E-Commerce website was founded back in 2007. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the founders of Flipkart Pvt. Ltd. It operates mainly in India and has more than 40% market share. People consider Flipkart over many other E-Commerce websites because of their familiar support etc.

Majority of Indians are now purchasing products online only because of evolution in e-commerce platforms. Thanks to Flipkart mobile app which allows us to purchase items online with ease.

4. Online Betting Apps

Betting apps are trending right now. People are investing their money on best betting apps as they’re getting insane results. The traditional way of betting is full of hassle. Nowadays, all we need is a betting app.

It’s changing the world as more and more users are getting interested in it. If you’re lucky enough, you can earn a huge amount from betting.

5. e-Learning Apps

1. Skill Pill

Skill Pill is an online e-learning platform live since 2007. They are delivering authorized courses to the people and are active in more than 120 countries. There’s no doubt that because of such apps, people start preferring using online e-learning apps to improve their skills in different subjects.
We can learn almost anything on skill pill, such as Science, Art, Computer Science etc.

2. Moodle

Moodle is another highlighted platform where people are preparing for their exams. Different subjects related information is available on Moodle. They’re serving some important activities such as online quiz, quick notes etc.
This app has changed the way of preparing for the examinations. It helps students to gain quick access to the study material.

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